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When Should Babies Start Wearing Shoes?

When should babies start wearing shoes

When Should Babies Start Wearing Shoes?

Baby shoes are lovely accessories that not only enhance toddlers’ beauty but also protect them from injury when they are walking. Many adorable baby shoes are on the market, and parents will be ready to get them. But does your little one really need shoes? If you get the worst shoes, that will impact your baby’s walking skills. Here, we explain what your baby’s developing feet actually require.¬†

Know about your baby's feet

A newborn’s feet are soft and pink and are made of fatty tissue, and the bones are developed later. The child’s foot bones will not develop until they are 8 years old. To start to walk, bone and muscle development must be required. Crawling, kicking, and trampling are all movements that develop the walking skills of babies. So at this stage, you shouldn’t wear shoes on the baby’s feet. Instead, let them freely wiggle their legs.

Does your baby need shoes?

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that infants shouldn’t wear shoes until they can¬†stand independently. Socks can be used to keep the baby warm before they walk.¬†The baby sock is the best option when they are relaxing in the best strollers¬†or baby carriers. In this case, footed snow suits and adorable socks are preferable to baby shoes.¬†

When do babies need shoes?

There is no particular age for babies to wear shoes, but it is good to wear shoes once they can walk properly. When a baby starts to walk, these are the usual stage guidelines:

baby developmental milestone by month

It’s crucial to remember that not every baby follows the same path. So if your child’s development doesn’t match up neatly with the schedule above, it doesn’t necessarily imply a problem.¬†

When should babies start wearing shoes?

The shoes’ vivid and cute appearance will stimulate the parents to purchase the baby shoes. However, experts advise against buying shoes for babies until they can walk properly outside. Let them walk barefoot until they can balance the walking, and if your child walks in the backyard or outdoors, make sure the surface is neat because if any injury happens, it may discourage the baby from walking.¬†

When should babies start wearing shoes? ‚Äč

Can pre-walkers wear shoes?

Seeing toddlers take their first steps is one of life’s most priceless moments for parents. Many parents wear shoes for babies when learning to walk, but that is not good practice. While you can use shoes to keep your baby’s feet warm and safe from harm, it can be preferable to let them wander the outdoors barefoot. If your toddler is in the initial stage of walking, it is good to buy comfy soles instead of buying shoes.¬†

Do shoes help babies learn to walk?

Shoes are mainly used to protect a baby’s feet, particularly when walking outside. Early shoe-wearing won’t make your kid learn to walk faster or more effectively. Additionally, the baby finds walking difficult since the tight, unpleasant, or hard shoes limit natural movement.¬†

Which shoes are best for beginners?

As I said earlier, being barefoot is the best practice for new walkers, but what about situations where shoes are required? For daily use, buy shoes close to barefoot, but they must protect the child from injury, like spilt-sole shoes. 

While selecting the shoes, please confirm if the shoes have a firm grip on the bottom so that the child doesn’t slip or stumble while walking on a smooth surface. You should also consider what activities the baby frequently does and where they live. Finally, choose a pair of thicker and more structured shoes to protect the child’s soft feet.¬†

Can kids develop strong ankles from wearing shoes?

There is no evidence to suggest that having your child wear shoes would help them develop stronger ankles. The child’s ankles are substantial, so they don’t need any support. Even so, shoes are a better way to protect your little one from any injury or chill floors. In addition, when a baby first learns to walk, he wants to feel the ground beneath him.¬†¬†

Famous shoe styles for Baby Girls and Baby Boys

Best shoe styles for your little princess 
  1. Booties
  2. Marry Janes
  3. Moccasins
  4. Walking sneakers
  5. Ankle-strapped sandals
  6. Slip-on shoes (beginners)
Best shoe styles for your little prince 
  1. Slip-on shoes (beginners)
  2. Moccasins
  3. Walking sneakers
  4. Boots

Baby Shoe Sizes By Age

Here are some standard US baby shoe sizes divided by age groups:



These sizes should make it easier for you to understand what your child needs, but there are still a few more considerations you should make before buying shoes for your child. 

Things to be considered before buying baby shoes

  1. When your baby starts to walk, avoid forcing him to wear shoes because this could affect his coordination and balance. He must feel everything beneath his feet.
  2. Ensure that the shoes are not excessively tight or too loose. The toe box should have roughly a thumb’s width of space.
  3. You must pick the proper style of shoe that gives your baby’s feet adequate support.¬†
  4. To ensure that your baby’s feet can breathe, you should select shoes made of natural materials rather than synthetic ones.¬†
  5. Babies develop pretty quickly, so they can require a size adjustment much sooner than you think. As a result, you should be able to determine when your kid needs to grow. 
  6. You can switch from pre-walking shoes to walking shoes as soon as you notice that your child is moving independently. 
  7. Choose a shoe for its comfort rather than its beauty because your baby’s comfort comes before his attractiveness.¬†

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide gives some information about baby shoes. It is advised to take your child to the store in person to ensure a proper fit, but you may also use the size guide to choose shoes that are appropriate for your child’s age and foot size. If you have any doubts, contact your pediatrician. They can help you choose the best time and fit for your baby’s first pair of shoes.¬†


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