What is a Food Processor?

What is Food Processor

What is a Food Processor?

A food processor is a kitchen appliance invented to facilitate repetitive tasks such as slicing, grating, chopping, mincing, and puree. Today, the food processor is becoming an indispensable tool in the kitchen. 

These food processors, which are similar to blenders in many forms, are many times more effective than blenders. These include different blades that perform different functions and knead very differently with blades instead of hooks. 

Containers come in sizes from 2 to 14 cups with a food processor that does maximum cooking work in the shortest amount of time. These cups are helpful for processing food. Although small-sized processors are limited in their functionality, they are suitable for small tasks. 

It has different parts like small to the large processor bowl, food feeder tubes, steel “S” blade for chopping, disk blades, disk slicing blades, grater disk blades, a dough blade. Its capacity and configuration may vary depending on the model.

The quality and functionality of food processors have improved over time. People do not have a big problem in buying the best food processor as all the food processors currently manufactured have long-lasting performance, durability, and expected capability. 


Food processors are electronic devices developed in the late 20th century with the aim of making cooking easier and saving time.

Pierre Verdon” invented the food processor that can be used for a variety of food preparation activities including cooking, chopping, mixing, mincing, pureeing, and powdering. His own restaurant-sized Robot-Coupe named Le Magi-Mix was first exhibited in Paris in 1971.

Verdon’s invention was later refined by American engineer “Carl Sontheimer“.  Cuisinart was on display in Chicago in 1973. It was followed by the introduction of Magimix to North America as the first domestic food processor in the United States under the Cuisinart brand.

Carl G.Sontheimer
Carl G.Sontheimer (1914-1998)

Sontheimer contracted with a Japanese manufacturer in 1977 to produce new models due to the overwhelming response to food processors. Since then, countless food processors have been sold in the late 1970s due to increased demand.

Tasks Performed Effectively By Food Processors:

  • It can finely chop or mince ingredients such as herbs, olives, garlic, nuts.
  • It can chop and slice all kinds of vegetables like potatoes, onions, and cabbage to the required size.
  • Food processors can be effective in grating carrots, cheese, chocolate, etc.
  • They help to make hummus, tapenade, mayonnaise, breadcrumbs, bread dough, pizza dough.
  • It is used to grind spices or nuts and finely mix several ingredients.
  • Using a food processor you can be pureed in a short time with a smooth texture.
  • It has the capability to cut vegetables or others into equal lengths and sizes for ornamentation.

Not only this, it is recommended that many such jobs be done better by a food processor.

How to Use Food Processors?

There are numerous tips and techniques for using food processors. I will mention here only a few of them in general.

  1. Freeze soft items such as chocolate, soft cheese, dried fruits, and meat before freezing. These types of materials can only be easily and uniformly grate if they have a solid structure.
  2. To cut food items into identical sizes or shapes, pre-cut large quantities of food into small pieces and then run the processor again.

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