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Virtual Field Trips For Kids | Learn with Fun

Virtual Field Trips For Kids

Virtual Field Trips For Kids | Learn with Fun

“Vacation started!” The kids are screaming, “mama, dada,” and now it’s time to go out. But is it possible to go on trips during a pandemic situation? Absolutely not, so what is the solution? The answer is “virtual field trips”. More families are looking for methods to get out securely and expose their kids to new experiences without endangering their health and safety due to the pandemic. Enter the virtual field trip and online activities, which unlock a vast universe of wonder while eliminating obstacles like travel, money, and time. This guide lists the best virtual field trips for kids to enjoy their vacation time.

Your mind will be filled with many questions as you prepare to embark on your virtual trip, such as where to begin. How do you pick a location? We recommend letting the kids choose the location because this vacation is special for them. So that the child will entirely be happy on that trip, make sure the virtual field trip is appropriate for the child’s age and developmental stage. Some resources classify online activities by age range. 

What is a Virtual Field Trip For Kids?

A virtual field trip is a guided internet tour of pre-selected, thematically-based locations and experiences that offers a planned educational experience. Enabling them to go beyond textbook information aids students in connecting with real-world situations. They are also much more affordable and less vulnerable to the dangers that come with conventional field trips.

Virtual field trips for kids became popular at the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak and are probably here to stay. They allow families and educational institutions to let children visit a top-notch museum or landmark without having to plan a trip or spend a fortune.

Benefits of Virtual Field Trips

  1. Students can discover locations they haven’t been to or might not be able to visit by taking virtual field trips. Elementary kids’ ability to travel on field trips is particularly limited by time and distance. Such limitations are removed with virtual field trips, which provide the opportunity to kids of all ages. 
  2. Students gain practical experience through virtual field visits. Students can relate what they learn in the classroom to current events. This enables them to realize how academic knowledge may be used to address issues they face in the real world.
  3. Through virtual field trips, kids are introduced to the lives and worlds of people from all backgrounds. Students become more understanding and compassionate as a result. 
  4. The primary consideration for ordinary field trips is safety. Despite parents’ best efforts, there is always a danger that kids will be lost or wounded while on field trips. Virtual field trips help ease parents’ concerns about the kids’ safety. 

The Top 30 Best Virtual Trips to Try

01. American Museum of Natural History

On Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the American Museum of Natural History is a natural history museum. The museum complex consists of 26 interconnected buildings hosting 45 permanent exhibition halls, a planetarium, and a library in Theodore Roosevelt Park, which is adjacent to Central Park. While Astronomy Online features an astrophysicist-led tour of the cosmos, The Scientist is In offers a family-friendly webcast with museum research scientists.

02. The British Museum

Experience ancient cultures while taking classes that feature live performances and music. Children understand the distinction between the Bronze Age and the Iron Age in Britain through the virtual tour, Look into Prehistory, which includes live activities, interactive tests, and question-and-answer discussions while using archaeological items to explore houses of people then and today.

03. The Cleveland Museum of Art

The museum makes its exhibits available to virtual visitors through cameras, downloadable activities, courses, and tasks that combine online and hands-on learning, such as creative challenges and virtual studio programs.

04. The Louvre

While the Louvre is shut down due to the pandemic, it provides virtual tours that let visitors view the museum’s infrastructure, whereas the taking tours such as  Founding Myths: From Hercules to Darth Vader, which explain how artists like musicians and filmmakers use myths as inspiration to create works of art.

05. Boston Children’s Museum

Plan to have fun as children learn about the Boston Children’s Museum’s highlights through virtual tours of all its floors. To examine fossils and develop theories about the appearance and behavior of dinosaurs, visit displays like Explore-a-Saurus.

06. The National Park Service

With the help of the National Park Service, you have a wide range of opportunities to interact virtually with animal conservationists, participate in treasure hunts, hear tales, and view some of nature’s most amazing sights, from the Great Smoky Mountains to Yellowstone National Park.

07. The White House 

The White House can be visited virtually to get a closer look at the furnishings and spaces than is physically possible. All ground and state-level common areas are accessible during the tour, guiding guests through the halls. Visitors can also receive a downloadable digital notebook with tasks, reflection questions, and vocabulary.

08. The Nature Conservancy

Thanks to virtual field trips and online classes, kids can participate in learning activities like canoeing across coral reefs to touring deserts and rainforests. Travelers can visit places virtually, such as Peru, China, and the United States.

09. The Bronx Zoo

 Meet some of the guest stars of Animal Planet’s “The Zoo” and engage with a virtual keeper who answers your questions. The Bronx Zoo claims that participants in its virtual encounters are brought close enough to hear perhaps a cheetah purring.

10. San Diego Zoo

Children may zoom in on their favorite creatures, including gorillas, hippos, and polar bears, using the Zoo Kids webcams. Through Kids Corner movies, young viewers are introduced to topics such as how camouflage functions and the reasons why meat-eating animals are misunderstood.

11. Shedd Aquarium

The aquarium in Chicago offers up-close views of elements like the Wild Reef exhibit, which shows the coral reefs of the Philippines, and online minicamps like Shedd to the Rescue.

12. Recycling Exposed

Have you ever wondered what happens to the glass and plastic thrown into recycling bins? A video trip to Republic Services’ recycling facility demonstrates how sophisticated machinery packs, sorts, and ships recyclable items.

13. Slime in Space

Nickelodeon collaborated with NASA astronauts at the International Space Station for a 15-minute virtual field trip that transports viewers 250 miles above the planet to observe how slime and water behave in a microgravity setting. Science and physics education is incorporated into the enjoyable experience, and there is also some mess.

14. Cracking Up

Through Virtual Egg Farm Field Trips, a collaboration between the American Egg Board and Discovery Education, children may learn about the processes involved in modern egg farming. Farmers discuss their environmentally friendly methods, how robots are used in egg farms, and what keeps their multi-generational businesses running.

15. Colonial Williamsburg 

Eight distinct webcams in Colonial Williamsburg allow visitors to see what’s happening in locations like Raleigh Tavern or Merchants’ Square.

16. Frida Kahlo Museum

 Even if you cannot travel to Mexico City, you may still view Frida Kahlo’s artwork and consider what life could have been like for her in “Casa Azul.”

17. Historic Hudson Valley

From “Traders and Raiders,” which explores the history of pirates in the greater New New York Area, to “People Not Property,” which educates children about slavery, this website offers a variety of online activities for youngsters with a historical theme.

18. Metropolitan Museum of Art 

Children may explore a lovely, illustrated map on the #MetKids website to locate hidden gems in the museum’s collection.

19. The National Gallery of Art

 It features 50 kid-friendly video tours highlighting a piece of art and the people, locations, and scenes surrounding its production.

20. Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Since it offers a virtual representation of each show at the museum, you can mark this one to visit again and again.

21National Constitution Center

The exhibition “Hamilton: The Constitutional Clashes That Shaped a Nation” is only one of many that have been on display concerning constitutional conflicts over the years. There are also paid life, virtual guided tours available for groups of up to 300 individuals.

22. Bonnie Plants

To encourage kids to start gardening themselves, Home Depot takes them on a multi-part virtual field tour to this grower.

23. Bright Farms

In Irvington, New York, a farmer teaches children the journey food takes from the farm to the grocery store. Even a test is included at the end.

24. Farm Food 360

Kids can visit 11 farms and food production facilities, including apple orchards, dairy cow farms, and facilities for processing eggs.

25. Sơn Đoòng

In Vietnam’s Quang Bnh Province, National Geographic provides a 360-degree tour of the largest cave in the world. Even the sound of the water flowing over the rocks can be heard.

26. Outer Space Tours

With the help of the Curiosity rover, children may view the actual surface of Mars. In addition to offering virtual tours of the International Space Station and the Moon, NASA.

27. M&Ms Factory Tour

The M&Ms factory is featured in a virtual tour by The Food Network, demonstrating how the tasty candy is created.

28. Discovery Education

The website offers virtual field trips for children to engineering facilities that produce future cars and a nuclear energy research centre.

29. Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore’s 3D images were used to produce the virtual tour of the mountain.

30. Ellis Island

Discover the island through a virtual tour that includes many first-person accounts, much like the 12 million immigrants did between 1892 and 1954.

Final Words

Please select a location where your children will be happy and amuse themselves. The kids will benefit from and learn from the virtual field trip. In that sense, this article aims to help you choose the ideal location for virtual trips. Read it, choose it, and enjoy it. 

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