How To Plan A Virtual Baby Shower

Virtual Baby Shower

How To Plan A Virtual Baby Shower

Hello, mom-to-be! Are you excitedly waiting for your dream baby shower? Usually, we invite our relatives and friends into our home to bless us and share a happy moment. But in this pandemic situation, inviting them into our homes is not safe. There comes the term “virtual baby shower.”

What is Virtual Baby Shower

Virtual or online baby showers can take place before the baby is born or after, like a drink and see the party, and they often follow the same format as traditional baby showers. However, certain items will need to be slightly altered. We want to emphasize that a virtual shower won’t be able to replace a physical one fully.

How to Organize a Virtual Baby Shower

You can easily organize a baby shower by following the steps

Pick the “venue” of your virtual baby shower

Choose a platform for a live video chat accessible to anyone, such as Skype, Google Hangouts, or Zoom. It’s a good idea to test the service early to iron out any potential kinks because some loved ones might not be particularly tech-savvy. A zoom is a great option for your virtual shower video chat because it gives you many interesting background customization options. Just bear in mind that without a paid membership, Zoom calls are limited to 40 minutes.

Choose a date

Give visitors adequate time to send their presents.

Invitations to Virtual Baby Shower

The only challenge of choosing a digital invitation design is that they are popular and completely simplified. Websites like Paperless Post, Evite, and Greenvelope offer attractive virtual invitation options, most of which have included cool extras like music gifs. They’re completely paperless, which would be a reward if you’re helping the environment. Of course, you may still send paper invitations if that’s what you prefer, and getting an invitation in the mail is unquestionably unique. 

Even though the function is virtual, the standard protocol still holds: invitations should be sent four to six weeks before the party date. And one to two weeks just after a shower is the ideal time to send out thank-you notes.

Think about baby shower decorations online

Although it’s not required to decorate for a virtual shower, placing a few decorations in the space where the live video chat will take place could make you feel more cheerful.

Make a timeline for your virtual baby shower

Even though you don’t have to adhere to a precise timeline, you might find it useful to establish one to keep the event on track.

Games for a virtual baby shower

Virtual Baby Shower

You can still play games and win prizes even if you’re not all in the same place. Here are a few ideas we believe perform well for small online groups for many of the most popular baby shower games (the ones that are typically played on paper):

The Right Price: Have everyone predict the cost of a series of four to five baby products and hold the series to the camera. After that, ask each visitor to reveal their predictions to the camera. The guess that comes the closest to the actual sum paid for the items wins! If you’re an artist or not, digital Pictionary games like this one, like, are a tonne of fun. Make your image and a private room, invite people and start drawing!

Name That Baby by Name. As several nursery rhymes or well-known baby tunes are played, the presenter challenges the guests to name them as quickly as possible.

Who is that child? Ask participants to send the host emails of themselves as children before the call even begins. Everyone tries to identify who is who as the host shares them with the gathering.

How well-versed in mom are you? Use the below quiz template to see how well your visitors know the expectant mother.

Share a beverage or meal

Sharing a recipe for a mocktail, cocktail, or cake for visitors to make during the shower will help everybody get along. This step is optional. But be aware that not all visitors want to purchase ingredients they don’t already have.

Prepare the gift disclosure

The expecting parent(s) can accept or reject gifts during the virtual shower. To make things move more smoothly, suggest that they pre-open the shipping boxes.

Invite visitors to say something thoughtful 

Inform guests in advance so they can plan. Invite visitors to say something thoughtful to the expectant couple. Don’t forget to record the occasion. The parents will treasure this wonderful memory and be able to one day share it with their little child.

Send virtual thank-you letters for the baby shower

Don’t forget to express gratitude! Expectant mothers should send a heartfelt card to their guests thanking them for coming.

Last but not least, adapt to the situation

No matter how carefully you prepare, a virtual baby shower will inevitably have certain drawbacks. Try not to worry about minor technical issues or other uncontrollable events, such as a visitor who didn’t get the notice about attire. Keep your attention on what’s important: Despite the circumstances, you may still gather to celebrate one of life’s most beautiful gifts—baby.

Virtual Baby Shower Checklist

virtual baby shower checklist

Who hosts the virtual baby shower

The expecting parents are entirely permitted to host their baby shower. However, since the celebration is purely virtual, you may still organize by text, email, or social media, although your preferred co-host would be far away. You could also enlist the assistance of a close friend or relative. The virtual baby shower checklist will be useful regardless of who is hosting.

Themes for virtual baby showers

Are there themes for virtual baby showers? Of course! Although they aren’t required, themes have always been a cherished (and charming) aspect of organizing baby showers since they are entertaining and attractive to look at, and they help tie all the various aspects (such as invitations, decorations, food, and everything else) together.

  • An online invitation event header
  • custom backgrounds for zoom
  • Games
  • Thank-you notes
  • A digital checklist for baby showers

Opening presents at a virtual baby shower

You can ask guests to hold onto their gifts during the function and open it for you on video so you can see them, or you can ask guests to give you their gifts. Or you can combine the two if some visitors wish to get their gifts to you earlier, but others won’t be able to do so.

One of the special benefits of hosting a virtual baby shower is that it doesn’t have to run just one day, which is helpful if visitors will be bringing you gifts beyond the event date, but you still want to show them off. With WebBaby Shower, your website and all the images and videos can remain online for up to six months, and Facebook events can be accessed indefinitely. 

What Is The Duration Of A Virtual Baby Shower?

Let your visitors know what to expect, including a time limit for the online baby shower on the invites. The shower length could range from one to two hours, depending on the number of guests and whether you intend to play games, open gifts on camera, or converse with guests.

Why You Should Host an Online Baby Shower

Due to the most current global social-distancing policy that prohibits large groupings for their safety

  • Military families who are stationed somewhere far from their friends and family
  • Due to the expectant mother’s bed rest, a long shower is not practical.
  • For every expecting mother who doesn’t have access to family and friends nearby
  • To make it possible for any out-of-town visitors to still rejoice with the expectant mother without making the journey.

Final Thoughts

Plan the baby shower perfectly in all aspects. Celebrate your baby shower in this pandemic situation with your family and friends. 


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