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Top 10 Best Baby Travel Systems For Newborn And Toddler

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Top 10 Best Baby Travel Systems For Newborn And Toddler

A child is the most precious gift you can ever have. As a parent, we always wish to give them the best in everything. The travel system holds the essential place while purchasing baby products like diapers, baby lotions, baby soaps and baby walkers. But, selecting the best baby travel systems for newborn and toddler is a challenging task.

The best baby travel system makes your journey easier. Because it is convenient for both babies and parents. As the baby travel system comes with a car seater and a stroller combo because the travel system makes it easy for the parents to carry their child when they go outside.

The baby travel system strollers makes it easy when you move your baby from the car to the pushchair without waking them. Moreover, the baby will face you when they sit in the stroller.

Best Overall

Graco modes nest baby travel system

Graco Modes Travel System

Best Quality

Chicco Bravo Travel System

Best Price

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Stroller

But choosing the best travel system is a challenging task. Parents face a lot of questions while selecting the best baby travel system. The questions are like whether the baby system is safe? Does it fit my baby? Which one is best? What is the best baby travel systems on the market?
Here we come with the answer to all your questions. And also we have mentioned every product’s features, specifications, pros, and cons. We come with the top 10 best baby travel systems for newborns and toddlers. You can select the best baby travel systems on a budget according to your choice.

What is a Travel System?

A travel system is a total set that includes a child carrier, a stroller, and a child car seat. It is intended to be a one-stop-shop for family members who would be on the go with their newborn baby and each other. Travel systems are an appealing prospect for a first-time caregiver because they allow you to spend in a color scheme, eye-catching carrier for your lovely baby. 

10 Best Travel Systems For Newborns And Toddlers

Nowadays, many best infant travel system are available in the market. We can pick the best one according to your budget, baby’s weight, etc.

1. Graco Modes Nest Travel System 

Graco is the best newborn travel system brand in the world market. It is the most trendy baby travel system you may ever have. It is appropriate for babies of all ages, from newborns to toddlers. The package includes an infant car seat, infant bassinet and toddler stroller. The car seat is rear-facing.

Graco Modes Nest Baby Travel System


Graco Modes Travel System is a 3 in 1 stroller with 10 riding options. You can convert it into 5 harness points as per your wish. The holding capacity of this travel system is 4-35 lbs.
A unique feature of this baby travel system is you can convert the baby stroller seat into a baby comfortable baby bassinet. The leg rest point itself has 3 adjusting points. You can adjust that when your baby grows.
The Best Graco Travel System has expandable storage space for both baby and parent. The parent tray includes two cup holders, while the child tray has two cup holders as well as some storage space for the baby’s necessities. For more accessible entry and exit, the armrest and child’s tray can be removed. Graco car seat stroller combo is best for newborn babies. It is the best car seat stroller combo you may ever have.



2. Chicco Bravo Trial Travel System

The Chicco Bravo Trial Travel System is the best-selling and the safest baby travel system. With KeyFit® 30, we can easily install the baby travel system. Its breaking pedal ensures the baby’s safety. It is a lightweight and handy baby travel system, so you can carry it wherever you want.

Chicco Bravo baby travel system


A unique feature of this travel system is that you can fold it in one hand, and it will stand without any support. If you want to clean the baby system, and you can remove the canopy and stroller seat.
It comes with 5 harness points for the comfort of the baby. The Chicco Bravo is the best infant stroller car seat combo is suitable for both newborns and toddlers.
The Chicco Bravo Trial Travel System includes two separate trays for both the parent and the child. Both trays have 2 storage cups, and the parent tray has some extra space for keeping luggage. It has 3 reclining positions for the comfort of the baby. The baby can sleep and sit in the stroller without any discomfort.



3. Safety First Riva Modular Travel System

Safety First Riva Modular Travel System is the first brand that produces baby systems from recycled materials. This travel system is made from recycled polypropylene from special co-polymer resin. Even though it is made from recycled material, it won’t compromise its quality. 

Safety first Riva Baby travel system


If you are looking for the lightweight stroller car seat combo, then you can pick the Safety First Riva Modular Stroller System. It is long-lasting and the only travel system that provides a zip-off option. So, you can wash it in the machine.
Safety First Riva Modular Travel System holds a maximum of 35 pounds of weight. It comes with forwarding and rear-facing modes even though the child is in a small car seat stroller.
Because of the flat recline of the stroller, your baby would not wake up when you shift them from the car seat to the stroller. It is one of the best lightweight travel systems.



4. Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System is the best infant travel system. However, it comes in 6 modes, and it is the comfortable car seat stroller combo. In addition, You can convert it from infant car seat to carriage mode and then to toddler mode.

Evenflo Pivot Baby Travel System


The most delicate part about this travel system is that it has cleared various quality testing beyond government standards to prove its quality. The Safemax rear-facing car seat is side-impact and functionally tested at energy levels that are approximately two times the federal crash test requirement. So, it is the safest car seat stroller combo.
Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel is the most cost-effective travel system possible. You can remove the bumper bar for easy entry and exit. It features a huge storage basket for storing the goods. It has a ventilation system and a peek-a-boo window. It sports a large cruiser tyre with tread for easy mobility. It can support up to 35 lbs at the most. It has five harness points.



5. Graco FastAction Travel System

If you wish to take a jog with your newborn, the Graco FastAction is the perfect pick. You can fold Graco FastAction Travel System with one hand in one second. You can easily fold the travel system. 

Graco fastaction baby travel system


The air-filled rubber tyres on the Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Travel System offer suspension for a smoother ride on any terrain.
It includes a multi-position reclining option for the baby’s comfort. It includes a rear-facing for infants weighing 4-35 pounds and ranging up to 32 inches in length.
Graco Fastaction Travel System comes in an attractive Gotham colour. It has separate trays for baby and parent. Both have cup holders and storage space. The front swivel wheel can be locked. As a result, it facilitates the transition from daily strolling to jogging. We all purchase the baby travel system for the convenience of the baby. So, it comes with a deluxe, padded, multi-position reclining seat.



6. Britax b-free Travel System 

Britax b-free Travel System is the highest weight limit travel system. It comes with an extended canopy to protect your baby from sunlight, rain, and dust. It bears up to 65 pounds of weight.

Evenflo Pivot Baby Travel System


Britax b-free Travel System comes with an extra storage basket. It contains two side-impact layers that safeguard your baby’s neck, head, and torso. You can adjust the handlebar according to your convenience.
It is one of the best car seat that attaches to the stroller combos. It has an all-wheel suspension for a comfortable ride. You can quickly fold the travel system with one hand folding option. It also has a lightweight aluminium frame that makes it simple to handle the travel system.



7. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller

With this Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Baby Stoller And Car Seat Combo, your entire family can now enjoy the journey. Your babies can sit in the front and back seats and stand in the back platform and enjoy the journey.

Baby tarvel Sit N Stand Baby travel system


Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Baby Stoller And Car Seat Combo come with five harness types to adjust so that your baby feels comfortable. It is the ideal car seat and stroller for both girls and boys.
This car seat is designed to cradle babies’ weight between 5 to 35 pounds and reach up to 30 inches tall. It arrives with a luxury seat pad and reversible infant insert. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Baby Stoller And Car Seat Combo’s canopy prevents your baby from UV rays and dust.
The car seat comes with the dimensions of 18.75 x 16.5 x 28.63. Its cozy covers give warmth and extra comfort to your baby.



8. Chicco Viaro Travel System

Chicco Viaro Travel System is a lightweight travel system. When you’re trying to get it in and out of the trunk or open it up and ready to go quickly, the one-handed fold feature makes it even easier to handle.

chicco Viravo Baby Travel System


Chicco Viaro Travel System has the average parent and child storage and an extra storage basket. It comes with three wheels which make it handy for use. Chicco Viaro Travel System has KeyFit 30 infant car seat. It can hold babies weighing 4 to 30 pounds and measuring up to 30″ tall.
For a compact, free-standing fold, a pull-strap and button are securely placed under the seat and are easy to operate simultaneously. The stroller also consists of a multi reclining seat, which will come in handy if your baby needs head support. It’s even easy to reopen the stroller once it’s been folded.
The canopy can be adjusted, and the back wheels feature toe-tap brakes. It comes with a two-panel canopy so that you can adjust the level as per your wish.



9. Maxi Cosi Zelia Travel System

Maxi Cosi stroller Zelia Travel Systems with rubber wheels looks elegant with its attractive five modes. The baby can take sound sleep because of its fully reclining mode. Moreover, the carriage can easily convert to a toddler seat as your child grows. You can convert carriage and car seat to rear-facing or world facing. The fabrics are durable and soft.

Maxi Cosi Baby Travel system


To prevent your baby from irritation, the Mico XP has pure fabric. If you want to close the seat, you can press the button, lift it, and fold. You can wash the fabric in the machine.
Maxi Cosi Zelia Travel System has much more space for keeping goods. The mesh peekaboo window in the MaxShade canopy allows air to flow. You could adjust the stroller’s handle to your preferred level of comfort. Tightness and level indicators on the adjustable base provide visual proof of professional installation.
Maxi Cosi Zelia Travel System bears the weighing range between 4-50 pounds and up to 42 inches of height. The total product dimensions are 31 x 31 x 22.44.



10. Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 Sophia Color Travel System

Baby Trend is the finest brand in manufacturing travel systems. The car seats on wheels and stroller has five harness point. The stroller seat is built with a padded seat. It comes with multi reclining positions for the convenience of the baby. 

babt rendz Baby travel system


It is designed with two cup holders for parents. Its extended canopy with a window is a useful one. The handlebar can be adjusted to your preference. The stroller and the car seater can hold a maximum of 35 pounds of weight.
The front part has two wheels for super maneuverability. If you are a new parent, then this is easy to use. The rear-facing baby car seat is designed with taller, deeper side wings with EPS foam for excellent side-impact security for newborns weighing 5 to 35 pounds. You can use latch clips or a seat belt to secure the base.



What to look for in a Stroller Travel System?

1. Size and Weight

You can choose the travel system according to your baby’s weight and height. It will be easier for us to carry the travel system if it is lightweight. You must choose the travel stroller combo according to your usage.

2. Adjustable Handle

If the travel system is used by both mother and father then picking the travel system which has the feature of the adjustable handle is best.

3. Safety

Safety is the most important factor before buying a travel system. The travel system which you are going to pick must have one parking brake.

4. Cost

The travel system should not exceed your budget. You can buy the best travel at an affordable price also.

5. JPMA Security Seal

Check if the stroller and newborn car seat combination fulfill strict US safety requirements. It’s an excellent time to check whether the item has indeed been remembered. Take a glance for a covering on the wrapping indicating that the supplier is a member of the Juvenile Product lines Producers Association (JPMA) certification program.

6. The Reclining Function

This will also be crucial when using the stroller or newborn child seat with the newborn baby. Because newborns can not affect the ability to sit in a chair or keep their heads up, you should place your newborn in a pleasant reclining position to stop his head from bouncing forward.

7. Canopy for Protection

It will be critical to maintaining the baby darkened from the light source and wrapped in case of inclement weather. Canopies are available in various styles and sizes, which provides nearly complete protection of the stroller’s border. If that’s the design you’re looking for, ensure it has mesh boards to help maintain the baby cool. Look at an example with a plastic screen such that the baby could see out while you still can see in.

8. Excellent Brakes

Often these strollers have ankle-activated brake pedals controlled either by a mono foot bar at the back of the pedal or a stroller above each of the back wheels. A few designs include a hand-functioned brake pedal situated close to the handlebar.
Handlebars that are comfy and configurable. It would be best if you took a glance for a stroller with foam padding handlebars that can change to your altitude. Rather than a solitary handlebar, a few strollers have 2 distinct grips.

9. Spacious Storage

A colossal storage tray beneath the stroller can help store the shoulder bag, handbag, and some other essentials. A few stroller designs may have splitters or resealable pockets for valuable items. Even though the newborn car seat is in a spot or completely leaned back, the tray should be usable. The storage bin should be sturdy enough not to dangle on the floor when packed with your stuff.

Baby Travel Systems: Safety Tips for Parents

When the baby is born, the first thing we purchase for the baby is a baby travel system. However, it is unclear if we have sufficient knowledge of baby travel systems. Safety is the first important thing. So, here we have given some tips for parents while using the baby travel systems.

  • Be sure the toys are firmly connected if you use a travel systems bumper bar to keep your infant entertained.
  • Whenever you wish to stop the stroller, use the brakes. The main thing is it should never be parked on a slope.
  • Keeping your baby apart from the stroller when you open and fold it is essential because tiny fingers might get trapped in stroller joints. 
  • Allowing your baby’s stroller to sit in the sun for prolonged amounts of time is not recommended during hot weather. Because many strollers are made from plastic and metal components, it may become hot enough to burn your kid as a result of this. Moreover, it is essential to check the temperature of the stroller’s surface when you put your kid in it.
  • Do not leave your infant in the stroller alone.

Check the Following Each Time Before Using the Baby Travel System

  • Check its retainers and foldable components are in good functioning order.
  • All rivets, bolts, and nuts are securely fastened and undamaged.
  • All of the wheel nuts are in good working order.
  • The brakes are in good working order.
  • There are no cracks or breaks in any of the plastic parts.

Final Words

A travel system can make it easy to carry your child from the car to the stroller and back. It has the added benefit of being beneficial once your child has reached toddler years.  There are many travel systems available in the market but buying the best one which is suitable for your comfort level is the correct choice. Hope we have clarified your doubts regarding the best travel system. Enjoy the time with your little one!

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