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Roborock E4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Roborock-E4- Vaccum-cleaner-Review

Roborock E4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Whether you’re searching for a best vaccum cleaner on a tight budget, we believe the Roborock E4 is a great choice. It did a great job maneuvering around furniture and cleaning the majority of the flooring throughout all individual rooms. Roborock E4 mop is complemented by a powerful cleaning ability and several convenient remote-controlled functions.

About the Brand

Roborock, established in July 2014, focuses on the study, production, and development of goods that make people’s lives easier. Our robot cleaners and wireless stick cleaners are designed to perform so efficiently that individuals can devote much time doing the things people enjoy and much less time doing housework.

                                                                                Roborock E4 Vaccum cleaner

Roborock E4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Features

The Roborock E4 is the best robotic vaccum with remarkably good functionality. It’s identical to Roborock S4 in several aspects, but somehow it loses the latter’s LIDAR GPS, which implies you can’t plan it to cleanse particular areas or regions. However, it performs admirably on hard surfaces, has excellent quality and reliability, and is quite easy to disassemble and assemble. In addition, its small size allows them to fit into tiny spaces, and its lightness makes it a lot easier to transport vertically and horizontally stairs; however, on cream carpeting troubles with tiny and heavy particles.


The E4 maintains the preceding E-series robotics’ simple design characteristics. The E4 and E35 have some minor changes in terms of appearance, such as button location. The E4 borrows the S6 Pure’s beveled design but does away with the Laser casing in the center. The E4 will have the same design as the E3, with the primary brush sandwiched between two rubber tires and a single corner brush.

The rubber edge brush is used in recent Roborock versions, more durable than the stiff brush. Because the recent brush is fully compatible, you can buy it even if you possess an early version like the S5.

Roborock E4 design


Since the E-Series robotics do not employ LIDAR, We enabled Roborock e4 map to cut the price. Instead, it uses a mixture of 2 gyroscopes and an opticEye sensor beneath to identify its direction.

Observe this brief video to get a sense of how well the E4 travels.

Roborock Navigation

However, unlike Roborock LIDAR choices, the E4 doesn’t begin cleaning in the middle before advancing to the outskirts. As a result, it lacks the precision of the S-Series robots, which allow customers to change the number of times it passes over a certain area.

The effectiveness of this combination over an IR-sensor used by most other companies is one benefit. Although the E4 can identify its area to some extent, it lacks the accuracy of SLAM and LIDAR. We can see a map drawn by the program, but you will not see real-time changes. It appears just after the run.

App feature

Just the Xiaomi Smart Application is designed with the Roborock E4. You shouldn’t anticipate the same degree of capability as the Galaxy S5 Max or S5. Overall, it is among the most feature-rich applications for the cost.

I’ll briefly go over the many functions.

Scheduling Feature

You’ll get accessibility to the scheduling tool, which allows you to choose the frequency and time of the cleansing. For example, whether you would like it to operate each day, on only weekends, only on weekdays, or only on specified days and the washing mode.

Carpet boost

If the robotic discovers carpets while activated, it will immediately turn to the highest setting. Whether your house has this function, I suggest activating it.

Roborock E4 carpet boost

Mode of gentleness

If you only use this function for vacuuming, the engine performance will be fallen to its lowest level, allowing you to clean a greater area. However, you’ll buy the mop unit individually to use this feature.

Design and capacity of dust containers

The lack of LIDAR has one benefit it frees up room within the enclosure, allowing Roborock to install a bigger rubbish bin. s It has a 0.64-liter capability, which is among the best in the region. The drawback is that it lacks a shutter like the S5 Max.

To get rid of the stuff, detach the filtration and toss the box to empty it; that can be tough because dust can become stuck on the edges of the garbage can when you’re not cautious.

Noise level

So with this robotic functioning, the noise level is less than 65 decibels so that you can get a sensible conversation.

Cleaning Performance

Some may have argued that those weren’t realistic routine cleanings because of the enormous volume, but I believe it’s a good approach to assess a robot’s capabilities.

Roborock Cleaning performance

Cleansing will be a snap if we can manage these issues.

Cleaning History

Only with an accompanying map of each cycle should you see how many instances the robots have polished. The entire time the robot has run and the total area it has cleared for all the cleanup crews are listed at the top.

Roborock history


It gives you a fair warning about when to cleanse and change filters and brushes, as well as when to wipe the detectors. However, because the information supplied here isn’t 100 percent correct, it should only be used as a guideline.

Roborock maintenance

Update Firmware

Roborock releases new software regularly to develop the app’s usefulness or the robot’s navigating feature. As a result, make careful to upgrade to the most recent firmware as it becomes accessible.


  • Excellent construction quality.
  • Outstanding battery life and performance.


  • Ongoing costs are high.
  • There are numerous maintenance requirements.

Final words

While this loses some of the more upscale functions and doesn’t wipe as effectively as the supermodels, it costs approximately hundreds of dollars cheaper. So we highly suggest it to someone on an expenditure.

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