Realme Buds Wireless Review- Worth for at a Great Price

Realme Buds Wireless

Realme Buds Wireless Review- Worth for at a Great Price

Choosing a good pair of budget wireless earbuds from a variety of options is a tricky thing to do. For one, the sound signature should be pleasant, and the realme buds should be comfortable to wear. Otherwise, it will throw you off, and the money will go down the drain.

“Buds Wireless is Realme’s first attempt to create a pair of wireless earphones. With sporty neckband design, wingtips for earpieces and great drivers were designed to deliver strong bass. They made it to get almost everything perfect. It is the best choice for sporty youth. But there has to be a hold, right?”

Best Budget

Realme Buds

Best Bluetooth Earbud

Realme Buds Q2

Best Neckband

Realme Buds 2 Neo

About the Brand

Realme has developed some of the best smartphones in the past year, which have disrupted mainly the budget and mid-segment in India. This is because the company tried to offer attractive phones with better specs at cheaper prices.  

When Realme XT was introduced, there was another new product that kept it on stage. That was Realme Buds Wireless – the company’s first Bluetooth headset. In addition, they introduced it with a low price tag. We bought some new gadgets, checked them, charged them, and paired them. Then we tested their real-life performance. 

Realme Buds 2 Wireless had a severe competition with Xiaomi, which has introduced the Mi Neckband Bluetooth headphones in India. Although it is slightly pricey, the sound quality and 12 hours of battery life are a little more here. Does Realme Buds Wireless work well? Let’s find out in our Realme Buds Wireless Review.

You may think that Realme Buds Wireless is a renamed Oppo Enco headset or OnePlus Bullets with a new color scheme, but this is a different one, that’s why we ended up with an extended test. Let’s see what impressed us and where it fell short.

Here we’ve given a detailed review of the best 3 Realme earphones. 

Table of Contents

Top 3 Best Realme Buds 2 Wireless Earphones

1. Realme Buds Wireless 2 in-ear Bluetooth with Mic

Like previous Realme Bluetooth earphones, these Realme buds also have magnets in earbuds.  Separating the buds activates the headset while attaching them reduces power. It doesn’t have any power button, so this is the only way to power on the headset. It is not remote PR talk but can connect wirelessly at any time – by the time they are plugged into the ear, the connection is established.

However, if you keep this headset in a backpack, then the buds magnets get separated and it can connect occasionally. The better thing is you don’t have to put them in pockets and other restricted places. It is one of the Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000 in India 2021.


Design and Building Quality

Wireless earphones are becoming very famous, and now we can see that Realme is coming to the top place in recent days.  The headset has a flexible neckband, metal blocks at the ends, short cables leading to the earpieces, and plastic earplugs. We liked the yellow and black color scheme.  If you want the other color, you can go with Realme buds wireless green. This Realme bud earphone also has the same specification as this one. It has a simple design and decent building quality. The weight of the earphone is 30g which is very comfortable to wear, and you can use it for long hours.

Speaking of the controls on the right, the buttons have raised labels so you can feel the controls. And, the top and bottom buttons are for volume control. The Realme-branded button that sits in the middle of the volume rocker is an answering key – you can press it to answer calls. The buttons will give a nice tactile feel, and they are easy to use. Realme does not offer a stellar noise-canceling solution, so answering calls on the outside may be a problem. However, it doesn’t cause any issues indoors.

This button is also used for music/pause, single-track, double-track on the next track, and three-way navigation to reset the track. Coming to music control, the music is paused when the buds are attached. However, there is no playback background once you split them. To trigger the Google Assistant, just press and hold the R key. 

This Realme neckband earbud is powered by 11.2mm drivers, Bluetooth 5, and SBC and AAC codecs support. 

Audio Experience 

A metric – sound quality first determines an earphone. Of course, you can ignore other bells and whistles as well. Thankfully, Realme earphone has hit the right rings when it comes to the audio quality.

As we mentioned before, the earbuds’ body is plastic, and the housing is 11.2mm bass boost drivers. As a result, the voice and instrument separation in the MIDS was very clear. A wire neckband connects to the earbuds, and it comes in yellow, which is the signature Realme color. 

In terms of call quality, the conversation was smooth and audible. The integrated microphone works fine. Not all is well. While watching YouTube, we noticed a pinch delay of milliseconds. Then, there were one or two signal interruptions while on the go. Take this as bizarre or something worth noting.

Battery Life and Performance

Wireless earphones are the best companion for sports activities. However, all casual runners can place the earphones on the neck. Realme earbuds are the best choice for them. The IPX4 rating protects the entire system from sweat. The micro USB port is exposed that control sweating and dust.

The battery life of these realme earphones is 12 hours on a single charge and provides 100 minutes of listening time on a 10-minute charge when the battery is drained. When we tested it, we were able to get 9 hours of usage, while it took 3 hours to get a full charge.

As it has special rubber support, it perfectly attaches to the ear. The retail box has three pairs of ear tips, micro to USB charging cable with a clean yellow accent. You can feel the music on Bluetooth without any issues. 



2. Realme Buds Q2 Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) in-Ear TWS Earphones (Black)

As per the research firm Counterpoint, the real wireless market in India continues to grow in the first quarter of 2021. Realme got one of the best places in that. Especially, its Buds Q model continues to top the list of the best-selling models.



It would not be wrong to say that Realme Bluetooth earbuds have taken various design approaches with the introduction of Realme Buds Q2. Cheap genuine wireless earbuds come in a beautiful pebble-shaped charging case that easily fits in your pocket or clutch.

On the front of the charging case, you will find an LED indicator and a USB Type C charging port on the rear housing.

The Realme Buds Q2 is made of plastic and comes with a matte finish design when it comes to earbuds. The realme headphones wireless have an ear design and come with medium-sized ear tips. These realme earphones buds 2 are very light and weigh only 4.5 grams. However, the company offers various sizes of ear tips with the device so you can choose your perfect fit.

Battery Life

This earbud is powered by a 480mAh battery which gives you a total of 28 hours of battery life and 20 hours of ANC-enabled playtime. You will get 3 hours of playback time with an10 minutes of charging.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Realme buds Q2 supports Bluetooth 5.2. This latest generation Bluetooth ensures high transfer speeds with consistent signal and low power consumption even among multiple device interruptions for a smoother music experience.

Features and Performance

In gaming mode, the Latency is as low as 88 ms. Whether you are watching a movie or playing a game, you can have the perfect audio-to-video sync for a seamless experience.

It also features a Google fast pairing mode that can compatible with smartphones. Enable Transparency Mode to talk freely with those around you without removing your Realme Butts Q2 earphones.

With the smart touch controls of this earbud, you can multitask on the go. Thanks to these controls, you can do everything at your fingertips, such as receiving calls, playing music, skipping the next track, or activating the voice assistant function.  



3. Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo (Black) Earphones 

When searching for the right wired earphones, you need to consider audio performance, connectivity, excellent Bluetooth stability, compact design, and comfort. You can find all these features in this Realme earbuds Wireless 2 Neo (Black) Earphone.

The remarkable feature is magnetic instant connection technology, where you can split two earbuds to connect to your smartphone. What’s more convenient is that you can reconnect them together to turn them off.



This realme buds 2 Earphone is made of good quality materials that give convenient use. This Realme Bluetooth headset is available in two major colors – black and blue, and both look very premium. The best feature is that these earphones are so lightweight (23.1 grams) that you can’t even feel like wearing them.

Sound Quality 

Next, we talk about sound quality. For its price range, this Realme earphones wireless buds earphone gives enough sound quality. It is not only created for active people but also for quality audio while working on their emails or other documents. It has 11.2mm, dynamic drivers with deep bass so that you can expect a clear, full-body, and discourse sound. 


The notable feature of this Realme Buds wireless 2 Neo is its Environmental noise cancellation (ENC) technology that blocks external noise to help the person get a better sound experience. Also, it helps to get better sound quality, protects the ear, and more.

This Realme 2 Neo is IPX4 water-resistant which means they are splash waterproof. You can use the headphone in light rain by this feature, but can not be submerged in water. 

These Realme Bluetooth earphones offer a game mode that provides an awesome gaming experience that uses a minimum Latency of 88mm. The Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo is powered by a large built-in battery that provides up to 17 hours of battery backup.



Hоw Tо Connect Realme Earbuds Wireless Tо Laptop/Ѕmаrtрhоnеѕ/Tablets?

It is not a difficult task to connect your smartphone with Realme buds earphones. 

The first thing you have to check is the realme wireless earphones charge, if it is not charged, attach the earphone to the charging cable.

Second, change the Bluetooth of a smartphone/laptop/tablet and make it disabled. Next, separate the magnetic earplugs from each other.

A blue flashlight indicates that the earphone is turned on. If it has not already been connected to any other device, then it indicates connection mode. If the earphone is already paired, press the R button on the remote to reset the earphone to 5s.

Now, go to Settings and add a new Bluetooth device or search for a new Bluetooth device then connect it to the “Realme Buds Wireless” and tap Connect.

It will appear with a message, “Realme Buds Pair with Wireless?” in asking you permission to pair. Grant permission and provide our entertainment features.

The battery percentage is shown on the connected device. It is 90% accurate.

How To Factory Reset Realme Buds Wireless?

You must press the ‘R’ buttons for 5 seconds to factory reset the Realme Buds wireless earphone. When the earphone is turned off, the LED on the earphone will automatically turn off.

Should you Buy the Realme Buds Wireless?

Realme has been very disappointed in its smartphones, and you can see the same kind of focus on other products in the company’s ever-growing portfolio. It provides the best sound experience. It has a good soundstage and provides clear sound with a good bass punch in many genres.

This realme neckbands are the best recommendation for anyone looking for affordable realme wireless earphones with good battery life. From the magnetic grip to the soft rubber ear tips and neckband all the earphones are comfortable to wear and work with. Buds wireless is the only part that fails to impress during voice calls. In almost every way, they are worth considering.

How to Charge Realme Buds Wireless?

Just place the case on the Realme 10W wireless charger. Its front case has LED lights that can give real-time charge information. Moreover, it supports charging via Type-C charging cable so that you can simply charge this Realme Buds wireless. 

How to Turn on Realme Buds Wireless?

Simply press the middle button of the Realme buds earphones for up to 5 seconds until the light indicator continues to flash fastly. After Bluetooth turns off, turn on the earphones again.

How to Turn off Realme Buds Wireless?

You can turn off the Realme wireless earbuds by holding down the Multi-Function button on the right bud or the Volume Down button on the left bud until the LED glows red (off).

Final Words

Realme has done a lot of things with these new earphones. They are ergonomic and their vibrant colors appeal to thousands of lifestyles. They have more thought in magnetic buds. No major issues with the audio ending either. The bass gets priority.

More expensive earphones like the OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 and 1 More Stylish Dual Dynamic Driver may offer much more sound quality. It is a worthy product. If you are a budget concern, you can go with the Best Earphones Under 1000 available in the Indian market. 

The good design, decent battery life, comforts, rich sound quality, all make this earphone more beautiful. The one issue that we’ve found in this earbud is its magnetic power switch, which leads to the earphones turning on automatically at bad times. Aside, Realme Buds Wireless earphones do exactly what it wants – no more or less – with unchanging stability, that’s why we love it.

So in a nutshell, these are a nice pair of earphones to own. They may be heavier in the pocket, but very light in the wallet. Also, we expect additional products from Realme’s audio portfolio. Hope our Realme Buds Wireless Review was helpful.

Enjoy the music with the Realme Buds Wireless in-ear Bluetooth with a mic.

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