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100 Popular Baby Girl Names in 2023

100 Popular Baby Girl Names in 2023

100 Popular Baby Girl Names in 2023

Would you like to know the top baby name choices for 2023? You’ve got to the correct place, whether your delivery date is 2023. Knowing baby naming choices for 2023 and popular names will help you choose the perfect name because naming a child is a huge decision.

Do you adore the most popular baby girl names today? Or would you rather chase down something a bit strange and rarely used? Regardless of your preferences regarding baby girl names, we have attractive, trendy, and contemporary trends you need for inspiration!

To find current, distinctive, and odd baby girl name trends, we also look at what mothers are looking for or debating in baby name communities. Then, depending on such trends, we offer many baby name suggestions!

100 Popular Baby Girl Names in 2023

1. Adaline: Adaline refers to a good or generous person.

2. Athena: The feminine Greek name Athena will undoubtedly encourage the child to gaze at the sky throughout their Life. It originates from the Greek greek God, who personifies knowledge, bravery, and craftsmanship.

3. Aaliyah: Aaliyah, an Arabic-derived female given name, has the meanings highborn and magnificent.” It is a strong and religious choice for a newborn.

4. Amulya: It signifies valuable. Your girl may be named that because she means a lot to you, and nothing can compare to the love she affords you.

5. Aadarsha: In Hindi, a language of Indian descent, the name Aadarsha means a person who is perfect, ideal, and excellent.

6. Aadhirai: A Unique Star is the meaning of the Hindu girl’s name Aadhirai.

7. Aarushi: The significance of the name Aarushi in Indian culture is the First rays of the sun.

8. Ariella: A girl’s name means lion of Deity.

9. Aman: The meaning of the Muslim baby girl’s name Aman is Comfort and Peace.  It is one of the most beautiful Muslim choices. Parents adore giving their daughters this name as a lifelong identity.

10. Brisky: Brisky is a name that suggests a talent for gab or the seamless power to persuade others. You are outspoken, upbeat, extroverted, and motivating.

11. Bertilda: The significance of the name Bertilda, a German baby girl, is lady fighter.

12. Badra: Like a full moon, someone gorgeous is called Badra. Badra is a female given name. Most people with the last name Badra identify as Muslims.

13. Bella: The meaning of the Italian-derived name Bella, typically given to females, is Gorgeous.

14. Blyss: The significance of the name Blyss, which is of American English origin, is wide happiness or Pleasure.  Persons with the name Blyss tend to be verbally skilled and outspoken.

15. Cambree: Cambree, which means from Wales, is primarily a female name of American descent.

16. Clara: Clara, also spelled Klara, is a name for girls. The feminine version of the name Clarus initially meant bright, dazzling, and brilliant.

17. Caroline:  The name is somewhat antique and has a character from a book. It truly signifies tiny and robust. Despite her youth, your little princess will become a powerful woman.

18. Charu: This term also implies lovely and sweet. It is a conventional name that is simple to say and spell.

19. Catalina: Greek ancestry gives Catalina a name for girls. It is a name for Catalina, that also goes by the name Katalina and signifies pure.

20. Charlotte: A name with imperial roots, Charlotte is making a significant comeback. The feminine version of Charles is of French origin, meaning a free man or small.

21. Carolyn: The meaning of Carolyn, typically given to females and has English origins, is melody and song of delight.

22. Dorothy: This charming name, Dorothea, derives from Greek and signifies the gift of God.

23. Darsana: The Meaning of the Name Darsana is the blessing of seeing a god or a saint.

24. Daisy: Daisy is a female name with British roots frequently associated with simplicity and innocence.

25. Delena: The meaning of the name Delena in American culture seeks personal benefit.

26. Dollie: Dollie is a name with Greek roots that means gift from the Lord.

27. Deepali: The Hindi term for light refers to your girl, who is undoubtedly a source of happiness and brightness in your lifestyle. You might name her Deepali to symbolize how she brightens your life.

28. Evelyn: Evelyn, which means Lovely Bird in English, is predominantly a female name. Combining the words Eve and Lynn yields the name Evelyn.

29. Eliana: Eliana is a baby girl’s name with Latin, Hebrew, and Greek roots that mean my Lord has replied.

30. Emily: Emily could be derived from the Greek term aimylos, which means witty or persuasive, or from the Latin term aemulus, which means rival.

31. Everleigh: The significance of the English term Everleigh is from the boar grassland. Everleigh is of English origin. Everleigh can also be spelt, Everly.

32. Eva: The Hebrew meaning of the term Eva is life.

33. Ella: This term is of English origin and means lovely fairy woman. Your baby girl’s name would be more attractive if it were Ella.

34. Elena: The famous female name Elena is of Greek origin. Its meaning is shining brightness.

35. Everly: A term used to describe someone robust and solid, like a boar.

36. Evangeline: Evangeline, which means messenger of pleasant news, is primarily a female name of English origin.

37. Faritha: Faritha, a Muslim baby name, means elegant and beautiful woman in Arabic.

38. Gupti: The Hindu girl’s name is Gupti. The word Gupti has the significance of Conserving and Protecting.

39. Grace: The qualities of Grace are allure, kindness, and charity. The name Grace is associated with beauty and gladness in Greek mythology.

40. Hannah: It means courteous or one who possesses Grace in Hebrew.

41. Hansa: Hansa denotes a swan, a lovely future personality.

42. Hazel: Hazel is a feminine name of British origin that means the hazel tree. 

43. Hareena: Hareena, by its Indian origin, means beautiful deer.

44. Irfana: Irfana, a Muslim baby name, means thankfulness in Arabic.

45. Iris: Iris is a traditional name derived from the Greek term, which signifies rainbow.  Greek mythology identified the deity of the rainbow by the word Iris.

46. Indira: Indira is a lovely word that denotes a bringer of prosperity.

47. Isha: This potent Hindi phrase means feminine vitality.

48. Isabella: It signifies dedicated to Lord in Latin.

49. Jessica: This name is also lovely and denotes overall riches.

50. Juliana: Juliana is a Latin baby girl name that means young looking or sky father.

51. Janett: The meaning of the girl’s name Janette, which is of Scottish and Hebrew roots, is that God is generous.

52. Jelena: The Slavic name Jelena is a female given word that means Shine, bright, or light.  It’s a translation of the Greek title Hellen.

53. Jade: The name Jade comes from the gemstone, which has the same term, but it has Spanish roots.

54. Karishma: A term in Hindi that means miraculous.

55. Kinsley: A person named Kinsley is likely to be independent and free-spirited. With your passion for novelty and excitement, nothing is ordinary. 

56. Lily: In Latin, Lily is a female name that means pure and denotes innocence.

57. Luna: Luna, a name with elegance coming from the heavens, is translated from Latin as the moon.  She is also the Roman deity of the moon, frequently seen riding around in a great wagon.

58. Linzee: Linzee is an American-style version of Lindsay, which means island with basswood trees.

59. Larifa: Larifa, a Muslim baby name, means Pretty and intellectual girl in Arabic.

60. Leah: The ancient name Leah, which is of Hebrew origin, signifies fragile or worn out.

61. Maya: Hindu mythology typically alludes to god’s imaginative or magical abilities.

62. Mridula: This word has two meanings: gentle and, occasionally, a musical instrument.

63. Mehar: Mehar, the name denotes generosity or favors.

64. Mia: Mia, which means the Ocean or Sour, is generally a female name of English origin.

65. Mistee: British-born girls are given the name Misty. This ethereal name, which translates to mist, is perfect for highlighting the wonders of nature.

66. Madelyn: The Hebrew term for the tall tower that became the Greek name Magdalen and, finally, the English name Madelyn are the origins of the girl’s name Madelyn.

67. Natasha: Natasha is a name with Russian roots that means born on Xmas Eve day.

68. Natalie: The Latin term Natale Domini, the birthing of the Almighty, is the source of the feminine forename Natalie or Nathaly, which has French and English origins.

69. Nandita: The Name denotes joy, Pleasure, or being joyful.

70. Niharika: Its Sanskrit roots translate to dew (snow) in Hindi.

71. Naomi: Naomi, which means likeability, is a name typically given to females.

72. Olivia: Olivia is a Latin given name that means olive or olive tree.

73. Ploy: It refers to the valuable stone or germ.

74. Priya: The Sanskrit word for beloved is Priya. 

75. Ragini: This term refers to a rhythmic tune or melody.

76. Ruhi: This Sufi term denotes an individual’s immortal soul and the Lord’s Holy spirit.

77. Rachana: It denotes either one’s creativity or the work of God.

78. Ruby: The Latin Ruby, which means deep red valuable stone, is used for girls or boys.

79. Rishika: The meaning of the name Rishika, an Indian baby girl’s name, is Virtuous and Knowledgeable.

80. Rogene: Rogene, by its American origin, means renowned spear.

81. Reagan: The Irish term Reagan, which means small king, is used mainly for boys and girls.

82. Sarah: Sara, also spelled Sarah, signifies princess but is used variably throughout the language according to its historical roots.

83. Sophia: Sofia and Sophia denote a sensible woman, and their names have the same meaning.

84. Shakthi: It alludes to the deity Durga and is a term for a dominant female.

85. Swarna: Although it sounds like Swara, the word signifies pure gold that isn’t tainted with impurities.

86. Sherlyn: Sherlyn is predominantly an American female name with the meanings Devoted and Gorgeous. A word made out of the letters Cheryl and Lyn.

87. Scarlett: In French, the name Scarlett for girls means red.  Even though this color has various meanings, the scarlet represents bravery, desire, and excitement.

88. Tiffany: Tiffany is a feminine name that usually refers to the existence of a god.

89. Thaswika: Thaswika’s meaning is the deity Parvati. Thaswika is a baby girl’s name with an Indian root.

90. Tiesha: Tiesha is an Arabic-derived name. Happiness is the meaning of the name Tiesha.

91. Tamanna: This name, which means a wish, is lovely and uncommon.

92. Urishita: The significance of the name Urishita in Indian culture is the Firm.

93. Vaishali: The Sanskrit word for great is Vaishali. 

94. Valeria: The Name Valeria, means the person who needs to be more powerful.

95. Veronica: In Latin, the name Veronica is a girl’s name that means one who brings success and also means natural appearance.

96. Yakshita: The Name Yakshita Originated from India. It denotes a remarkable woman.

97. Yardley: Both a boy’s and a girl’s name with the origin wood clearing, Yardley.

98. Zoey: Zoey, a spelling variation of the Greek name Zoe, denotes alive or life.

99. Zoya: In Russian, the name Zoya is typically given to females, meaning Life.

100. Ziya: Ziya, which means light and splendor, can help babies recall how brilliantly they glow while also giving them bonds to their ancestry.

Final Words

These baby name suggestions have helped you develop a name for your child in 2023!

Think about taking your time while selecting such a significant choice; this is a wide choice. You can wait until the baby is delivered to settle on the best option.

This last trimester shopping list and my post on your hospital bag checklist for moms may interest you whether you’re ready to greet your new baby.

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