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100 Popular Baby Boy Names in 2023

popular boy baby names

100 Popular Baby Boy Names in 2023

Parents often get stuck at the baby-name-picking stage. There are so many baby names out there that they can’t decide which one to choose. In the past, parents usually chose a name for their baby, and the grandparents would approve it or suggest a new one. These days, with grandparents being less involved and social media’s enormous impact on naming trends, parents are taking more time to research names before they give birth.

Naming trends are changing exponentially, and some experts believe that as society relies more on online activities, this trend will only grow. In recent years, some parents have been choosing more unique baby names that are not as popular to avoid the name being shared by a classmate. Some other parents give their children Biblical names, hoping they will have a better chance at success in life. The 100 Best popular boy baby names in 2023 are as follows:

  1. Liam 

             It is the short form of “William,” which means Resolute protection.

  1. Maverick

            It means “independent and nonconformist.”

  1. Theodore

           Theodore is a Greek baby boy name that means “gift of God.”

  1. Jaxon

           It means son of Jack

  1. Wyatt

           Brave in war

  1. Leo

           Leo means “lion.”

  1. Levi

           Hebrew origin meaning “joined, attached.”

  1. Jace

           Hebrew origin means “the Lord is salvation.”

  1. Asher

          Asher means “fortunate, blessed, happy one.”

  1. Ezra

          Ezra means “help.”

  1. Mateo

          Mateo means “Gift Of God.”

  1. Logan

          Small Hollow

  1. Julian

          Youthful, sky father

  1. Elias

          Yahweh is God

  1. Issac

          Issac means “laughter.”

  1. Nolan


  1. Owen

          Young – Warrior, well-born

  1. Declan

          Man of Prayer

  1. Brantley

          Sword, Fiery torch

  1. Kayden

          Round or Barrel

  1. Kyrie

          Kyrie means Lord

  1. Everette

          Brave as a wild boar

  1. Weston

         From a western town

  1. Rhett


  1. Roman 

        Citizen of Rome

  1. Silas

        Wood, forest

  1. Bryson

        Son of Brice

  1. Axel

         Father of Peace

  1. Thiago

         Thiago means Supplanter

  1. Luca

          Man of Lucania

  1. Emmett

          Masculine variation of Emma, which means “universal.”

  1. Ezekiel

          God Strengthens

  1. Dominic

         Belonging to the God

  1. Leonardo

         Brave lion

  1. Santiago

        Saint James

  1. Alexander

        Defending men

  1. Elliott

        Jehovah is God”

  1. Beau


  1. Dylan 

         Son Of Sea

  1. Ryder

         Cavalrymen or Messenger

  1. Bennett

          Bennett means Blessed

  1. Isaiah

           Salvation of the Lord

  1. Camden

            Winding Valley

  1. King


  1. Amir

            Prince or Ruler

  1. Braxton

           Brock’s Settlement

  1. Aaron

           Enlightened, high mountain

  1. Jayce

           Lord is salvation

  1. Kingston

          King’s town

  1. Aiden

          Little and Fiery

  1. Cooper

          Barrel maker

  1. John

          God is gracious

  1. Joseph

          Jehovah increases

  1. Kai


  1. Abel


  1. Zayden

          Modern invented name

  1. Adrian

          Man of Adria

  1. Ethan

          Strong and firm

  1. Maddox

          Son of Madoc

  1. Carson

          son of the marsh-dwellers

  1. Barrett

          Bear Strength

  1. Messiah

          Expected deliverer

  1. Damian


  1. Maxwell

         Great Steam

  1. Jax

         God is gracious

  1. George


  1. Atlas 

          Bearer of Heaven

  1. Adam

          Son of the Red Earth

  1. Judah


  1. Milo


  1. Ivan

          God is gracious

  1. Walter

           Army ruler

  1. Avery

           Ruler of Elves

  1. Finley

           Fair haired hero

  1. Abraham

           Father of multitude

  1. Reid

           Red haired

  1. Xavier

          New house

  1. Chase

          To hunt

  1. Holder

          Hollow Valley

  1. Felix

          Happy and Fortunate

  1. Dawson

           Son of David

  1. Dallas


  1. Ronan

          Little sea

  1. Lukas

           Man from Lucanus

  1. Arlo

           Between two hills

  1. Phoenix

            Dark red

  1. Nasir


  1. Harvey

           Battle Worthy

  1. Griffin 

           Strong Lord

  1. Odin

           God of Frenzy

  1. Rory

           Red king

  1. Nikolai

           People of victory

  1. Anderson

           Son of Anders

  1. Victor


  1. Orion

           Boundary, Limit

  1. Kendrick

           Royal ruler, Champion

  1. Cruz


  1. Cohen


  1. Raiden

            Thunder, lightening

  1. Mathias

             Gift of God

  1. Clayton

             The place with good clay

Final Words

A child’s name has a significant role in defining who they are. It sticks with them for the rest of their lives, ties them to their heritage, and is frequently seen as an expression of their character. Therefore, choosing the perfect name for their child is a fun but difficult chore for parents. The list includes some of the most recent and meaningful popular baby boy names. You and your spouse are free to choose the name you both adore, and you can be sure that your child will feel the same way!


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