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Oximeters for Home use During COVID-19

Oximeters for Home use During COVID-19

Oximeters for Home use During COVID-19

Everyone’s life went peacefully before the arrival of coronavirus. But after its arrival, joy and peace has gone out of the world. Now the entire world is experiencing the second and third waves of COVID-19 and are panicking with the next wave. 

People are struggling to seek help from healthcare providers. Because every hospital was filled and there were no beds to add another person. So people became more vigilant about their health. This has changed them to monitor their regular temperature readings, oxygen levels and functions. This can be done by an oximeter. It does not require any professional help and can be monitored at home itself. So you need a reliable oximeter to track accurate readings. 

Here are some oximeters that are appropriate for home use. Let’s have a look at it. 

1 DR Trust Professional Oximeter

The Dr trust professional oximeter is used to monitor multiple vital signs. It also shows the readings of your respiratory index, perfusion index and pulse rate. DR Trust oximeter is the best option for those who are keen about their health.

It is built-in with a multidirectional OLED screen display, so you don’t have to scramble before using it. It is also given an IP22 waterproof rating which will protect the meter from water splashes. 

2 Beurer Pulse Oximeter PO60

Beurer pulse oximeter gives your heart rate data and SPO2 levels. You can track your data for a few days and can show the same to your doctor for an accurate diagnosis. The display of this oximeter provides four different graphic styles to help you view the data clearly and accurately. It has 100 memory spaces, which is enough for most users. 

3 JSKB Enterprises Oximeter

It is a standard oximeter that measures your pulse rate and SPO2 levels. It is very simple to use, just place your finger in the slot and wait for a second. So that the machine can read the oxygen saturation level and pulse rate. The data is displayed in large font, so that you can view the readings clearly. 

4 Choicemed MD300CN340

Choicemed MD300CN340 is a small, lightweight, portable device that monitors your SPO2 levels and heart rate. It is built with a dual color OLED display to view the readings precisely. It also offers six display styles and ten brightness levels to help you read the data easily. No matter whether the room is bright or dim, this oximeter provides exact readings. 


Oximeters are affordable and help to monitor the oxygen levels and heart rate of COVID patients at home. So you don’t want to worry about the spread of coronavirus. The above mentioned oximeters are very suitable for home use and are found on Amazon. You can grab any of them to track your SPO2 levels. 

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