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NutriBullet Vs Magic Bullet – Which is Better?

Nutribullet Vs magic bullet

NutriBullet Vs Magic Bullet – Which is Better?

Blenders are one of the essential kitchen appliances in every home. There are dozens of models available on the market for blenders. If you are an hunt for the blenders, there are two brands comes in our mind. Nutribullet and Magic bullet. So how do we choose between the NutriBullet Vs Magic Bullet?

Magic Bullet and NutriBullet both blenders are manufactured by the same company, named Homeland Housewares, LLC. They were both considered great blenders for many years, and their typical design replaces standard countertop blenders.

Initially, it was slightly hard to see the fundamental differences between the two, except the beautifully designed ads. But if we are look in deep, we will see the difference in its engineering. Both are decent blenders, however, we have divided their advantages and disadvantages to clarify the difference.

We have tested the top best magic bullet and Nutri bullet blenders over the week to put a depth comparison. Among them, we chose the best model from each category that are

Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set

Nutribullet Personal Blender 600 Watt (NBR-0601)

Let’s get started…

NutriBullet Vs Magic Bullet Review 2022

We have tested these two products and noted the pros and cons. In addition, we have provided the details in terms of ease of use, additional features, the cleaning method, performance, and budget. These two blenders vary in several ways ranging from power to price.

Nutribullet Personal Blender 600 Watt (NBR-0601)

Is nutribullet better than magic bullet? Generally, Nutribullet blenders are a powerful upgrade to the Magic Bullet. Both come with a similar design; however, the NutriBullet delivers a notable improvement compared to the Magic Bullet in build quality and performance. It is pretty more considerable over the Magic Bullet.


The Nutribullet 600 is the original model from the Nutribullet brand. It comes with a 600 watt which is 2.5 times more powerful when compared to the Magic Bullet. In addition, it has a larger capacity of 24 oz of the cup, while the magic bullet has an 18 oz cup. We can find both milling blade and extractor blade on this Nutribullet. The Nutribullet NBR comes with 2 blades, a 24 oz cup, one lid, a recipe book, and one lip ring.


Overall the Nutribullet 600 was performed better than we have tested. In terms of pureeing foods for smoothies or grinding hard ingredients, Nutribullet has done its job well. It is one of the top-selling Nutribullet models and it is the only blender that comes with a flat grinding blade. As a result, it is the best smoothie blenders on the market.  


It doesn’t have any significant negatives that we have tested.  But, unfortunately, if we use this blender frequently, we have to replace the blade over time.


The Nutribullet is the upgrade to the Magic Bullet in terms of quality construction and blending performance. In addition, the Nutribullet’s large 24 oz container is beneficial for meal-sized smoothies, while the Magic bullet provides a small 18 oz container.

Nutribullet can blend tough vegetables, seeds, frozen fruits, and seeds, while the Magic bullet will struggle to blend those ingredients. The blade design of the Nutri Bullet is more effective than Magic Bullet’s Blade.

I would go with the Nutribullet over the Magic Bullet.

Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set

It is known as the original in the bullet blender series; the magic bullet comes with main attractive aspects. Compared to other bullet brands, the Magic Bullet sells one size and style. This means that you do not have to worry about parts and everything, so your ban on buying it has been lifted. This is one of the best magic bullets available on the market. 


A one size style aspect sets it apart from other bullet brands. Also, it is sold in an 11-piece package that includes several lids and cup options, a base, a recipe book that can be wiped clean in 10 or fewer seconds, and a blade.

It is an excellent blender to serve once and is mainly used in grinding small quantities of food, vegetables, spices, and fruits. Therefore, it does not apply to those in the family.  However, when it comes to the capacity, it dwarfs the Nutribullet as it comes with two different cups measuring 18 ounces and 12 ounces.

The Magic Bullet comes with a motor power of 250 watts. As it comes with low power, this magic bullet blender ensures thick smoothies and can’t be used to crush ice. We can not be used to heat soups and sauces.

The magic bullet is the best choice for people who don’t want to use a blender every single day and who don’t want to spend more money on the blender. Moreover, it comes with BPA-free materials, is easy to use with complex control manuals and is safe to wash in the dishwasher.

We will get a one-year free warranty. If the Magic Bullet Blender malfunctions due to a manufacturer error, we will receive a free replacement and repair with a one-year warranty.


Very compact model and more than enough for small food preparation and a simple blending process. People need a small appliance to prepare simple food, blend baby food, do essential blending works, and grind coffee. Moreover, the magic bullet is affordable to buy compared to the Nutribullet.


Its 250-watt motor limits the performance when preparing smoothies or purees. When we tested, the Magic Bullet had some struggles with frozen fruits, ice, fibrous vegetables, nuts, some food preparation, and thicker recipes that don’t have much liquid. In addition, the 18 Oz capacity of the tall cup can be tiny when preparing smoothies.


This blender was unique and enough to prepare miny foods like baby foods. When we see the Magic bullet, and Nutri bullet we can find the difference in construction and blending performance.

The magic bullet is good enough for simple blending tasks and baby food preparation.

Comparison Table

Blenders Nutribullet Magic Bullet
Motor 600 Watts 250 Watts
Cup Capacity24 Oz 18 Oz
Speed controlSingle speedSingle speed
Plastic BPA free
BPA free
Blades Milling blade & Twist Extractor Blade 4-prong Cross blade
Best forGreen smoothiesBasic food preparation

Comparison between Nutribullet and Magic Bullet

The blender has come a long way in its nearly century-old history. It was first dreamed of by Stephen Poplawski in 1922 and was created to mix malt and milkshakes with old soda springs.

Nowadays, people often buy blenders as a way to facilitate healthy eating. Magic Bullet or NutriBullet will help you to achieve this goal.

It isn’t easy to choose the best blender between these two famous brands. However, both are similar when it comes to function and size. These blenders do the job well and help to prepare healthy and delicious smoothies.

Power and Blades

The Nutribullet and Magic Bullet both have two blades. It will effectively blend your smoothies. The Nutribullet’s patented extractor blades will ensure a smoother texture than the Magic Bullet. The NutriBullet also has a special milling blade to blend nuts, oats, and spices.

The Magic Bullet has a 250 Watts motor struggling to blend rigid ingredients. But the NutriBullet will blend medium-sized ice, seeds, nuts, frozen fruits, and harder vegetables as it has a 600-watt motor.

In terms of the power and blade, the winner is Nutribullet.

Storage and Space

Both need the same space to store in the kitchen cabinet. The Nutribullet is tall, but we think it won in this category because it has a large, 24-ounce cup capacity. If you prefer a smaller bullet blender, select Magic Bullet.

In terms of storage and size, both are the winner. It depends on your needs.


Both Nutribullet and Magic Bullet blenders are relatively affordable than other giant blenders. So if you are concerned about money, the NutriBullet blender is affordable compared to the Magic Bullet.


Both blenders have a cyclonic function that transmits the contents of the blender upwards and then back into the blades. The Magic Bullet runs at 250 watts, while the Nutribullet comes with a power range of 600 watts. This is a significant power jump. That is, the Magic Bullet is perfect for mixing simple, soft ingredients, while the Nutriplet grinds ice, nuts, and coffee beans.

The winner is NutriBullet.


The blades in a blender are usually the first to lose their quality. Although both brands claim to have sharp, durable blades, Magic Bullet is known for its components, such as rubber seals and blades. In addition, the company provides a risk-free purchase for 30 days.

Nutribullet provides excellent power and torque, but some people complain that their motors wear out in six months. This may be related to the application, which is kept in mind. NutriBullet offers a full one year warranty.

The winner is NutriBullet.


In terms of the design, both Nutribullet and Magic Bullet are echoes of each other. Both come bullet-shaped and use cyclonic action, and both offer cups that screw into the power base. However, the Nutribullet comes with more power known for having better cutting action. Both blenders provide lids, multiple cup sizes, recipes, but the NutriBullet also gives an additional blending blade and a heating function in its NutriBullet RX version.


Unlike other costly smoothie blenders, these two blenders offer extras even in their basic set. Both come with additional containers, lip rings, and lids. We should also note that both products have extra components. We will get other styles of blades for the Magic Bullet and shaker and steamer lids.

In terms of the wide range of accessories, the Magic Bullet blender is the winner. It offers more containers to store different types of smoothies. So if you are the person who wants to use different accessories with your kitchen appliances, this can tickle your luxury.

The winner is Magic Bullet.

How Do These Blenders Work?

Since these two blenders have some differences in features, we can expect that they will work somewhat differently, too. But how different are they from each other? First, let’s take a closer look.

When Preparing Smoothies

Generally, bullet blenders are specially designed for preparing smoothies. In terms of preparing smoothies, both blenders are delivered good results. However, one can handle many ingredients better when compared to another one.

The magic bullet has lower motor power, so it will not handle more complex ingredients. But the Nutribullet can blend frozen fruits and ice, and tough vegetables. However, if you stick with soft materials, you can expect better results from this product.

When Preparing Nut Butters

Generally, nut butter needs more power to prepare, so the Nutribullet is the best choice. This can perfectly handle harsh ingredients to expect better, smooth, and creamy nut butter.

On the other hand, several people have proven that the Magic Bullet can prepare nut butter. But it needs some care and patience. Due to the nuts hardness, it is suggested not to run the bullet blender too much. Instead of carefully grinding and breaking the nuts, it is best to keep beating. This will take some time, so patience is required. However, with the right tricks, it will give you good results.

When Stirring Hot Soups

It is not suggested to prepare hot soups in the Magic Bullet and NutriBullet. This may be due to the bullet style, as the steam expands into the container without going anywhere. You can undoubtedly puree these products at room temperature or cold, but it is not suggested to prepare hot soups out of them.

Magic Bullet can handle hot ingredients, but it is certainly not in the case. This blender also has a steam lid, so it’s hard to deny that they recommend you can do such a thing, but it’s better not to do it. This blender will overheat, particularly with hot liquid.

As for the Nutribullet, the manufacturer says not to put scorching items in it.

When Preparing Frozen Drinks and Desserts

As mentioned earlier, the Magic Bullet competition handles hard ingredients such as ice, so it is not suggested for preparing frozen drinks and desserts. However, if you want to use more ice in the beverages, the NutriBullet will be perfect.

When Pureeing

Both Magic bullet and Nutribullet can able to make purees with elegant textures. Ensure that the ingredients are not hot anymore before processing them in the blenders to keep safe.

Difference between Other Blenders 

Baby Bullet vs Magic Bullet

Which is best for you, baby Bullet vs magic bullet baby food maker? If you want the small blender to get the output quickly, the baby bullet is the best choice. On the other hand, the magic bullet is a small and efficient mixing device. Moreover, the magic bullet is a great personal blender to ensure the smoothie without losing nutrients.

The baby bullet is made by the nutribullet brand, which manufactures both baby bullet and magic bullet blenders and designs similarly. The significant difference between these two blenders is the accessories.

The magic bullet is a versatile mixing device. This little one is perfect for male smooth and healthy fruit juices and smoothies. At the same time, the baby bullet is extraordinary for preparing healthy meals and snacks for your baby. 

Magic Bullet vs Nutri Ninja

When we talk about the Magic Bullet Vs. Nutri Ninja blenders, we may get confused about which is better? The magic bullet and Nutri ninja both comes with more tech. However, the Nutri Ninja blender is one of the simplest and best blenders in the market. It is a compact and robust design. You can get the smooth smoothie by using Nutri Ninja blenders. On the other hand, the Magic bullet is a small and sleek mixing device. This is an ideal choice for those who looking for a simple and time saving option to blend vegetables, fruits. 

The choice is yours. You can choose the blender depending on your requirements. If you are concerned about money, go with the magic bullet blender. On the other hand, if you want a powerful device, then the Nutri Ninja is the best to choose. 

Food Processor vs Magic Bullet

Magic bullets are specially designed to handle liquids much better when compared to the food processor. It is effortless to pour the liquid from a blender and drink directly from the holder.

While food processors are perfectly suited for labor-intensive tasks. Food processor contains large mixing bowls so that you can add several ingredients at the same time. 

So which is better for you – a magic bullet vs food processor? If you want to make soups and smoothies like liquids, then a blender is the ideal choice. At the same time, a food processor is the best choice to make large quantities of food.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, the NutriBullet blender is more potent when compared to the Magic Bullet blender. Nutribullet can able to crush ice and blend hard ingredients with ease. 

The cups and additional items can be stored on the top rack of your dishwasher, but the brands suggest hand-wash for blades and wiping the base clean.

Overall the NutriBuller is the better choice. It is the higher quality blender available on the market. The Nutribullet is more powerful yet quieter, has several nutrition recipes, higher capacity, and nutrient extraction technology. The NutriBullet is a premium blender that will serve you well.

Final Words

Despite the differences in price, performance, and accessories, deciding the best bullet blender between the two should often be based on your requirement, not price or parts. While there are advantages and disadvantages to both, you should choose what is most appropriate for your needs.

Magic Bullet is ideal for serving smoothies to someone, and although it is affordable, it does not apply when you have a family because it will take more time for everyone to mix enough smoothies. On the other hand, magi bullet is portable and works well if we prepare smoothies at least twice a week. However, if we prefer a solid blender, consider purchasing a nutritive bullet.

Which is better, nutribullet or magic bullet?

If you are the starter and not interested in spending money on the blender, the Magic bullet is the option. Overall, the Nutribullet is better than magic bullet. We hope that our Nutribullet Vs magic bullet reviews will help you get some detailed information.

We choose our winner; now its your turn!

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