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Nutri Ninja Vs Magic Bullet Blender – Top Products & Comparison

nutri ninja vs magic bullet

Nutri Ninja Vs Magic Bullet Blender – Top Products & Comparison

You don’t need restaurant style recipes every day to be healthy and happy. All you need is a diet plan and the right appliances to execute it. Are you looking for an appliance to prepare quick smoothies, juices, and fine blends for cocktail wine, after or before a workout shakes? If yes, then the blender will be the most appropriate option. Of course, a bullet blender prepares smoothies, juices and is much easier to clean.

The blender market is engaged with innovative ideas every day. You can see Magic Bullet blender and Nutri Ninja brands are leading the market among the many brands because of their creative ideas and innovative features. Both are an excellent addition to your kitchen in terms of blending, grinding, crushing, and juicing. 

Best Nutri Ninja

Ninja BN701

Best Magic Bullet


Magic Bullet Vs. Nutri Ninja – which is better for me? There is no surprise that choosing between these blending monsters is confusing. In this blog, our expert will explore both brands and guide you how to choose the best one that fulfills your requirements. 

We’ve reviewed a few top products from each brand to explain which model has the best design, durability, advanced features, user-friendly options, and comes in your budget that help you determine the best blender for your foodstyle.

Our 48 hours of research ended with 10 Best Blenders from Nutri Ninja and Magic Bullet, which include the great smoothie blenders available in the Indian market. Although both brands produce fully capable kitchen blenders and we can’t go with both, we should select the right blender which you are expecting now. 

We hope that by comparing in-depth field reviews of these Nutri Ninja and Magic bullet blenders, you can confidently choose a blender for your kitchen.

Let us guide you.

Nutri Ninja Vs Magic Bullet: What are the Similarities and Differences?

To make a fair decision, let’s compare the common features of both Nutri Ninja and Magic Bullet Blender here.

1. Design 

When it comes to the design, the magic bullet blender has a small and sleek design, whereas the Nutri Ninja Professional Blender is sturdy and compact. 

The magic bullet blender provides two blades and three cups so that you can use them based on your preference. It is made entirely of plastic except the motor and blade. If you have a small countertop or you live in a small apartment, then Magic bullet blender will be the ideal choice for you because it doesn’t need large space for storage. Moreover, you can keep it on your kitchen shelf too. 

The Nutri ninja doesn’t have the extra blades, so you have to pay for one until you replace it. Like the Magic bullet blender, Nutri ninja is also full of plastic, but it is studier than the magic bullet. Aside, Nutri ninja is slightly heavier than a magic bullet blender but it perfectly fits any kitchen type. Finally, it is small but not as much as a magic bullet blender. However, as large as the size, the power also increases.

2. Power and Motor 

In this factor, Nutri Ninja wins the race without the need of participation. It outperforms its competitor with a beefy 900 watt motor. Badly, the Magic Bullet blender comes in at a substantial 200 watts only.

Most people rank the blenders based on their motor size. It is acceptable that you can quickly do it if it is mixing, blending, grinding or crushing with a very powerful motor.

Do you repeatedly beat the blender to feed a family during the trip? Get the big option.

If you want to use the blender to make a smoothie, then the wattage might not be a big deal for you, particularly if you are using it for liquids or soft fruits. Rather, if you are using a blender to grind hard ingredients like ice, you should consider the blender with more power. The choice relies on how you plan to use the blender. 

When you want to make ice drinks or green smoothies, you will get the desired results by choosing this Nutri Ninja Blender. When we talk about versatility, this Nutri Ninja can blend coffee beans, make baby food, crush frozen fruit and ice. In addition, it also does few functions of a food processor. 

With the magic bullet blender, you can prepare any smoothie recipe without any trouble. It works well with soft ingredients. It also can be used to pulverize frozen fruit and make butternut. 

3. Ease of Use

By pushing the cup down, the magic bullet blender turns on its motor and blends anything from vegetables, herbs, fruits, small grains, nuts, to seeds. First, you need to put the ingredients inside, turn the blade into a cup and place the bladed cup on the power base. Press the push button, and your blender will work.

To add some comfort to the design, the Magic Bullet blender has a flip-top to-go lid. It allows you to serve your drinks if needed. You can open the lid and drink at any time.

At the same time, you may find Nutri Ninja with a slightly bigger design when compared to the Magic Bullet blender. It comes with the same push-and-hybrid design, is simple to use, and has no buttons.

The process of pouring the ingredient is the same, so in that sense, you have a direct product. But the two cups that come with it are larger, which adds more potential overall.

It does not affect how easily you can place the cup in the blender and create the mixture you want. Of course, it has a twist on the spout lids that makes it ideal for carrying prepared drinks with you in the Blender Cup wherever you go. Open the holes and drink it.

4. Blades

The Nutri Ninja and Magic Bullet blender are both designed with a standard cross blade. The cross blade is known for its four-pronged blade design, which is most commonly found in blenders. This blade allows the blender to chop, grate and blend. It also can be used to prepare smoothies, juices, and shakes.

However, the Magic Bullet blender also comes with an extra flat blade accessory that delivers one leg more than the Nutri Ninja in terms of value. This flat blade is very efficient in grinding hard ingredients like seeds, coffee beans, and raw spices. It can liquefy whole fruits within seconds.

5. Control Panel Settings

The magic bullet and Nutri ninja both don’t have any preset program settings.

You can control the magic bullet blender by pressing it into the base of the jar. This involves the motor, which attaches to the blades and facilitates mixing. These blenders have no restrictions other than this, all speeds depend on the amount of pressure applied.

Nutri Ninja uses a pressure-based control system that equates to a pulse action. When the jar is placed at the base, the blades can be pressed upwards to beat. This pressure will allow the blades to rotate continuously.

6. Noise Level

If you want a quiet performance, you can go with the magic bullet blender. It doesn’t mean it won’t make any noise. You can expect this unit to emit relatively moderate noise no matter what materials are loaded into its jar.

As the Nutri ninja uses blunt blades, it makes some noise while operating. It causes ingredients to push against its jar and produce more noise.

7. Performance

The magic bullet blender can blend anything so that you can pour anything inside to grind, whip, mix or blend. It has a high-torque power base that turns when the cup with the blade is pushed down. 

Everything flies inside to provide an effective and consistent result.

This blender will ensure you get exactly the result you want within a minute, no matter what you have inside.

This is especially useful for fruit juices and smoothies.

In terms of power, Nutri Ninja not only exceeds expectations but also offers more than you need in such a tiny design.

It crushes the fruits and vegetables thus, you will get a smooth cutting experience. Push the cup down, and you will get the best performance for the size and cost.

8. Cleaning

The magic bullet blender cleaning process is simple. Just rinse with soapy water.  Just wipe inside to remove the residue. On the other hand, you can also put it on the dishwasher rack. It is the simplest and quickest method to clean your blender without worry. 

In Nutri Ninja, each piece is dishwasher safe. To clean the base, just wipe with the towel. You can also rinse with soapy water to clean the lids and cups. 

9. Value

When we talk about the value, the Magic Bullet blender is an affordable one. It provides everything you need to get started, including a recipe book. It has standard with a pop-top to-go lid, which makes it easy to leave the blending at any time.

When compared to the magic bullet blender, the Nutri Ninja costs a little extra but adds more value as a result. Each jar includes its go-to lid, which can be used to make two blender drinks at once.

10. Extras

If the Nutri ninja wins in the motor comparison, then the magic bullet does the same when it comes to extra. Outside the box, the Magic Bullet blender includes a power base,  2 sealed lids, 2 blender cups, 4 colored comfort lip rings, 2 blades (cross and flat), 2 vent lids, 4 mugs, and a recipe book.

We were a little inconsistent because of the handles on the mugs. On the one hand, it made your smoothie more comfortable to carry, however, it also made the car cup holders unusable.

The Nutri Ninja features a power base, 2 blender cups, 1 cross blade when combined with the sip and seal lids, double as a smoothie cup. Although the blender cups were very tall, they were at least friendly to the cup holder.

Hope you understand the overall differences between Nutri Ninja and Magic bullet blenders. After a detailed research, our team of reviewers made the list of the Best Nutri Ninja blenders and the Best magic bullet blenders.

Top 6 Best Nutri Ninja Blenders in India 2021

1. Ninja BN701 Professional Plus Blender

If you have a small kitchen, then you can’t keep so many kitchen accessories. But a compact blender like Ninja BN701 Professional Plus Blender won’t be a problem for you.


The Ninja BN701 is the most updated version of the famous Ninja Professional Blender. The brand has doubled its performance while keeping prices within reach. It features three Auto-IQ blending programs to prepare smoothies, crushes ice, etc.

Aside from those convenient presets, it also allows you to make nut butter, sauces, and dips. This ninja blender comes with a stacked blade design. It is powered by the 1400 watt motor so that you can use this blender to crush ice and prepare smoothies, and so on. 

The only drawback about this blender is the placement jug and lid. But it’s not a big deal. The notable feature of this blender is its complex twisting and locking mechanism that adds extra protection. It compliments making the brand more secure for users. One thing you need to remember is that when pouring smoothies, you must first pick up the crushing blades.

Now, let’s know about the control panel. When we were testing, we found this blender has auto-IQ presets, which can be used to prepare the most common recipes. It offers three effortless settings for crushing ice, preparing smoothies, and crushing frozen desserts.



2. Nutri Ninja BL642 Blender 1200W

If you are looking for a personal mixer but want to avoid low power motors, this one is a great choice. The Nutri Ninja Personal countertop blender offers many aspects that give a wonderful blending experience. Its 72oz pitcher features Total Crushing Technology, which can quickly crush ice and any other frozen things quickly.


Make very soft and creamy frozen drinks and take them with you using the portable lid which comes with Nutri Ninja Cups. The blade assembly helps to save more nutrients and vitamins compared to the other blenders.

The remarkable feature of this blender is Auto-iQ Technology that has intelligent blending programs, smartly timed. This Ninja Blender is a big upgrade with more power, automatic settings, and go-Cup compared to the other blenders. Its small, regular, and jumbo Nutri Ninja cups are not only multi-service but also portable. It is the Best Ninja Professional Blender that we’ve tested. 

You can also find vessel-specific smart programs in this Nutri ninja blender. They will find out how much vessel is attached and show the appropriate program to adjust the speed, power, and torque when mixing.

The only drawback that we’ve found when testing it is that it makes noise while running. 



3. Ninja BL610 Blender, 1000W

The Ninja BL610 is the most common Ninja professional blender with 1000W and one of the earlier models. For more than five years, it has been widely famous among people. Even Though Ninja Bl610 is a bit outdated, it is an excellent cheap entry-level countertop blender one can have.


If you want to have smoothies every day, then this Ninja BL610 Professional 72 Oz Countertop Blender is the best choice although the Ninja BL610 has no bells and whistles. Those buttons are low, medium, high, and pulse that delivers the highest wattage. This means that it can easily crush ice and frozen fruit for an excellent blended drink.

With this blender, you can prepare crushed ice for resort style frozen drinks such as daiquiris, margaritas, and more. The blender container offers a maximum capacity of 64 ounces or 8 cups, making it ideal for those who prefer to sip frozen drinks in advance. 

The air bubbles or a portion of the mango have enough horsepower to assemble without knives. Ninja Pro Blender 1000 is a very powerful cheap blender. Its crushing blades are great at breaking ice quickly, making it ideal for smoothies. Aside from making smoothies, you can also prepare baby food, salad dressing, nut milk, and sauces using this blender. 



4. Ninja Master Prep Professional food blender

If you are a budget concern and looking for a quality blender, then try out the ninja master Prep Professional food blender QB1004. Instead of providing a base with buttons that you can push to various settings, you have the container inside and the power source on top of it. The package includes a 48-ounce jug, a 16-ounce chopper bowl, and a 40-ounce processor bowl.


You sacrifice a little wattage for this feature because 450 watts is very low on the list, but it offers tremendous flexibility and can be stored easily. It only took a few seconds to chop fruits and veggies that satisfied us while testing. With a height of 7 inches and a width of 19 inches, you can store it in the space between your counter and cabinet. 

It is not only a blender, but you can also use it as a food processor. When we talk about the value, it seems more reasonable that everyone can afford this blender. ​It is suitable for a college student or a new chef who just started cooking.

When we were testing this ninja, we found that this blender is amazingly quiet while running. Compared to the other Nutri Ninja blenders, it is one of the quietest ones. No loud crashing noise when operating the blender. All we noticed was a gentle whizzing of the blades.

Since it has multi-layered curved blades, you can blend anything like coffee beans, nuts, ice, etc. Moreover, all plastic containers are BPA free, so you don’t have to worry about the toxins. Apart from the power pod, all parts are dishwasher safe, so you no need to worry about the cleaning process, just put the parts on the dishwasher and wait for it to complete.

We suggest this blender for those who have small kitchens and don’t have space on the counter. It is a handy mini appliance that can handle almost everything from blending frozen to making meals.



5. Nutri Ninja Lite 700 Watts Personal Blender with Two Tritan Jars

The next product of our list Nutri ninja is Nutri Ninja Lite BL457IND Personal Blender. To chop the veggies, fruits within a few seconds, you can use this blender. It is the best choice to eat in a deliciously nutritious way.


Do you need a good smoothie on a busy day? Nutri Ninja impresses you with its effective and powerful smoothie maker. It features BPA free Nutri Ninja cups made from Tritan. It will last for years, so that you don’t have to buy a new one instantly. Along with this, you will also get a 500ml single serving cup and a 300ml single serving Tritan cup. 

This blender is powered by the 700 watt motor with ice crushing technology and pulse function. By this, you can prepare delicious smoothies, Coconut Mango Energade, and  Cranberry-Oat Soother, etc. ​Not only this, but you can also use this blender to blend the coffee beans, nuts, etc.

As it features a nutritional and vitamin extraction function, you don’t have to worry about nutrition wastage. This feature ensures that you will get excellent nutritional value with a delicious smoothie.

This blender can break, crush, pulverize and grind all the ingredients effortlessly. Along with this user-friendly blender, you will also get a recipe book, thus helping you to prepare many delicious recipes as you like. 

The notable feature is a pulse function that helps to blend your smoothie into a very tasty and delicious one. Finally, its cups are dishwasher safe and durable as well as BPA-free. 



6. Nutri Ninja BL480 Blender

Do you want a compact blender? Nutri Ninja BL480 Blender is for you undoubtedly. It is one of the best ninja blenders for smoothies in India 2021.

The Ninja BL480 Nutri Ninja is a unique blender that has one 24-ounce cup and one 18-ounce cup and spout lids. It is powered by 1,000 watts of motor along with IQ technology to mix whatever you put in a smoothie jar.


If you want to take control, it provides 2 manual speeds and a timer to track your grinding time as you need. Every part of this blender is dishwasher safe and BPA free.

It features Auto-IQ technology and a digital countdown timer with intelligent presets to eliminate guesses with time controls for a pulse, mixing, and pause. This is the best part that we’ve tested in this Nutri ninja blender. 

It is somewhat noisy and causes irritation to people who are sensitive to loud noise. When holding the suction cups at the bottom of the base, the lid may come off, so keep an eye on the blender until the mixing process is complete.

To get the morning smoothies or a protein shake after/ before the gym, use this ninja bl480 blender. It can satisfy all your needs from blending to chopping. Keeping all the required features and minimal drawbacks, this is also one of the best nutri ninja blenders for the money.

The Nutri Ninja BL480 is very sensible compared to other blenders on the market. Its wonderful features make it unavoidable to the list. Once you habit it, we are sure that you like to think about it once again.



Top 4 Magic Bullet Blenders

Magic bullet blenders are one of the famous blenders that can be used to prepare smoothies, and juices. Apart from that, it became one of the essential kitchen appliances in recent times. This is the ideal choice for both beginner and cooking experts. Here is the list of the best magic bullet blenders that we chose for you.

1. Magic Bullet MBR-1101G Blender

If you want to make lunch or drink early, this magic bullet MBR-1101G Blender will be a great choice for you. It is an 11 piece set with two 18-ounce containers, one 12-ounce container, two storage lids, and a chipping lid. This magic bullet blender is compact and can be easily placed on your countertop. Within a second,  you can pulverize anything you want. This is very popular for its chopping and mixing power.


Take your favorite morning smoothie mix quickly and easily before work in less than 60 seconds using Magic bullet blender. Since it is a versatile blender, you can prepare smoothies, grind coffee or blend guacamole. The patches are easy to clean by rinsing or dishwashing instantly after use.

This  MBR-1101G Blender is compact so that you can carry it while traveling. You should be careful while filling the ingredients into this container. The blender is powered by a 250 watts motor and can fight if overloaded. It is recommended for those who want protein shakes every morning. 

This Magic Bullet Blender has everything you need to get your day started. It has a high torque base, a stainless steel cross blade, a tall cup, a party cup, a short cup, two comfort lip rings, two stay-fresh resealable lids, a flip-top-to-go-lid, a recipe book, and a user guide.



2. Magic Bullet MBR-1701 17-Piece Express Mixing Set

If you have a large family struggling with a small blender, then this is the time to replace it with the Magic Bullet MBR-1701 Express blender. It comes with a 17 piece set, including two stainless-steel base assemblies for chopping, grinding, whipping, and mixing.


Its flat blade is used for milling, whipping, and grinding, whereas the cross blade is used for grating, blending, and chopping. There are different types of cups and mugs to accompany this blender.

Its colorful lip rings help you to identify individual cups at your next smoothie party. Apart from this, you will also get two steamer/shaker lids for cooking food in the microwave or using a shaker top for cheese.

As it uses low wattage, it can’t do wonders on all your mixing needs however it fights with leafy greens and may take longer to mix a smoothie with ice and frozen fruit. This magic bullet blender is originally made of BPA-free plastic, so you don’t have to worry about the toxic smell. However, overuse can cause plastic cracking, which can be frustrating.

When we are talking about the sound, this blender was slightly louder compared to the average blender, producing noise up to 93 dB. However, this Magic Bullet blender noise is not as loud as the other units we reviewed.



3. Magic Bullet Baby Complete Care System

Magic Bullet Baby Complete Care System is a great helper for your baby’s initial feeding. This Magic Bullet blender offers you the opportunity to prepare the most delicious recipes without leaving the nutritions. It gives parents a way to provide the best nutrition for their children without trying hard. If you want a separate texture in your smoothie and margarita from a standard on, this is the perfect choice for you.


You can make lentil meatballs, baby carrots, steak sauce, and applesauce within a second. You can even do green shakes in a snap.

The package includes a power base, batch bowl, mixer and grinding two blade assemblies, six small storage containers with date-dial lids, and a silicone batch tray.  It is powered by a 200 watts motor which can handle small amounts of soft foods. This blender allows you to prepare food in as little time as possible.



4. Magic Bullet Mini Blender, 7 Piece Set

Meet the Counter Top Helper, who started it all now in a mini version. Yes, it is a Magic Bullet Mini Blender. Magic Bullet mini can chop, mix, and blend to make endless delicious dishes in seconds. The short cup with the lid will be convenient to carry while on the trip. As it is dishwasher safe, the cleaning process is easy.


If you want to make a smoothie every morning, this one is for you undoubtedly. Not only prepare smoothies, but this blender can also be used to make omelets or salsa. This mini magic bullet blender is the best for your office, home, and even travel. Push down quickly and easily and turn the mixture over.

It offers a very small 8oz extra jar. Like the main jar, it has a max capacity line, which is set at 6oz. It has a 4-blade assembly which is sharp but unfortunately cannot be placed inside the dishwasher. You should use soap and water to clean the blades. The power cord is slightly smaller compared to other blenders.

Even though it is the perfect choice for preparing smoothies and protein shakes, it is not suitable for crushing ice. This is one of the best bullet blenders in India.



What are People Saying about Nutri Ninja and Magic Bullet Blender?


Those who use Magic Bullet blender have a lot of good things to say about it. For example, many people have liked its overall versatility. Some people say the magic bullet blender is a great alternative for their food processor. Meanwhile, others enjoyed how quietly it works than the other small blenders.

The biggest compliments of the Nutri Ninja were directed towards its strength. To that end, many users have pointed out that their motor is as strong as a full-size blender. In the same way, a few users wondered how long this unit would last.


The life of the Magic Bullet blender is often called into question. To that end, some people found its jars to be slightly on the thin side. Some people say that the jars scratch after being exposed to the hot liquids, which is somewhat disappointing. In the same way, many people complain about the jars that are cloudy after grinding coffee beans.

Nutri Ninja is a noisy appliance, it seems. As a result, it has a large motor and relatively small shape factor. Moreover, many people complain about leaks in this unit. This appears to be the result of weak internal seals that deteriorate over time.

How to Buy the Best Blender for Your Home – Buyer’s Guide

Blender can do everything you need, from chopping to mixing. Choose the best one with the help of our buying guide.

1. Size

Blender can be available from 3 to 14 cups so that you can choose it based on your family size. If you have a small kitchen, then you can go with a small, single-serve blender. If you want to cook food in advance or cook for a big family, it is best to choose the large size blender.

2. Types of Blades

The next thing you should check when buying a blender is the blade. The quality of the blade is directly related to the performance. So ensure your blender comes with a diamond cut, stainless steel blades.

Stainless steel blades are not only hygienic but also extend the life of the blender. Diamond cut blades increase convenience because they mix easily and grind food items instantly.

3. Speed and Power

When buying a blender, it is vital to check the operating speed. A high-speed blender can perform some functions that conventional blenders cannot. If you want to make almond milk, grind spices, or cream, you can use a high-power blender. High-speed functionality makes it an excellent device for busy mornings.

Choose the blenders that come with 3 to 10-speed settings. If you are choosing the blender with less than three-speed settings, it won’t provide you enough control. Having the pulse function on the blender is vital.

Having 500 watts is more than enough to make milkshakes and blend smoothies.

4. Jar Material

Although the material of the jar doesn’t affect the mixing capacity, it is important to consider as all the ingredients in the jar are thrown away when using the device.

Instead of choosing plastic, it is better to choose a polycarbonate glass jar in terms of safety. The glass jars are BPA free that ensures you do not ingest any toxic chemicals. On the other hand, the polycarbonate material is stronger when compared to plastic jars so that it doesn’t break easily.

5. Price

Price is a significant factor in purchase. There are lots of models available on the market at an affordable price. If you are willing to spend more money, you can go with professional quality blenders. But should take your own time to evaluate your budget and your needs before purchasing. The price may vary based on the blender size, design, quality, and capacity.

6. Dishwasher Safe

One of the hectic work that everyone hates to do is dishes. With that in mind, choose the blender that is completely safe for the dishwasher. It is better to choose the blender that comes with detachable blades, so you can remove it and clean it well.

Final Words

So, we’ve come down to this war between Nutri ninja Vs Magic bullet blenders. Either Nutri ninja or Magic bullet, choosing a blender from these two popular brands is already a great decision.

The Magic Bullet blender is simple and perfect, whereas the Nutri Ninja is innovative and speedy. The additional features and high power of the Nutri Ninja make it a winner.

However, we recommend the magic bullet blender for those who want versatility. It can grind nuts and blend fruits. Moreover, everyone can afford this. If your budget is tight, a magic bullet blender may be enough.

At the same time, if you are in the stage of replacing, you can go with the premium quality high-end Nutri ninja blender. It gives perfect texture without taking extra effort.

After reading our detailed Nutri ninja and magic bullet blenders Reviews and comparison, we hope you have got the idea to choose the best blender for your happy kitchen.

Let us know who wins your hearts between Nutri ninja Vs Magic bullet blender in the comment section below!

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