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Neckband Vs Truly Wireless Earbuds : Which is Best for You?

Neckband Vs TWS

Neckband Vs Truly Wireless Earbuds : Which is Best for You?

We all enjoy listening to music at all times, whether we are happy or sad. Without music, a party or any other event would be incomplete. As people’s love for music increases, the electronics industry has responded by producing a wide range of devices for listening to music. Bluetooth neckbands, wired and wireless headphones, and earbuds are a few gadgets available for listening to music. 

But now the competition is between neckbands Vs truly wireless earbuds. But both devices have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, you may be unsure which option is ideal for you. So here we will clear all your doubts regarding Neckband Vs true wireless earbuds.

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Neckband Vs Truly Wireless Earbuds


The attractive neckband headphones have swept the marketing to the next level with their comfort, elegance, and refinement. You won’t have to worry about detangling the wires because of the unique modern design that sits comfortably around your neck. In addition, the neckbands’ unique position assures that they cannot wander when the user is moving.



Truly Wireless Earbuds (TWS)

Truly wireless headphones are Bluetooth earbuds or in-ear monitors that don’t have any cords or wires connecting them to an audio source. Since there are no cables, the microphone, controls, and batteries are all incorporated within the earphones’ casing.



Design and Form factor

Neckband earphones are frequently worn around the neck. To complete the round, some of these earbuds arrive with connected earbuds.

Similarly, the truly wireless earbuds have the appearance of a long earring and are stylish. If the earphones don’t fit properly, losing one of them is easy. If the wire on the neckband-style headset is weak, it may break over time, even with typical day-to-day use, rendering the earphone worthless. This is not an issue with truly wireless headphones. 

Winner: Neckband

Sound Quality

The sound quality is the second most significant consideration when selecting a Bluetooth earphone. Sound quality would be better with a larger driver. Because of their bigger driver size, neckbands outperform wireless earbuds in this category. The speaker size in wireless neckbands is around 13mm, ideal for deep listening with good bass. It comes with an inbuilt mic. Hands-free calling is a fantastic experience. A select few brands also offer Noise-canceling.

True Wireless Earbuds have a 6mm driver, which provides acceptable but not exceptional sound quality. The bass is of decent quality. However, you may need to talk a little louder while calling to be heard.

Winner: Neckband

Battery Capacity

Neckband headsets come with a single built-in battery of 150-200 mAh in capacity. Each charging cycle lasts roughly 10-12 hours. After that, you must connect the Neckband to the charging port.

Truly Wireless earphones, on the other hand, include cells in addition to the attractive charging pouch. This case can hold a battery with a capacity of up to 2500 mAh. The earbuds last roughly 4-6 hours on a full charge, and if you include the charging case, the total duration could be up to a week. The problem is that after you’ve exhausted the Neckband, you’ll require electricity right away; there’s no other option. However, with fully wireless earphones, this is no longer the case.


When compared to neckbands truly, wireless earbuds are more costly. Putting its high-end branding aside, making great true wireless headphones isn’t cheap. It’s a huge difficulty to produce high-quality music in a compact package with minimal power. To overcome them, manufacturers have to spend on R&D., But on the other hand, You can get neckbands on a lower budget. 

Winner: Neckband

Wireless Range

Wireless headphones with Bluetooth class 1 can travel up to 80 meters or 262 feet in ideal conditions, whereas Bluetooth class can travel up to 10 meters or 33 feet. The range of radiofrequency headphones is 100 meters or 328 feet. If you’re connecting to a Bluetooth 5 device, you’ll be able to reach a distance of 30-50 meters, and if you’re connecting to a Bluetooth 4 device, you’ll be able to reach a distance of 10-30 meters.


You can get both neckbands and Truly wireless earbuds with waterproof and dustproof technology. 

Controls Buttons

In Bluetooth neckbands, you can control the device with inline buttons. Action buttons with inline buttons have a less visible but familiar visual presence. But truly wireless earbuds are controlled by touch panels. 


Now we can compare the weight of the two devices. As the neckband is larger, it weighs around 30-50g. But on the other hand, Truly wireless earbuds weigh around 4-6 g each. So if you are concerned about weight, you can choose truly wireless earbuds.  

Winner: Truly Wireless Earbud


Neckbands come with the magnetic snap feature. So, if you are a person who constantly moves from one place to another, then a neckband is the better option. But in the case of truly wireless earbuds you need to carry the charging case, wherever you go. 

Winner: Neckband


For the sake of convenience, we’ve all switched to wireless technology. It’s simple to pick up calls when you wear the neckband around your neck; all you have to do is press one button to answer the call. However, if you want to utilize truly wireless earbuds, you must take them out of the package and insert them into your ear. As a result, it’s a complicated process.

Winner: Neckband


When it comes to style, Truly wireless earbuds are more fashionable than neckbands because they are wire-free. So if you want to be fashionable, truly wireless earbuds are the way to go.

Winner: Truly Wireless Earbud

Final Words

In the above, we have provided a full comparison of Neckband vs Truly Wireless Earbuds.

Neckband is the greatest option, according to our experts. Because there is less chance of misplacing a neckband, and the cost of a neckband is less than that of earbuds.

When compared to Truly wireless earbuds, sound quality in neckbands is better. In the end, we prefer Neckband to truly wireless earbuds in the Neckband vs truly wireless earbuds comparison.

Truly wireless earbuds, on the other hand, may be preferable if you travel regularly and value portability.

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