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How to use PowerPoint to record your Screen on Windows.

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How to use PowerPoint to record your Screen on Windows.

Screenshots are excellent, but a fast how-to movie can sometimes send a stronger message. Without any additional software, you may make short screen recordings of 10 – 15 minutes using Powerpoint.

It’s quite simple to record your screen with PowerPoint. The disadvantage is that you’ll require Microsoft’s desktop software and a Microsoft 365 membership to make this work. The online edition does not support this. All of the processes for Windows systems will also work on Windows 11, including the PowerPoint choices described below.

Step 1

With such a PowerPoint file open, choose Insert on the menu bar, then the Screen Recording button on the far right of the Media panel.

Step 2

The screen changes color, and a toolbar appears at the upper portion, as seen below. Click the Choose Area option and create a rectangle around the location you wish to record with your cursor. The target region is then absent of the whiteness visibility and highlighted with a broken red line. Instead, you can record the screen by pressing the Windows + Shift + F buttons simultaneously.

Step 3

Click the Windows + Shift + R buttons at the same time to start recording.

Step 4

You can halt the recording by clicking the Pause button, which overrides the Record icon. To end the capture, press the square Stop button.

Step 5

Save the clip, right-click on the clip in PowerPoint, and select Save Media As from the squeeze menu. To save your recording, follow the on-screen instructions.

Once you’re finished, save the clip as a separate document that you can access or insert as needed. After that, your modifying and controlling choices are limited, but PowerPoint is a terrific tool for fast recording, especially if you’re preparing for a presentation.

How to use the Capture Tool on a Mac to record your screen

Step 6

To drag up the screenshot toolbar, press Shift + Command + 5.

Step 7

The toolbar displays and has 2 pairs of icons: three for screenshots and two for screen recording. It also has buttons for Options and Capture.

Step 8

Click the Capture Whole Screen or Capture Specified Part buttons, then the Record button switches Snapshot if the tool was initially in snapshot mode.

Step 9

When you’re finished, hit the Record button on the menu bar at the top right of the screen, as seen below. Otherwise, hold down the Command + Control + Esc buttons. By standard, the video is saved to the desktop.

Final words

The most important thing that everyone should be aware of is recording because it is important for PowerPoint presentations and getting a clear message. The recordings will be done easily by using PowerPoint. Everyone needs to know how to record a video; it’s just a simple thing, but how many of you know this. This is a simple guide to record the video on PowerPoint. Not forget to drop a comment if this will be useful.


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