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How to use an electric pasta maker?

how to use electric pasta maker

How to use an electric pasta maker?

Is there anyone who doesn’t like eating pasta? The answer is undoubtedly No. Pasta is one of the most delicious foods ever. There are several different types of pasta machines available. However, if you want to produce pasta quickly, the best electric pasta maker is a better option than a manual pasta maker. 

You may think that using a pasta machine is a difficult task, but we are here to assist you in “how to use an electric pasta maker properly”. If you’re a first-time user of an electric pasta maker, the following step-by-step tutorial will lead you through the process of learning how to use a pasta maker properly. Read this advice carefully and enjoy your day with homemade hygienic yummy pasta.

Before we get into the meat of the matter, it’s crucial to understand how an electric pasta maker works so you can better understand how to use an electric pasta maker correctly.

How does a pasta maker work?

how does electric pasta maker works

The electric pasta machine is mighty. Everything is carried out automatically. Simply fill the compartments with the dry ingredients and liquids.

When you switch on the machine, it starts kneading, which takes a few minutes, and then it starts extruding the pasta. This delivers excellent pasta in under 30 minutes with only a few steps. 

Proper ways to use an electric pasta maker

Step 1: Fix the Kneading Attachments

We begin by gathering the ingredients for making pasta. To make excellent pasta, you only need three ingredients. They are,

  1.  Water
  2.  Eggs 
  3.  Flour 

With the electric pasta maker, you can quickly knead the ingredients in 5 minutes. An electric pasta machine is the best option if you own a restaurant and need to prepare huge batches of dough. To make the dough using an electric maker, join the kneading attachment in the pasta machine and insert the rollers into the machine. 

Step 2: Mix the Dough

Start by opening the lid of the kneading machine and adding the ingredients. When the lid is opened, the machine stops working, and you may add the flour and eggs one by one.

Close the lid to begin the process; if the flour becomes sticky, open the lid and add water, then close it again to knead the dough. The process is visible through the machine’s clear window.

Step 3: Form the Sheet Of Dough

Once the dough is ready, insert a unique hopper into the machine, which acts as an extra safety mechanism by preventing any unintentional or needless movements. The machine will not work unless the safety hopper has appropriately been built. Next, take a piece of dough with flour and pass the dough through the machine.

pasta sheet

Step 4: Adjust the thickness settings 

Using the thickness options on the pasta machine, adjust the thickness of the dough until you achieve the required thickness. Depending on the manufacturer of the electric pasta maker, the thickness of the settings may differ. So, you can adjust the thickness to suit your demands.

Step 5: Cut the Pasta Dough

Cut the dough after it has reached the desired thickness to make excellent pasta. Insert cutting accessories connected to the machine via the transmission arm to do this. The cutting accessories produce the pasta based on the thickness of the dough.

Step 6: Cook the pasta

Add a pinch of salt to the boiling water before adding your pasta. Pasta will take only two or three minutes to cook. Drain the pasta thoroughly and toss it with your favorite sauce. 

cook the pasta

Final Words

We hope you can get a clear understanding of how to use an electric maker properly.

And also, you can get some ideas about how the pasta machine works.

Using an electric pasta maker, you can get hygienic and fresh pasta at home, and it also plays a vital role in restaurants and canteens in making large batches of pasta. 

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