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How to Use a Portable Washing Machine Effectively

how to use a portable washing machine

How to Use a Portable Washing Machine Effectively

Are you consistently shifting your home? Or Are you a hosteller? Are you having a problem with washing the clothes? Then, the Portable Washing Machine is a great solution for you.

The portable washing machines are doing the job of full-sized washing machines. However, compared to Full-sized washing machines, they are small in size, occupy less space in your home, and are also less powerful.

The portable washing machine can be handy, and it’ll be less expensive and shorter than a full-sized washing machine. In addition, it’s not difficult to use a portable washer. You fill and rinse the washer using water from your sink, washing tiny loads of clothes at a time. Before loading the washer, read the instruction manual carefully because the instructions differ from machine to machine.

What is a Portable Washing Machine?

These small machines weigh around 20 pounds on average. In this washing machine, you can wash the clothes with a sink connection or buckets of water. The portable washing machines can be stored in a closet or corner when not in use. They are available in manual and electric types and can help you save money, space, and electricity over time.

how to use portable washing machine

How to use the Mini Portable Washing Machine

The portable washer can save you time and money through its efficient use. These days, portable washers are very useful. Make sure your hands are completely dry to avoid an electric shock to operate the machine. To wash your clothes efficiently, simply follow the steps below.

Gather Laundry:

To begin, fill your machine with a sufficient amount of laundry. Read the instruction booklet before you do that, which will tell you how much clothing your washer can hold. Portable Washing Machines can usually carry up to 10 pounds. Separate the clothes by fabric type and color, just like in a regular washing machine.portable washing machine laundry

Pre-soak the clothes that need special attention:

If any cloth requires special care or has stubborn stains, soak it for a few minutes to dissolve the filth. Use a stain remover to protect the fabric’s color and remove the stains quickly without causing any damage. These days, most portable washing machines offer a soak mode, which allows you to soak your clothing in the washer or any tub or bucket.washing machine soaking

Connect the Washer to the Tap:

The Portable washing machine has an intake line that goes to the tap and fills the machine bucket with water and an outlet hose that empties the water. Connect the hoses to the machine body according to the directions in the guide. Some issues may arise during the initial try. If the hose does not fit with the sink tap, an adaptor can be purchased to make it work. If there is minimal water loss from the nozzle, it is the best fit. After you’ve fixed the nozzle, continue to the drainage pipe.

portable washing machine connection

Place the drainage tube into the sink:

Place the drainage pipe in the sink’s hole and secure it so that it does not fall out and wet the floor.

Turn on the faucet for water:

The faucet must be turned on for the entire washing cycle. Depending on your needs, you can use hot or cold water. Use cold water for regular dresses and hot water for towels, undergarments, and food sheets.

Turn your machine on:

Connect the plug to an electrical outlet and turn it on. If the electric outlet is not closer, use an extension cable; however, this is not suggested because portable washers perform best when directly attached to the outlet.

After connecting the outlet, select your laundry type and size, and press the start button. Almost all washers have a timer that allows you to choose how long you want to wash your garments. If the clothes are dirtier, then choose the longer wash time.

Add Detergent:

Some portable washers do not have detergent containers. So simply spread the detergent into the running water to avoid clumping. If liquid detergent or high-efficiency detergents mix effectively, they work best with portable washers. A half-cup of detergent is enough for one laundry cycle. Finally, make sure you use a liquid fabric softener.

washing clothes in mini washing machine

Disconnect the hose at the end of the cycle:

When the cycle is finished, close the tap and wait a few moments to ensure that the pipe has drained completely. Then remove the hose from the faucet and leave it dry for a while.

Dry the Clothes:

The cloths are half-dried by the spin, but hang them to dry perfectly. You can place them on the terrace to dry off in the sun in the summer. In the winter, hang them to dry on a drying rack. The drying rack provides more area for the clothing to dry, taking up less space.

Tips for maintaining the Portable Washing Machine in Good Condition:

  1. After finishing using the washing machine, insert the hose inside the washing machine tub to prevent water from pouring out.
  2. Despite its modest size, it is quite hefty, yet it can be easily stored in a closet, a bathroom corner, or the kitchen.
  3. It is essential to clean the washing machine regularly to keep it in good working condition.
  4. So, once every six months, empty the washer and run it with some cleanser or bleach to remove any bacteria, grime, or even soup build-up.


Final Words:

It is very simple to use a portable washing machine, and most of the machines come with clear instructions on how to do so. The portable washers save a lot of time and can fit into even the tiniest apartments. It’s also cost-effective and simple to maintain. Hope our guide helps you to use the portable washing machine properly. With your preferred washer, you can relax and enjoy your cloth washing anywhere, anytime.

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