How to Use a Microwave Oven – A Step-by-Step Guide

how to use a microwave oven

How to Use a Microwave Oven – A Step-by-Step Guide

If you have the latest model of the microwave oven in your kitchen and don’t know how to use that, then we’re here to guide you with simple steps.

Cooking with a microwave is not like our regular cooking and you have to follow certain cooking instructions.

Microwave is one of the most useful cooking tools but you can’t cook all kinds of foods with this. It can be dangerous if you don’t use it in a proper way.

Thus, you must know well about how to operate the microwave oven for cooking. In this article, we’ll provide step by step guide that describes how to use the Microwave in detail. Before getting into the guide, let’s see about Microwave Oven.

What is Microwave Oven?

The microwave oven is an electric oven that cooks and heats the food using electromagnetic radiation. 

It stimulates the polar molecules present in the food to rotate and produces thermal energy with the process called dielectric heating. 

A microwave oven cooks the food quickly and perfectly as the heat distributes uniformly to the food particles. It is most commonly used for reheating the existing foods as it heats rapidly. 

There are three types of microwave ovens available on the market and you can choose which is ideal for your needs.

It is not easy to cook with this microwave oven so you have to know some rules when cooking.

How to Use the Microwave Oven – A Step by Step Guide

All the microwave oven comes with a user manual and no one reads that properly. For those, this guide will help you how to operate the microwave oven while cooking.

Step 1: Setting the Microwave Oven

The first thing that you have to know is where to place your microwave oven. The solid and wooden table or clean counter in the kitchen is a perfect place for a Microwave oven. Don’t place the microwave oven near the electric system, induction cooktop or gas.

Make sure that the glass tray or plastic roller rings are perfectly fitted inside the oven. Then, plug the microwave oven into the ground wall outlet which is rated as 20 A.

Step 2: Warming the Food in the Microwave

Reheat the foods that are leftover for 1 to 4 days but the 5 days old foods can’t be reheated or eaten as they contain bacteria.

Arrange the foods in the utensil such as a glass bowl or ceramic plate and cover the food with a plastic cover to protect that from splattering the microwave.

Don’t use the utensil that is made with plastic or steel. Once you have put the utensil on, close the door.

After that, set the time to reheat the food. It is not easy to know how long should heat the leftover food in the microwave oven.

Initially, set of one minute and if the food does not have enough heat, then set additional 30 seconds. Continue heating by setting time until you have enough warmth.

Step 3: Cooking the Food in Microwave Oven

You have to defrost the frozen foods in the microwave using the defrost button. Always use the glass or ceramic container while defrosting frozen foods.

If you want to cook vegetables in a microwave oven, put the fresh vegetable in the glass bowl and add water or butter to steam them well. Set the time 2-3 minutes for steaming the vegetables.

You can also cook fish in a microwave oven by adding pepper, lemon, and others. For cooking the fish, set the time for 1-2 minutes and watch them closely to make sure that are not overcooked.

It is possible to cook popcorns in the microwave oven. Some microwave ovens come with a button for cooking popcorn, otherwise, you can cook that with a bag. Cook them until you hear a pop sound.

After the food gets cooked, remove the plate or bowl safely.

Step 4: Maintaining the Microwave Oven

It is better to clean the Microwave oven once a week for removing the bit of food and bad odor.

Use the natural cleaners such as baking soda, lemon water, etc to remove the bad odors.

If you have any issue in heating the foods or it takes a long time for heating, then bring your microwave oven to the repair shop.


We hope our guide will help you to know how to use a microwave oven. Operating a microwave oven is not easy for everyone with its cooking rules. Before using a microwave oven, you have to set of rules such as do and don’t dos while cooking in a Microwave oven. Have quick and efficient cooking with the Microwave oven.

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