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How to Uninstall Cortona in Windows 10

Uninstall Cortona

How to Uninstall Cortona in Windows 10

Cortona is a voice assistant of Microsoft. Cortona is the updated version of Microsoft company. All the windows contain their default Cortona. It helps search the files or folders from our Pc or laptop. Cortona allows us to give input in the way of typing or speaking. It recognizes the input and produces the exact output.

Someone feels that it is irritating software. If you believe that the software is no longer necessary, uninstall it. The uninstalling procedure is straightforward. But some users did not have any idea about the Uninstalling Process. The push downloading of Cortona contains many viruses.

Microsoft makes bold claims about Windows 10’s high security and the System Software becoming the least dangerous of everyone, but with all of the vulnerabilities discovered in Windows 10.

Method 1 – Safely Uninstall Cortana From Your Windows 10.

Without recent massive changes to Cortana, it seems that Microsoft is ceding the turning point to famous voice recognition. So, users could remove Cortana by following the stage process instructions.

Step 1

Take a glance at PowerShell in the Windows Search Taskbar in the first consequence, which would seem on your display.

Step 2

Right-click on the consequence and choose Run as Administrator.

Step 3

Enter the upcoming command in the PowerShell panel. First, delete the selected words given below.

Press the Enter key after executing the instruction. The switch on the Taskbar will stay, but you can delete it by right-clicking on it and unchecking the Display Cortana tab option. This method is most likely the simplest way to disable Cortana on Windows 10.

Method 2 – Using the Group Policy Editor, uninstall Cortana.

You can also delete Cortana by using Group Policy Editor. To begin making changes, follow the directions outlined below.

Step 1

To open the Run dialogue box, use the shortcut buttons Windows button and R.

Step 2

To release Group Policy Editor on the desktop, fill gpedit.msc inside the Run display and press the OK tab.

Step 3

Follow the steps below on the window that opens on the screen:

Configuration of a Computer, then administrative Layouts, next to Windows Components, and then search.

Step 4

Already, out from the rightmost section, take a glance for the entrance that speaks Allow Cortana. Dual-click on it and select Disabled from the new menu when you find that.

Step 5

To save another change, click yes.

Close down the Group Policy Editor and restart the desktop to see the changes. It will remove Cortona from the desktop as quickly as it restarts.

Method 3 – Cortana can be removed using the Windows Registry.

Cortana is enhancing the level through into Search feature in Windows 10. As a result, you must generate a Backup Copy to make sure if something goes wrong with the computer.

Step 1

To open the Run dialogue box, use the shortcut buttons Windows button and R.

Step 2

Fill the Regedit instruction into the Run display and hit the enter key.

Step 3

Go into the following location:

HKEYmachine, Software, Privacy, Microsoft tab, and then Windows panel.

Step 4

Choose Button from the context menu when you right-click here on the Windows folder.

Step 5

Give the freshly formed folder the title Windows Search. Then, choose a New valve from the context menu.

Step 6

During this spot, the new document must be named AllowCortanaFix the value to 0 by double-clicking on it. To finish a task, click yes. One such instruction will eliminate Cortana from the computer.

To make these changes close the Registry Editor and reopen your Desktop pc.

Method 4 – Using This Simple Technique, You Can Eliminate Cortana.

Here is a mad technique for securely turning off Cortana on Windows 10.

Step 1

Deactivate Cortana by downloading the zip file.

Step 2

Easily unzip the ZIP extensive collection and retrieve all of the files. Find this information Deactivate Cortana. Cmd now.

Step 3

Right-tap on it and select Run as Administrator when you’ve found it.

Preserve your patience and wait for the whole process to finish. Then, when it’s finished, restart the pc to delete Cortana from Windows 10.

Final words

Now you got the idea about Cortona. It is not as excellent software as you think. So it is better to remove that from the Windows 10 Pc. It does not give you the exact result. The given four methods help for removing Cortona from your desktop. Do you find that the techniques are helpful? Please drop a comment below. This will serve as a driving motivation for our team. 


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