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How to swaddle a baby safely? | Step-by-Step Guide

how to swaddle a baby safely- step by step guide

How to swaddle a baby safely? | Step-by-Step Guide

When your baby first visited the hospital nursery, she most likely returned neatly packaged, with only her little head protruding. That’s because nurses know that swaddling is one of the keys to a calm baby. 

What is swaddling?

A swaddle is a traditional approach that means wrapping the baby in a breathable and soft blanket or clothes when the baby is sleeping. This technique helps the babies to sleep calm and relax, and they can always feel like a mom’s womb. This swaddling method covers only the baby’s body. They do not wrap the neck and face, so there is no chance to get suffocating.

The benefits of swaddling a baby

The right steps to swaddle the Baby

how to swaddle a baby

Step1:  Spread the on the clean floor or bed and fold one corner of the blanket.
Step2:  Your infant should be on the blanket with her head on the folded corner.
Step3:  Next, wrap the right corner over her and tuck it under her
Step4:  Take the blanket’s bottom corner up and place it over his feet.
Step5:  Just the head and neck should be revealed after wrapping the left corner around your child.
Step6:  Make sure his lower body can still move, and the blanket isn’t too snug or restricting around his hips and legs. Swaddling a newborn too firmly might cause dislocation or hip dysplasia.
So these are steps to swaddle the baby in the right way.

What type of swaddle is best for your baby?

The swaddling blanket should be made of any natural material, including muslin or organic cotton. However, the blanket needs to be breathable to prevent the infant from overheating and provide a comfortable feeling while they sleep in a swaddle.

When is the right time to swaddle your newborn?

The right time to swaddle your newborn is when your baby is napping, sleeping during the night, or needs some relaxation due to colic. Your baby can feel safe, secure, and warm by being swaddled. Additionally, swaddling can aid in improving sleep during naps and bedtime.

Is it better to swaddle your baby with his arms up or down?

Your Baby’s arms should be placed straight down by her sides while being swaddled properly; they shouldn’t be crossed over her chest or protruding upward. 

When should you stop swaddling your child?

Swaddling is a good technique to soothe a newborn, but it is not good for older babies. The reason is that if you swaddle the older babies, it will affect their motor skills. So we have to stop the swaddle at the right time. Your infant is still too young to sleep with a blanket, even when your baby outgrows swaddling. Use a sleep sack to keep her comfy while maintaining safe sleep practices. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends stopping to swaddle the baby as they begin to roll over. The baby starts rolling over when they are two months old. 

Is it acceptable not to swaddle your newborn?

The fact is that not all babies enjoy being swaddled. It is not necessary to swaddle your baby, and if you have any doubts, please get in touch with your pediatrician. Your healthcare practitioner or the nurses at the hospital where she was born might be able to show how to swaddle your baby if you need one to make an informed decision. 

Is swaddling safely?

Swaddling will go well if you use the proper technique; otherwise, it won’t. The baby could suffocate if the swaddling blanket is overly tight or comes undone while sleeping and covers their face. Consider the following things before swaddling the baby.
  1. The swaddle blanket must not be too snug, and the bottom of the blanket should be loose so that the baby can easily bend the legs in and out freely.
  2. The safest position while swaddling is to put the blanket’s bottom under your baby.
  3. To reduce the danger of sudden infant death syndrome, the baby’s room must be between 68 and 72 degrees while swaddling.

Final Words

Swaddling is a traditional and better technique to calm the baby. It has many advantages and helps a baby fall asleep more deeply. It has both advantages and disadvantages. When done properly, swaddling is an excellent strategy; otherwise, it may be risky. 

If you decide to swaddle the baby, follow our step-by-step guide, or you can get help from a nurse or your baby’s pediatrician. Let your cute little one sleep deeply by wrapping him in a blanket. 

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