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How to safely clean a Tv screen at home


How to safely clean a Tv screen at home

To maintain the TV screen from dust, dirt, and fingerprints, you’ll need to clean a TV screen regularly. So, you can enjoy every second of your favorite show and maintain your TV in good condition.


However, the incorrect cleaning procedure, such as simply spraying your TV with harsh chemicals, might result in damage to your Tv.

A clean microfiber cloth meant to softly clean and clear smudges from glasses, cell phones, and camera lenses is all you’ll need to wipe your TV screen. You can also use it to clean the laptop and iPad because it’s designed for sensitive surfaces and electronics.


Most of us have been spending a lot of time at home over the last couple of years, cleaning everything from ceiling fans to refrigerators. Like other electronic devices, Televisions are collecting dust and imperfections, such as fingerprints from children. Fortunately, cleaning your flat-Tv screen is a simple procedure that doesn’t necessitate the use of expensive chemicals.


Here’s how to clean a TV screen without destroying it or leaving bothersome minor stains, as well as some helpful hints on how to clean all of the accessories that come with it.


How to clean the flat Tv screen, Plasma, LCD, LED, and OLED


Traditional wet cleaning is unsuitable for more fragile LCD, plasma, or rear-projection panels. So, whether you have a soiled Samsung, Sony, or LG TV or a new 4K flat-screen that you would like to maintain looking as good as new without hurting it, there are a few home goods you could use to clean the TV screen.


What you will need to clean a LED Tv screen


  • Microfiber cloth or a soft dry cloth
  • Half-teaspoon of dish soap
  • A quarter cup of water
  • Spray bottle
  • Bowl


How to safely clean a Tv screen in 4 Easy steps


Step 1: Turn off the television.

It’s recommended to switch off the TV before cleaning it. This will allow you to see where dust and filth have collected while also allowing your TV to cool down. (It’s more challenging to clean warm or hot screens.)


Step 2: Wipe the screen with a dry cloth.

To remove dust, grime, or lint from your screen, gently wipe it with a smooth, lint-free cloth in a circular motion. Brush carefully since scrubbing too hard can cause the crystals within your TV screen to burn out or misalign. Avoid using paper towels to clean. It has the potential to scratch your Tv screen and leave a residue on it.


Step 3: For harder stains, use a moist cloth.

Some stains require a little more tender care. Next, try a wet, lint-free towel if the dry cloth doesn’t work to remove grease smudges. Spray the microfiber cleaning cloth with water, and then clean in a gentle circular motion.


Step 4: Experiment with dish soap.

Try making your homemade screen cleaning solution if your TV has been smeared with food. Combine a little soap with a quarter cup of water and apply it to a delicate cloth. Wipe the stain away gently with a wet microfiber towel, then re-wipe the surface with the soft dry towel.



How to clean the Tube Television

Cleaning the old model glass tube television displays is similar to cleaning your bathroom mirrors. Continue reading for tips on cleaning the tube TV without damaging it.


Tube Tv
                                                                                  Tube Television

What you will need:

  • Window Cleaning Spray
  • Micro Fibre Cloth


How to clean:

Wipe down with a wet microfiber cleaning cloth or your preferred window cleaning spray. Never spray straight on the screen. This could result in the Tv, and any adjacent cabinetry, being damaged.


Clean your TV Remote control:

While cleaning the remote will not affect your cinematic visual experience, you should keep it clean to ensure that it keeps working with your television. And, because it is likely among the most commonly touched objects in your home, cleaning it frequently reduces the transmission of germs. 

                                               cleaning the TV remote with wet wipe


What you will need:

  • Cleaning wipes


How to clean the TV Remote control:

First, remove the batteries and reinstall the battery compartment cover. Gently tap the remote controller on a surface to remove any loose grains or debris lodged in the crevices. Pay close attention to the buttons and the small spaces surrounding them. Take a disinfectant wipe that has been pre-moistened, wring it out carefully, and clean all sides of the controller. Replace the batteries after allowing the controller to air dry.



Clean your Speakers (If you have them)

If the speakers’ sound is muted, it’s probably time to clean those. To keep the speaker sounding crystal clear, follow the suggestions below.


What you will need:

vacuum cleaner

Lint Roller


How to clean the speakers:

If your speakers’ fabric covers are removable (see the manual), remove them and vacuum all sides with an upholstery brush to remove dust, lint, and pet hair that collects there. If the covers can’t be replaced, start vacuuming or using a lint roller from the front. Clean the speakers with a well-wrung, wet, lint-free soft microfiber and let dry.

cleaning tv


Tips for keeping your Tv clean


1.Clean your television once a week to prevent dust, film, and fingerprints. Keep a microfiber cloth handy to wipe away dust and grime as soon as you notice it.

 2. Never spray anything directly on a tv screen, especially if it is a glass tube television. Excessive spray can damage the set by getting onto the cabinet and then into the inner workings.


3. If you’re under warranty, always remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, as anything you do that goes against them could void your warranty.


4. Avoid products that contain ammonia, alcohol, or acetone, as they can harm the television screen.


Final Words:


When using your Tv regularly, you must clean those with a dry cloth. This will make your home dust-free. Follow the tips and maintain your Tv in good condition and live a healthy life forever. Whether you find the tips are helpful, don’t forget to leave a comment.


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