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How To Record Screen On Windows 10

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How To Record Screen On Windows 10

Do you know you can record windows 10 screens without the third-party app? We’re all in need of a desktop screen recorder. Students learning on the computer want to record their screens for future reference. Employees working from home are likely to record screens for sharing information.

Many people will know to take a screenshot on their desktop, but they are not aware of how to record the screen on Windows 10. Windows 10 users may not be aware of the built-in screen recording tool ‘Xbox Game Bar.’ This tool is mainly designed to record video game clips.

It is easy to use and suitable for the majority of screen capture software. Let’s look at how to record the screen on windows 10. It is suitable for windows 11 also.

How to record screen on Windows 10 in four easy steps

Although the screen recorder function works in ordinary apps, it still has significant drawbacks. The tool does not record all actions in Windows 10. It is not possible to record the desktop or File Explorer. So, before pressing the shortcut key to Stop the recording, make sure you first launch the program you wish to record. Otherwise, it will warn you that gaming functions for the Windows desktop or File Explorer aren’t available. Then you can immediately record the screen on Windows 10 by following the steps below.

Step 1: To open the built-in screen recorder feature in Windows 10, click Windows Key + G.

How to Record Your Screen Windows 10 - Step 2

Step 2: To begin recording your display in Windows 10, press the Start Recording button (or click Windows Key + Alt + R). You can alter default settings by clicking the Setting button, such as whether or not to record audio.

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Step 3: If you record this window to take a lecture, uncheck the microphone option. Or else skip this step. This helps a lot when you add a voice-over to the clip.

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Step 4: To end the recording, click Stop. Your recording will end when you press the blue stop button located on the “capture status” bar. The stop option is also available on the capture tab. Simply click Windows + G to restore the Xbox Game Bar if it is disappeared.

How to Record Screen on Windows 11 - All Things How


Final Words

After you’ve finished recording, finding the File is a breeze. Windows will automatically save each recording you make in a file called “Captures,” which you can find in the Videos area of your File Manager. After recording, the recorded files will automatically be saved in a file name “captures.” users can change the File’s name and transfer them to a new location or email them to someone using services like DropBox from here. Hope we have clearly explained the steps. Now you can start using the feature without any doubt.


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