How to Maintain an Induction Cooktop? Step-by-Step Guide

How to Maintain an Induction Cooktop

How to Maintain an Induction Cooktop? Step-by-Step Guide

Is an induction cooktop easy to maintain and clean? Yes, of course. Like the microwave, gas stove, mixer grinder, or any other kitchen appliance, induction cooktops also require regular maintenance and cleaning. It is not a difficult task. However, we’ve given some easy tips on how to maintain and clean the induction cooktop.

One of the safest kitchen appliances is an induction cooktop but don’t you take this for granted. It requires a lot of attention and focus. Before seeing the maintenance of an induction cooktop, you need to know the consequences of not maintaining one.

  • Cooktop’s performance will decrease.
  • The culinary experience becomes increasingly unpleasant.
  • Dirt and debris accumulation.
  • The stench blows in the kitchen.
  • The sensors will become weak.
  • The cooktop will beep unnecessarily.
  • The touch panel no longer works properly.
  • The cooktop will suddenly turn on and off.
  • Heat distribution may become uneven during cooking.

Are you ready to deal with these obstacles? Of course not. Here is our detailed guide on how to maintain an induction cooktop.

How induction Cooktop Works?

Before going to know how to maintain an induction cooktop, we must first understand how it works. Because it is important to know the functions of induction cooktop to maintain it properly. A ceramic plate along with an electromagnetic coil below it makes up an induction stove. When you switch on the stove, an electric current passes through all the coils, creating a magnetic field. When you place the pan on the stove, meanwhile, the magnetic field causes a large number of tiny electric currents in the metal of the pan.

As iron is a poor electrical conductor, most of the power is transformed to heat as all of these little currents pass through it. As a result, the heat on an induction cooktop comes from the pan rather than the burner.   You’ll also have fewer hot spots in your pan when food burns due to increased contact with the source of heat below. It was only heated from touch with the pan. So, an induction cooktop cools down quicker than a traditional stove once the pan is removed.

Best Ways to Clean and Maintain an Induction Cooktop

1. Bring Home Induction Mats

You can see induction mats of various sizes and shapes, so that you can choose the one that suits your needs. It will protect your device from scratches, potential burns, and scraps. It is made with silicone and works in the right way by spreading heat between the pan and the oven. It works by increasing the performance and longevity of the cooktop.

Induction mats are anti-slip, heat resistant, and leak-resistant. Lazy K Induction Cooktop Mat, StyleMbro Induction Cooktop Protection Mat, Sungrace Induction Cooktop Mat for Magnetic Stove Cook, and Keadeso Induction Cooktop Protection Mat- non slip silicone are some of the best and popular choices. If you want to keep your induction cooktop bright and spark, use one of these items. 

2. Metal Scouring Pads

These pads are one of the effective methods for induction cooktop cleaning. This will remove hard stains and make the appliance as fresh as ever. However, you should not use it on a glass surface as it is tricky and delicate. Also, using an abrasive cleaner for an induction cooktop is not a good idea. This may cause deep scratches, so you should avoid using steel wool. Always keep in mind that you need to clean an induction cooktop with something mild and gentle.

3. No Plastic and Aluminum Foil

Plastic and aluminum foil is the well-known one. But ensure that you don’t use anything that contains these ingredients. If you use anything like these, that will melt without any delay. Also, you should remember that there is no cooktop cleaner available to clean this plastic or aluminum foil.

4. Do not Wait Before Cleaning the Following

If any leakage happens, you have to wait for the cooktop to cool down completely. However, here is an exception. You should immediately clean the sugar syrup spills, melted marshmallows, tomato products, caramel sauce, and milk. To do this, you can use a razor blade scraper and a soft dry cloth. However, ensure that the blade is not operated anywhere near the display. This can affect visibility.

5. ‘Induction Safe’ Cooking Utensils Only

Induction cooktops have a curling magnetic base with copper. Do you know how important it is to use ‘induction safe’ cooking utensils? Because the magnetic base surface heats up instantly, it will not heat up if you use a non-induction cooktop. Not only this, it will hamper the efficiency of the cooktop for a long time. Therefore, you should do everything to keep such vessels away.

6. Magical Solution

How to remove white marks on the induction cooktop? The water and white vinegar solution can do this magic. Spray this solution on the induction and ideal it for up to 20 minutes. Then using a damp cloth, wipe it off.

How to clean the trigger with baking soda? It is a super effective method. Add a little amount of baking soda, white vinegar, and the required water to a bowl. Keep this solution ideal for 20 – 30 minutes. Take a damp cloth or paper towel and wipe it off. If there is any residue, use a dry cloth.

7. Set Aside the Glass Cleaners

Everyone believes that the glass cleaner is the best way to clean the induction cooktop. This is a misconception. The cooktop comes with a glass surface, so you keep it away from Windex and other cleaners. The reason behind this is that they are alkali and ammonia-based. 

If you leave out the rest of it, it will increase the functionality of your appliance and create significant health problems. Ammonia is dangerous and so keep it away.

8. Natural Cleanser

If you are searching for natural ways to clean the induction cooktops, then this section is for you. You will be amazed by the requirements. One is soapy water, and another is a towel. Most people don’t like to use baking soda, vinegar, and other cooktop cleaners for their induction cooktops. Do you know one thing? You may expect the same result with and without them. 

You can easily remove everything like burnt food, heavy stains, and grease. The only thing you have to do is follow this cleaning method after every use. This natural method doesn’t cause any problem in any way.

9. Control Damage and Scratches

Everyone wants their induction cooktop to last for a long time. For that, you need to confirm this. You will not intentionally damage the scratches, but you should definitely be extra careful when using this. Yes, you have access to cooktop cleaners, but avoid having scratches. It will help if you clean the vessel thoroughly before use. Ensure that the cooktop is in good condition and the surface is not damaged.  Some external factors like sharp nails, a diamond ring can also make scratches on your cooktop. Be careful while using it. 

10. Toothbrush, Toothpaste, and a Toothpick

This method of cleaning is somewhat unusual, but effective. It is a natural method, and you don’t have to spend money. Prepare a thick mixture by adding a few drops of water to the toothpaste. In this, you can also squeeze some lime. Rub hard by using the toothbrush until you remove all the stains and burnt food. When finished, you have to clean all the essential parts of it. Now know about the toothpick role. Keep in mind that you should keep this away from the glass surface. Use this paste only for cooktop edges. If you want to clean a little bit of dirt, then use an earbud.

11. Place it Correctly

Ensure that you’re placing the induction cooktop on a flat and stable surface. Also, it should have a non-metallic surface. The induction cooktop is not a sophisticated device, but it is good to handle carefully and vigilantly. Avoid having anything else nearby. Leave at least 5 inches of space around it. Finally, make sure that the surface is clean.

12. Professional Testing

You can do everything you can, to clean and maintain this appliance. However, a professional test is always a good idea. If there is any wrong code or error, please check it as soon as possible. Has the effectiveness of your induction decreased? Please do not ignore it. It will get worse day by day. It would be a great idea to call a technician.

13. Clean on a Regular Basis

It can be slightly tough, but regular cleaning is very essential for an induction cooktop. This process will make the cooktop look nicer and make cooking more enjoyable than a messy job.

You do not put the finished food on your glass induction cooktop surfaces, and you should quickly wipe the surface of the device every time as you finish your cooking.

If you follow this simple rule, you will not have to undergo extensive cleaning sessions when the dirt starts to accumulate. Since glass induction cooktops show no contaminated areas, you will soon want to clean the surface without missing anyway.

Now you are well aware of how to maintain an induction cooktop. But DONTs are very essential than DOs. Here is a quick summary of don’ts.

  • Don’t keep the cooktop on for a long time.
  • Don’t use abrasive material for cleaning.
  • Don’t keep the temperature too high.
  • Don’t leave the food on the cooktop.
  • Do not put heavy objects in the appliance.
  • Do not use curved utensils.
  • Do not place the cooktop on an uneven surface.
  • Do not preheat the vessel.
  • Do not fill your cooking utensils.
  • Do not slide it too far.
  • Do not use any cooking utensils that do not fit.
  • Don’t ignore any fault alarm.

Final Words 

You can invest in the induction cooktop because it is modern and more energy efficient. It has low heat dissipation and saves up to 70% energy, thus saving a few dollars from your next energy bill. Induction Cooktop can reduce cooking time by up to 50%. So, you want to see it and act on it. For this reason, you have to know the cleaning method of the cooktop.

Was my blog helpful? If you follow this checklist, then definitely your induction cooktop will last for a long day. Now, you know how to maintain an induction cooktop.

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