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How to Install a Subwoofer in Car-Easy Guide

How to install a subwoofer for car

How to Install a Subwoofer in Car-Easy Guide

Who doesn’t enjoy driving in the car while listening to their favorite music? Do you find music coming from your sound system unpleasant to hear? Then the best subwoofers for your car will always be the best device for your car. But some people will find it difficult to install the subwoofer in their car. However, installing a subwoofer isn’t difficult. While you could hire a professional vehicle audio installer or an auto-electrician to do that for you, you might save bucks by doing it yourself with a little effort and the help of this article. 

Required Tools

Some basic tools are required to successfully install the subwoofer in the car. You will need the following tools before installing the subwoofer:

Required tools for installing subwoofer

The installation process of a basic subwoofer

Basic subwoofer

Subwoofers are speakers designed to reproduce low frequencies. Because they create deep, powerful bass, they’re a feature in many audio systems. They also improve the efficiency of your other speakers by redirecting tones that full-range speakers struggle to reproduce. 

You can get subwoofers in different sizes and shapes. The most frequent variety is a component subwoofer that is not powered. Since this subwoofer doesn’t have a built-in amplifier, you’ll need to connect it to an additional amplifier to draw power. Although some subwoofers could be used in free-air setups without a separate box, the majority require a sturdy enclosure to function well.

A snap is the most basic aspect of component subwoofer assembly. Connect the wires to the terminal cup and use mounting screws to secure the component subwoofer to a suitable enclosure. It should just take a few minutes to complete. The wiring will next be run to a neighboring amplifier. You’ll be able to wire your sub in a variety of ways. For maximum output, wired in parallel or series for a greater, multiple-woofer system.

Installation Process of Readymade subwoofers.

readymade subwoofer

Readymade subwoofers are easy to install as it comes with a built-in box and a suitable speaker. It is the simplest approach to acquiring superior bass. There are as many as three subs in some readymade enclosures. You choose the style and size that appeals to you, then match it to the amplifier, available space, and other system components.

Readymade, non-amplified subwoofers are commonly found in the trunk of sedans. The bass it creates will be powerful enough to penetrate through the back of the car if you feed it enough force. Attach the amplifier’s speaker wires to the casing and attach it with straps or clamps. Ensure that you are not blocking the spare tire’s access. 

While installing a subwoofer with an integrated amplifier, you won’t need to run speaker wires. Instead of that, you will need to run a patch cord. In addition, you’ll want an amplifier wiring kit for power, ground, and turn-on lines. This normally necessitates the installation of cable beneath your seats.

Installation Process of Powered Subwoofers

Powered Subwoofer

Subwoofers that are powered, or amplified, are easier to utilize, which is beneficial if you are driving a rented or leased car. These subs can be removed if you sell or trade your vehicle due to their mobility. They also take up less room than an amplifier and subwoofer that are separate.

Be especially cautious when installing a subwoofer in a hatchback, station wagon, or sport utility car. If you suddenly stop, it can become airborne and harm somebody. 

Is an Amplifier Necessary for Subwoofers?


Yes, in a word. Putting a subwoofer in your vehicle is a mistake without thinking about an amplifier. When you install a new speaker in the car, you need to think about your power requirements, and the best method to ensure that you have enough power is to use an amplifier. Of course, you can install a subwoofer or other speaker without an amplifier, but the audio quality will almost surely suffer.

Luckily, most car audio dealers know this, and a car subwoofer and amplifier combo can typically be purchased. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to take advantage of such a deal because you’ll save money and obtain an appropriate amplifier for the new subwoofer.

Final Words

Installation is the most important part of the subwoofers. If you know how to install the subwoofer, it will save you time and money. Hope our guide helps you to install the subwoofer successfully. Enjoy the unbeatable music while travelling.


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