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How to Install a Geyser in Your Bathroom? Step by Step Guide Explained!

How to Install a Geyser in Your Bathroom

How to Install a Geyser in Your Bathroom? Step by Step Guide Explained!

Thanks to the extreme Indian weather, winter is hard to cross. Hot water only can give you eternal bliss in the cold weather. 

For that, first, you should get the best geyser. If you think it is difficult for you, then go through our blog Best Geyser (Water Heaters) in India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide. 

Geyser is one of the essential appliances and is widely used in every home. Proper installation of the geyser is critical to ensure effective operation and end-user safety. Installing the geyser may seem complicated, but trust us, it is not. 

Most companies offer free installation, but currently, there is a risk of a pandemic situation, so no one is ready to come for installation. So install it on your own to reduce the risk of the infection.

If you are confused about how to install a geyser in your bathroom, this article will make the whole process easier for you. However, you need to do it in the right way. Isn’t this a scary thought?

How to Install a Geyser in Your Bathroom? Please read more.

Wrong Installation Result 

If you install the geyser in the wrong format, it will cause some effects. That is,

How to Install a Geyser in Your Bathroom?

Here is a step-by-step guide to install the electric geyser. You can hire an expert or do it yourself.

Step 1: By using sandpaper clothes, prepare new plumbing lines. Rub the sandpaper until they shine.

Step 2: Place the new geyser tank into the drain pipe. 

Step 3: Fix the T&P discharge to the valve.

Step 4: The Geyser inlet-outlet connection is now in the spotlight. After that, join cold and hot water supply to the respective entrances. It would be a good idea to use flexible hoses for this connection.

Step 5: Use dielectric connectors to connect the flexible hoses to the engine nozzles (cold and hot). You need to sort the threads through the plumber’s tape.

Step 6: Tie up the flexible hose at one end of the connector body.

Step 7: Check if the flexible hose has any leakage or not.

Step 8: Install the exhaust pipe to the T&P valve.

Step 9: Move the compression nut smoothly into the tube. After that, press the tube into the connector and screw up the compression nut.

Step 10: Run the hot water tap and check if there is any leakage.

Step 11: Fill water into the heater tank and then fix all electrical wiring.

Step 12: Attach the green ground wires with screws and twist with the connectors to the wires.

Step 13: By using the main power, turn on the circuit breaker. 

Therefore, it is the easiest and fastest electric geyser installation method. Sounds uncomplicated, doesn’t it?

Factors to Consider Before Installing the Geyser

Now you have a geyser and it’s time to know how to install it in your bathroom, so you can enjoy a blissful hot bath after installation. There are some things you need to look out for when installing a Geyser. These mandatory things are mentioned below.

1 Space

The first thing to consider is space. You have to ensure the space between the device and the wall. Because in the future the geyser may need some space to fix or repair it.

When installing the geyser, you should remember one thing: try to keep the geyser in a place where there is nothing under it, so that anyone trying to fix it can easily get there without any hindrance.

2 Height 

The height should be large enough to provide you with fast and strong hot water, and it is easy to close the device when needed. As per some experts, it is better to place the geyser at a distance of 6 feet from the ground. So that your children can’t touch it but adults can easily touch or operate it. 

3 Safety 

Safety is an essential thing for our life and it should always be our priority. When it comes to the geyser, this is very much important to consider. Also ensure that you are not near wet areas when you touch or run the geyser. If you find strange problems with your geyser, it is better to back off and contact a specialist.

4 Location 

Now the safety equation is over, the next thing you need to find is the location. As mentioned above, there should be nothing under the geyser and also ensure that the geyser is not fixed near wet areas. So keep the geyser away from bathtubs, showers, or toilets.

5 Water and Pipe Lines

Ensure that the water pipes are free of blockages, so that it provides a steady and constant water flow to the geyser. Typically, wood blocks are used for an optimal and continuous water flow.

6 Connections and Switches 

With everything sorted, confirm the connection you’ve given to the geyser from the MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker). During power fluctuations, it will cut off the electricity, so there will be less chance for short circuits. Thus, it prevents you from major accidents.

How Does a Water Heater Work?

Now you might have known about the installation process. If you have more time to spend, then you can also read the working process of the water heater.

A Dip Tray

The drip tray is made of plastic or steel. Installing it is necessary because the water heater will sit on this element only. The 40 mm PVC waste pipe tray should be fitted.


The drain pipe is attached with the drip tray. It helps to flush out all the sediment that forms overtime at the bottom of the water heater.

Temperature and Pressure Valve

The temperature and pressure valve both are safety components. These elements help to maintain the pressure and temperature levels within the safety limits.

Shut off Valve

It completely stops the flow of water in it. This shut off valve is located outside. It is used to close the unit if anything needs to be repaired or replaced.

Overflow Pipe

Leakage is the main concern when we talk about water heaters. The overflow pipe indicates when the situation is out of control. The maximum water level should be one inch below the overflow pipe.

Anti-corrosion Anode Rod

This rod is made of aluminum or magnesium. This anode rod is suspended in a geyser tank to aid in regression corrosion.


It is a geyser’s temperature control device. It works as a coordinator between the heating element and the geyser. When the water is thoroughly heated, the thermostat operates. If the water in the tank feels that it is not so hot, then the thermostat will activate the element.

Drain Valve

You can find this valve at the bottom of the storage tank. It can hold water in the tank. It plays a significant role in making it easier to replace the elements or to move the tank.

Electrical Isolator Switch

This switch is mandatory for security matters. This ensures that the person working on the geyser is completely safe and secure. Once the switch is turned off, electricity to all parts will be cut off. So, in the event of any repairs or new installations, there will be no chance of anyone being electrocuted.

How to Use a Water Heater?

Have you bought a new water heater or geyser? Here are some great ways to use the device for optimal output. Let’s look at the do’s and don’ts.

Do not Keep the Geyser for Long

It is a common mistake. Most people will keep the geyser longer than necessary. When water reaches the desired temperature, turn it off. You are wasting energy by keeping it on for a long time. Installing the timer would be a great choice.

Do Repair Leaking Pipes Instantly

Well, this may seem obvious. Leaking pipes can become a major nuisance. Fix it immediately, or you will get tired of wasting water and money.

Do not Choose the Wrong Size

If you have a thought of installing a geyser, then first you need to choose the right size. Choosing an enlarged geyser will give you skyrocketing energy bills. So choose one that suits your family size and needs. 

Our blog about Best Geysers (Water Heaters) in India 2021 has different options with different capabilities. Don’t forget to check it out!

Do Consider the Energy Rating

As air conditioners, each geyser is also rated by the BEE. The best geysers have a five star rating to justify their performance. So, Choose smart.

Do not Hang the Old One for Long

If your air conditioner or washing machine gets old and gives you many problems, what will you do next? You’ll change it, right? The same goes for Geyser. 

The best way is to replace it with something that cannot be repaired. How long does a geyser last? Is this your next question? A decade! If you choose the best geyser from our blog, it will last good for about ten years.

Last Thought

Most homeowners say that it is necessary to install a geyser heating system in your home bathroom. It will provide comfort and convenience. However, if a bathroom heating geyser is not installed correctly, health risks can occur. So you should follow the proper installation tips if you plan to install a geyser. 

After reading this article, if you feel qualified for electric geyser installation, then go for it! Do not worry. 

If you are able to install the geyser properly, then you can easily bathe in  warm water. 

Before you take matters into your own hands, keep in mind that it is best to give a chance to some qualified technician.

Hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any great ideas about installing Geysers, we would love to hear them.

Enjoy this winter with the best Geyser (water heater)!

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