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How to Fold a Stroller?- Step by Step Guide

how to fold a stroller?

How to Fold a Stroller?- Step by Step Guide

Nowadays days, it’s usual to see parents using stroller with their babies. Because using the best stroller to take your kids outside is a great and convenient choice. Parents constantly strive to give their children the best comfort and care possible. Moreover, a child is protected from the sun and the weather when carried in a stroller. But do you find it difficult to fold a stroller? Don’t worry! We are here to show you how to quickly and easily fold a stroller. Most modern models can be folded easily, some even with one hand. However, older models may require two hands and a little extra work. Let’s get to the point

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How to fold a stroller?

Apply the brakes

 If your model has brakes, apply them before folding, and lock any rotating wheels into place. The brakes are mainly placed on the rear wheels. Some strollers have a push button on the side operated by the handlebar. The wheels should not move while the lever is in its lowest position. 

Collapse the canopy

Before beginning to fold the stroller, ensure all accessories are taken off, such as a cup holder, baby food tray, and sunshade. If the canopy has been opened, gently pull it back into the folded position. 

Adjust the seat’s position

To collapse the seat as far as it will go, push it back. On some models, you might first need to release latches on the side of the seat. 

Check the handle 

Check for a handle on the stroller’s left and right sides, perhaps close to the seat or wheels. Some versions fold when the handle is pulled in a specific direction, while others require you to push and hold down a button in the middle of the handle to fold.

Fold the Stroller 

The stroller’s back and seat may now be pushed together to fold it conveniently. To start folding the lower frame near the wheels, if required, pull your hand away to prevent pinning your fingers in the folding frame. Then, complete the push from the seat base and upper handles.¬†

How to fold a baby trend stroller easily?

how to fold baby trend stroller?

Find the locking latch on your Baby Trend stroller near the hinge. It should be immediately below the release button, and both buttons should have an arrow pointing up and a line through the center.


Push any button to unlock and release the stroller’s folding mechanism.


One hand should be placed on top of the other to squeeze both stroller handles tightly. It would be best if you also pushed upwards and outwards from inside each handle so that they are perpendicular to the stroller’s sides.¬†


To ensure that the handlebars stay in position when you let go of your hold on them, hold on tightly, push down firmly, and angle them slightly upwards. 

How to fold a BOB strollers?

how to fold BOB baby stroller?

Some parents may find it challenging to fold a BOB stroller. Although sturdy and prepared to climb mountains, they are rather simple to fold. The following steps will help fold the BOB stroller 

  • Using the buttons on either side of the handlebar, release and press the bar.
  • Set the brakes.
  • Push the buttons on the handlebar’s bottom.
  • Pull by holding the red handle.
  • Attach the protruding red straps.
  • Finally, the BOB folded successfully, so now you can store it.¬†

How to fold a Graco Strollers?

how to fold  graco folder

Graco strollers are one of the best strollers for newborns. It is a budget-friendly and lightweight stroller. The following steps will assist you in folding the Graco stroller easily. 

As said before, lock the brakes, rotate the front wheels, and recline the canopy. Lean back in the child’s seat. Remove the Graco car seat before using it as a baby stroller. Use the handle to fold. A push button might or might not be present. Push the stroller forward to fold it.¬†

Other Graco strollers, especially the more recent models, feature a convenient one-hand fold method. Pulling on the release handle in the seat allows you to fold the stroller with one hand easily.

Six Amazing tips for folding a stroller

  1. To prevent finger pinching, make sure your child is far enough away from the stroller before you start the process.
  2. There is a chance that the fungus will remain if you fold the wet stroller. So, it should first be dried off with a towel or allowed to air dry outside. 
  3. The stroller may have cloth or straps protruding that prevent it from collapsing. Clear away these barriers, then try again. 
  4. Your stroller might not fold due to bent metal latches or a steel kink. To straighten the metal latches, grab some pliers. You may also straighten the frame while the stroller is open. 
  5. A stroller’s latches can seize, particularly if it is kept outside in a garage or porch. Get them moving once more by using a lubricant.¬†
  6. Your stroller could occasionally fail to fold correctly, so don’t force it.¬†


It can be incredibly annoying to learn that your “foldable stroller” won’t fold when you’re in a hurry to leave the house or are packing up after a lengthy excursion. If you cannot fold the stroller, there might be a problem with the stroller, the folding lever, or something else.

If your stroller isn’t working properly when you’re ready to load up your baby’s belongings and move, think about attempting one of these troubleshooting methods.

Check for barriers

Eliminating any obstacles is one of the quickest fixes. For example, you may have some extra stuff in the bottom of your double stroller, or it’s possible that you neglected to take the child tray out of your toddler stroller. First, give your stroller a thorough inspection to see if anything has to be taken out.

Look for warps and bends

A deformed frame cannot be folded or can only be folded imperfectly. Fix the frame with pliers so you can start moving.

Put lubricant on

In particular, if left in a garage, strollers that haven’t been used in a few weeks or months may stiffen up and become impossible to fold. So again, the best solution is to apply a small amount of lubrication over the frame.

Refer to the user guide

Simply put, certain strollers require more maintenance than others. Therefore, it’s better to double-check with the instruction booklet rather than risk damaging your strollers by attempting to force them into folding operation. This is especially true for older models, which could not offer the same convenience as most baby strollers today.


Stroller folding isn’t enjoyable, but brands are getting more creative and making it simpler for us parents. The best approach is to read the instructions to properly confirm how to fold a stroller.¬†

I hope you found this guide useful and that I was able to relieve your concerns about folding. 

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