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How to Clean and Disinfect Baby Toys

how to clean and disinfect the baby toy

How to Clean and Disinfect Baby Toys

After the parents, the kids spend most of their time with their toys. They always have their toys around, even while they are napping. Kids drag the toys on the floor, chew and bite the toys, and sometimes they trample on their toys. Unclean toys that carry germs and enter a child’s body through the mouth are the primary reason many children are sick. Therefore, it is essential to disinfect baby toys.

Why Should You Clean Your Baby's Toys?

The toys are the best companion for your babies. The children are attracted by the toy’s funny sounds and movements, especially in bright colors. So they always carry the toys, and sometimes they chew and bite them; this is an important reason to clean/disinfect the baby’s cute toys.¬†

How to clean and disinfect the baby toys

Depending on the type of toy, the cleaning/disinfection procedure may change. Therefore, we’ll go over each one individually.¬†

01. Stuffed Toys/ Plush toys 

Plush or stuffed toys are quickly getting dirtier than other toys. They stimulate the baby to chew and bite them because of their softness.

How to clean

Generally, stuffed toys can be washed with soap and cold water. Another easy method of cleaning the stuffed toys is putting them into the washing machine. Apply baby shampoo directly to them, then let them air dry outside. Do not use adult shampoo when cleaning the baby’s toys.

how to clean stuffed toys

02. Bath toys 

Bath toys keep children entertained while they bathe. They are always wet, and we don’t think that if they are already wet, why should we clean them? Because of the soapy water, the toys are getting dirtier.

How to clean 

Bath toys are always moist in the bathtub, making it easy for bacteria to stick to them. Therefore, it must be cleaned every day following your baby’s bath. First, let the bath toys air dry after washing. Then, if you need to clean them quickly, let them soak in the cleaning solution for the entire night and hang them to dry.

how to clean bath toys

03. Rubber toys

Compared to hard plastic toys, rubber toys are easy to play with and grip babies. However, they can also quickly carry a lot of bacteria on their bodies.

How to clean 

Using soapy water, you can also easily the rubber toys. To maintain their texture, it is best to wash these by hand. You can also use a sponge to rub the toys. Allow them to soak in the soapy water for about an hour before washing so the soap can remove the debris. Then, they can be thoroughly cleaned with a toothbrush and some vinegar.

04. Plastic toys 

All children love plastic toys, which come in a variety of sizes. Unfortunately, batteries are also included in a lot of plastic toys. Therefore, it is important to take them apart and cover the battery part while cleaning them.

How to clean 

With warm water and soap, you can easily clean the plastic toys. If using a washing machine, wash them briefly in the mild setting and then allow them to air dry. Next, use an old toothbrush to thoroughly clean the inside sections of any toys with minor moving parts.

05. Wooden toys 

Nowadays, wooden toys are becoming popular in the kids’ play world. The child is more attracted to this item because of its taste, smell, and sound.

How to clean 

These toys require a little more care while washing than regular toys. These toys require a little more care while washing than regular toys. Use a lightly damp cloth with a solution of water and soap. It’s important to avoid soaking the wood because doing so could ruin the toy’s structure or cause it to take an abnormally long time to dry properly.

06. Ride-On Toys 

Ride-On-Toys are expensive and run on batteries. Unfortunately, as the baby is playing, this also gets dirty.

How to clean 

Use a cloth, water, and disinfectant solution to clean them. And after giving the toys a good cleaning, let them air dry.

07. Dolls 

All the babies love dolls very much. The dolls are extremely beloved by infants. They are very eager to do their makeup and comb their hair.

How to clean 

There is a unique way to clean each component of the doll. Using basic washing solutions will do for the body portion, which is mostly constructed of plastic. If the components are made of cloth, some water and shampoo might work if you give them time to dry.

how to clean dolls

Clean Vs. Disinfect

Cleaning includes removing dirt and debris from the toys and disinfecting means getting rid of bacteria from the baby’s toys inside and outside.¬†

How to disinfect the baby toys

Follow the below steps to disinfect the baby toys. 

Needed Supplies 
  1. Rose water 
  2. White Vinegar 
  3. Warm Water 

Step 1: All the ingredients should be combined. A 15:1 ratio should be used when combining water with vinegar. 

Step2: For around 30 minutes, soak the toys in this solution. The bath toys should soak all night. After that, wash these toys with water, wipe them down, and let them air dry. 

Step3:  Even toys can be quickly cleaned by spraying them with this solution and wiping them down with baby wipes. 

How do you clean toys with bleach solution?

The bleach solution will be an easy and good way to remove the gems from a child’s toys.¬†However, it is advised to try it on a small toy patch and in a diluted form.¬†

Step1: Soak the baby toys in soapy water, rinse them in the cold water, wipe them using a paper towel, and allow them to dry out. 

Step2: To make the bleach solution, add one spoon of bleach to the one gallon of water. 

Step3: Leave them for an hour to dry out naturally. 

Final Words 

Making things clean is difficult, and at times it seems impossible. But given how frequently your child handles favorite toys, making an effort to clean and disinfect them is a great way to keep your baby healthy and happy. 

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