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How Long Can My Baby Sleep In A Bassinet

How long can my baby sleep in a bassinet

How Long Can My Baby Sleep In A Bassinet

A bassinet is made to accommodate a baby for a long time. If you are recovering from a C-section, then it is tough for you to hold the baby for a long time. With the help of the best baby bassinet, you can move the baby within the room easily. your baby must no longer fit in their bassinet by 6 months, as per the American Academy of Paediatrics. After 6 months, you may transfer your baby from the bassinet to the crib.  Between three and six months, most infants move into a crib. Maybe it’s not necessary to move the baby to a crib right away if they are still sleeping soundly in the bassinet. But, the longer you wait. Therefore, more struggle your baby will experience. AAP gives some guidelines for newborn to sleep. AAP guidelines for sleep

When to move baby from bassinet to crib

We have given the top 3 reasons to move your baby from bassinet to crib.

The baby begins to roll

It would be best if you started thinking about transferring your child from her bassinet to her crib until he can roll over after his back to his belly. At approximately four months, the baby will usually start rolling from its stomach onto its back and vice versa. As the crib features wooden rails without any fabric, once they roll over, the bassinet won’t be spacious enough for them to sleep in or be safe. Please remember that crib bumpers are not advised while switching to one because they could impede an infant’s airway.

4-6 Months Old is the baby

Your infant may slither diagonally and appear squeezed when sleeping, forcing them into an uncomfortable position. It is advised that you remove your infant from the bassinet as immediately as they are four to six months old because of this. A newborn can also start sitting up super early as six months old. They cannot be safely contained once they lift themselves to a seated position in a bassinet because the sidebars are not high enough.

The size that Is Comfortable for the baby

There are many different sizes and styles of bassinets. Your infant must have enough support in the bassinet. To ensure safety, you should get a bassinet from a trustworthy supplier and search for JPMA or ASTM certification. Look for a sturdy bassinet to support your baby’s weight when purchasing. Read the manufacturer’s recommended weight limit, which is often 15 to 20 lbs.

Tips to transition baby from bassinet to crib

Tips to transition baby from bassinet to crib

Put your infant gently in the crib.

Allow your infant to nap in the crib. Allow them to play in their new crib after that. Let them gradually become accustomed to the crib by starting modest and gently.

In your room, place the crib.

For parents, this may make the transition a little less difficult. If you have grown accustomed to having your baby in your bedroom, try to fit the crib in your room before transferring the child to another space. Try putting a bed in the nursery if your bedroom is too tiny so you can be nearby when your child falls asleep.

Ensure your infant feels safe.

Use the same bedding you did for the bassinet in the crib. Your infant might get calm and fall asleep with the aid of a familiar scent. Your infant can unwind with the aid of a nice swaddle but avoid doing it if they change positions at night. It might be hazardous.

Ensure the safety of the crib

Use a fitted sheet and a firm mattress in the crib; do not add additional cushions, blankets, or bumper pads. They put your child at risk of suffocation.

Invest in a baby monitor

You may need to see and hear your baby at night once they are asleep in the crib for your peace of mind. Additionally, there are apps for keeping an eye on your child. They typically need two devices to function: a tablet and a phone.

Final Thoughts

Every day, babies sleep for 12 to 16 hours. That’s two naps in addition to a lengthier period of night time sleep. A bassinet helps you to move your baby from one place to another. Hope our guide answers all your doubts regarding the bassinet.

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