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How do I remove the password from a PDF document on Android?

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How do I remove the password from a PDF document on Android?

Pdf documents are part of our professional work. The easiest way to keep essential data held in our PDF documents safe is to secure them using passwords.

Many of us use passwords to protect our important pdf documents, but sometimes it isn’t very pleasant to enter the password every time you open them. You may wish to remove the password from that account at some point. So, here we have some easy steps to remove your password from pdf documents. But it is necessary to know the password before removing it from a pdf document

Step 1: Google Play has a free app called PDF Utilities that you may download and install.

Step 2: Verify that you have the PDF file you wish to remove the password.

Step 3: Tap Select next to Select PDF in the PDF utilities app.

Step 4: After finding your file, pick it and press the Start button. You’ll be prompted to type the PDF password in a pop-up window. Tap OK after you’ve entered it.


Step 5: Go back to the same location in which the original PDF file was saved to have access to the new Pdf document without a password.


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