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15 Surprising Health Benefits of Foot Massage

15 Surprising Health Benefits of Foot Massage

15 Surprising Health Benefits of Foot Massage

We all know how beneficial a foot spa can be, especially after a long, exhausting day. In addition, foot massage to help us relax and ease achy muscles offers other health benefits. After hectic work, most of us would feel tired and think of experiencing a good massage, starting from the foot improves blood circulation quickly and give instant freshness. It’s not a big deal to massage your foot, now there are a lot of foot massagers available, just grab it and relax your foot.

 What are the health benefits of foot massage?

 1. Improves blood circulation 

 The muscles in our feet are rarely exercised because most of us live sedentary lives. Tight or uncomfortable shoes also hamper circulation. Massage increases blood flow, and regular practice of 10-20 minutes before bedtime can dramatically enhance circulation in the feet and legs. This is very good for diabetic patients.

foot massage improves blood circulation

2. Lowers blood pressure

 High blood pressure has become more frequent in recent years, generally caused by stress, poor diet, heredity, or environmental factors. Applying pressure to the acupressure points on the sole can help relieve tension there. In addition, people in high-stress occupations benefited from weekly 10-minute foot massages, according to studies, which resulted in reduced blood pressure, less anxiety, and a better mood.

lowers blood pressure

3. Encourages better sleep

A few minutes of foot massage before bedtime can help you relax and improve your sleep quality, just like any other massage.

foot massage encourages better sleep

4. Reduces the effects of anxiety and depression

 In addition to soothing you during the massage, foot massage sessions can reduce depression. In addition, regular foot massage has been proven in certain studies to help lower anxiety by up to 50%.

Reduces the effects of anxiety and depression

5. Speeds recovery in foot injuries

Massage can help with recovery after an injury by keeping the ankle and foot healthy and flexible while also assisting with healing. Regular foot massage also can help sportsmen, and those who do elevated workouts avoid the types of foot and ankle injuries that are common.

Speeds recovery in foot injuries

6. Reduces edema during pregnancy

Edema, or swelling of the feet and ankles due to fluid retention, is common among pregnant women. Massaging the feet daily can help to prevent edema. Drinking lots of water and getting enough rest also can help prevent edema.

Reduces edema during pregnancy

7. Reduces stress

Studies have shown that receiving a massage, particularly a foot massage, can help to reduce stress and improve general mental health. Stress causes muscles to stiffen, and the symptoms commonly begin with stiff feet. A good foot massager can give you a good foot massage to release pressure and relax your muscles.

Reduces stress

8. Reduces Headaches

A foot massage is highly good for people who suffer from mild migraine or even headaches. However, be sure any other major medical issues don’t cause your headache. Overall, reflexology feet massages have proven effective in treating chronic headaches caused by a stressful lifestyle.

Reduces Headaches

9. Help with PMS Symptoms

PMS is a serious and widespread problem. Imagine one-half of the people suffering from continual bleeding, mood swings, and hormonal difficulties for nearly a week. That is a difficult time to go through. But, according to studies, a foot massage has been proved to aid with PMS and even menopause. It relieves the pressure and reduces the stress that comes with all of the changes within the body, specifically within the uterus.

Help with PMS Symptoms

10. Boosts energy levels

Foot massage, according to some research, can also help you feel better by reducing fatigue and elevating your mood. In addition, a frequent foot massage might help you fight tiredness and improve concentration by boosting circulation and nerve functions.

Boosts energy levels

11. Improves immunity

Regular foot massage can boost your immune system by boosting the activity of white blood cells, which aid in the battle against infections and other disorders. But unfortunately, massage also lowers the hormone cortisol level, which is linked to various health problems.

12. Increases Endorphines

The happy hormones are endorphins. It’s in charge of our happy feelings and keeping us in a good mood. As a result, foot massage boosts our mood and aids in the treatment of depression symptoms.

health benefits of foot massage-Increases Endorphines

13. Beneficial for flat feet people

Do you have flat feet? The term “flat feet” refers to a person who does not have a foot arch. While most people go about their daily lives, flat feet can cause persistent pain and exertion even when doing very little. A foot massage can help enhance flexibility and movement in such circumstances while also reducing pressure and pain.

Beneficial for flat feet people

14. Keeps your heart healthy

The pulse rate and blood pressure are both improved with foot massage. Getting a decent foot massage can help you keep a healthy heart. Massage aids in the circulation of blood. It strengthens the lymphatic and circulatory systems, transporting oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Heart disease is less likely when the body receives enough oxygen.

health benefits of foot massage-Keeps your heart healthy

15. Maintains the health of your feet

 Massage regularly allows you to check for any foot injuries before they worsen, such as:

  • Corns (thick hardened layers of skin caused by rubbing and pressure)
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Sores
  • Dry skin
  • Cracked heels

health benefits of foot massage -Maintains the health of your feet

Final Words:

Foot Massage reduces headaches, stress, and many other problems. Our feet sometimes require a little massaging and kneading, and a nice foot massager is well suited to overworked rest feet. We have combined the 10 best foot massagers for you. Read that too.

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