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Food Processor Uses – Tips & Tricks

Food Processor Uses - Tips & Tricks

Food Processor Uses – Tips & Tricks

Using a food processor brings many possibilities, from simple food preparation to entire meal preparation. The food processor is used to produce a wide variety of foods. Just chopping vegetables or blending dips is the start. Try some of these suggestions to get the most out of your food processor and your creativity.

Dishes to make with the Food Processor

You can prepare so many things with a food processor; it’s the ideal machine for experimenting with new textures and flavors. Food processors are available in several sizes and functions.

If you’re short on space or only need to chop a tiny amount of food, a small-sized food processor like the Kitchen Monster small food Processor will come in handy. For example, you may prep vegetables, emulsify salad, or prepare an egg mayo with its S-blade.

Dishes to make with the Food Processor

Like the Cuisinart Cup Food Processor, Full-size food processors come with additional accessories, including dough blades, slicing and shredding discs, and multi-sized food tubes for processing foods of all shapes and sizes. In addition, the Hamilton Food Chopper gives you even more flexibility in the kitchen by eliminating the need for a cord. Using the food processor is also simple only.

These features broaden the scope of what a food processor can accomplish. The versatility of this formidable appliance could surprise you. To locate the ideal food processor or chopper for you, look at the Best Food Processors.


What can you do with a Food Processor?

A food processor makes it possible to produce many store-bought foods at home and create new dishes using fresh, complete ingredients that are free of additives and preservatives. Freshly prepared foods have a greater flavor and retain more nutrients. You can make them in a matter of minutes using your food processor and then clean up with ease in the dishwasher.

Here are some quick and easy recipes you can make with your food processor. Experiment with these methods to see how the food processor can help any task go faster and easier.

What can you do with a Food Processor?


Veggies for Salads or Soups:

Most soups start with a celery, carrot, and onion mixture. Then, in a few seconds, chop the components together to create a palette for various soups and stews, or another approach to making this classic tomato bisque. For chopped chicken salad as well as other personalized dishes, quickly cut and mince salad ingredients and shred cabbage.

Food processor uses


With a few rapid strokes of the blade, you can chop your fresh nuts for brownies, cookies, chocolate truffles, and salad toppings. Pre-chopped and pre-packaged nuts have less moisture and flavor than freshly chopped nuts.

Garlic with onions:

Without the cries and in a fraction of a second, chop onions for mango slices salsa or chop onions and garlic for sauces, and more.



Because food processors utilize a sharp blade, they technically do not grind, but the end effect is a chopped fresh texture similar to grinding without a grinder.


When making fresh crumbs in the food processor, you’ll never have to buy breadcrumbs. Depending on how many pulses you use, you may produce a texture that ranges from coarse to ultra-fine. Try experimenting with different herbs and spices to create a unique blend. Bread crumbs are created from old, hard bread. To finish off this warm, creamy crab dip, make your breadcrumbs.

uses of food processor grind

Cauliflower Rice:

Make cauliflower rice in the food processor to cut down gluten and carbs. Cut the cauliflower head into florets and cut to your desired texture.

Healthy Energy Balls:

In minutes, food processors produce delectable flour-free energy snacks. First, drizzle honey in via the food tube till you have a pasty consistency, and then add dates and nuts of your choosing. Next, make mango energy bites by rolling the dough into balls and rolling it with coconut flakes if desired. One of these nutrient-dense balls will satisfy your hunger while also providing you with healthy fats and fiber.


For gluten-free baking, grind your homemade oats or almonds into fine flour.



Baby Food:

Make roasted veggie baby food for your baby or toddler – or anybody else who needs nutrients without chewing. Cubed veggies or fruits are cooked first, and then added to your working bowl for a rapid puree. To broaden your baby’s pallet, try various flavors and textures.

food processor puree

Nut butter:

Delicious nut butter is at your fingertips if you have a strong food processor that really can run for several minutes on high speed. Choose your nuts or seeds, drizzle with a little water or oil, and watch this creamy spread form in your working bowl. Serve with toast, waffles, or salad dressings.


Making homemade mayonnaise elevates this food processor to new heights. The food processor allows you to gradually add oil to the mixture, resulting in a fluffy, creamy sauce that you’ll want to enjoy with a spoon.

Smooth Salsa: 

In a work bowl, combine onions, tomatoes, cilantro, jalapeno, salt, and pepper, as well as anything else you can think of for a smooth, fresh salsa flavoured to your liking in less than one minute. Any dish gets a taste boost from this smooth salsa verde.




In a food processor, combine the pistachios, pine nuts, walnuts, olive oil, fresh basil, black pepper, and parmesan cheese to make pesto. In a few seconds, you’ll have a wonderful and fresh pesto sauce to dip, spread, or serve over pasta. Experiment with different components to develop a personalised sauce with unique flavors and textures, as in this sage pesto recipe.


This high-protein dip & spread is a party favourite and a delicious vegan option. Make your hummus with soaked chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, and seasonings in minutes.

Salad Dressings:

Make delicious avocado-lime-cilantro vinaigrette, Caesar dressing, and various other salad dressings. The food processor combines the ingredients that allow you to drip oil into the food tube slowly to achieve the perfect creamy emulsion.



Soft Cheeses:

To make lasagna or pizza, shred mozzarella cheese. Refrigerate the cheese until prepared to shred.


Your shredding disc quickly shreds a head of cabbage for coleslaw, home sauerkraut, and other dishes. For a taste of summer, try cool fish tacos and watermelon salad. To fine-tune your recipes, choose a rough or thin shred.


To prepare crispy and delicious potato latkes, home fries, or your unique pierogi filling, shred lovely strands of potatoes.

food processor shred or grate

Broccoli Stalks:

Broccoli stalks do not be thrown away! Instead, shreds them in a food processor for just a crunchy salad topping or a nutritious broccoli slaw.


Thinly slice the carrots using the food processor for the carrot-raisin salad or chai-spiced carrot cake batter.



Potatoes, Beets:

Slice root vegetables and fry or oven for excellent fresh chips, or make superb gratings with sliced yellow or white potatoes. Three slicing blades are included with the KitchenAid Cup Food Processor Plus: thick, medium, and thin.

Salami or Pepperoni:

Slicing meats right before serving will elevate the taste of your food. For example, slice only as much pepperoni as you’ll need for the pizza and enjoy the flavour.


With the slicing disc, you can do the work in a matter of minutes. Cucumber slices are also delicious in salads and sandwiches. You’ll definitely like their similar shape and thickness.

Brussel Sprouts: 

Holding, slicing, and shaving the spherical vegetables can be difficult. At this time, the food processor would have taken you to chase down a stray sprout, wrangle the sprout into the food processor food tubes, and the slicing blades will produce lovely shaved sprout to sauté or use in salads.

Sliced Veggies and Fruits:

Slice apples and potatoes quickly using this food processor. Also, you can adjust the thickness of the slices to obtain a variety of effects, from thick to thin.


You can make almost anything with your Food Processor

You’ll wonder how you ever survived without the food processor as there are so many things users can make with it. This multi-functional device is used for a lot more than basic food preparation. The choices are endless, from exquisite hoisin sauces to Greek cucumber dressing, gazpacho, and a luscious dairy-free “ice cream” made from bananas.

You can make almost anything with your Food Processor

Select the best food processor for your requirements

The best food processor provides many choices of sizes & features to pick from if you’re ready to enjoy the ease of a food processor. You can even match the colour of the food processor, such as your blender or stand mixer. From empire red to contouring silver and azure sky to more classic black and white, you’ll find a multipurpose appliance to display in your kitchen proudly. To choose the best food processor, read our guide.


Final Words:

A food processor allows you to try new recipes and develop new skills by preparing dishes that were previously unavailable. Try innovative, delicious foods using this food processor.


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