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Diaper Bag Checklist: What to pack in a Diaper bag

Diaper Bag Checklist: What to pack in a diaper bag

Diaper Bag Checklist: What to pack in a Diaper bag

The diaper bag is the first item you prepare while taking your kid outside. The reason is that it is the most basic item for keeping babies comfortable and clean throughout the entire trip. However, are you entering your new parenting journey and unsure what to take in your diaper bag? Give up worrying! Here is the detailed checklist for diaper bags. Let’s go over each one individually.

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Why should I need a diaper bag?

You can ask, I have a tote bag and backpack, then why do I need a special diaper bag? But if you’re looking for something more specialized for the purpose, there are lots of fantastic backpack or shoulder diaper bags on the market that are made for taking your baby’s needs and your diapering supplies.

Some diaper bags include a variety of unique characteristics, like cooler bags that can be used to store cooled baby food or breast milk. The majority of diaper bags have numerous pockets and sections. Additionally, some diaper bags have parent pockets or pouches where you can store your cell phone, cash, and keys, so you don’t even need to carry a separate handbag or purse. Whether your baby is hungry or squirming, you can easily access all the basic items with the help of these diaper bags. 

What to pack in a diaper bag?

We all know that the diaper and wipes must be in the diaper bag. Other than this, the items you take will depend on your baby’s needs. Consider the weather and the number of days you plan to spend somewhere when packing an item for a diaper bag. Although we have included a few necessities in this checklist, feel free to pack everything you need. 

Diaper bag Checklist

diaper bag list1
diaper bag list
diaper bag list
01. Diapers
One diaper will be required every two hours you are out, and pack extra diapers for safety.
02. Wipes
If you can’t find a nice travel pack, put your baby wipes moist in a sandwich bag of plastic. They are the most versatile item in a diaper bag, useful for wiping your hands, the changing pad, and your baby’s bum, particularly after using a public restroom.
03. Diaper rash cream
To minimize space, pick a travel-sized diaper rash cream. That keeps the baby’s skin from becoming dry, scaly, itchy, or experiencing other minor skin irritations, making the perfect trip.
04. Changing Pad 
If your diaper bag doesn’t already have one, add some disposable pads or a changing pad because you never know when you’ll need to change your child.
05. Hand Sanitizer
Before feeding or changing a baby, you have no idea if someone else has touched whatever you have touched, so add sanitizer to a diaper bag.
06. Nursing Pads
Pack a few of these into your bag to prevent breast milk leakage.
07. Nursing Cover
Nursing covers are incredibly adaptable. They come in helpful during breastfeeding because they provide more privacy. They can also be used as a light blanket or to cover the stroller to provide more sun protection.
08. Burp Clothes
Add one or two burp cloths to your diaper bag to wipe up baby spit-up and spills.
09. Feeding Supplies
Keep any feeding supplies in a bag, such as baby bottles, bottle nipples, or other items.
10. Pacifier
 Store them in a clean bag with extra bottle nipples if you use them.
11. Food and Snacks 
Pack as much baby food as you need if your child eats it. Pack kid-friendly foods like O-shaped cereal and water if you have an older infant or toddler. You might also wish to bring some food and water for yourself.
12. Clothes
Make sure to bring extra socks. This is especially crucial for day trips or overnight stays. Even on a little outing, your child may have a poop explosion that necessitates a quick change of clothes.
13. Water-resistant bag 
This will be useful for dirty burp cloths or damp or soiled clothing.
14. Hat
If you’re going on a trip in the summer or winter, don’t forget to take a baby hat to protect the child from the sun and cold.
15. Sunscreen 
Sometimes you need to go out with a baby stroller, so pack sunscreen for the baby to protect them from harmful rays.
16. Toys 
Pack their toys in a diaper bag to entertain your infant or toddler with their favorite toys.
17. Blankets 
It’s always a good idea to have an additional blanket ready for unexpected winds and chilly restaurants. They are also helpful for protecting the baby from the sun.
18. Wallet and Phone
If you’re not carrying a handbag, put your phone, purse, and other essentials in the diaper bag. Preferably, please place them in an accessible pouch so you can find them quickly.
19. Bib 
You’ll need a bib to prevent the mess, whether you’re bottle-feeding your infant or you’ve already started giving him solid food.
20. Bandages
Especially if you’re going to the playground, you never know when your toddler will get a scratch or a scrape. Always keep bandages on hand in case of a minor injury.

Tips for packing diaper bags

Imagine if you didn’t organize the diaper bag and just messily threw everything. You need to grab a breastfeeding cover because your infant is currently hungry in a public location. But by your actions, you cannot easily access the cover, making you and the baby uncomfortable. So, your diaper bag needs to be properly packed. You don’t want to dump everything in there because you’ll regret it later when you’re carrying your squirmy baby and trying to find things, when you need something quickly, like a burp cloth when your baby spits up or the pacifier that somehow traveled to the bottom of your diaper bag. 

The following advice will help you pack and arrange your diaper bag so that everything is accessible and within reach:

Organize the things by category

If you organize everything, it will be simple to find everything when you are carrying your baby and avoid headaches. If your diaper bag contains pockets or divisions, plan what you’ll place in each one and keep it there consistently. Use small bags, such as clear resealable plastic bags, to bundle different kinds of things together if your bag doesn’t have many divisions. For instance, put diaper changing supplies in one bag and pacifiers and bottle nipples in another to make access easier. 

Bottles Organization

If you are giving your powdered infant formula, separate the water and powder, so they are easy to reach when hungry. Keep bottles of the right quantities in a cooler if you’re feeding breast milk in a bottle.

Stop Leakage

Even though you pack everything carefully, sometimes a baby’s milk or water can leak, ruining everything in the bag and the supplies. Therefore, avoid it and use resealable bags so that any milk or other items that leak and cause a mess are only in the bag, not the diaper bag.


No matter how well-organized you are, every diaper bag becomes messy after continuous use. Do a regular cleanup in which you thoroughly clear and clean your diaper bag at the end of each trip. Additionally, by replacing any needed items, you can take advantage of this time to ensure your diaper bag is prepared for the upcoming season. 

We advise you to prepare your diaper bag in the order mentioned below:

1 -> diaper, wipes, diaper rash cream

2-> Clothes

3-> Feeding Items (bottles, formulas, burp cloths, etc.)

4-> Blanket

5-> Teethers, toys, and other entertainment items

6-> Parents Essentials (phone, wallet, etc.)

Benefits of using diaper bags

01. Hands-Free

The comfort of having both hands free when traveling is made possible with a diaper bag. With this choice, you may carry your infant with one hand while holding the diaper bag in the other without strain. The journey will be less stressful because you’ll have your hands free most of the time.

02. Comfortable 

A diaper bag is designed to make traveling more comfortable. This is because it has enough space to put the baby’s necessities and other personalized items required for the trip.

03. Spacious 

A diaper has numerous pockets and compartments that might help you organize your belongings when traveling. A diaper bag is often wide and has many compartments to keep things organized. There is enough space to carry the baby essentials for a lengthy journey. This includes the wipes container and the bottle-carrying pockets.

04. Versatile

A diaper bag is ideal for use at the airport, on the flight, and when traveling. Even straps for baggage and child strollers are included. 

Final Words 

A diaper bag is crucial when preparing for a trip with your infant. We hope this diaper bag checklist will be useful if you’re a new parent. Pack your essential baby items, and enjoy your journey. 

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