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Chromebooks Vs Windows Laptops – Which is Better?

Chromebooks Vs Windows Laptops

Chromebooks Vs Windows Laptops – Which is Better?

Which is better? Chromebooks Vs Windows. Nowadays, Chromebooks have been creating great strides in the portable laptop market. Chromebooks have become a popular computing device due to their reasonable cost, long lasting battery, ultra portability, and security.

Not only are they simple to handle, but they are also lightweight, reliable, and fast even on low cost laptops. ChromeOS is getting better and better over time, and it’s starting to compete with Microsoft’s own Windows OS. So, what would you choose when the two are very similar in quality? In this article, we will talk about Chromebooks vs Windows laptops in detail.

Therefore, the need for a Chromebooks vs Windows laptop comparison will help you decide between the two.

Why Should You Go with a Windows Laptop?

A laptop or notebook laptop powered by Microsoft Windows provides many benefits. Windows delivers the most flexibility to operate just about any application, and more, no matter what processor or browser you choose. You can configure your PC or laptop as you wish.

That feature requires more computing horsepower and is more expensive compared to most Chromebooks. Prices can go up to thousands of dollars, and if you want a potent PC for gaming or video editing, Chromebooks can not compete, and they do not give a try.

Overall, Windows laptops are the most famous, because of how much power and reliability they provide. Microsoft has acquired many variants of Windows, improving it with every redesign. In terms of the operating systems, Windows have a strong position.

Advantages of Windows Laptops

Disadvantages of Windows Laptops

Why Should You Go with a Chromebook?

A Chromebook generated by Google’s Chrome OS is simple and optimized. Importantly, it’s worthwhile to think of the Chromebook as a dedicated Chrome browser that runs on secure hardware. It can be hundreds of dollars reasonable when compared to the Windows PC, even with the same processor. Many USA classrooms have settled on Chromebooks for live and distance learning, and they have made them available to students on credit.

Chromebook is able to do more things such as Android applications, cloud gaming that makes entertain turning them into entertainment and productivity devices. Adds additional features to make Google Chromebooks as useful as Windows devices.

Overall, Chromebooks work just like other laptops. However, the Operating system they use completely differentiates them from any laptops that have other operating systems. They do not do much at the previous stage, but due to the latest updates from Google, they can easily compete with other popular operating systems.

Advantages of Chromebooks

Disadvantages of Chromebooks

Comparison of Chromebooks Vs Windows Laptop

Both laptops look similar, but when you see deeper into them, you can find the difference between them. The Chromebooks vs Windows Laptop comparison given below is from the average user’s point of view, wanting to purchase a computer or laptop for general web browsing, watching videos, playing games, and doing some work.


Generally, most of the famous Chromebooks from Acer, Samsung, ASUS, DELL, HP are light in weight and ultra portable.

Basically, Chromebooks are designed to integrate with Google Drive where all processing and storage takes place. So, it’s very simple to make Chromebooks compact and lightweight.

On the other hand, the cheap windows based laptops are come in lightweight and try to match the Chromebook portability. However, as you begin to search for a traditional Windows laptop with enough local storage for your files and more potent to play games and run professional software programs, the weight of the Windows laptop begins to increase.

And the winner is Chromebooks. This is perfectly suited for people who want lightweight cloud based laptops.

Web Browsing

Chromebooks provide native support to Google’s Chrome browser, which is a popularly used web browser.

However, you should be aware that with Chromebooks you are limited to Google’s Chrome browser. You can’t download and use other web browsers on your laptop or computer.

Windows lets you download and use Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and other browsers.

In terms of web browsing, Windows laptops offer more choices of browsers. So the winner is Windows.

Scanning and Printing 

You can’t connect the Chromebook with a printer and you have to get the information from Google’s cloud print technology to print something from a Chromebook. 

In contrast, you can connect the windows laptops to the printers and scanners. So that you can print the documents from your laptop to a connected printer without the cloud help. 

In terms of printing and scanning, Windows laptops are the winners undoubtedly. It prints the files directly to the connected laptop and through the internet.


In terms of storage, Chromebooks provide limited local storage space and affordable models of Chromebooks are available in 16, 32, 64 GB of SSD storage. The basic idea of the Chromebook is to store everything in the Cloud. So that Google provides 100GB of free cloud storage for up to 2 years. You can get it with any brand of Chromebook.

If 100GB is not enough for you, then you can purchase 1TB of space on Google Drive.

Traditional windows laptops are provided local storage for up to 250 to 500 GB, which allows people to download and keep files on the local hard drive.

Windows laptops are flexible and provide both local and cloud storage options. Apart from local storage, you can use 32 GB of cloud storage which Microsoft provides for free.  

Productivity Software

Generally, Microsoft Office is the trusted and popular one in terms of work. It contains familiar programs such as Excel. Word and PowerPoint that most people trust.

On the other hand, Chromebooks offers Google Docs and Google Sheets that can help to get your work done.

And the winner is Windows laptops. 

Video Editing 

By using the apps like WeVideo and Magisto, you can edit videos on Chromebooks. You can do the basic editing, cutting clips, sound settings, adding voice over or music, editing color, adding text and transitions. This is decent enough for most people. 

But you will not get the output like the Sony Vegas or Final Cut,  Adobe Premiere video editing software programs. 

If you are the average user, then you will not be worried about professional video editing. So you can go with the Chromebooks. 

We suggest a mid range of windows laptops for those who want serious photo and video editing requirements.

Business and Professional Use

Professional software programs such as Primavera, AutoCAD, Accounting software programs, and Timberline are specially designed to work on Windows laptops.

These and other famous professional software programs don’t work on Chromebook laptops.

Windows based laptops are the winner.

Photo Editing

Chromebooks allow doing decent photo editing by using some programs like Pixlr, Photoshop Express Editor (online version), and others.

However, Chromebook doesn’t allow you to use the most famous and professional photo editing software, Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe and Google both are partners in creating an online version of Photoshop which is available for Chromebooks.

Until that happens, use the Windows laptops for all professional photo editing requirements.

In this category, it is difficult to decide who is the winner. As usual laptop users will be happy with programs like an online version of Photoshop Express and Pixlr.


Both Chrome and Windows OS come with a user friendly interface. It is difficult to choose between the two.

Winner: In terms of the interface both are in a tie. 


The great benefit of Chromebook is that you don’t have to worry about purchasing antivirus software programs and productivity. Google will take care of protecting and securing Chromebooks and provide document editing, spreadsheet, and MS office software programs.

Once you purchase a Chromebook, you can browse the internet and start to work on your spreadsheet and documents without spending anything.

The winner is the Chromebooks

Online Security

Based on Google, there is no need to install antivirus or security software programs for Chromebook laptops. Because Google can protect the Chromebook from viruses and other online threats.

In addition, Chromebooks will check and apply security updates automatically and ensure that your laptop is always protected from recent viruses and online threats.

Microsoft also offers its Mircosoft Defender online protection software for free and it will update regularly.

Most people prefer to install third party antivirus software programs for additional security.

The winner is Chromebooks. 

Is there any Alternatives to Windows and Chromebooks Laptops?

Yes, of course. There are a lot of things that come in terms of the Chromebooks vs Windows Laptops. Many other potent operating systems are available to choose from. Most are not originally installed on a laptop, but with some tutorials and basic computer knowledge, you can easily install them.

Mac OS is one of the best pre-installed choices. It will operate via some of Apple’s most potent hardware so that you can expect a better performance. In terms of the price, it might be an issue. This Mac OS is only available on Apple products, and you can’t install it on other laptops. If you have more budget, then you can buy the Apple laptops, because most of the Apple laptops are expensive.

Here we’ve listed some common operating systems that you can try.

1. Ubuntu

It is a Linux based operating system that can able to do difficult tasks that is lighter than Windows. It is possible for regular use, so if you have some advanced knowledge about using computers, you can do anything with it. It is best for open source downloads.

2. CentOS

It is highly supportive of programmers. It can perform simple tasks, but it is designed to be suitable for programming and other types of coding related tasks.

3. Android-86x

Android-86x is definitely the OS that will put you in an Android based environment. Chromebooks can also run Android, but if you need your laptop to work as Android and want it to be just like that, this is one of the best operating systems you can go for.

4. Linux Mint

This is a beginner friendly Linux distribution that is considered a great starting point for any user coming from Windows, Chrome OS, or Mac OS. Its unique interface design is simple to navigate like the other operating systems. It is a fast one.

Final Words

If you want the budget laptop to do basic tasks such as editing documents, sending mail, watching videos, and surfing the web, then you can go with a Chromebook. On the other hand, if you are looking for a powerhouse laptop for resource intensive applications and gaming, then the WIndows laptop is a good choice.

Both Chromebook and Windows operating systems are excellent on their own so choose one based on your requirements and budget. If you want to do both work and play, you can go with budget HP laptops.

Hope this guide about the Chromebook Vs. Windows laptops will help you.

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