Boult Audio ProBass X1-WL Review

Boult Audio ProBass X1-WL

Boult Audio ProBass X1-WL Review

Nowadays, earphones are one of the necessary gadgets to carry around. In that, wireless earphones are the latest trends, style and comfort factor while avoiding the headache of earbuds stuck in your pockets. Therefore, the earphone is very essential to carry with you like your smartphone.

Apart from listening to music during travel, you can also attend calls. If you are going to buy earphones, you have to consider two main things: sound quality and comfort. 

When it comes to Bluetooth earphones, everyone thinks only about the boAt, JBL like brands, but today Boult rules the world. If you are looking for good quality Bluetooth wireless neckband earphones, then this one is the perfect choice without any doubt.


About the Brand

Boult has been ruling the electronic industry for a long time. They offer high-value devices to their customers at affordable prices. Boult Audio ProBass X1-WL has been in the market since August 2020.

The Boult headphones are famous for delivering dynamic audio with heavy bass. It is the favorite brand among musicophiles. Another benefit of owning these headphones is the comfort around your neck and in your ears.

Here, we’ve provided Boult Audio ProBass X1-WL earphone price, ratings, features, review, technical details.

Boult audio ProBass X1-WL Review


Boult doesn’t come to any compromises while providing high definition quality sounds to the users. For this reason, you will get the best quality music. The sound quality is very good and enjoyable. The sound is crystal clear and there is no sound irritation when the volume raises up, no sound distortion within the 10m range.

This neckband earphone vibrates to indicate the incoming call. You can also hear that call in HD quality. It is designed with micro woofers that ensure a deep passage to your favorite music. It is limited to 10 meters from the source. Neodymium technology with CSR8635 provides 3D acoustics with a smooth connection.

Off-Axis Magnetic Technology – Oval-shaped ear canal with an angled tip at 60 degree tunnels that fits directly into the ear canal.


You’ll not feel any irritation when the sound is high. Micro woofer drivers – Strong aerospace grade AL alloy attached to bass heads, crystal clear highs, and micro woofers provide crisp deep bass.

Design & Build Quality

This earphone is flexible and strong, while the cables are also built strong. If you are a morning jogger or a gym person, then it will be the best choice for you. It is very lightweight. The neckband is made of plastic, whereas the earbuds are made of metal. Both are connected by magnets. This magnet is enough to hold them tight. The general finishing and the texture make this earphone a premium vibe.

Let’s talk about the buttons and its function. It has one button in the middle, which is used to turn the power on and off and to make phone calls.  The two buttons on either side can control the volume on a single press and the long press to change tracks.

Battery Performance

You can use earphones for up to 10 hours a day at full charge. Depending on the charging quality, this can last from 1 to 2 days. At this price, it is one of the best choices to buy.


The boult audio ProBass neckband earphone is compatible with all operating systems such as, Android, Blackberry, iOs, and Windows. Moreover, it works well with all Bluetooth devices in Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, smart TVs, and Bluetooth enabled PCs.

Water Resistance

Yes, this boult audio ProBass neckband earphone is water resistant with an IPX5 rating. It is ideal during jogging or morning practices in the gym.


In our testing, we’ve found one major drawback in this earphone. The earphone will turn off automatically as soon as the alarm goes off. So it could be better if it alarms ten minutes before the switch is turned off.



Boult Audio ProBass x1-wl Vs Boat Rockerz 255

Boat Rockerz 255 and Boult Audio ProBass are awesome starters at the low price range. Here we can compare Boat Rockerz 255 vs Boult audio Probass Bluetooth neckband. These wireless Bluetooth earphones are the best sellers in India with thousands of 4 to 5 star ratings on Amazon. This analysis will help you to get the best one. 

BOAT Rockerz 255

You may know the Boat is one of the leading manufacturers in the wireless earphone industry. It is well known for its sturdy built quality. The boat rockerz 255 is built with the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology and the potent CSR8635 Chipset. Its stylish design enhances the comfort factor.


When it comes to the design, Boat offers justification for their price index. A solid metal structure cannot be expected in this price range. It does the trick and can last for hard applications. 

Battery Life

It gives up to 6 hours of playtime on 80% volume.

Water Resistance

Yes, it comes with an IPX5 rating. So you can wear this neckband headset while you are jogging or doing workouts in the gym.


The major drawback that we’ve found in this headset is its mic quality.  It is very poor. It could have been better. When you are trying to speak through the mic, you will get some distortions. Other than this, the boat neckband headphone is best for this price range. 

Final Words

Boult Audio ProBass neckband earphones give a better battery when compared to other models. The off-axis nozzles and the noise cancellation feature make the calling quality better. It provides awesome sound quality without buzzy alerts.

It is the best budget wireless headset in terms of its specs. It has many features like sweat-free, lightweight and comfortable, decent battery life. If you are a budget concern or need to buy cheap Bluetooth earphones, then this would be ideal with an IPX5 rating. Hope this Boult Audio ProBass X1-WL Review was helpful.

Then why should we avoid this Bold Audio ProBass? Grab it immediately.

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