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Best Water Purifier in India – Top 9 Best Picks

Best water purifier

Best Water Purifier in India – Top 9 Best Picks

Water is indispensable for each and every living beings, all we need is a good quality water. We are using it for various purposes including cooking, dish washing, bathing, and cleaning things. Municipalities add chlorine or fluorine to the water supplies to remove viruses and bacteria which may harm your body.

Making sure the quality of water before usage is definitely a good idea. So it’s better to opt for water purifier in homes or workplaces. RO water purifiers are mostly designed with a combination of UV, UF filters to get 100% pure water that is free from contaminants.

Everyone is busy here, there is no time for researching the best water purifiers, Our Product experts has made your job easier by narrowing down the top-selling options then picked the best. If you’re unsure about the best picks then without a delay just move into our lists of TOP 9 Best Water Purifiers.

Our Top Recommendations

Best Overall

HUL Pureit Copper


Best Good Quality

Havells RO+UV


Best Value

Livpure Glitz Silver


9 Best Water Purifier in India - Reviewed 2021

1. HUL Pureit Copper+ RO( Mineral ) + UV + MF

HUL’s new Pureit Copper + Mineral RO is the best water purifier and is one of the most advanced RO purifiers in the market. It is designed with the health benefits of copper, which gets infused in RO purified water. It comes with innovative technologies and features. Let us dive into the features.


This high-end RO water purifier has a 7 stage RO+UV+MF purification process which removes all the contaminants from water and ensures that water is of maximum purity. And so you don’t need to worry about pollutant factors such as lead, mercury, salt, arsenic, pesticides, viruses, and bacteria.

After that, purified water is cleaned with a charge of 99.8% pure copper to get 100% clean, healthy, and safe drinking water. This is a water purifying technique like the traditional practice, where water is stored in a copper vessel overnight.

The amount of copper that is infused within the purified water is regulated. It will ensure that copper is in a limited amount (not too much, and not too less). This copper infusion process gives anti-microbial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-carcinogenic properties to water. You can either drink copper-charged RO purified water or normal RO water with the help of an advanced Dual-Water dispenser.

Copper is maintained by the purifier, and so it automatically cleans up the copper to make sure that water is infused with fresh copper. Apart from that, the presence of a double purity lock guarantees that not even a single drop of unsafe water comes out. So you don’t need to think about drinking unsafe water accidentally.



2. Kent - 11076 RO + UV+ UF + TDS Water Purifier

The second model that comes under the list of best water purifiers in India is Kent – 11076 New Grand 8 Litres Wall-Mountable RO + UV+ UF + TDS water purifier.

Kent is a popular brand in the production of the best water purifier in India also it’s the best water purifier for survival. This brand provides quality water purifiers, which offer safe and clean drinking water to your family, and it is available in the Indian market for a long period. Nowadays, Kent is introducing various water purifiers with advanced technology and reasonable pricing.


KENT 11076 Grand uses multiple purification technologies such as RO, UV, UF, and TDS Control to remove unwanted dissolved impurities, chemicals, bacterias, and viruses. This process will ensure 100% pure and healthy water. Apart from that, the RO Technology aids in maintaining essential natural minerals in purified water with the help of the TDS Controller. 

With its RO + UV + UF technology, KENT 11076 Grand can purify any water supply, such as municipal water, saltwater, tap water, or groundwater. Therefore, without considering the quality of the water input, it gives you the safest drinking water.

RO purification is the only technology that is available globally. It removes the dissolved toxic substances present in drinking water and makes the water tasty. But RO technology has two major disadvantages.

Firstly, while removing harmful dissolved toxic substances from the water, it may also remove the necessary minerals. Secondly, this technology wastes a large quantity of water. It needs three liters of water to provide one liter of purified water, so here 2 liters of water gets wasted.

To overcome this issue, KENT 11076 Grand is equipped with the in-built TDS controller along with Kent’s RO TM technology. TDS controller retains essential natural minerals in the water, thus giving clean, safe, and tasty drinking water.

To solve the second problem, it uses Save Water Technology. This technology is a computer-controlled feature that minimizes water wastage by purifying and obtaining pure water from wastewater.

KENT 11076 New Grand is also designed with an eight-liter storage tank with a purification capacity of 20L / hour. So, it will ensure that you will get sufficient pure drinking water. This water purifier is built with a water level indicator to know about the level of purified water present in the storage tank. 



3. Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Delight

Eureka Forbes is a popular trusted brand in the Indian market for over 39 years. From the beginning, this brand was involved in providing advanced technology water purifiers to Indian customers. If you’re searching the best purifier for rv opt for this option guys.

Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Delight is designed with a 7-liter capacity, and RO+UV+MTDS technology is one of the best water purifier technologies available in the Indian market. It has various features whose functions are explained below.


The Purification stages of Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Delight include I filter, Chemi Block, Taste Adjuster(MTDS), RO Membrane, Mineral Cartridge, and UV Chamber.

This water purifier is built with RO + UV + MTDS technology. Here, in the first stage, the RO filter removes microbes such as bacteria, viruses, and harmful dissolved compounds, namely arsenic, fluoride, lead, etc., from the unpurified water.

In the next process, UV technology kills the bacteria or virus that crosses the RO filter. Therefore, you don’t want to worry about the contaminants in the water. Thus Eureka Forbes Aquasure water purifier will ensure you with 100% pure, safe water by extracting all the impurities present in it.

With the combined RO and UV technology, Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Delight water purifier is suitable for all types of water such as municipal supplies, saltwater, taps, and borewell.

Another important feature of this Eureka Forbes Aquasure is the MTDS technology. This technology is used to restore the essential natural minerals that are removed from the purifying water while RO purification. This technology will always ensure pure and tasty drinking water.

Smart LED Indicators are also the most advanced innovative features of this water purifier. It has different color indicators which alerts you in many situations like full tank, purification on, low water pressure, no water supply, error, etc.

Eureka Forbes Aquasure is designed with a smart energy-saving function that shuts down automatically when the storage tank is full. The smart plus feature will protect the purifier during voltage fluctuation.



4. Kent Ace Mineral RO+UV+UF Water Purifier

It is the second model in our list from Kent, which is the highest-selling water purifier brand in India. Kent provides lots of water purifier models with advanced features. Ace Mineral 7-Liter RO+UV+UF Water Purifier produced by Kent comes in the list of best water purifiers.


It is an advanced RO water purifier that is designed with Mineral RO Technology and a built-in TDS controller. This will maintain the essential natural minerals in the water and thus ensuring pure, tasty, and perfect drinking water. It is mainly designed for Indians to purify all kinds of water, such as brackish, tap water, or municipal water supply. For hard water this purifier can go well and produce great results.

This water purifier uses a double purification process of RO + UV / UF that removes dissolved impurities like chemicals (lead, arsenic, fluoride), salts, bacteria, and viruses. This process will make sure the purity of water.

Kent Ace Mineral RO+UV+UF Water Purifier has a purified water storage capacity of 7 liters. It is engineered with a high purification capacity of 15 Liters per hour. This will help in giving purified water at a faster rate.

KENT Ace Mineral is designed with computer-controlled operations, namely 

Filter change alarm for indicating filter replacement time.

UV fail alarm is added to alert you while UV lamp becomes inefficient, and ensures safety.

KENT Ace Mineral is built with an ABS food-grade plastic material that ensures the safety and quality of purified water. The design of the water purifier also prevents any leakages.



5. KENT Pearl Mineral RO + UV/UF + TDS Water Purifier

Kent is the most preferred water purifier brand in India. Pearl 8-Litres Mineral RO + UV/UF + TDS is the third model from Kent, which is added in the list of best water purifiers.

This Pearl 8 liter water purifier removes any kind of contaminants that are present in your drinking water, so you don’t need to worry about water purity. This water purifier is designed with advanced RO + UV + UF Multistage purification technology to remove all kinds of impurities. It removes arsenic, rust, pesticides, salt, and fluorides and kills bacteria and viruses to purify water.


Using RO + UV + UF multi-stage purification technology, KENT Pearl is able to purify any type of water input like municipal supply, tap water, salt water, or groundwater. So you don’t worry about the source of water; this water purifier will provide you pure and safe drinking water.

We have already seen that RO purification technology is the one & only technology that is currently available. It removes dissolved toxic substances from water. But, it has one major problem with RO technology. Apart from removing the harmful contaminants, this RO technology also eliminates the essential natural minerals present in the water. This results in loss of natural taste, and also, it is not preferred for health.

But in KENT Pearl Mineral RO + UV/UF + TDS Purifier, you don’t need to worry about these issues. Because this water purifier is built with Mineral RO technology, which retains essential minerals. So, this best water purifier will offer pure and tasty drinking water. Kent Pearl Water Purifier works best for well water thus you may get excellent results. 

Another vital feature of the Kent Pearl purifier is the smart alarm system which is a computer-controlled system. It will alert you when you have to replace the filter. It also alerts you in using a UV fail to alarm when the UV lamp gets inefficient.

This Kent Pearl purifier is designed with a Zero Water Wastage technology that recirculates wastewater to the overhead tank with its own pump, thus giving 100% pure water without wasting it. 

It is also built with a transparent and detachable water storage tank for easy cleaning and hygienic purpose. It has an 8 liters large water storage tank for purified water with a purification capacity of 20 Liters per hour, thus giving purified water at a faster rate to offer continuous supply in the absence of electricity.



6. HUL Pureit Ultima Mineral RO + UV + MF Purifier

Pureit Ultima Mineral RO + UV + MF purifier is one of the good water purifiers in the Indian market. Pureit Ultima is designed with a 7-stage RO + UV + MF purification process technology. This process has the ability to remove all contaminants like lead, mercury, arsenic, salt, pesticides, viruses, bacteria found in your drinking water. Therefore this water purifier will provide 100% pure and safe drinking water.


Using this, it will purify water from different sources. In countries like India, People rely on various drinking water sources. Some people use water from the municipality supplies, while others use saltwater, bore well, or tap water. Without any worries you can go for this brand if you’re a person who uses well water. 

One of the drawbacks of the RO filter is that it cannot figure out the necessary minerals from various contaminants. So, it also removes essential natural minerals during the process of removing harmful compounds from the water, which also results in the loss of natural water taste. Beneath that, it also harms our body health.

Pureit has designed this water purifier with the TDS modulator to overcome these issues. With the use of TDS, the purifier retains essential natural minerals such as calcium and magnesium and further increases the water taste. This advanced purifier has cleared 10 million germs in 1Liter of water when it passes through the process like UV and RO.

An innovative digital display panel is one of the new features found in this purifier. It displays essential information such as water quality, Germkill Kit life, etc. It also has a purity indicator that senses the water quality up to 5000 times per second and displays the purity of your drinking water. 

Pureit Ultima Mineral RO + UV + MF has an inbuilt advanced alert system that will alert at least 15 days before the Germkill Kit gets expired. It also comes with a water storage capacity of 10-litre, so you will have enough pure water. It has an electronically controlled soft-touch button that will aid you in dispensing water by pressing the button.



7. Havells 8 liters RO+UV Water Purifier

Havells Max 8L RO+UV+Mineralizer Water Purifier has secured 7th position in the list of best water purifiers. Havells is an Indian company which is involved in manufacturing good quality electrical appliances. This company has started the production of water purifiers just a few years before. But, Havells has become a good brand in the water purifier field.


Havells Max RO+UV+Mineralizer Water Purifier is engineered with a 7 stage purification of RO + UV and mineralizer technology. It will remove any contaminants such as harmful dissolved solids and microbes from water efficiently.

With the use of RO + UV technology, this water purifier is perfect for all types of water inputs like municipal supply, tap water, borewell, or groundwater. This product comes with a big storage capacity of 8 liters. This will be the best water purifier for faucet. 

Apart from removing unwanted dissolved toxic substances from water, RO also removes the good natural minerals from water. It will make the taste of water worsen and also make it harmful for body health.

Therefore, this purifier is equipped with a Mineralizer to solve this issue which restores the essential minerals in water. And it also adjusts the ph level of the water. Hells Max RO+UV+Mineralizer water purifier is built with the intelligent iProtect feature, which monitors the purification process and guarantees error-free water purification. Therefore, this water purifier gives pure, safe, and tasty water.



8. Blue Star Aristo RO+UF AR3BLAM01 Water Purifier

Bluestar is one of the oldest brands that has manufactured various home appliances. The brand has been involved in providing good quality water purifiers to Indian customers at an affordable price. Aristo RO + UF AR3BLAM01 7-liter water purifier is a good purifier from Bluestar. 


Aristo is designed with a double-layered RO + UF protection technology. Here, the Reverse osmosis (RO) filter separates dissolved impurities, salts, arsenic, lead, fluoride, pesticides, microbes, heavy metals, and radioactive matter from the water. If any microorganism accidentally crosses the RO filter, then in the next process, UV radiation will kill them.

With the combination of RO and ultrafiltration (UF) technology, your drinking water will not contain any harmful substances, which ensure pure and safe drinking water. Using this it can also purify all kinds of input water like municipal water, borewell, or tap water.

Blue Star Aristo has six Stages of Filtration, namely Pre-Filter, Pre-Carbon Filter, Sediment Filter, RO Membrane Filter, Post-Carbon Filter with ATB, and UV Lamp. It has a large 10-inch filter which provides an efficient purification process, and it also has a big storage tank of 7 liters.

It is built with an Aqua taste booster which is the most important feature of this purifier and that uses calcite media. This feature maintains the water’s pH and the natural taste, further ensuring pure, tasty, and healthy drinking water.

Smart Alarm Indicators is another main feature that alerts you in conditions like Purification-on, tank-full, and low water pressure. This provides you with the status of the purifier and aids you in taking action immediately.



9. Livpure Glitz Silver RO+UF Mineralizer Water Purifier

Livpure is a new Indian brand that provides water purifiers. Within a short period, this brand has become one of the good water purifier brands in India by giving outstanding water purifiers at an affordable price.

Glitz silver RO+UF Mineralizer RO Water Purifier is one of the best water purifiers in India developed by Livpure. This home appliance comes with an advanced 7-Stage purification using RO + UF technology. With this advanced technology, it can filter out all types of contaminants such as heavy metals, salts, viruses, bacteria, pesticides, arsenic, fluoride, turbidity, chlorine, hazardous organics, and inorganics substances from water. Thus it deals with all kinds of impurities found in water. 


Livpure Glitz Silver purifier will always provide you pure and safe drinking water. 7-Stage purification process makes this purifier suitable for any water sources from municipal supplies to tap water or borewell. Whatever the source may be, it offers you 100% pure, tasty and safe drinking water.

It has a Mineralizer (Mineral Cartridge), which restores the important natural minerals in the water that are removed during the reverse osmosis (RO) purification process. This will maintain the natural taste of water and ph level, making it good for drinking purposes. 

It is designed with a 7 Litres Storage Capacity and thus provides you a long-time supply of clean and hygiene water. The LED Indications present in the Livpure water purifier indicates power ON, purification process, and full tank status. Particulate Arrestor filter improves the performance of the purification system because it acts as Membrane and Solenoid Valve.



Factors to Remember Before Purchasing the Best Water Purifier

Purifiers are the best appliances that provide you safe drinking water. One need to consider the essential factors before buying the best water purifier, which is perfect for your home or other environments. After considering the type of water purifier, then you have to consider the following aspects to select the correct one.

Water Quality at the Installing Place

The most vital factor that should be considered when buying the purifier is the water quality in your area. Usually, there are mainly two kinds of water, namely Soft water and Hard water. 

  • The source of soft water comes from lake, pond, or river. 
  • Underground water, which has a high amount of TDS – total dissolved solids, is a source of hard water. 

So choose a correct purifier by considering the below guides.

In India, some people prefer to drill borewell, and as a result, they may get hard water. When the value of TDS in that hard water is above 500mg/little, then prefer choosing a Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifier.

When you get soft water, then the TDS value will be less than 500mg/little. Here, you don’t need to buy an RO water purifier. For this soft water, just a UV water purifier is enough to do the purification work efficiently.

In case of high infected and TDS value water, you should prefer selecting an RO+UV water purifier.

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity is the next important factor that you have to consider. In case if you are living in a place with a frequent power shutdown, then a big storage capacity is the best one. A large storage capacity will ensure the continuous flow or supply of purified water during a long period of current cuts.

If you are facing such power cut issues, then you have to think of the storage capacity depending on the size of your family. 

  • If you have lower than four members, then you can purchase a water purifier with a storage capacity of 5-8 Litres. 
  • If you have between 4 to 6 members in your family, then you can select a water purifier with a storage capacity of 8-10 Litres. 
  • If you have above six family members, then you can pick a purifier with a capacity of 10 Litres. 

Power Consumption

You have to choose the best water purifier based on the family member’s requirements. But you have to ensure that the water purifier does not consume excess electricity. An ordinary standard water purifier doesn’t require electricity to filter the unpurified water. But in the case of UV and RO purifiers, they perform a more complicated task and advanced purification process. Here, the electricity bills may rise. If your living area has frequent power cuts, then you may better choose a water purifier that is independent of electricity.

Purification Level

Whether you are a budget-conscious person and need to buy a reasonable price water purifier, then you need to consider the level of purification that the purifier provides. If you are living in a region or place with low water pollution, then you can buy a budget-friendly purifier. It will maintain the purity and minerals of water, which are beneficial to your body’s health.

If your living place has high levels of water pollution, then you should need a more potent water purifier such as an RO one. In the case of buying an RO purifier, you have to make sure that the water purifier doesn’t filter out the good minerals present in the water.

Therefore, we recommend you pick an RO water purifier with a built-in mineral cartridge. This type of water purifier adds essential minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium back to the water after the Reverse Osmosis filtration process.

Advanced Purification Technologies

In your area, sometimes the water source may have TDS levels above 900ppm. In that situation, you need a powerful water purifier. In the current market, there are RO+UV+UF purifiers that use the filtration process of those three technologies to provide highly purified water. Even though they are a bit expensive and consume more power, they give good health benefits.

Extra Safety Features

Safety features are not found in most of the standard water purifiers. But in the current market, some of the best water purifiers are coming with extra safety features that stop you from drinking water when something wrong happens to it (incomplete filtration process). To make sure the problem-free water purifier, some purifiers are equipped with features that block you from drinking water when the purifier’s filters aren’t doing their work correctly.

For example, some water purifiers will give a warning to you before the filter present in the purifier reaches its expiration date. Specific purifier models can cut off the water flow or supply if the filter gets clogged or blocked. This kind of water purifier will provide only supreme quality and healthy water.

Water Reusability

Usually, RO Water Purifiers will eliminate the excess water when filtering the impure water. The eliminated dirty water that gets released isn’t suitable for drinking purposes because it has lots of impure substances that are filtered out from the polluted water source. As the rejected water from the water purifier has unwanted waste, it is not safe or healthy to drink. But, you can reuse this unwanted water. Waste Water can be used to wash cars, bikes, etc.


All the best water purifiers have their unique design. You can purchase the purifier, which fits nicely into your kitchen based on your taste. Ensure the correct size of the water purifier to your kitchen. Here, you don’t have to worry about the water purifier’s weight because you will keep the purifier constant and don’t want to move it to other places.

Maintenance Expenses

The maintenance price gets changed from different models of the water purifiers. For most of the water purifiers, you need to service it every 3 to 4 months. You have to do general maintenance by changing the filters at a regular interval of time. The maintenance will cost you around Rs 1500 to 2000. Most of the good water purifiers can be maintained for under Rs 2000. But, the Lower-end RO purifier systems will cost much more, around Rs 2000 to Rs 4000.

Quality Assurance and Warranty

You can find out the quality of the purifier by reading the customer reviews and the purification technology used. Some of the supreme-quality water purifiers have extra assurance. Certain purifiers have certifications from particular organizations such as NSF and WQA that specialize in water safety.

It is important to keep your water purifier working at its peak. If it is not working properly, then it may be due to manufacturing defects. So, make sure that you’re buying a water purifier with a good warranty period, so you’ll get maintenance service without any extra payment.


There are various brands of water purifiers available in India. We advise you to select a branded water purifier with an excellent reputation for manufacturing good quality water purifiers. Better select a water purifier from a brand that is trusted for developing great performance water purifiers.

Sales Services

Sales service is also the essential factor which should be considered. When technical issues happen in water purifier appliances, poor after-sales service will create a lot of problems and irritate you.

In countries like India, better after-sales service depends on the location you live and the brand you select. For example, one brand has inadequate after-sales services in a particular place, and another brand gives excellent after-sales service for that same area. Therefore, better select a brand which provides good quality after-sales services in your places.

Final Words

We believe that this article will help you to select the right one from our best water purifier list in India. We’ve explained various water purification technologies such as RO, UF, and UV and provided a guide that should be remembered while choosing the water purifier. 

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