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Best Washing Machine Under 20000 in India [An Updated Review & Guide]

Best Washing Machine Under 20000

Best Washing Machine Under 20000 in India [An Updated Review & Guide]

In this modern lifestyle, household works have become hectic; it’s like an additional burden. Anyhow, we are blessed with the science technologies and electrical appliances that make our work very simple. Washing our clothes using a washing machine will help to save a lot of energy and time that we can spend on some other activities. A washing machine is one of the electrical appliances that save our time in the busy lifestyle.

There are many kinds of washing machines available in the market, i.e., the front load washing machine or top-load washing machine, so you may get confused in finding the perfect type of washing machine suitable for you.

The basic model washing machine is designed to scrub clothes with soap in the tub. The design and technology in recently developed washing machines have come a long way. Most people use 1 or 2 cycles to wash their clothes.

Best Overall

LG 6.2 kg

Best Quality

Samsung 6.5 kg

Best Premium

Samsung 7 kg

Now, washing machines are becoming a necessary household appliance because of their modern technologies. It gives more benefit in washing different kinds of cloth. But, there are some differences between a front-load and a top-load washing machine, so it is better to choose the washing machine based on your household.

Best Washing Machines Under 20000 in India - Reviewed 2021

1. LG 6.2 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

People who are looking for a decent model washing machine without spending too much money can choose this 6.2 kg Inverter fully-automatic washing machine from LG. Usually, LG introduces their washing machines in a wide range of sizes and shapes; this 6.2 kg washing machine is a perfect example of that. It is an ideal choice for bachelors and couples.

Due to the design and features of this washing machine, you can frequently clean your clothes. This machine has a top-load design, so you can get great wash quality, and also, you can add some clothes to the machine without stopping the washing process. The spinning speed of this washing machine is 780 rpm; this speed will help in the quick drying of the cloth.


The washing program of this machine is Normal, gentle, quick wash, pre wash+normal, Tub clean, strong, and favorite. You can wash your sarees and wool using the gentle mode, and jeans can wash in the strong mode. This washing machine is specially designed to wash all kinds of cloth, so you can wash clothes from cotton to jeans without any doubt.

The smart diagnosis module of this washing machine helps to identify the technical difficulties in the right way.  You can also connect this washing machine with the SmartThinQ app, and you will get notifications in case of any issues in the washing machine. 

Due to the presence of an inverter motor, it does not need frequent maintenance. Like other best washing machines under 20000, it also has a stainless steel-made drum section. This durable design ensures corrosion resistant performance.

The smart cleaning technology of this washing machine ensures hygienic washing; it cleans the inner and outer tub to avoid the unpleasant smell from the tub. The smart cleaning technology also helps to delay your washing up to 3 to 8 hours. 

The Punch+ 3 Pulsator is another modern technology infused in this washing machine. It creates vertical water steams to dissolve the detergent easily. It will give a neat and clean washing. The child-lock feature of this washing machine will help to keep the kids away from this machine.



2. Bosch 6.5 Kg Top Loading Washing Machine

Bosch is one of the best manufacturing companies for front-loading washing machines. Anyhow, the top-loading washing machines from this brand also have equal value. This 6.5 kg fully-automatic top-loading washing machine from Bosch is one of the best washing machines under 20000 in the market.

This washing machine gives excellent washing quality at an affordable price, and so you can use this easily, and the function is not much complicated. The 6.5 kg loading capacity of this washing machine is suitable for bachelors and even couples. 


The spinning speed of this washing machine is 680 rpm that helps in fast drying. Using the eight wash program of this washing machine, you can easily wash all kinds of cloth, even if it is cotton or jeans. Due to this washing machine’s power wave wash system, it is an excellent choice for starters. This system makes the dynamic and efficient drum movement that helps to make fast and even spin to clean the tough stains.

The magic filter of this washing machine will capture the lints and small threads that come from the clothes. It will prevent the risk of technical faults. This Bosch 6.5 kg washing machine also comes with a power-off memory function.
This feature will help to resume the last cycle of the machine after the power cut. The lid-closing model of this washing machine is very soft, and it does not make any sound while closing it. It also provides injury-free performance. Tougher elements are used to design the glass lid of this washing machine, so it will not be damaged even if you close it too strongly.

Due to the presence of a status indicator in this washing machine, you can quickly identify the status of your washing process. Bosch also provides a child-lock feature that prevents children from changing the control panel setting while washing. This is one of the best washing machines under 20000 for beginners because of the one-touch start feature.



3. LG 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

This is another LG product in the list of best washing machines under 20000. The loading capacity of this model is 6.5 kg, which is a decent choice for small families. The top-load design ensures great washing quality, and it is very easy to use so that anyone can handle this washing machine easily. The load capacity is 6.5 kg, which is suitable for bachelor and small families. 


This washing machine has 6 wash programs:-Normal, Gentle, Pre Wash+Normal, Strong, Quick Wash, and Tub Clean. These wash programs ensure that you can wash any clothes, from saree to jeans. The 780 rpm spinning speed of this washing machine helps wash your clothes quickly, and it ensures fast drying.

The smart inverter technology of this washing machine saves energy, and it controls the drum speed based on the requirement to avoid the unusual damage of the clothes. The smart inverter motor system ensures low power consumption, and this waterproof motor also has corrosion resistance.

The BMC motor protective module of this washing machine is proactively preventing the formation of dust and dirt. The TurboDrum module is more effective and gives powerful washing. It also increases the pressure of the water to eliminate the dirt and stain in the clothes.

Stainless steel is used to design this washing machine, which is not affected by any rusting problem; it ensures the machine’s long life. The tub clean setting in the wash program will cleanse the inner and outer tub to avoid an unpleasant smell.

The smart diagnosis system is another benefit of this product. It will help to find out the technical problem quickly.



4. Samsung 7 kg Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

Samsung is one of the best washing machines in India. Currently, they have introduced some new model top-loaded washing machines, and TL 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine is one of the best among them. From the name itself you could have understood the weight capacity of this washing machine, yes it’s 7 kg. So, bachelors and small families can choose this.


It is not like the previous product in this list of best washing machines under 20000; it comes with Diamond tub technology. It ensures dynamic performance, and you can comfortably soak your clothes for a perfect wash. It is beautifully designed with a transparent lid. The drum section is made of stainless steel that gives an effective spin to clean to tough stain in the clothes. This design ensures that it will clean the cloth without affecting the fabric.

The quick cleaning feature of this washing machine gives magical cleaning to the cloth in a short time, which is ideal for a busy life. The delicate wash mode can be selected for delicate clothes like cardigans, sweaters, and woolen clothes. Monsoon mode is specially designed for Indian users, it gives the clothes rinse and spin to reduce the drying time, which is more useful during monsoons. But, it requires more detergent for the perfect cleaning.

The auto-balance technology will instantly detect the unbalancing item in the clothes and redistribute weight to avoid entangling and clogging problems.

This Samsung 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine has a built-in smart sensor that will automatically change the setting based on perfect washing. Anti rat cover, OT Hose, Drain Hose, and Owner manual are also included with this washing machine.



5. Whirlpool 7 kg Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

If you’re looking for a washing machine that is a bit more spacious for a big family, then you can choose this Whirlpool 7 kg 5 Star Top Loading Washing Machine. The automatic performance ensures excellent washing quality and easy use. Due to the compact design of this washing machine, you can store it anywhere you want. You will not get strained while putting the clothes into the washing machine because it has a top-loading design.


The loading capacity of this washing machine is 7 kg, it is a bit more than the previous products, so it is an ideal option for 3-4 person families.

The starting process of this washing machine is very simple; just press 1-2-3, the device will automatically adjust the settings based on the circumstance. You can also use hard water to wash your clothes. The 740 rpm spinning speed of this washing machine ensures fast drying.

This product has unique spiro wash action that gives 20% better cleaning than other technology-infused products. Whirlpool is infused with ZPF technology in this washing machine; it makes the machine convenient for the Indian environment. This washing machine gives proficient performance even in low water conditions.

The express wash feature will reduce the pressure while washing clothes, and it promotes efficient and quick wash of your cloth.
The smart sensor technology will automatically sense the low water and voltage level and can adjust the performance based on the condition. There are 12 wash program settings available in this product so that you can choose the suitable program for your clothes.

The in-built heater of this washing machine will heat the water for washing and delay the start feature that allows you to preset the starting time.



6. Samsung 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

If you want to buy a sleek-looking washing machine to maintain the attractive look of your home, then a 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine from Samsung is a great choice for you. Appearance is not the only thing in this product; it also has some innovative features to make your work very easy. The 6.5 kg loading capacity of this washing machine makes it suitable for small families. 


The fully-automatic top-loaded design of this washing machine gives excellent washing quality, and so it would be easy for you to use. The 680 RPM higher spin speed ensures that it helps in fast drying. This washing machine is provided with 6 washing programs: Normal, Delicates, Quick Wash, Energy Saving, Soak + Normal, and Eco Tub Clean. 

The Center Jet Technology of this washing machine gives effective cleaning for all types of clothes. The water will come from the center of the pulsator that will lift the clothes from the pulsator surface for better washing, and it prevents tangled washing. Its monsoon dry system allows the air through the dual vents, which help to dry the clothes quickly. It helps to spin fast and hard to save time and dry the moisture using the air circulation. 

If you are already a busy person, then this washing machine’s quick wash program is a perfect solution for you. It will quickly and effectively clean the clothes, so you can spend your time for some other work. The child lock feature allows you to lock the buttons to prevent kids from changing the settings without your supervision. When you turn on the child lock feature, all the buttons in the control panel will lock except the power button, and it will be shown in the LED display. 

The magic lint filter of this washing machine will prevent the lint and small thread from entering into the machine; it prevents this machine from technical faults. The Included items with the washing machine are the hose inlet, hose drain, user manual, warranty card, clip ring, shutter, and screw fitting. It is one of the best washing machines under 15000 in India. 



7. Whirlpool 7.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

This is another product from Whirlpool. People looking for a washing machine that is suitable for modern home decor can choose this Whirlpool model. The loading capacity of this washing machine is 7.5 kg, which is perfect for 4 to 5 members of a family. A washing machine with this loading capacity under 20000 is really a blessed one.


It has 12 wash programs: Heavy, Daily, Whites, Delicates, Eco Wash, Hard Water Wash, Rinse + Spin, Bed Sheet, Wash Only, Spin, Dry Only, and Aqua Store. Using these wash programs, you can wash all kinds of clothes, including bedsheets. You can wash your clothes with a low amount of water. This washing machine has a 5-star energy rating and is specially designed for Indian Environmental conditions. 

A starter can also easily use this washing machine by simply pressing 1-2-3 buttons. With these 3 simple buttons, you can complete the wash cycle. The LED Digital display of this washing machine shows the level of the washing process so that you can know the time needed for washing. 

The spiro wash action of this product ensures a uniform wash of clothes. This feature gives extreme load movement with better rollover so that all clothes are washed evenly to remove the stain. This washing machine’s 6th sense smart sensor will automatically indicate the condition of water and low voltage for better performance. This technology will help to choose the wash program for better washing. 

It is also infused with a hard water wash feature to use hard water for washing clothes. While using hard water, just select the wash program correctly to clean the stains in clothes effectively.



8. Bosch 7 kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine

This 7 kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine is another best product from Bosch. The weight capacity of this product ensures that it is one of the great choices for a big family. Experts say that this is one of the best Bosch models available in the Indian markets. It is made with advanced technology and sold at a reasonable price range.


The active water feature of this washing machine helps to minimize water consumption. The traditional washing machines require a lot of water, and such type of product is not appreciable in the Indian markets. But the active water technology in this Bosch 7 kg fully automatic washing machine will detect the clothes’ type and weight with the help of sensors. It will automatically adjust the quantity of water based on the information that gets. This technology will help to reduce the wastage of water. 

The next excellent feature that we have to consider in this washing machine is its Vairo Drum technology. This technology will help to remove the stubborn stains easily, and also it helps to clean the flimsy clothes without any damages. 

The Speed Perfect option of this washing machine will speed up the washing time 65% compared to the traditional washers. So, you don’t need to wait for the monotonous washing cycle to complete the process. While using the SpeedPerfect technology, the power consumption is very high. To avoid this problem, Bosch has introduced EcoPerfect technology in this washing machine. It will consume less than 66% of the power while washing clothes. 

Usually, people can experience noise and vibration while using traditional washing machines. But this product has an anti-vibration design that will significantly reduce noise and vibration while using. 

The reload function of this washing machine ensures that you can easily add clothes in between the washing process. This washing machine also has a Child-lock feature, so you don’t want to worry about your kids changing the wash programs. With this feature, you can easily lock the control panel so that your kids will not change the setting.



9. Godrej 6 Kg Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

People looking for the best washing machine with advanced features at an affordable price can prefer this Godrej 6 Kg Fully-Automatic Washing Machine. The weight capacity of this washing machine is the same as the previous model. So it is a suitable option for medium-sized families.


Moreover, the BEE gives a 5-star rating to this washing machine. The Turbo 6 Pulsator has 6 ridges; it creates effective inside water motions. It ensures that this product will not consume more electricity after using a prolonged period.

The in-built soak technology of this washing machine allows pre-set automatic 5-8 minutes soak time in all wash programs. This feature ensures excellent detergent penetration to remove dirt and stains easily from clothes. It effectively removes stubborn stains.

Furthermore, the quick wash feature is specially infused in this washing machine for busy people. By using this feature, you can complete the wash cycle within 29 minutes. The 9 wash programs of this washing machine will improve your washing quality.

The ACU-wash drum of this washing machine has evenly spaced contours that give gentle scrub to the clothes for removing stains. The design will reduce the risk of wearing tearing clothes. The stainless steel drum will give a hygienic wash and avoid bacterial growth in the washing machines.

This product is also featured with child-lock technology, which helps to avoid the accidental press and other interruptions while washing. The features and technologies of this product ensure that it is one of the best washing machines under 20000.



10. Samsung 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

The 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine from Samsung is an ideal choice for your purpose. The sleek-look design will give an elegant look to your home. The weight capacity of this washing machine is 6.2 kg, so it is considered the best choice for small families. 


This washing machine is featured with 7 wash programs so that you can wash all kinds of cloth. Moreover, the washer can choose 5 different water levels to get a better washing experience.

Like other best washing machines in India under 20000, it also comes with a smart lint technology that collects all the lints from the clothes to make a clean and untangled laundry. 

The wobble technology provides gentle care on the clothes and does not compromise with the washing performance. The wobble pulsators give multi-directional and dynamic washes, which will increase the power of washing. 

The magic filter of this washing machine will collect all the fluff, lint, and small particles that come out from the clothes, so you can easily clean the drum. 



Factors To Consider In Best Washing Machines Under 20000

Choosing a washing machine is a personal choice, but you should consider some essential factors before buying it. You can’t be able to buy a washing machine under 20000 by just knowing its type. There are some essential factors that you should consider while buying a washing machine.

Choosing a washing machine from our list of best washing machines under 20000 will be very easy for you because we have listed the topmost products in the market by considering all the important factors of the washing machine. Let’s go through those factors.

1. Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of your washing machine is based on the number of persons in your family. Usually, around 4-5 people are in a small family; and a 6 Kg washing machine will be the right choice for them. You can use the 6 Kg washing machines daily. If you wash your clothes twice or thrice a week, then the clothing quantity is more substantial. So, you can choose the high-capacity model for proper washing and cleaning.

Moreover, the washing machine’s weight capacity is also based on the material you are washing. For example, if you will wash woolen clothes, then choose a big washer for clean washing because they are heavyweight clothes.

Generally, the weight capacity of the automatic washing machine is from 6-10 kg. Ensure that you are filling the clothes up to 75% in the washing machine for a clean wash.

2. Temperature Control Setting

Most automatic washing machines are featured with an inbuilt heater and temperature setting. By using the inbuilt heater, you can quickly get rid of germs from your clothes. It will give hygiene cleaning. The heater will heat the water up to 60⁰C to kill bacterias. It also helps to untangle the clothes. Each fabric requires a different temperature range to wash, so the control settings will help you to adjust the temperature range based on the fabric.

Using warm water is best to wash linens, cotton clothes, denim, and bedsheets. You can set the temperature for hot water, which is best to wash stubborn stains. The optimal temperature range will prevent your clothes from shrinking. You can use cool water for delicate fabrics that lose colors while washing. Also, you can wash shrink clothes in cool water.

3. Wash Program

Usually, the best washing machines in India Under 20000 are featured with a wide range of wash programs. Some settings are best to wash thick clothes, and some others are best to wash soft fabrics. Apart from the multiple wash setting, the washing machines come with a touch screen and digital screen module. By using this, you can simply choose the wash program that perfectly suits your fabric. Here are some of the common wash programs that are present in the fully-automatic washing machines under 20000

i) Quick Cycle

If you have a short time to wash your clothes, then you can go for the wash program. By using this wash mode, you can wash your clothes within 15-30 minutes. Anyhow, in this washing mode you have to use a limited number of clothes for clean washing.

ii) Soak Setting

You can use this mode to wash heavily stained clothes. In this pre-soak mode, the washing machine will soak the clothes in water for a few minutes and then wash the clothes to get rid of stubborn stains. 

iii) Delaying Washing

This setting will help you to wash the cloth slowly for a better result. 

iv) Synthetic

You can choose this washing mode for synthetic blends.

v) Cotton

This mode helps to rinse the cotton clothes for a good cleaning. 

4. Drum Material

There are a lot of materials used in manufacturing the drum section of washing machines. Some brands use plastic to design the drum section, which gives a lightweight design and provides better spinning speed. The products that are using plastic for the drum section will have lower price tags than other products.

Anyhow, stainless steel is used to manufacture the drum section in the best washing machines under 20000. It gives better washing to your clothes. Also, it does not damage quickly, so washing machines with stainless-steel drums is always a better option.

5. Top loading vs. front-loading machine

Top loading washing machines are more favorable to use. It has a vertical washer that can hold all clothes. These types of machines are more affordable than the front-load models. Generally, the drier and washer modes operate in the single tub in the top load design. The front-load washing machine has a lot of programs in contrast to the latter. The washer drum is horizontally placed in these types of machines.

6. Machine Technology

There are different technologies are infused for the function of washing machines. The machine technology is varies based on the types of washing. 

i) Direct Drive Technology

The direct-drive technology will detach the use of movable parts like belts and gear, so it reduces the friction leads that will help to save electricity while using. The machine with this technology has great proficiency but it produces some noise while working.

ii) Inverter Technology

This technology allows the washing machine to operate at the optimum speed based on the load. It has a unique electronic arrangement that scans the speed of the motor based on the weight that helps to save the electric power.

7. Energy Efficiency

All electronic appliances have an energy rating. It will differ between one to five-star ratings. It is better to choose the washing machine with less power consumption. By selecting the high star rating washing machine with some basic practices will help to reduce the energy cost.

8. Run cycle time

The long-run cycle time gives more effective cleaning. But the manufacturers are trying to decrease this cycle time with effective cleaning to reduce power consumption. Make sure that you are selecting the washing machine with the suitable run cycle time.

Final Words

There are a lot of best washing machines under 20000 available in the markets. Here we’ve chosen the top 10 best washing machines under 20000 based on the features and customer reviews. Most of the washing machines mentioned above are top-loaded machines, which comes with better features than front-loaded machines. It can remove stains from your cloth and gives quick and easy washing. But some expensive models are also available in the top 10 list, so it is your choice to choose the best one for your use.

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