10 Best Upscaling 4k TV In India 2022

Best Upscaling 4K TV India

10 Best Upscaling 4k TV In India 2022

Are you looking for the Best Upscaling 4k TV in India? Then you should consider some important features of the tv based on the price and screen size.The Best Upscaling 4k TV offers a balance between performance, price, and screen size.

Usually, best LED TV does not come at a cheap price, because there are a lot of new technologies infused into the smart tv. Though 4K TVs are expensive, there are also some budget-friendly products available in the market.

In a hurry? Here are our three top recommendations for the Best Upscaling 4K TV you can buy in 2021.

Best 65" LED TV


LG 4K HD Ultra Smart

Best 55" LED TV


Sony Bravia 4K Ultra

Best 50" QLED TV


TCL 4K Ultra HD

You can choose the smart 4K tv with the latest features like Full HD, HD ready, HDR, Ultra HD, Picture Engine, Refresh Rate, QLED, OLED, etc. It is not easy to understand the features of the tv, but it is very important to consider them before choosing the best 4K tv for your home. It is better to visit an e-commerce site before going to the showroom or read our review of the Best Upscaling 4K TV in India.

Upscaling in a TV denotes the low-resolution content will fill the TV screen. A TV without an upscaling takes only less than half the screen. It is available on most TVs. A 1080 pixel upscaling TV can upscale the 720-pixel resolution content to display it in the full-screen mode on a 1080 pixel TV screen.

You can follow the list given below to choose the best Tv that is available in today’s Indian market.

2021’s Best 10 Upscaling 4K TV in India

ProductNameScreen SizeRefresh RateView Price
Lg-6-4k-tvLG 4K IPS LED TV65-inches50 Hz CHECK PRICE
sony-bravia-55-4k-tvSony Bravia 4K LED TV55-inches50 Hz CHECK PRICE
LG-164-cm-tvLG 4K OLED TV55-inches50 Hz CHECK PRICE
samsung-55-4k-tvSamsung 4K QLED TV55-inches60 Hz CHECK PRICE
Mi-55-4k-tvMi 4K Smart LED TV55-inches60 Hz CHECK PRICE
tcl-50-4k-tvTCL 4K Ultra QLED TV50-inches60 Hz CHECK PRICE
Mi-50-4k-tvMi 4K Android LED TV50-inches60 Hz CHECK PRICE
Sony-Bravia-164-cm-tvSony Bravia 4K LED TV65-inches100 Hz CHECK PRICE
sanyo-43-4k-tvSanyo Android LED TV43-inches60 Hz CHECK PRICE
vu-43-4k-tvVu Android LED TV43-inches60 Hz CHECK PRICE

The 10 Best Upscaling 4K TV in India [Expert’s Guide & Review]

1. LG 65 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart IPS LED TV

The award-winning smart TV in our list of best upscaling 4K TVs in India is from LG. LG smart LED TV is featured with a 65 inches screen. The Ultra HD IPS panel of this smart TV will provide a realistic image for viewing. The 3 HDMI port ensures that this TV is very easy to connect with the Game console, Blue Ray Player, and Set-Top Boxes. Moreover, it is featured with 2 USB ports, which helps to connect hard devices and other USB devices.



When it comes to the quality of this smart TV, it gives high-quality images with vivid colors, as its refreshing rate is 50 Hz. This smart TV is featured with two modes; Web OS Smart TV and AI ThinQ Smart TV for easy access. But  to activate these features you need to buy a magic remote separately.

Some other advanced features of this smart TV are Miracast, Share & Control, Apple Home Kit, and Apple Airplay 2. The home dashboard of this smart TV is very easy to connect to all devices and also it supports some OTT apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Zee5, YouTube, Apple TV, Disney+Hotstar, etc.

The power for the output sound is 20 Watts, so you can enjoy the flawless, rich, and multi-dimension audio using the built-in speaker of this smart TV. The speaker used to amplify the sound channel of this TV is DTS virtual: X. The Quad-core processor used in this smart TV makes it very fast, accurate and eliminates unwanted noises. 1 user manual, 1 tabletop stand, 1 remote control, 1 warranty card, and 2 AAA batteries are some of the products provided with this Smart TV. 



2. Sony Bravia 55 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

This is another best product in the list of Best Upscaling 4K TVs in India from Sony. This smart TV is featured with a 55 inches LED screen that supports X-Reality Pro and HDR. 

The refresh rate of this screen is 50 HZ that gives high-quality images with rich color and clarity. The bass reflex speaker featured in this smart TV gives 20 Watts of output sound. There are 3 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports designed in this smart TV. Using this connectivity feature, you can connect your TV with Blue RayPlayers, Set-Top Box, and other USB Devices.



Using the USB tethering of this smart TV, you can seamlessly connect your mobile data with this TV. You can access youtube on TV with just one click. The smart Plug and play of this TV helps to connect and view music, photos, and videos from USB devices and mobile phones.

The operating system of this Sony Bravia Smart TV is Linux that ensures the best performance. This OS will support JPEG and PNG images and also support MPEG1 audio layer 3, LPCM, V8, and WMA audios.

The remote control of this smart TV comes with a navigation key for better function. User Manual, Table Top Stand, Remote control, Warranty card, and 2 AAA batteries are provided with this smart TV. You can mount this TV on the table or on the wall.



3. LG 55 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV

LG is one of the famous brands in the TVs market. This 55 inches 4K OLED TV is the latest edition from LG, which is integrated with a lot of advanced features. α9 Gen3 AI 4K Processor is used in this TV. It gives clear and HD quality images to view. There are 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports designed to connect some external devices like Blue Ray Player, Set Top Box, Gaming Console, and USB devices.



2.2 Ch speaker of this smart TV delivers high-quality audio. This speaker has 40 Watt output power with Dolby Atmos. Due to the AI sound pro of this smart TV, it gives real cinematic experience while watching 3D videos. The audio can be adjusted using the AI Acoustic Tuning. 

This LG OLED TV is boasted with some latest features like Built-in Alexa and Google Assistant, AI ThinQ, Home Dashboard, Apple Airplay & Homekit, OTT App support, Sports Alert, FreeSync Premium. Due to these advanced features, this smart TV is a bit pricey. So it is suitable for those who are looking for advanced features without looking at the price. 

The slim design and the real 4K OLED display of this TV provide a comfortable view to your eye. This display can support TIFF, PSD, PNG, GIF, JPEG, and RAW images.



4. Samsung 55 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV

There are many products under the same category, but the price differs. This is because the price depends on the advanced features included in it. This Samsung 4K Ultra HD QLED TV also falls under this category.

It is not just a TV, you can also use it as a computer that allows you to handle all the files from the office computer and cloud storage. 

The quantum Dot technology of this smart TV ensures the AI Upscaling refine and reduce noises in the images. This technology also sharpens the images and so you can get crystal clear images to view.



You can easily connect your mobile data with this smart TV and so you can access some features like SmartThings App, Voice Assistant, Screen Share, Live Cast, Home Cloud, etc.

The Dolby Digital Plus system of this TV gives 60 Watts output sound power, so you can use it as a music system. The adaptive sound system ensures that it can support all kinds of videos. The LED display of this TV has a wide color enhancer that gives HD quality images. Installation is also very simple, it can be mounted anywhere in the table or wall.



5. Mi 55 Inches 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV

If you are looking for a large screen TV, then you can choose this Mi 4K Ultra HD Android LED TV. The refresh rate of this smart TV is 60 Hz that gives high-quality images to view. There are 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports that can connect some external devices like a game console, set-top box, USB devices, etc. 

The OTT App feature ensures that you can see Prime Video, Netflix, PatchWall, Disney+Hotstar, Android TV 9.0 on your TV. It is also designed with google assistant and chrome to help you use the TV as a browser.



The Dolby audio system of this smart TV has 20 watts of output power that helps to enhance HD quality images. The LED panel has a Vivid picture engine, which gives high-quality images. Using the Massive content catalog feature, you can watch the latest movies, music, sports, etc. 

The latest Amlogic Cortex A53 processor used in this TV is a 64-bit processor that ensures fast performance. The remote controller provided with Mi Remote is very simple to use. The 4.2 Bluetooth has low energy and has dual-band Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi range of this Smart TV is 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.



6. TCL 50 inches 4K Ultra HD Certified Android Smart QLED TV   

This TCL 4K Ultra HD Android Smart TV has a 50 inches screen. It is one of the best picks for people who are looking for a medium-budget product with advanced features. The QLED technology of this smart TV gives a truly vibrant color that gives an immersive viewing experience. 

The Dolby Atmos and DTS sound system of this smart TV offers 7.1 channel surround sound that gives a good watching feel. The refresh rate of this smart TV is 60 Hz which delivers high-resolution images.



By using input connectivity, you can connect some external devices like laptops, set-top boxes, projectors, and USB devices with your smart TV. The Built-in Wi-Fi feature helps to connect AI-Google Assistant, 4K Android TV, Screen Cast+T-cast. The 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM of this TV helps to access 5000+ apps like Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, etc.

The display of this TV screen is metallic and ultra-slim. It is also featured with Quantum Dot, A+Grade LED panel, IPQ Engine, Micro Dimming to display high-quality images.

This smart TV allows hand-free voice control, so you don’t need to use a remote control to access the TV. With this you can easily control the features of this smart TV like channel switching, program reservation. Moreover, you can also use this hand-free voice control to access some other home devices like curtains, sweeping robots, lights, etc.



7. Mi 50 Inches 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV

This is another Best Upscaling 4k TV from Mi, which is featured with advanced technology. The refreshing rate of the display is 60 Hz that provides high-quality images to view. By using the connectivity port, you can connect some external devices like game consoles, USB devices, etc.

Dolby+DTS is the sound system used here. It gives 20 Watts output power. The advanced features of this smart TV ensures that you can also use it as a computer. It has an LED panel with a 4K HDR 10-bit display that gives clear images. The patchwall massive catalog of this device ensures that you can view the trending content.



You can also access popular streaming apps like prime video, Netflix, etc. The light theme of this TV will give a lively feel to you. The latest version Android 9.0 is featured on this TV which allows you to download apps, and games directly from the play store. 

The hand-free google assistant of this smart TV ensures that you can easily control your home devices. The Amlogic cortex A53 processor of this TV ensures effective data processing. The Mi Remote is very easy to use. You can also activate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth by using this Mi Remote. You can mount the TV both on Wall and Table and it is very easy to install.



8. Sony Bravia 65 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

This is another best product from Sony in the Bravia series. You can easily connect to the internet with this TV. This Smart TV will support Alexa, Netflix, Google play store, Google Assistant, and Android TV with the internet service. The connectivity port of this device will connect Blue Ray Player, Set Top Box, USB devices, and gaming consoles. Due to the advanced features of this smart TV, you can easily work with Apple Homekit, and Airplay.



The 4K HDR processor will provide fast data streaming. It also provides detailed pictures that enhance the contrast of every scene for a clear view. The 4K HDMI input will give an excellent gaming experience. The Bravia gaming mode will automatically switch the TV to latency game mode.

The X-Motion Clarity technology of this smart TV will provide bright, smooth, and clear images. It automatically adjusts the brightness when required for the scene. The Calman auto-calibration software ensures the quality-control workflow that delivers professional-grade-color-calibration-accuracy of the image.

Moreover, it has a slim design speaker that gives clear sound of the music and movies.



9. Sanyo 43 inches Kaizen Series Android LED TV

Sanya is one of the best brands that produce smart TVs at affordable prices. This XT-43UHD4S Model TV in the Kaizen series from Sanyo gives high-quality images. The 60 Hz refresh rate provides high resolution and so the images will be crystal clear to view.

This Kaizen Series Smart TV is a google certified edition that comes with the latest operating system Android Pie 9. With this you can enjoy thousands of authorized apps in the play store.



The personal Google assistant is featured in this TV to provide an intuitive user experience. The 4K UHD Display of this TV has HLG and HDR for an accurate reproduction of images. 

The Triple-Core CPU, Quad-Core CPU, 2 GB RAM, and 16 GB storage will give an ultimate performance for fast browsing, smooth multitasking, and quick boost-up. The micro dimming technology of this TV adjusts the darkness and brightness of the image that ensures optimal picture quality. 

The in-built Chromecast helps to view movies, TV shows, and cast photos directly on the screen from iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Chromebook. You just simply tap the Cast button on your phone to directly stream videos or photos on the TV.



10. Vu 43 inches Full HD Ultra Android LED TV

This is the last product from the list of best upscaling 4k TV India. This Vu TV has full HD high-resolution images. The pure prism panel of this TV gives the best viewing experience. 

It is featured with the latest Android PIE 9 operating system which is very easy to access the google ecosystem like google games, google play store, Google movies. The 8 GB storage of this smart TV ensures that you can view thousands of shows, movies, and games from Youtube, Play Store, and other apps.



The MPEG Noise reduction feature reduces noises to provide clear edge transition. So that you can see the images with intense contrast. Moreover, it will automatically darken and lighten the dark and light areas.

The Dolby decoder of this smart TV decodes all audio content with high quality. This amplifier supports all Dolby audio formats like Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital. The speakers provide an immersive sound experience and it boosts human voice frequency to hear clear audio. 

The OTT hotkeys of the remote control will help to access licensed apps like Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar. Using this remote, you can perform effortless operations. The in-built chrome cast of this TV can be easily connected using Bluetooth.



How to Choose the best upscaling 4K Smart TV in India

It is very important to consider some important features before buying a Smart TV. Usually, buying guides will help the consumer to choose a good quality TV. If you are going to buy a smart TV, you should check the Audio quality, picture quality, and connectivity for a good video experience. Television manufacturers also design their TV from the customer’s point of view. Mostly, smart TVs are featured with some innovative technologies. The quality of this TV starts from the picture and audio quality.

Technologies for Audio Quality:

There are some advanced technologies used in the latest smart TVs. Nowadays DTS, Dolby, and Acoustic Surface Audio technologies are used in smart TVs for quality audio delivery.

DTS: DTS is one of the best audio systems that produce high-quality sound in surroundings. The DTS sound system supports several sound formats. At first, the DTS sound system had supported 5 channels, but now it is developed as a 7-channel speaker. 

Dolby: The Dolby audio system gives high-quality experience. This audio system has five channels surrounding sound. This technology began a new chapter of digital audio. The decoder of this sound technology will decode all types of various sound signals that match the superlative visual appeal. When you are looking for the latest smart TV, you should check some features like surround sound, Dolby, room-filling for the best audio quality.

Acoustic Surface Technology: This is the latest audio technology, which is radical to work. This audio technology will work with the subwoofer or actuators in the backside of the TV. This produces vibration and turns it into a sound-producing structure.

Technology For Picture Quality:

Smart TVs are featured with advanced technology for high-quality images. LED, QLED, OLED, Processor, Picture Engine, HDR, Dolby Vision HDR, HDR decoder are some of the latest technologies used in smart TVs to ensure high-quality picture delivery.

Light Emitted Diode (LED): Illuminated screen gives more clarity images than LCD cathode lamps. The LED is used as a backlight of the LCD panel. The brightest pixel of this panel reveals colors when the LED light shines through it.

Quantum Dot Technology (QLED): This technology is made by using nanoparticles, which vary in size. This particle emits color when the light reflects on them. The color emission of these nanoparticles is different based on the size of the quantum dot. 

Huge quantity of nanoparticles used in the quantum dot technology for television is one of the disadvantages here. On the good side, the QLED technologies improve the white level for brightness.

Organic Light Emitted Diode (OLED): The technology used in Television gives superior quality images than LEDs and LCDs. It makes an effective positive impact on efficiency, brightness, color contrast, flexibility, and refreshing rate. The architecture of the OLED display provides high-quality images.

Processor: It is also like the computer processor chip. It will give fast and better video processing. If the TV has an inefficient processor, it may cause some problems in the fast-paced action like Blurred images, slow motion, etc. The processor also has the capacity to find the perceives of human eyes in different light ambiance. Moreover, it also has the ability to find the ambient light in the room where you installed the TV. The processor will help to adjust the brightness level to ensure the clarity of images. If the processor gives high-quality images, then it will also give the same result in the sound quality. If you like to check the performance of the processor then you choose some latest products like Sony’s X1 Extreme, LG Alpha 9, etc.

Picture Engine: This technology will increase the pixel count and process digital signals. The picture engine is responsible for image resolutions; high quantity pixels increase the image resolutions. But the picture engine does not affect some parameters like contrast, color, and noiseless images. 

The picture engine adds more pixels for high resolution of images. By adding every pixel, it makes an impact on missing color, brightness, and texture. The picture clarity is enhanced by the precise calibration of black and white levels.

HDR: HDR technology achieves a wide range of color contrast. When it comes to color and light, this technology stands with the standard dynamic range (SDR). By using the advanced hardware for this technology, it will blacken the black shade and whiten the white shade so it achieves high-level color contrast. It also affects the accuracy of color.

Dolby Vision HDR: If the smart TV has Dolby Vision, it will process the images frame by frame for the perfect color, brightness, and contrast. It will give a live feel to the image.

HDR Decoder: This technology is used in HDR-enabled TV. This technology decodes the HDR technology and displays the HDR content on the screen. 

HDR10+: It is also one of the HDR technologies which support HDR10+. It builds up the dynamic data to adjust the display settings. This enhances vision on the screen. When compared with the result, it is better than the HDR10 that has static data. This HDR10+ technology has billions of color shade algorithms that play a major role in tone mapping. The Panasonic and Samsung companies who developed their televisions with this technology give excellent viewing experience.

Ultra High Definition AI Upscaler: This technology works on the FHD content that helps to increase the quality of Ultra HD 4K images. The screen resolution of the FHD content is 1920X1080, but the screen resolution of UHD content is 3840X2160. You can easily see the difference between images developed by these two technologies.

Connectivity Technologies:

Connectivity is the most important thing to consider in the latest generation smart TVs. When it comes to connectivity, it defines the device connected with the Internet. The TV with internet connection is highly entertaining and meaningful that gives Android TV on a large screen. There are a lot of new technologies available in the new model televisions to connect to the internet.

Bluetooth: It is the basic way to connect the internet with the TV. It is an effective process. You can also use Bluetooth to connect your TV with speakers to enjoy music. The way of connecting the devices by using Bluetooth is also very easy, simply pair the devices that you want to connect. 

Once the devices are paired, you can easily watch the content on the TV that is available on the Internet. Data cables, data cards are some of the devices that are used for pairing devices. 

Chromecast: Most of the latest generation smart TV comes with the in-built Chromecast. You can use this technology with your tablet, smartphone, and computer to watch the video and audio content on the TV screen. By using Chromecast, you can easily access Google Play, Amazon Primes, Hotstar, Netflix on TV. The remote of the TV also has the Chromecast technology with dedicated buttons to access with one simple click.

HDMI and USB Port: This feature is designed in the TV to connect some external devices like Data cables, data cards to access the Internet.

Screen Resolution:

The Screen Resolution of a 4K TV is 3840 x 2160 pixels; there is nothing less than this pixel range in a 4K television. Screen resolution range is also important to check before purchasing a smart TV. The screen resolution of an FHD TV is 1920 x 1080 pixels and the UHD screen resolution of a 4K TV is four times better than FHD TV. The 4K TV accommodates double the quantity of pixels than FHD horizontally and vertically. Nowadays, we are watching a lot of internet content through Netflix, Prime video, etc. The Upscaling feature of the 4K TV provides perfect original 4K content.

Final Words:

The products that we’ve recommended in the list of Best Upscaling 4K Smart TV were purchased by most of the people in that price range. There is a wide range of TVs available in the market, so it is a bit hard to choose the perfect one. 

Usually, a 4K smart TV is different in size with an attractive price range. If you are looking at the features of these TVs, you may get confused to pick one. In this case, our buying guide section will help to find the better one without any confusion.

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