Best TVs for PS5, Xbox, PC Gaming in 2022


Best TVs for PS5, Xbox, PC Gaming in 2022

Gaming is a very distinctive technology that can provide amazing thoughts, bizarre experiences, and pulse for young people. If you want to enhance your favorite video game experience, then you should choose a big, bright one. And there is no doubt that the TV will have the value of immersing you in an activity with deep blackness.

The technology and features that are used in it makes the gaming TV complete one. In general, a TV that is good for movies is not perfect for games and vice versa. This is considered a major disappointment by most users. But Best smart TVs for PS5 and Xbox are designed to meet your expectations.

With unique features, these TVs come in a limited price range and offer the best gaming experience to the users. Here is a list of the best gaming TVs for PS5 & Xbox and their valuable review. This will definitely help you to find the best one. Let’s get into the article.

2021’s Best TVs for PS5, Xbox, and Other PC Gaming

In terms of updates, the PS4 Pro, PS5, Xbox, and other PC games support 4K gaming to a great extent. Many gaming TVs that are manufactured recently have HDMI 2.1 support that is required to display 4K resolution at high frame rates.

Although the release does not support a variable refresh rate (VRR) on the console, it will greatly support HDMI Forum VRR for future updates. Here is a comprehensive review of a total of three TVs for PS5 and Xbox. 

All the three TVs mentioned here have various features that provide a pleasant gaming experience such as quick response time, low input lag, and auto low latency mode. So there is no doubt that these will take your gaming experience to the next level.

1. SAMSUNG 65-inch Class QLED Q80T Series


SAMSUNG Q80T Series is built with Quantum Processor 4K which is a smarter and faster processor. This powerful processor can automatically optimize the visuals to provide a more immersive experience of the picture. Besides, the processor utilizes a deep learning AI function to make every visual into incredible 4K.


Quantum HDR 12X³

No matter what the environment is, SAMSUNG Q80T Series TV offers you realistic, dynamic, and rich pictures. With Quantum HDR 12X, you can get clear details of the visuals with the help of its fine shades of cinematic color. And this feature renders improved brightness and deeper contrast options. 

Direct Full Array 12X

The controlled back lights fitted into this smart 4K TV provides deeper contrast for brighter whites and richer blacks. The 49″ and 50″ models from the Q80T series come with Direct Full Array (8X). Direct Full Array Numerical Index depends on contrast-enhancement technologies, antireflection, and backlighting.

View Angle 

SAMSUNG Q80T Series is developed with ultra viewing angle for delivering undefeatable performance. Further, it comes with anti-glare technology to provide vibrant pictures, and reduces glare. So you can enjoy your gaming anywhere you are. The backlights are brilliantly modified to provide crisp details & richer blacks with exceptional contrast.

Object Tracking Sound

This TV is engineered with 4 built-in speakers (2 bottom and 2 top) that allow you to adjust the level of sound to follow the action. This objective tracking sound system tracks every movement on the screen. With the help of those down-firing and up-firing speakers, you can enjoy the realistic 3D sound. 

Built-In Alexa 

Using an integrated Alexa application you can ask anything from your TV. Using Alexa you can comment to play music, open apps, search for movies & shows, change the channel, control your smart devices, and so on. To communicate with Alexa, press and hold the mic button on the remote.



2. TCL 55-inch 6-Series 4K UHD TV

Superior 4K Ultra HD

TCL 6-Series 4K UHD TV with Dolby Vision HDR has High Dynamic Range to deliver more detailed, contrast, clarity, and color picture. Moreover, it is integrated with Quantum Dot Technology to enhance the performance of the TV. It also surprises you with its wider color volume and better brightness. Apparently, it is built with a sleek modern design that permits the system to stream thousands of channels through a personalized home screen.



TCL is one of the award-winning televisions that always produce quality devices with the latest technology and thoughtful design. As I’ve mentioned above, this gaming TV is built with a Quantum Dot Technology to enhance the viewing experience of the user. This technology delivers wider color volume and better brightness. The Roku OS allows you to access thousands of streaming channels that may feature music, news, sports, TV episodes, and over 500,000 movies. 

Mini-LED Technology

Next to the QLED technology, this Gaming TV is equipped with a Mini-LED Technology to provide improved brightness, incredible contrast, and uncompromised viewing experience in any environment. This backlight technology allows you to experience top-notch visuals with high brightness, and contrast. Apart from that, the TCL 6-Series 4K QLED TV features the HDR Pro Pack with Dolby Vision. 

THX Certified Game Mode

Get the most optimal and competitive edge viewing experience for all wide-screen gaming. Most of the cheap TVs have troubles such as input lag, low response time, and image smear that disappoint the user too much. With the THX Certified Game Mode by TCL 6-Series, you can enjoy the game without any flaws. And the main reason for the responsive mode of this TV is due to the combination of Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Game Mode. 

Easy Voice Control

Unlike the other two models in this list, TCL 6-Series is compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. So you can command the artificial intelligence to switch inputs, launch the channel, change the channel, find movie titles through your voice. You can also control this TV using a voice-enabled remote controller or Roku mobile app.

Contrast Control Zone 

The contrast of this device is separately optimized up to 240 individual zones to show drastic contrast between dark and bright areas on the visual. Due to this contrast control zone, the TV provides an unparalleled sense of reality and depth. It feels that the images are jumping off from the screen. 

4 HDMI Inputs

When it comes to the connectivity of this device, it’s engineered with 4 HDMI inputs that include 1 eARC. With this feature, you can connect all your devices and simply synchronize video and audio sources to gain better sound quality. To elevate the viewing experience, TCL engineers combine the high-dynamic-range formats. After that, Dolby Vision helps to deliver superior contrast and more accurate colors. TCL’s AiPQ Engine has machine-learning algorithms that optimize clarity, contrast, brightness, and color for HDR performance.



3. SAMSUNG 65-inch Class QLED Q70T Series


The Q70T Series from Samsung is approximately similar to the Samsung Q80T Series, which means the basic technologies are same in both but the additional features and applications are different from each other. Samsung Q70T Series is engineered with a Quantum processor 4K which utilizes deep learning AI aspects to deliver stunning 4K pictures. 4K AI upscaling feature analyzes the input source automatically to define edges around objects, restore lost details, and to reduce image noise. 


Motion Rate

It comes with a motion rate of 240¹⁰ and refresh rate of 120Hz, which means you can enjoy smooth and crisp sports and action-packed movies without any motion blur. Generally, QLED works well with SmartThings so you can easily control the smart home. If the QLED links with sensors and IoT devices, then you can run the robot vacuum cleaner, check what is inside the fridge, turn on the lights, and more. 

Ambient Mode+

The Q70T Series from Samsung is developed with Quantum Dot Technology, with this technology the TV releases a huge spectrum of a billion shades of color. Ambient Mode+ transforms a blank screen into at-a-glance info or alluring visuals. Quantum Dot Technology is blended with 100% Color Volume aspect that renders more than a billion shades of color. Also, this futuristic technology retains the level of brightness.

Quantum HDR

I’m damn sure that an OLED TV is better than a UHD TV. OLED Tv has the capability to enlarge detail and range of colors beyond UHD TV.  Integrated with Q70T Series, the Quantum HDR  brings out the contrast and detail as it expands the color range and detail than HDTVs. HDR10+ comes with the dynamic tone mapping aspect that generates deeper blacks, and more vibrant imagery.

Dual LED

This TV system is equipped with cool and warm LED backlights that improve contrast details. This Dual LED backlighting technology automatically adjusts the color tone or allows the user to modify that. So you can watch movies or gaming as the way it was meant to be seen.

Active Voice Amplifier

If you are busy with your gaming, movies, virtual meetings or online classes, then the noise will be a hindrance to you. To avoid those background noises, Samsung Q70T Series comes with the Active Voice Amplifier feature. This analyzes the surrounding noise and then improves the voices in the scene. So that you can clearly hear the dialogue and get a better viewing experience. 

Real Game Enhancer+

Making adjustments frequently is always a worse feeling for gamers. To avoid frequent manual adjustments, Q70T Series comes with a Real Game Enhancer+ feature. This will automatically decrease the blur and halo in fast-moving scenes. Besides, the AMD FreeSync features stuttering and reduces tearing.



What to Look For in a Gaming TV for Next Generation Consoles

Contrast, smart features, accuracy, viewing angle, screen brightness are some of the factors that you need to consider when buying a TV for movies. But when it comes to TV for Gaming, you should pay more attention to the aspects like adaptive sync support, refresh rate, low-latency gaming modes, etc.

The good thing is that the devices that are currently manufactured are advanced in technology, basic systems, and additional features. As the number of gamers increases, the production and sales of the gaming TVs also increases. When purchasing a new TV for your gaming system, you should pay attention at least to these specifications and features mentioned below:

Adaptive Sync

Most Xbox One users and PC gamers would have known that the variable refresh rate technology is also known as adaptive sync. For those unfamiliar ones, adaptive sync is an essential aspect that syncs the refresh rate of your TV or monitor with the number of frames calculated out of your GPU.

In earlier days, TVs had the problem of hitching or tearing when fast graphics were shown on TVs. But nowadays, TVs for gaming have the ability to provide a gaming experience at 240 frames per second. Adaptation synchronization is designed to prevent precision issues with animated scenes, and controls the frame rate from going above or below 60 fps, so that you’ll get a silky-smooth visuals.

HDMI 2.1

HDMI 2.1 ports are the next most important specification to look for in the gaming system. HDMI 2.1 is the advanced version of the HDMI standard which permits you to transfer a 4K signal at up to 120Hz, while HDMI 2.0 was restricted to 4K at 60Hz.

With HDMI 2.1 you’ll have the option to mess around at higher refresh rates.

Double check whether your TV can hold 120 HZ or above. On the off chance the item posting says that the set is fit for 960 CA (Clear Action), 240 MR (Motion Rate), or something odd. However on the off chance Hertz covers out at 60, that is the TV is just mimicking a higher refresh rate and it’s not giving you the genuine one.


After 8 hours of intensive research, we have selected the best TVs available in the market for PS5 and Xbox and listed them based on technology, features, price range, feedback factors, user rating, and so on. 

I’m sure that this review is a trump card for your purchase. Our recommendations are based on the best PS5 TV that are currently available. The expert review provided above is definitely a good thing for those who want to make their own decision. Make sure that you’re not wasting your money by seeing the brainwashing advertisements.

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