The Best Smart TV With Built-in DVD Player

Best Smart TV with Built-in DVD Player

The Best Smart TV With Built-in DVD Player

In the late decades, the DVD player was a famous device used to play discs. But in this modern world, DVD players have no place in the market. You may have a separate DVD player to view your DVD movies or old DVD discs on the TV. But nowadays, there are various brands that are involved in the development of smart TVs with built-in DVD players. This TV-DVD combination can help you to avoid the requirement of a separate DVD player.

In a hurry? Here is our top recommendation for the Best Smart TV with built-in DVD player.

QIMO UHD Built-in DVD Player Smart TV


Flat-screen TVs with a built-in DVD player is a good choice. Here we have explained about smart TVs with built-in DVD players, and we hope it will be useful for you to make your choice.

The Best Smart TVs with Built-in DVD Player for a Better Vision

ProductNameScreen SizeDisplayView Price
Westinghouse-24-inchWestinghouse DVD TV24-inchesLED CHECK PRICE
SuperSonic-SC-3222-LEDSuperSonic SC-3222 TV32-inchesLED CHECK PRICE
Sceptre-E246BDSceptre E246BD-F HDTV24-inchesLED CHECK PRICE
Premium-32-InchPyle Premium Ultra HD TVr32-inchesLED CHECK PRICE

10 Best Smart TVs with Built-in DVD Player in 2021

1. QIMO UHD Built-in DVD Player Smart TV

This is the best option for a smart tv with a built-in DVD player. Therefore we give it the first position on the list. This smart TV does not require an Android stick to make it a smart TV and so you don’t need to add any extra equipment to this TV. It supports next-gen apps and easy control options to enhance your watching experience. It is recommended for those who want the best 4k TV.


High Resolution:

The Display of QIMO UHD Smart TV has a super crisp and crystal clear image quality. It provides 4X more powerful image resolution than a full HD TV. It enhances your picture clarity to the next level by offering accurate, sharp, and smoother colors. You can view clear 720p HD resolution videos with suitable media and source devices. It is also constructed with Edge-Lit display LEDs at the edges of the TV screen that gives a bright and quality image in a slim or small cabinet.

Audio Quality:

This QIMO Smart TV is engineered with a good audio feature that provides you a better acoustic experience. It will give a home theatre effect when fitted to your room. Enjoy the better audio quality with the fantastic display using the QIMO Smart TV.

More convenient:

You can connect TV apps in your mobile phones or tablets with the QIMO Smart TV and can easily create dynamic content in real-time. Using the super-easy guide feature through the setup option, you can advertise the business simpler, easy or convenient.

Connect to apps:

With this TV, you can enjoy a steady browsing experience; quick control-switching between apps, content, and so on. It will offer you an easy navigation experience while streaming live TV, apps, and social media. This best user interface Tv gives you wonderful satisfaction while using it.

Built-in DVD Player: 

The special feature of this QIMO TV is a built-in DVD player, and so you can play your old DVDs or album DVDs using that. Here, you don’t want to connect or purchase a DVD player separately. The inbuilt DVD and smart TV option makes it a multipurpose TV.

Brightness and connection option:

The connection options available in QIMO TV are Network interface, HDMI, AV input, cable TV input, Two USB 2.0, and earphone. This TV supports wired and wireless network connection. The brightness of the QIMO smart TV is 300cd/m2, which gives you better picture quality.

Digital Noise Reduction:

This feature reduces the noise that happens due to signal distortion and provides you with good-quality audio.



2. Westinghouse LED HD DVD Combo TV

The Westinghouse LED DVD Combo HDTV has a sleek and slim look which makes it a good choice for bedroom, kitchen or office uses. Insert a DVD into the TV and enjoy your day with some popcorn and drinks. It provides a bright, sharp, and vivid picture quality which is the perfect choice for watching movies, favorite sports, shows, and so on. This is also helpful for playing games on your gaming console.


Resolution and refresh rate:

Westinghouse Tv is designed with a combination of 720p resolution display and 60Hz refresh rate that are supposed to give realistic, crystal clear images. This makes a perfect option for viewing your favorite tv shows and movies.

Inbuilt DVD player:

If you are looking for a smart tv with a built-in DVD player, then this Westinghouse WD32HKB1001 is the best option. Using this, you can avoid plugging in a separate DVD player to TV when you want to watch videos. It makes a smarter move. It not only eliminates the extra hardware in your room but also saves space.


This model is designed with various connectivity options that are required to use the streaming devices. It provides HDMI, VGA, USB, and Digital TV Tuner ports. This also has a built-in V-chip that blocks content depending on the program ratings.



3. SuperSonic SC-2412 Built-in DVD LED Widescreen HDTV

Supersonic has been in the Consumer and Mobile Electronics manufacturing field for over 30 years. It manufactures a unique TV of various sizes with a built-in DVD player. This reviewed model has a 24-inch display, 1080p LED display, HDMI, and USB port. It is a lightweight tv, and so you can easily mount it on the wall.


This supersonic TV works on a 12V supply, and it has an ATSC (Advanced Television Standards Committee) tuner for digital TV signals. You can connect it easily with HDMI video game devices and any other appliances. The display quality of the LED screen is considerably good and has an anti-glare effect.

Excellent Design: 

SuperSonic HDTV offers you a sharp, high-definition picture quality with amazing picture detail and contrast. The colors displayed on the screen contain a wide range of vibrant colors. The elegant and stylish look of the TV makes it a great choice for your living room. It is designed with a slim bezel structure. This structure and shape of the Tv will make it fit in smaller places and thus saves the floor space. 

HD Visual Quality:

Supersonic SC-2412 TV provides you a crisp 1080p image quality with stunning details, sharpness, and contrast. It comes with a 1366 x 768 resolution, and so you can see minute details. This HDTV has a digital noise reduction ability which will reduce noise due to signal distortion. This SuperSonic TV has been designed with various picture modes such as Standard, Dynamic, and so on. The plenty of vibrant colors give you the best acoustic and viewing experience.


Supersonic HDTV is designed with an inbuilt DVD player into the television set. So, you can play your DVDs without any extra player. DVD formats are compatible with devices such as DVD, CD, VCD, SVCD, CD RW, CDR, DVD+/- R, and DVD+/- RW. Most modern television does not contain a DVD player and smart features.


Supersonic TV has HDMI, USB, HDMI, VGA input, RF, USB, PC Audio, CVBS, component video input, headphones, digital audio output (coaxial), and Audio L/R ports. This excellent feature allows you to use your Firestick or android stick freely to search or stream thousands of channels and apps such as HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, and more.

PC Input:

This is one of the unique features with which you can use or access the TV as a computer monitor. Here you have to connect an HDMI cable to a proper port and click the correct setting. This will give an excellent experience to the PC game lovers. The screen size and picture resolution of the supersonic will give you a good visual effect.

If you are a person owning an RV, then this HDTV is the best choice because this Supersonic TV is built with an AC or DC Compatibility. This TV gets better compatible with a mobile theater system and RV owner.

This Supersonic TV has various size options, and so you can select the size which fits your room and taste.



4. Axess TVD1801-32 32-Inch LED HDTV Built-In DVD Player

Axess TVD1801 TV is loaded with lots of features to provide an amazing viewing experience. It is engineered with a digital and analog tuner for seeing your favorite TV program. It also has a user interface remote for easy controlling purposes. This TVD1801 LED TV gives excellent performance and various functions. The operating power consumption of this TV is below 60 watts, and the standby power consumption is below 0.5 watts.


Resolution and Audio quality:

Axess TVD1801 is built-in with a DVD player that features 1366×768 max resolution to provide a sharp viewing and good audio experience. The contrast ratio of this TV is 3000: 1. It gives a better video clarity. Enjoy your favorite tv shows and movies in clear HD quality. It is also constructed with built-in speakers, 3D video noise reduction, 3D video decoding, and Chroma separation features.

Perfect for Gaming Monitor:

Suppose, if you are a person looking to enhance your gaming experience. Then, you can access Axess 32-Inch HD LED TV using a VGA port to transform the TV into a perfect computer gaming monitor.    

Thin Design and Built-in DVD player:

The Axess TV1801-32 has a thin and sleek design that perfectly fits any room size. You can place it on a wall or keep it on a table. Having an in-built DVD player option stops the need to buy an additional player. This will make it easier to watch your favorite videos. 


Axess TVD1801 has various built-in ports, namely cable RF jack, PC-RGB, PC audio jack, Audio/video, USB input, three HDMI ports, earphone jack, coaxial output jack, and CVBS input.



5. Sceptre E246BD-F LED HDTV with DVD Player

Sceptre HDTV is designed with an inbuilt DVD player that is very useful for enjoying your favorite movies and old videos without the need of a separate DVD player. This TV also has a single remote that allows you to control the functions of the TV and DVD player. You can easily assemble this TV by yourself, so you don’t need any experts. 



This model is designed with a LED display panel that gives you sharper light and dark color contrasts. This display will provide you with rich color sources that give a pleasant feel to your eyes. The display color temperature of Sceptre E246BD-F is Warm, Normal, Cool, and standard. The embedded control on-screen display is sound, channel, and setup options. The adjustable picture control options are brightness, backlight, contrast, color, tint, and sharpness.

Built-in DVD Player:

With the built-in DVD player, you can enjoy your favorite CD video without purchasing a separate DVD player. You can access this feature using a single remote control option. It will play from the point where you paused the video and so you can resume your video instantly.


You can view your slideshow, videos or enjoy your favorite music using the USB port. Just plug in your pen drive into the USB port to view it. Its HDMI port input provides uncompromisable HD videos and clear sound qualities. This tv is compatible with stereo receivers.

In this model, you can also mirror multimedia on smartphones and tablets. With the use of MHL cable (not included in this pack), just connect the smartphone or tablet to the TV screen.



6. Pyle Premium 32 Inch Ultra HD TV with DVD Player

The final choice in our list is Pyle Premium PTVDLED32 LED TV that gives you the real entertainment that you want. Changing the mode into cinema, you will get a mini home theatre effect. It is designed with a 1080p resolution that offers a vivid, bright, and crisp display. This makes it a great selection for watching movies, sports, and TV shows.


If you’re a person who can’t fall asleep during night time, then this TV is a blessing to you. You can set the time using the sleep timer option; therefore, it will get off without wasting the electricity bill. It is the Best 32 Inch LED TV which is available in the market. 


It is a widescreen high-resolution TV designed by Pyle that has a 32inch display size with a 178° vertical viewing angle and  178° horizontal viewing angle. It also comes with a removable base stand.

Full HD 1080P resolution:

This HDTV supports 1080P, 1080i, 720P, 480P, 480i signal and it is designed with a display resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The NTSC system gives a new clarity experience while watching your old favorite movies and TV shows.

Built-in DVD Player:

This HDTV is designed with a built-in DVD drive which is located on the side of the TV. So you don’t want to buy any extra devices. It also has a V-chip, which inhibits displaying unwanted captions and sleep timer functions. The DVD Disc Support DVD, DVD+/-RW, DVD+/-R, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, and JPEG.


This Premium tv is also constructed with two 8 watts full-range stereo speaker that provides audio with a combination of smooth treble and bass for a crisp and hearable dialog. 

Connectivity options:

This TV has three HDMI, RCA L/R audio, YPbPr component video, VGA/ PC, PC audio, RF antenna input, optical digital audio, and headphones interface. 



What are the factors to be considered while purchasing a Smart TV with a built-in DVD Player?

While choosing a Smart TV with a built-in DVD Player, there are various factors you have to understand to select the right TV. We have explained a few things in choosing the Smart TV with a built-in DVD Player. Let’s get into it.

DVD Functionality

Like normal DVD players, the Smart TV with built-in DVD also has various factors to be considered. There are lots of functions that you have to look at before deciding on a TV with DVD. 

Reading time

It is defined as the amount of time it needs to read and play a CD. Beneath that, look for the position or location of the DVD player on the Tv.

Progressive Scan

The picture produced by the television is made up of various horizontal lines. Here, a progressive-scan player is a better option for the high-definition TV since this technology produces a sharper and clearer image by redrawing the horizontal lines. This technology is an advanced version of interlaced scanning, which scans the odd lines and then even lines. So, if you are searching for the best Smart TV with a built-in DVD player, then select the models with progressive scan.

DVD Region Coding

Film industries use the DVD regional coding system. Here, it utilizes various digital codes to divide the world, then formats the DVD discs with these codes. A suitable DVD player can only be able to play these coded DVDs. A region one DVD player (America) cannot play a region two (European countries) DVD codes.

Mostly, every DVD player identifies factory-pressed DVDs, i.e., MPEG-2) and CDs which have movies and albums. Normally, other disc types that you burn by yourself are DVD+R/W, DVD-R/W, and CD-R/W. In file formats, all DVD players are used to show a photo slideshow (from JPEG files); play MP3 and WMA music files, and play other video formats like DivX, WMV, or VCD (MPEG-1). 


Resolution is a vital thing that should be remembered while purchasing a TV. Resolution is calculated in terms of the number of pixels that the display image holds or indicates the no. of pixels that a TV can show in terms of width and height. The more pixels that a TV has, the sharper and clearer the picture or video will be.

Consider 32 inch smart TVs that have HD Ready resolutions, which means the TV can support up to 1280×720 pixels. But, the HD Ready TVs have a higher resolution up to 1366x768p. In Layman’s view, more pixels increase the sharpness of the image. There are also various other resolution options available, namely FHD (1920×1080), 4k (3840×2160). 

If you want high-resolution TV, then you need to choose a big size television. Because in a 24 or 32 inches TV many pixels cannot be able to fit in its size of the display. But in most of the higher resolution models, you can’t have a built-in DVD player. So choose wisely based on your needs.

Display Panel

In modern TV, the designer builds a TV with two main display options, such as LCD or LED. In our opinion, LEDs are the best choice while buying a smart TV with a built-in DVD player. Most of the products listed in this category are LED, but you should also have knowledge about other display panels too. If you have an idea to purchase an LCD TV, our detailed discussion will provide you a clear view. The backlight settings of LED and LCD displays vary. LCD TVs have a backlighting option with CFL (Compact fluorescent lamp) bulbs, while smart LED TVs work with LEDs. 

LEDs are smaller in size when compared with CFL bulbs, so LED TVs are slimmer than the LCD tv. Apart from that, the LED lighting option offers better illumination and also plays an important role in low power consumption. So, we advise you to buy a smart TV with an LED display.

After that, you also need to think about the display technologies that are being used. You have to find whether the TV with a DVD player has an IPS (In-Plane Switching) that improves the viewing angles to get a clear vision of the images from wider angles. If the TV does not have an IPS, then the images will get distorted (when not facing the center of the TV).


Anti-glare features are available in almost all the TVs, which aids in watching the TV in bad lighting conditions. It also prevents UV rays from the TV and thus protects your eyes’ health.

Contrast Ratio and brightness

The contrast ratio denotes the range of brightness levels, and indicates how subtle the shadows and hues are displayed. You can find out the good contrast ratio by watching videos in the dark scenes. In most Smart TVs, an image processing engine is installed into the hardware that enhances the image clarity and also optimizes the image contrast.

Refresh Rate

Refresh Rate is said to be the number of times that the picture gets updated or refreshed on the display per second. The higher refresh rates will ensure the smoother image motion. The best smart TV with a DVD player comes with a refresh rate of either 50 Hz or 60Hz. This refreshes the images at the rate of either 50 times or 60 times per second.

If you are a person interested in watching speedy action channels like sports channels, then you should prefer the highest refresh rate. The higher refresh rate shows pictures sharper by reducing motion blur. Here, if you have an option to choose a low refresh rate TV, then you have to search for an additional feature to compensate for it. 

Operating System (OS)

This is an important factor which you should consider before purchasing Smart TV. Most Smart TVs use the Android platform to run the function, but there are some manufactures that make use of their own operating system version. 

Some OSes are not easy to use, so you should identify the best TV based on the smoothness of the TV OS. Here, make sure that the OS doesn’t have an error that disturbs your viewing experience. Here, we recommend you to purchase an Android TV for various smooth functions.

Additional Ports

Better choose a smart TV with lots of ports that are more convenient to use. The most necessary ports include HDMI, coaxial, and VGA. So you can connect home theatres, speakers, monitors, laptops, and headphones. Also, purchase a TV with more than one HDMI port and USB. Some newer model TVs have lesser ports, and so it is essential to buy a TV with various port options for live viewing and streaming.


It is an important feature that should be found in Smart TVs. With the help of this option, you can mirror your device’s display like phone and laptop to the TV screen via Wi-Fi. 


There are various new brands that have been involved in the construction of their Smart TVs and DVD player combos. It is essential that you buy only from the famous, reputable brands. While selecting a branded TV, the benefit you get is the availability of a service center in your area. So that it will be easy for you to repair the fault or replace the unit. The famous brand also has a longer warranty period. 

We advise you not to go for a cheap brand TV because its hardware quality will be bad, and so the TV stops functioning after some time. But, while buying a TV from a popular brand, you can use some advanced technologies that may improve the usage and viewing experience.

TV Box

If your budget is not enough to purchase a Smart TV or your TV with a DVD player does not have smart options, then you can buy a TV box, or android stick, or fire stick separately. Using this unit, you can change a normal TV into a Smart one with suitable port options. This unit is an Android device that provides the navigation system of a TV. 


While choosing a smart tv with an inbuilt DVD player, you have to consider a long period warranty. You need an extended warranty period for the Tv because it may get damaged due to hardware or software problems.

Advantages of buying a Combo Device

  • The primary advantage of purchasing a combo device is it minimizes the utilization of space. You need to set up only a few boxes, and so you don’t need to worry about placing them.
  • It is more convenient to use the TV with only one remote control. 
  • There will be less wiring between the units. If you own a separate disk player and a television, you need to plug in two power cables and a single signal cable between them. Therefore, the three cables make it a bit clumsy. But in a combo unit, it is not like that because there is only one cable.

Take away

There are only a few smart TVs available with built-in DVD players in the market. We have given the best TV on our list. It is the best option for a compact TV.

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