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Best 10 Small Air Purifier for Bedrooms 2022


Best 10 Small Air Purifier for Bedrooms 2022

Did you notice that 80% of the people who come to Breathe Reliability are looking for a sleeping remedy? You should be here to learn about the best small air purifier for bedrooms. Choosing the best air purifiers for bedrooms in 2022 must be the remedy.

As per the American Psychological Association (APA), Sixty percent of Americans have frequent sleep problems. The oxygen you inhale is a major source of various sleep disturbances. Yes, the air in your home isn’t as pure as you assume. Airborne contaminants could be up to five times worse even than outdoor pollution levels.

Sleep Disturbances

Air purifiers should support sleep by eliminating dust contaminants such as dirt, bacteria, allergies, germs, smoke, and animal hair. As it causes problems and distress to your nostrils at nighttime. As a result, you could sleep a lot better & wake up and feel quite energized if you use an air purifier in the room.

Let’s don’t waste dozens of hours going through multiple websites to locate the best air purifiers for your requirements.

What is a Small Air Purifier?

Home air purifiers are becoming more popular, partially due to rising worries about air quality. Although your housing is meant to give safety, most of us spend far more hours inside than previous generations. As a result, one may be subjected to even more household pollutants and contaminants, which can cause or worsen lung ailments.

Small Air Purifier

Can air purifiers, despite their claims, be a reliable method for removing airborne contaminants? The quick answer would be yes, but only to a certain extent. Continue reading to learn more about the best small air purifiers of 2022 and whether they’re worth adding to your house.

Best 10 Small Air Purifier for Bedrooms

Our Top 10 Recommendations

1. Hepa Air Purifiers for Small Home

The exceptional purifying capability of the air purifier with a Portable HEPA filter is highlighted. It has three layers of filtering that remove 99.97% of air contaminants. The happy living heap air Purifier rotates your space swiftly and efficiently with a CADR of 200 m3/h. The standby mode will operate silently with a sound level of little less than 22dB, assuring a restful night’s sleep.

Hepa Air Purifier


The Air purifier with HEPA filter and UV light is constructed with three-stage filtering technology that effectively removes various types of nanoparticles from airflow, including a prefilter level for bigger molecules such as hairs and dust, a HEPA barrier for small particles such as tobacco, and an activated charcoal layer for odor removal. As a result, over 99.97% of animal dander, dust, pollen, and other microorganisms are removed, leaving you with a clean and fresh living area.

The Bedroom HEPA air purifier has 3-speed control options to choose from when it comes to air purification. The Automatic option allows the gadget to adjust the velocity as air quality varies automatically. Set a timer for 24 hours because you can inhale clean air throughout the night or as soon as you enter a room. Simply pushing the Headlamps switch, you can turn out the lights and experience a decent night’s sleep with no lighting but pure, clean air in the room.



2. Honeywell HPA300 Hepa Air Purifier

You can’t go wrong with the Honeywell HPA300 whether you’re seeking a solid fundamental functionality air purifier at a fair price. Although Honeywell’s air purifier is pricier than HEPA models, this could cover a wider area than virtually any purifier. Considering its bulky appearance (it weighs a whopping 21 lbs), the Honeywell Homes is among the quietest types available. This can be the ideal air purifier for anyone with a medium-sized space.


The Honeywell HPA300 Air Purifier with Hepa filters purifies and rotates airflow up to 4.8 times per hour over 465 sq. ft. rooms. There are four air filtration levels on these HEPA purifiers, featuring Turbo Cleaning. Dust, hair, animal dander, and smoking are all minute airborne pollutants that it helps catch. Whenever the air quality is poor, it massively increases the fan’s speed to cleanse rapidly, and then when the air quality is better, it slows down. As a result, energy usage is limited. 

The machine is quite basic and provides dual filtering, with the thick carbon filter coming first and the extra-large HEPA filter coming second. The air is taken in toward the front of the item, where it passes via both filters before exiting through an exhaust grate near the controls on the top of the object. As a result, it’s a terrific decent alternative that can go practically anywhere, particularly against even a wall.



3. Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Auto Large Area Air Purifier

The Blueair Blue Pure 411 uses a three-stage filtering process to monitor that the oxygen you breathe is clean. First, large molecules are caught by the reusable fabric filter, while the carbon filter removes aromas such as gas and smoke. Lastly, the HEPASilent tech filters out 99.97 percent of air contaminants per the manufacturer.


The Blueair Blue Pure 411 is a plain, simple cleaner with a clever design and practical value. You receive particles and charcoal filtering in such a 160 sq. ft space, making it an excellent air purifier for tiny spaces. The best room air purifier weighs just over 3 lbs, making it easily transportable throughout your house. It was also designed to cover spaces up to 161 sq ft, so bear that in mind while placing this portable air purifier in the house, whether in the workplace, infant nursery, or library. It was also extremely silent, at only 17dB on the lowest speed, so that you could sleep peacefully in the bedroom with a Blueair purifier.

The Blue Pure comes with various colored prefilter coverings for the outside of the gadget, allowing it to blend into practically any color scheme. Its button screen is as simple as they come. The gadget is also lightweight, with sound levels in the middle of the scale. Aside from the loudness, the Blue Pure’s sole serious flaw is the absence of additional features such as timer controls.



4. Medify MA-14 Air Purifier 

For under $100, it’s difficult to find an air filter with a certified True Filtration system. Most air purifiers seem to use certain HEPA filters in this pricing range. The MA-14 is an extremely effective option for many who struggle with pollen allergies, bronchitis, have pets, smoke, or are generally worried regarding their indoor environmental quality. 

Levoit Air Purifier for Home Bedroom


The three-layer HEPA H13 system eliminates 99.9% of dangerous airborne contaminants in a 200-square-foot space every thirty minutes. Three fan settings, a filtration indication, a night lamp, and a sleep switch are among the functions. The Medify cleans approximately 400 square feet in one hour and 200 square feet in thirty mins. The HEPA filter silently disinfects while the activated charcoal reduces odors, rest assured that your atmosphere is safe.

Atmospheric air is frequently contaminated with hazardous substances and pollutants. Medify is committed to providing dependable solutions that use cutting-edge cleaning technologies to protect you and the safety of your loved ones. Medify offers you equipped with effortless HEPA filters, elegant layouts, and functions like sleep state and child protection.



5. Levoit Air Purifier for Home Bedroom

Are you still suffering from allergic conditions and noxious odors? Then, fresh air is easy to get by with the Levoit LV-H128 Tabletop True HEPA Air Purifier, ideal for someone aiming to better their indoor environmental quality.

Levoit Air Purifier


This tabletop air purifier is a fully approved air purifier that removes allergies, smoking, and other contaminants from the air by altering it 5 times in bedrooms up to 403 sq. ft. The quiet sleep mode, which functions more silently and shuts off the screen lighting just to not disrupt anyone as during evening, and the 3 tailored filtration: basic, animal allergies filters, and poison absorbing filter, are two features we especially enjoy about this model. Switching knobs and dials is a thing of the past. The best tabletop air purifier is controlled by a single button, indicating whenever the filter needs changing. This desk air purifier is simple to operate, efficient, and practical.

The Levoit is the best air purifier under $200 and it has all the excellent features. Noise sources can quickly wake up infants, and nap restrictions can severely affect health. This desktop air purifier features a Sleep Mode and maintains sound levels to a minimum of 28dB, ensuring you and your families have a decent night’s sleep every night.



6. Koios Air Purifier Large Room

Several people are talking about Koios air purifier reviews, yet many are unaware that the air conditioner has a significant effect on health. For example, indoor air quality may be 5 times as contaminated as atmospheric air. In addition, because interior air is not as well ventilated as outdoor air, numerous airborne contaminants grow within.


The KOIOS purifiers are a cost-effective and effective way to purify your indoor environment. It’s a good investment in healthcare because it may help eliminate harmful toxins, allergies, unpleasant odors, germs, and infections. The absorption function of Activated Charcoal Filter implies it absorbs particles. Smoking cigarettes, chimney fumes, culinary odors, nitrous oxide, smog, toxins, gases, and VOCs are all bound by our carbon filter. They also collect pollutants from the living environment, including methanol, released by construction supplies, carpeting, furnishings, and paintings. Ultraviolet light sterilizes the home by destroying potentially hazardous germs, viruses, and parasites. Microbes are killed by UV light because it breaks molecular links in the DNA. Perhaps you wish to avoid sickness by killing bacteria and other germs.

This portable home air purifier’s filter is remarkably huge for such a little gadget, and the cylinder fan rotates air 360 ° while also being extremely energy-efficient. The cleaner is CARB-certified and has a HEPA and an activated charcoal filter. There’s also a night light feature, 2 fan settings, and a quiet option for evening usage.



7. Coway Airmega AP-1512HHS Air Purifier

The Coway Airmega 1512HHS is silent and effective in air filtration. The Coway Airmega AP-1512HHS air purifier can handle areas up to 325 square feet in size. AP-1512HHS Coway Airmega True HEPA and Activated Charcoal Filters catch and decrease contaminants as small as 0. 3 microns in the atmosphere, such as allergens, pollution, and other allergies up to 99. 97 percent. It also decreases CH3CHO and NH3 emissions and over 90% of hazardous organic contaminants. 


Because of its small size, silent operation, and opportunity to shift off the screen lighting, the Cosway is ideal for use in bedrooms. We’ve frequently verified coway airmega 400 vs 400s that it works like the original in prolonged use, even when the filters have been used constantly for a year or more. The app provides strong device management approaches for switching the devices on/off, altering the fan’s speed, placing it in echo or auto mode, and setting it on a timer or routine once it’s attached. Additionally, the app and gadget track the Filtration and notify you whenever they need to be changed or cleaned.

The interior air quality is communicated on a real-time basis via contamination sensors. Brightly colored LEDs tell you how pure or unclean your home oxygen is each second of a day. A stopwatch and a filtration system indicator are also included in the kit. The air purifier includes three customizable fan speeds and an Automatic option that requires less energy. The fan’s speed is adjusted accordingly in Auto mode, depending on the degree of indoor air pollutants. If there is no contamination for thirty minutes, the blower will turn off and enter Eco modes to save electricity.



8. Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link HP02 Wi-Fi Enabled Air Purifier

The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool battery-powered air purifier is a powerful heater, blower, and cleaner with a beautiful design. Dyson’s Air Purifier was introduced in 2017 and aimed to keep you warm in the winter, cool and comfortable in summer, and purify the air throughout the year. 

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link HP02 Wi-Fi Enabled Air Purifier


The Dyson best fan air purifier combo outperforms the previous Dyson HP01 version for voice activation. It interacts with Amazon Echo so that you can query it for anything from increasing the air circulation speed to turning on Night Vision, which fades the screen and changes to the lowest configurations to help you fall asleep. The Best air purifier for elderly is, however, already quite silent, having earned the ‘Quiet Mark’ because of its minimal performance. An android and Ios app is also available, which allows you to manage the gadget, alter configurations, and analyze the air quality. Furthermore, the Dyson Pure Link is a convenient seven-day plan which you can customize effortlessly.

The best air purifier for office desks has Dyson’s signature bladeless technology, making it easier and safer to clean while also boosting airflow. Installing the Dyson HP01 is likewise a breeze. The primary fan gear is already assembled, so all you have to do now is install the 2 filters. Gases are captured by the internal filtration process, while the outside Filtration system captures minute particles.



9. Toppin Hepa Air Purifiers for Home

The Toppin HEPA is the best air purifier for dorm room with UV Light and 4 in 1 Nano-Silver Coated Filter removes 95% of 0.3-micron air pollutants, decreases and absorbed smoking and odors through the nano-silver covering and charcoal layers, and keeps the air pure around you for the Ultraviolet rays and blue netting.

Toppin Hepa Air Purifiers for Home


The device will not produce purple lights after switching on the UV lamp feature because UV light is undetectable to the naked human eye. For uninterrupted rest or studying, the HEPA Air purifier operates at a low noise level on Low Rpm; 3 other fan settings can be set depending on the real pollution levels and space. Before using the air purifier, kindly delete the filters and the trash bag and the adaptor, which is placed in the center of the filtration system. Add a few drops of oil to the sponges underneath the purifier’s exhaust port, and the smell will disseminate with the air circulation; air purifiers for homes have a blue bedside lamp. To switch in or out of the functionality, gently push the switch.

The Toppin air purifier is helpful for white noise, and it can be used near the mattress at night at degrees 2. Level 3 is too noisy to rest beside. The Ultraviolet light is intense. The two control toggles are tough to use at first because they react to sensation instead of a press off/on the mechanism, but once you get used to those, they’re simple to use. This Toppin air purifier review stated that it assisted with asthma, migraines, and a stuffy nose.



10. Tredy Air Purifier for Large Room

This Quiet Air Purifiers will assist people looking for advice about how to get away from dirt or even other allergies. I suggest using a machine with a HEPA filter, which would be a rising filter capable of trapping unwanted toxins. After that, you can rinse the filter and get the chemicals out of your house.


The TREDY Air Purifier is a great entry-level option because it’s small enough to fit on the desktop yet strong enough to eliminate 99.9% of dirt, allergens, smoking, odor, fungal spores, and animal dander. The technology uses a 4-Stage True HEPA Filter to purify the air instead of Ultraviolet or particles. In addition, the purifier’s velocity and loudness can be adjusted using 3 fan configurations. The revolutionary air fan gathers 99.97 percent of airborne particulate, filtered by the H13 True Filtration System, resulting in pure, cool air for the entire extended family.

The sensors could have been more delicate. For example, the air quality detector must be triggered by a significant amount of smoke or dust. It just remains on loud for several seconds after that. It would be among the greatest purifiers if we could tweak software or more delicate sensors were used.



Benefits of Air purifiers

Reduces Asthma Symptoms

The majority of the home air purifiers have HEPA filters, which are made to trap all of these contaminants so you can breathe clean air. These filters are up of multi-layered meshes with fine, hair-thin fiberglass threads. These meshes catch the pollens, and specks of dust that are floating about in the household environment, helping you to breathe pure air.

Remove Dangerous Chemicals

These chemical pollutants can be removed by air purifiers utilizing activated carbon, lowering the risk of many health issues. This carbon filtration technique uses a very porous type of carbon to collect contaminants and recycle fresh air back into the place.

Increases Sleep

Lack of sleep makes you drowsy during the day and reduces your productivity the following morning. It is better to utilize HEPA air purifiers because they remove the majority of allergens from your home, preventing these sleep interruptions. You sleep better at night when the air is cleaner.

Eliminates irritating odors

Low VOC concentrations in the surrounding air increase output and efficiency. In order to reduce pollution, the indoors, air purifiers with HEPA and activated carbon filters are efficient at collecting gases as well as particles.

Factors that You Should Consider While Purchasing the Best Small Air Purifier for Home

Before Buying a Air purifier

Since air quality can become harmful owing to smoking, pesticides, and other biological contaminants, air filters have become a necessity in the last few days. An air purifier’s primary duty is to draw in ambient air and send it via a Filtration sequence to eliminate dangerous airborne contaminants and dirt as they collect inside the house. If you’re in the market for an air purifier, utilize this criterion to narrow down your choices.

Air Purifier Dimensions

Air purifiers come in a variety of dimensions based on their service area. Choose a purifier that occupies a larger area than the room to get the most bang for your buck. Choose a caster-equipped portable air purifier that can be quickly transported from one area to the other.

Air Purifier Size

Filter Types

We must change the Prefilters and several filters in the air purifiers regularly. Once it is turned on, the air must first travel through a prefilter that eliminates big particles, dog hair, and dandruff before passing through the rest of the Filtration. Choose a prefilter that can be washed and utilized on a routine basis.

Pick an air purifier with HEPA filters, removing the greatest amount of small contaminants such as dust, pollen, molds, germs, and animal dander. Since they are good at eliminating dangerous compounds and pollutants from the air, active carbon filters are frequently used in conjunction with HEPA filters. You should avoid UV filtering and ionization-based devices since they can produce ozone, hazardous to your health.

Air Purifier Filter Types

Hourly Air Change

The amount of times the purifiers can cleanse the entire amount of air in an area hourly is measured in ACH. It’s worth noting that equipment with higher above 4 ACH rates is efficient at eliminating small particles which can be hazardous to one’s well being.

Air Change Per hour

Rate of Clean Air Delivery

Examine the CADR while purchasing an air purifier, which indicates the amount of air that could filter at the highest speed level. Then, choose one piece of equipment with a greater CADR, which quickly filters the air.

Clean Rate Delivery

Sound Levels

Because it is recommended that an air purifier be installed in the bedroom, wherein we spend vast amounts of time, ensure that it has a good rating below 50dB so that it would not disrupt your relaxation.

Sound Levels of air purifier

Additional Features

An efficiency rating system, which guarantees that the appliance is energy efficient, is one of the other qualities to seek. Choose Wi-Fi air filters that can manage with a mobile phone. Dust detectors and internal air quality metrics are included in luxury models, providing real-time data on the inside air condition.


Buy an air purifier from a reputable company that provides a 12- 18-month guarantee and excellent after-sales services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are HEPA Air Purifiers better?

Better than HEPA

HEPA filters have already been available for a long time. Still, they must eliminate approximately 99.9% of particles smaller than 0.3 microns in diameter to be regarded as true HEPA. For instance, most studies have found that the typical size of a home dust mote is 0.5 to several microns, whereas mold spores and allergens are larger than 10. Cigarette smoke and other odor molecules have been discovered to fall along either outside of this line. Therefore, 3-millimetre barrier, and activated charcoal filters, used in combination with HEPA filters, are a particular filtration for such pollutants.

Is it worthwhile to invest in an air purifier?

Since it can eliminate allergies and other contaminants from the air, a purifier is worthwhile. There are several medical benefits to utilizing air filters, and the outcomes vary from individual to individual and are dependent on the sorts of pollutants present within. Generally, air purifiers with washable filters are a good investment.

Is it necessary for me to sleep near an air purifier?

Because air purifiers greatly impact people’s lives, some people may wonder if this benefit stretches to our sleeping. Unfortunately, because air pollution doesn’t halt once we rest, the easy answer is that the air purifier must be operating in the bedroom while you nap if you want to get the most out of it.

What’s the greatest spot for an air purifier?

We should place an air purifier somewhere in the breathing area. Fresh air has to traverse a lower distance the nearer the device is to the forehead. This probably equates to placing the air purifier on a nightstand or tiny table bedside table in the room.

When should an air purifier be replaced?

Changing products along those same time frames are generally recommended: True HEPA: 8,760 hrs of usable time, or roughly once a year. Activated Charcoal: 8,760 hrs of usable time (approximately every twelve months). Mesh Pre-Filter: Wash the meshes prefilter for about 2 to 4 weeks.

Final Thoughts

The top global health concern in our life is the contaminated air we breathe. Regrettably, we cannot reverse being’s devastation to the environment’s air at this time. However, we can enhance the air quality in our houses. The system has two sides to it. The best small air purifier is currently the exclusive device that could be used to enhance our family members’ welfare. If you need to know , how do you install a small air purifier at your home. The guide will help you regarding installation.

We believe that you have found the listing of the best small air purifiers useful. The air purifiers were rated based on several variables, including cost, reliability, and functionality. So, research the best purifier for your requirements and purchase an air purifier soon to preserve the health and wellbeing of everyone else around us.

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