Best Refrigerators in India [Single & Double Door of 2022]

Best Refrigerators in India

Best Refrigerators in India [Single & Double Door of 2022]

Are you looking for the Best Refrigerator in India, then you are at the right place. A refrigerator is a heat-insulated box made of heat pumps that serve as an essential household appliance. It is designed to transfer heat from its interior to its external environment so that the device’s temperature is cooled to below room temperature.

Refrigeration is currently an essential food storage technique in both developed and developing countries. It is used to process products in all climates, such as summer and winter. It provides uninterrupted service for at least ten years. So no one wants to buy a new refrigerator every year.

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A wide variety of refrigerators are being designed to meet the customers’ needs and are being sold in different price ranges. In general, it is essential to know the full details of a refrigerator before you buy. Because there are hundreds of refrigerator brands on the market, all of these brands can confuse you with their extraordinary claims.

We are here to help you avoid confusion and pick the best refrigerator in a simple way. This article gives you the necessary information about the refrigerator, and we have listed the 10 Best Refrigerators in India 2021. We hope this article will help you choose the best refrigerator.

Let’s go into the article…

Top 10 Best Refrigerators in India - Reviewed 2021

Recently manufactured refrigerators come with innovative technologies and unique features. As a family manager, it is essential to choose the right product for your needs. This is because most people are affected by attractive online offers, sales reps, and intermediaries and buy the wrong product. By doing so, your hard-earned money will be wasted, and your peace of mind will be disrupted.

To make your job easier and prevent you from being affected by various factors, our panel of experts has selected the top 10 refrigerators in India for the year 2021 and listed them according to its performance, capacity and price. So you can easily choose the best model from this list depending on your budget and personal preference.

1. LG 260 L 3-Star Refrigerator

LG is one of the Best Refrigerator Brands worldwide, which ranks first in our list due to its innovative technology and unbeatable performance. Though the renowned brand LG produces multiple electronic equipments, it manufactures venerable refrigerators at a reasonable price.

This brand is popular for producing frost-free fridges with state-of-art technology. LG 260 L 3-Star Refrigerator is a frost-free double-door refrigerator that is incorporated with advanced features and specifications.


This fridge is consolidated with a Smart Inverter technology that can automatically change the cooling power depending on the quantity of storage inside the fridge. Consequently, it offers exceptional cooling performance, makes less noise, consumes less energy, diminishes power wastage, keeps the food fresh for a long time.

This Best Buy Refrigerator comes with a Multi Air Flow Cooling technology, which is one of the striking features of this refrigerator. It circulates cold air through various air vents and scatters to each corner of the fridge. This maintains the same temperature at all sides.

In India, a power outage is a common problem. To overcome this issue, LG 260 L 3-Star Refrigerator comes with an Auto Smart Connect feature that enables the fridge to connect automatically to the additional inverter. With this aspect, it gets power automatically from your home inverter during power outages. In these cases, it utilizes limited power than 2 CFL bulbs. Hence, this refrigerator is committed to providing uninterrupted service even during power outages.

Energy efficiency is an imperative portion of electronic devices. LG 260 L 3-Star Refrigerator has a 3-Star Energy Rating given by BEE [Bureau of Energy Efficiency]. This energy rating assures you of the power-saving efficacy of this fridge.

This double door refrigerator is built with 260 liters capability, making the device absolute for a small family containing 4-5 members. What makes this refrigerator even more special? That is, it has enough space to store food items, vegetables, and fruits.

It is constructed with smart glass shelves that intensify the beauty of this fridge. Besides, these shelves are made with rugged & durable glass, which can withstand heavyweight. So you can store a heavy vessel in it without any worries.

Ordinary refrigerators won’t allow the user to store large bottles in the door part. But LG 260 L 3-Star Refrigerator is designed with ample door space. Hence you can easily place even two liters of heavy bottles without any problem.



2. Haier 320 L 2-Star Inverter Refrigerator

Haier is a multinational company that offers a wide range of products such as air conditioners, washing machines, microwave ovens, refrigerators, and many more. Indian people love this brand because of the quality, reliability, and affordable price of the products.

According to the results of our testing, Haier 320 L 2 Star Inverter Refrigerator is one of the Best Buy Refrigerators in India due to its combination of modern technologies, unique features, exceptional performance, and fair price.


Unlike other ordinary refrigerators, this double door refrigerator is designed with a Bottom Freezer, which is almost new to the Indian market. The freezer compartment is located at the bottom of the device, with the refrigeration unit at the top. This is exactly the opposite when compared to the traditional fridge design.

The interchange outfit enables you pain-free operation while handling this device for longer usage. You don’t need to squat or bend to take something that you need. The recent research regarding refrigerators has stated that Indians more frequently use refrigeration compartments rather than freezer units. So this interchange system will definitely help them.

One notable feature of this double-door refrigerator is its One Hour Icing Technology. It brilliantly reduces the freezer temperature down to -5°C within 60 minutes. Using this technology, you can make ice cubes within an hour.

This refrigerator comes with 360 ​​Degree Cooling technology, which is considered an outstanding feature by the experts and users. This technology enables cold air to distribute evenly throughout the fridge. It aids in keeping the static temperature in each corner of the fridge and maintain the food fresh for longer.

It comes with a Bigger Cool Pad that can hold the cooling effect for up to 10 hours during power cuts. Though this electronic system comes with a 2-Star Energy Rating, it works efficiently.

Voltage fluctuation can increase the chance of damaging the compressor and other internal parts of the refrigerator. But don’t worry about it. Haier 320 L 2 Star Inverter Refrigerator comes with a Stabilizer Free Operation that can prevent it from internal damages caused by voltage fluctuation.



3. Samsung 324 L 3-Star Inverter Refrigerator

Samsung is one of the Best Refrigerator Brands in the Indian market that offer premium-quality refrigerators at a reasonable price. Samsung 324 L 3 Star Inverter Refrigerator has 2 compartments; freezer & refrigeration. Here, the refrigeration compartment is located at the bottom and the freezer compartment at the top, like other ordinary fridges.

This fridge is built with a 5 in 1 Convertible Mode, which means this double-door refrigerator has five various types of convertible options. If you are looking for a refrigerator that can meet different needs at once, this product is perfect for you.


When it comes to the normal mode, both the freezer and refrigeration compartment render ample cooling effects. In this normal mode, the fridge keeps all the vegetables and fruits fresh for a long time, and the freezer portion keeps the frozen foods fresh.

If you are a person who uses more vegetables and fruits than frozen items, then the Samsung 324 L 3 Star Inverter Refrigerator is the ideal choice. Why because you can turn the freezer compartment into a refrigerator portion if you need to save extra fruits and vegetables. It will add additional space to save more vegetables and fruits.

Conversely, if you have only a few things to store in the refrigerator, then you can turn off the refrigerator portion and save the food items in the top freezer compartment. With this, you can easily change your fridge to a mini-fridge. Sometimes you may not have any frozen food to store in those situations. You can turn off the freezer area entirely and keep the bottom area active.

This Best Buy Fridge comes with a Digital Inverter Technology that detects a change in temperature that occurs inside the fridge. By this, the refrigerator maintains a conventional cooling effect and drastically decreases power consumption. And depending on the cooling demands, this technology regulates the speed of the compressor automatically.

This fridge comes with a revolutionary technology called Twin Cooling Plus technology. Due to this technology, both the freezer and fridge utilize an autonomous cooling system with separate airflow, and you’ll get two primary benefits.

The first one is that it enables the fridge to regulate the temperature range properly, so the food endures freshness for a long time. And the next one is, the aroma of the food does not mix. The 3-Star Energy Rating of this fridge ensures high-energy capability.

This fridge is equipped with an Easy Slide-out Shelf that is located on the rolling hinges. So you can easily access your food items as required. Both the freezer and fridge portions contain LED lights that help to see what is stored behind.

Samsung has combined 2 additional features to this refrigerator for the frequent power outage. The first one is the Cool-Pack feature, which keeps the food frozen for up to 12 hours. The next one is the Power Cool feature. Using this, you can instantly diminish the temperature of the refrigerator to 1℃.



4. LG 190 L 4-Star Inverter Refrigerator

LG is the leading electronics brand in India that has been manufacturing premium quality refrigerators. LG 190 L 4 Star Inverter Refrigerator is one of the Best Refrigerators 2021 that has come up with a Smart Connect aspect. This innovative technology allows the fridge to operate with the power of an additional inverter when a power cut occurs. So you don’t have to worry about voltage fluctuations. The refrigerator will automatically take power from the home inverter.

The significant feature of this refrigerator is the Smart Inverter Compressor. This compressor can modify the cooling effect automatically depending on the internal weight of the fridge. It renders a high cooling performance that makes lesser noise when compared to an ordinary compressor. It will also reduce the electricity bill by consuming low energy.


To be very clear, it consumes less energy than the energy consumed by two CFL bulbs. So, in case of a prolonged power outage, this refrigerator will grant you endless service for up to 36 hours. 

According to the energy-saving capacity of electronic devices, the BEE agency will provide an Energy Star Rating to those devices. The rating is given from 1 to 5, here 5-stars indicate the highest energy efficiency, and 1-star indicates the lower energy efficiency. The BEE gives 4-Star Energy Rating to LG 190 L 4 Star Inverter Refrigerator. 

The biggest advantage of this fridge is the Rapid Ice Making feature. This has the ability to make ice cubes in less than 2 hours. So you do not have to wait for a long time for ice cubes.

Further, LG 190 is equipped with stylish glass shelves made of durable and rugged raw material that can withstand heavy internal load. Also these glass shelves give a stylish outlook. It has the potential to carry loads up to 175kg which might be a wonder for many of us. So, you can load the fridge with lots of things and can even place heavy utensils. 

LG 190 L 4 Star Inverter Refrigerator comes with an inbuilt voltage stabilizer that offers Stabilizer Free Operation. So you need not want to install a voltage stabilizer separately. Also it can bear voltage fluctuations between 90 to 300 volts.



5. Whirlpool 190 L 2-Star Refrigerator

Whirlpool is a renowned brand that has been manufacturing high-quality home appliances that is famous for its reliability, quality, and reasonable price. All the Whirlpool Appliances are incorporated with Advanced Technologies to filter out toxic and adverse bacteria. 

Whirlpool 190 L 2 Star Refrigerator is one of the Best Buy single door Refrigerators in the Indian market. It is equipped with the most advanced technology, aesthetic design, excellent built quality, and reasonable price. All these factors are the best qualities that make this product worthy in the list of best refrigerators.


The product is consolidated with a 6th Sense Advanced Insulated Capillary Technology, which is a noteworthy feature of this device. It can retain the cooling effect for up to 9 hours, even during prolonged power cuts.

The compressor fitted with this refrigerator is durable and has the capability to withstand various voltage fluctuations. With the help of an inbuilt voltage stabilizer, the device can withstand high voltage fluctuations between 130 to 300 volts. So you don’t want to install an additional voltage stabilizer.

The inside of the refrigerator contains standard glass shelves made of rugged materials, so it is very tough. These shelves are very decent and are tough enough to bear heavyweight. Therefore, you can also place heavy cookware inside the fridge without any worries.

Apart from the Glass Shelves, the refrigerator is constructed with the jumbo bottle rack that enables you to place a large 2 liters bottle. When it comes to the capacity of the fridge, it has the capability of 190 liters.

A small family containing 4 to 5 members doesn’t need a big refrigerator with high capability. A small refrigerator with optimal capacity is sufficient for them.



6. Samsung 253 L 3-Star Inverter Refrigerator

Samsung is the leading company in India that provides an extensive range of electronics devices to healthcare appliances. Samsung is well-known for its premium quality, affordable prices, and satisfying after-sales service. Samsung 253 L 3-Star Inverter Refrigerator is constructed with great features and comes at an attractive price.

It is built with a superior digital inverter compressor that can effectively adjust the cooling effect of the refrigerator. It makes less noise and drastically diminishes energy wastage. At the same time, it gives an exceptional cooling performance.


The fridge comes with an All-around Cooling System that utilizes various vents to distribute cold air evenly throughout the refrigerator. And this technology assures that cool air is circulated equally in every corner of the fridge. Also, this enables the refrigerator to keep the required temperature from corner to corner and maintain the food fresh for an extended period.

The experts have suggested that energy rating is essential to evaluate the electronic device, whether it is good or bad. The BEE agency gives a suitable star rating to an electronic device by testing the device’s energy efficiency. For Samsung 253 L 3-Star Inverter Refrigerator, BEE has given 3-Star Energy Rating.

Continuous power outages are considered an important issue that can cause severe damage to the compressor of the refrigerator. So Samsung 253 L 3-Star Inverter Refrigerator is provided with Stabilizer Free Operation. It can bear voltage fluctuations from 100 V to 300 V. Hence, you don’t need to install any voltage stabilizer separately.

Next is the interior. It is designed with enough space to store a large amount of food without interruption. This fridge is fitted with Easily Slide Shelves attached with rolling hinges, thus easily accessible. This allows you to organize the food patiently and make it easier to see the items placed inside the shelf.

Samsung 253 L 3-Star Inverter Refrigerator comes with stylish glass shelves. These glass shelves are made of premium quality and are amazing to view and use. It improves the beauty of the fridge. Also, it has the ability to bear heavy loads so that you can keep heavy utensils like cookware without any disturbance.



7. Whirlpool 265 L 3-Star Inverter Refrigerator

Whirlpool is a reputed multinational company that has been selling quality home appliances for a long time. Indian consumers trust this brand heavily for its superior quality, affordable price, and satisfying after-sales service.

Whirlpool 265 L 3-Star Inverter Refrigerator is actually a Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator that comes with modern technology and several advanced features.


One of the modern technologies used in this fridge is the Adaptive Intelligence feature. It frequently examines multiple data such as usage patterns, internal load, and outdoor weather. Based on the data, the fridge renders an optimum cooling effect. Also, it diminishes energy wastage and keeps your food fresh for extended periods.

Whirlpool 265 L 3-Star Inverter Refrigerator is incorporated with exceptional IntelliSense Inverter Technology that adjusts the cooling effect depending on the inner load. As a result, it decreases energy wastage and reduces the electricity bill. Due to the combination of unique technologies, this fridge provides you excellent performance during power outages.

Whirlpool 265 L 3-Star Inverter Refrigerator comes with an Auto-Connect feature that can connect automatically with the home inverter and will operate without interruption. It also keeps the food fresh during prolonged power outages. 

The noteworthy feature of this refrigerator is the FreshFlow Air Tower along with Flexi Vents. This flows fresh and cold air uniformly throughout the refrigerator with the aid of multiple air vents. It also assists in keeping the equivalent temperature in each corner of the fridge so that your food remains fresh for an extended period.

The following important feature is the unique Microblock Technology. It can prevent 99% of bacterial growth inside the fridge. Besides, it comes with a Freshonizer that assists in the reduction of oxidation. Apart from this feature, it also has an advanced Zeolite Technology that limits the extreme ripening of vegetables and fruits. 

The three important features are listed above work together to keep the freshness of vegetables and fruits for up to 15 days. With these amazing technologies, you don’t want to worry about the ripening and mixing of food odor. 

This Best Counter Depth Refrigerator comes with an inbuilt voltage stabilizer that has the power to bear voltage fluctuations between 130V to 300V. It protects the compressor from getting damaged and increases the life of the compressor.



8. Samsung 244 L 3 Star Inverter Refrigerator

Samsung is one of the Best Refrigerator Brands that has launched refrigerators with the distinct curd-making aspect in India. Besides the curd-making feature, this fridge also has the potential to preserve the freshness of curd. Not only this, but several other interesting features are also the reason for Samsung’s reputation amongst Indian homemakers.

Making curd is not an easy job, but Samsung enables you to prepare the best quality curds that retain its freshness for an extended period. To make a fresh curd, the fridge contains a distinct container where you should combine the curd starter with lukewarm milk.


There are two options in the curd maker, namely ‘soft’ or ‘thick.’ You need to select any of the above options to make curd and then set the timer for about seven hours. The fridge has a ‘serve’ icon that flashes as soon as the curd is ready, indicating the completion of the curd-making process.

Samsung 244 L 3 Star Inverter Refrigerator is one of the Best Refrigerators that is incorporated with a sturdy digital inverter compressor. It provides excellent performance, less noise, and has exceptional energy efficiency.

This 244 L 3 Star Inverter Refrigerator comes with an inbuilt voltage stabilizer for a stabilizer-free operation. The Smart Connect feature can combine the fridge with the home inverter. The refrigerator will automatically take power from the home inverter. So you don’t have to worry during power outages. 

It does not have high-quality features like Convertibility and All Round Cooling, which is considered to be the smallest flaw to this refrigerator. It is designed with other features to justify its benefit in the kitchen atmosphere.

This reputable refrigerator is built with a Big Bottle Guard feature which is a unique attachment here. It can prevent the bottles from falling when you open the door. It is constructed with robust glass shelves that have the power to withstand up to 175 Kgs of weight comfortably. Therefore, you can place any kind of utensils on the toughened glass shelves. 

The digital display fitted with the refrigerator elevates the aesthetic nature of the product and demonstrates the usefulness of operating the settings conveniently. The hidden hinges and recessed handle offer a minimal appearance to the fridge and improve its popularity.



9. Godrej 190 L 5 Star Inverter Refrigerator

Godrej is the Best Fridge Brand in India that produces high-quality home appliances that can deliver superior performance. Godrej 190 L 5 Star Inverter Refrigerator is capable of containing 190 liters and has the power to cool the object placed inside the refrigerator. This home appliance is built with bold design & balanced features and comes at an affordable price.


It is quite compact that can fit any part of your home. Don’t misjudge that it is fit only for a small-sized family. Though it comes in a compact size, it is adequate for small to medium-sized families.

Our team of experts noted that the refrigerator compartment, including the bottle rack, chiller tray, and freezer, is larger than the normal refrigerators. So, you can simply fit anything into the refrigerator, and it can remain fresh for a long time.

This fridge has bacterial protection that prevents the food from bacterial infections and complements the high storage capacity of the product. Further, this is equipped with Silver Ions technology in the door crispers and vegetable tray to maintain your food germ-free and fresh. The gasket of this appliance is also anti-bacterial.

With these technologies, you don’t need to worry about your foods getting contaminated (if the fridge has many foods). The gasket is removable, and so you can clean it by yourself with a little effort to remove it.

Unlike other fridges in the Indian market, Godrej 190 L 5 Star Inverter Refrigerator is built with eco-friendly material safe for you and the earth. It has got a 5 Star Energy Rating that demonstrates energy efficiency and reduces your electricity bill.



10. Samsung 336 L 2 Star Inverter Refrigerator

Samsung produces convertible refrigerators with high-quality features. This convertible refrigerator is considered to be one of the most coveted home appliances. Samsung is using new technology in every refrigerator model to secure a unique position in the market.

Samsung 336 L 2 Star Inverter Refrigerator is the Best Fridge that comes with the Curd Maestro feature. It allows you to prepare fresh and natural curd at home. So you can get healthy curd every day.


This 5-in-1 convertible refrigerator is built with different modes: Normal, Home Alone Mode, Seasonal, Vacation, and Extra Fridge, allowing you to utilize it in any environment.

Samsung 336 L 2 Star Inverter Refrigerator is incorporated with a digital inverter technology that makes less noise, provides significant energy efficiency, and delivers long-lasting performance.

Also, it enables the user to adjust its speed depending on the cooling requirements. This high-quality fridge can also be connected with your home inverter system during extended power outages.

The frequent power cut is one of the primary problems in India. To manage this situation, Samsung 336 L 2 Star Inverter Refrigerator is made with a stabilizer-free operation. This enables the product to keep functioning even at a wide range of voltage fluctuations. If the voltage goes beyond the limited range, the inbuilt stabilizer automatically shuts off the fridge to defend it from electrical damages.

The device comes with the All-Round Cooling system, which is actually a boon to the user. This delivers uniform coolness to each corner of the fridge to keep the food fresh. Also, this fridge comes with a deodorizer feature that preserves your food’s natural flavor for a more extended period. The movable ice maker aids in space management.

It is built with Toughened Glass Shelves that can hold heavyweight utensils. Besides, the refrigerator comes with a Big Bottle Guard, which is an excellent feature that prevents bottles from falling from the door when we open. Furthermore, there is an LED light located inside the refrigerator compartment to ensure superior illumination inside the fridge. The recessed handle and digital display add aesthetics to the fridge.



Final Words

There are different types of refrigerators available in the market today at different price ranges, and choosing the best one among them can be a challenging task. To save your time and reduce the stress of selecting the best one, our team of experts has selected the Top 10 Refrigerators in India and ranked them based on quality, specification, uniqueness, features, and price.

There is no doubt that this article will be helpful to get at least a minimal knowledge about refrigerators. Any one of the 10 Refrigerators listed above will definitely suit you and your needs. If you have any questions about choosing the Best Refrigerators in India, leave your questions in the comments section below, and we will try to answer them soon.

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