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Best Portable Nail Drill For Personal and Professional Manicures/Pedicures

Best Portable Nail Drill

Best Portable Nail Drill For Personal and Professional Manicures/Pedicures

If you are like to DIY your nail for pedicures and manicures, a professional nail drill is one of the best-upgraded ways for the process. The professional nail drill is also known as an electric manicure file or e-file. Using the portable nail drill will give the mimics look to your nail in the hands and tose that you receive at the salon.

But the E-files are only recommended for experts not for beginners. Because the process of using the nail drill provides precision to the pedicure and manicure.

Best Overall

MelodySusie Portable Electric Nail Drill


Best For Professionals

Kupa ManiPro Passport Portable Nail Filing System

ManiPro Passport

Budget Friendly

AEVO Electric Nail Drill Kit


The electric manicure tool is perfectly working for both false and real nails. They can be able to easily remove the gel polish, shape the nail, trim the cuticles, take off the acrylic nails, and buff the calluses straight to smoothness at home.

The best portable nail drill facilitates mani / pedis at home. If you are not experienced in using the specifics of the nail drill, it may end up of the desired outcome or worse, damaging the nails, and hurting yourself.

So you have to choose the right nail drill for the manicure and pedicure and select the right speed and setting.

Best Portable Nail Drill Reviewed

1. MelodySusie Electric Nail Drill

This MelodySusie Portable Electric Nail Drill is a multifunctional device, it is comes with 6 metal bits and 6 sanding bands. You can use these metal bits and sanding bands for cutting, carving, grinding, and polishing your nail. This nail is also used to remove cuticles from the nail.

MelodySusie Portable Electric Nail Drill


This nail drill has a speed control button, by using this you can adjust the speed of the nail drill from 0 to 20000 RM. This speed control will help to easily polish your nail. The powerful motor of this electric file has smart heat dissipation that will effectively avoid overheating. But it is recommended to not use more than 20 minutes.

You can use it in forwarding and backward position by pausing it for 2 seconds. This process will help to protect the motor. Due to this process, this electric file is also suitable for left-hand use. 

It provides low vibration, low noise, so it is very easy to use the nail drill and change the metal bits. The lightweight and compact design of this electric file make it very easy to bring outside so that you can show your nail artwork anywhere anytime. 

This nail drill is very easy to use, it gives professional work for both salon and home use. Simply connect the power cord with the nail drill and start the work. It is also recommended to remove the metal bits after use and keep it in a dry location.



2. Kupa ManiPro Passport Portable Nail Filing System

The Kupa nail drill is the best and favorite choice for DIY manicure lovers even with its high price tag. Due to its cordless feature, it is the best-selling portable nail drill in the market. This portable nail drill is specially designed for professional nail technicians who are demanding portability and power.

Kupa ManiPro Passport Portable Nail Filing System


The lightweight battery is featured for the power of this electric nail file. The battery of this nail drill ensures that you can work 8 to 10 hours per charge. this tool comes with a complete stainless steel belt clip and plastic handpiece holster that can be snapped on each side of the control box. the control box is designed in white or red color.

This portable nail drill provides quiet, ultra-smooth, and vibration-free performance. By using the speed control button, you can speed the motor from 0 to 30000 RPM. The variable speed control ensures easy and professional use. The forward are reverse button will help to protect the motor and also it ensures left-hand use. The small clip on the back of this tool will help to hook it on your pants while going anywhere.

The illuminated power indicator indicates when the battery power is low. the quick charge system will fully charge the battery within 2 hours. An instruction manual is also provided with the electric nail drill that helps the first-time user.



3. Kiara Sky Beyond Pro Drill

The features of this nail drill are worth its price, but it is not a professional-grade nail drill. The smooth and quiet design nail drill has acetone resistant body. This Kiara Sky’s Beyond Por nail Drill has a cordless design, so a battery is used as a power source for this tool. The high-capacity lithium-ion battery will last for more than 10 hours ensuring a long-term use.

Kiara Sky Beyond Pro Drill


The portable design of this electric nail drill makes sure easy transportation. Moreover, the high-speed motor used in the nail drill helps to perfect finishing work. The high torque motor has variable speed control. The true speed of this motor is 35000 RPM.

By using the forward and reverse switch, you can protect your motor from damages. The auto-stop feature of this portable nail drill will protect this tool from overloading.

By using this electric nail drill, you can easily remove gels and acrylics from the nails. It is featured with a wide voltage switch that can be able to charge AC 100-240V.

Thanks to the power and charging indicator of this tool, it shows the power and charging level of the battery used in this device. Also, the full-view LCD screen is also designed in this nail drill.

The Kiara Sky Beyond Pro Drill also comes with a table stand, E-file handpiece drill and motor, fine drill bit, sand bit, warranty card, and instruction manual.



4. Makartt Nail Drill Electric Nail File Machine

This Makartt Nail Drill is the best Amazon Choice comes with full nail drill features. This nail grinder is specially used for grinding, buffering, sanding, sharpening, polishing the acrylic nails, removes nail gels. The 3/32 drill bits and 30 pcs sanding bands are included with this nail drill.


It also provides foot pedal function, so you can choose either foot or hand mode for your convenient use. The twist-lock chuck system helps to easily replace the grinding head. For the handed operation, this nail drill is suitable for both the right and left hand.

Due to the operation function, this tool is very easy for beginners and home use. By using this device, you can quickly change nail shape and nail art at any time. It gives salon quality to you. Due to the features and good quality, this nail drill is suitable for studio, professional nail salon, and home use.

The drill bits that come with this electric nail drill are ceramic cone bit, ceramic barrel ball bit, mandrel+sanding band, mandrel bit, safety bit, and needle head. The ceramic cone bit is used to remove extra gel and cuticle and the ceramic barrel ball bit is used to remove nail gel.

The Mandrel+ Sanding Band is used to shorten and remove nail gel. For the Electric Nail Drills and sanding band, the mandrel bit is a great choice. The safety bit will polish the nail side edge and the needle head used to polish the nail edge.

This new style nail drill has a comfortable speed adjustment, which is more convenient to use. The ventilation design of this device will reduce the handpiece temperature.



5. AEVO Electric Nail Drill Kit

If you are new to the nail drill profession and not ready to spend tons of money, you will definitely love this affordable choice. by choosing this product, you are not going to sacrifice the quality that comes with quiet vibration and adjustable speed.

This nail drill also comes with 11 bits, which is great for finishing, prepping, and polishing the nails. Moreover, its size makes it easy to store.

AEVO Electric Nail Drill Kit


It has an upgraded USB interface that allows you to plug in the professional nail file in the USB port, laptop, power bank, and AC adaptor. The forward and reverse toggle allows you to work ambidextrously and also it helps to protect the motor. The cool and quiet design makes this nail drill great for salon and home use.

While filing, reshaping, and polishing the nail, this powerful motor product low noise, and vibration. The aluminum body of this nail drill will reduce heat, so you can work for a long time with this device. Due to the lightweight and compact design, you can easily take this nail drill while traveling.

There are 11 swappable bits are come with this nail drill, in which cone bit is used for nail sharping, football bit for smooth out cuticles, straight point bit for shape edges, and clean under long acrylics.

The small/large barrel is used to polish the small/large nail surface, remove acrylics, gels, and calluses, and the mandrel bit is used with sanding bands to remove acrylics and pre-nails.

This nail drill also comes with 11 swappable bits for shaping the nails, a USB power cord, 36 mandrels sanding bands for prepping nails, a cleaning brush, a portable electric nail drill, and a user manual.



6. TOUCHBeauty Electric Nail File 5in1 Professional Manicure Pedicure Kit

TOUCHBeauty has 20 years of experience in the beauty industry that provides leading beauty and personal care devices. This TOUCHBeauty Electric Nail File has IC CE FCC certification and ensures safe use.

This cordless electric nail file comes with 5 optional attachments that will effectively remove excess cuticles, smooth calluses, and corns, buff, drill, polish and shine fingernails. 

TOUCHBeauty Electric Nail File 5in1 Professional Manicure Pedicure Kit


The comfortable handle grip ensures that you can work without slipping out from the hand. This mini pen-sized nail drill can be easily held and stored.

This portable electric nail drill requires 2 AAA batteries, but it is not included with this device. The one-button design of this nail drill ensures easy use. Due to its lightweight design, you can easily carry it outside and travel.

When compared to the other nail drill which has a 35000 RPM rotation speed, this device is completely safe to use. Even the person who is using wrongly does not cause any big harm to the nail.

The TOUCHBEauty Manicure & Pedicure System of nail drill helps to effortlessly maintain the toe and fingernails shiny and beautiful. The 6 interchangeable, high-quality attachment of this electric nail drill allows you to remove excess calluses or cuticles, smooth dead skin, buff, drill, polish, and shape the nail just like the salon.

The in-built Mini UV light nail dryer provides extra nail care that helps to fix a few nail polishes. This nail drill comes with 6 head attachments for professional use that are sandpaper shaping grinder, chromium shaping grinder, carborundum grinder, white corundum filling cylinder, Extra nail dryer, and felt grinder.



7. Bauer Professional Manicure and Pedicure Set

If you are more conscious about choosing the beauty item, this Bauer Professional Manicure and Pedicure Set is a best choice. It comes with the compact storage case, so you can easily carry it to anywhere.

Bauer Professional Manicure and Pedicure Set


The 5 attachment included with this nail drill that gives gentle and safe performance. This cordless tool require 2 AA battery, but the battery is not included with this device. The silky smooth finish of this nail drill gives ergonomic look and the lightweight ensures that you can easily carry it to anywhere.

It is features with 2 speeds for the manicure and pedicure. By using the attachements, you can easily buffer, polish, push cuticles, and trim file for the perfect and salon result. 

The included attachements of this nail drill are fine cylinder polisher, wide manicure stem, filling and trimming disc, cuticle pusher, and polishing disc. By using these attachements, you can easily maintain toe and hand nails.

If you are lookng for the best health and beauty products, the Bauer Professionals are the perfect choice of brand to choose.



8. Pure Enrichment PureNails 10-Piece Professional Manicure and Pedicure Kit

If you are looking a nail drill for the natural nail, you should be very careful in picking it. This Pure Enrichment pedicure Kit comes with two speed setting, in which lower speed is good enough to treat natural nails and cuticles without damages.

Pure Enrichment PureNails 10-Piece Professional Manicure and Pedicure Kit


The 7 interchangeable attachements are included with this nail drill that are perfectly smoothing the calluses and corns, remove the excess filing and cuticles, easily buffering and shaping the nail at home. Each bits are designed by using premium, sapphire coated metals that gives maximum durability and performance.

The in-built LED Grooming light of this nail drill will brighten the grooming area that helps to get best result in shaping, filing, polishing, and buffering. By using the rotation control button, you can easily change the rotation direction of the drill.

The indicator light helps you to know the direction that you selected. If the drill is rotate in clockwise direction, it will display green light. If you choose counterclockwise direction, it will display red color. 

The spiral spring long-reaching AC adaptor will power the nail drill, so it does not require any battery for the operation. 

You can also get 7 drill attachements, storage bag, AC power adaptor, Warranty card with this electric nail drill.



9. YaFex Nail Drill

The YaFex Nail Drill helps to make the easy nail art. It helps to get a professional and salon-grade look to the nail for both nail masters and beginners. It increases the value of nail art to a pedicure and manicure lovers. The LED dial of this nail drill helps you to easily customize the speed.

Also, the LCD display shows a speed range of 0-35000 RPM. Due to this adjustable speed, you can do efficient nail work like gel nail polish, acrylic nails, dip powder nail kit, poly gel nail kit, nail shaping, and buffing, primary engraving, and pet nail grinding.

YaFex Nail Drill, 35000 RPM Professional Nail Drill


The latest superior motor ensures a low vibration handpiece, low heat, and low noise. Moreover, the 3 ventilation holes in the handpiece are excellently dispose the heat and ensure stability. The twist-lock system is very helpful to change the nail drill bits. 

There are 2 US ports is designed in the back of the nail drill machine, in which you can connect the nail lamp, mini fan, or charge the mobile for doing the convenient nail art. The in-built LED lamp provides better illumination to create nail art. 

The forward and reverse buttons of this nail drill helps to choose the rotation direction of nail drill bits, so it is suitable for both right and left-hand use. Due to this feature, this nail drill is the perfect choice for newcomers and manicurists.



9. Asalle USB Nail Drill

The ASalle USB Nail drill kit has sleek design, which is good enough to carry anywhere and the USB interface designensures the convenient use. The sleek size design of this nail dile is very easy to store and use.

Asalle USB Nail Drill, Electric Nail Drill Machine


The handpiece of the nail drill is designed with aluminum alloy, so it very durable and long-lasting. It is considered as an effective effective medicure and manicure device for both salon anf home use. 

The adjustable speed range of this nail drill is 20000 RPM, the lower speed of the motor is gentle with natural nails and the high speed is suitable for dip powder nails and acrylic gel nail.

The lightweight and pen shape handpiece of this nail drill is also fit for small hands. The motor supports forward and reverse rotation that gives quiet, smooth, and low vibration performance. 

This professional nail drill comes with nail drill bits and sandind bands that helps to the perfect nail sharping, nail filing, nail polishing, nail shortening, dip powder nails, and removing poly nail gel.



Final Words

Are you a beauty lover or DIY enthusiast thinking for investion professional nail drill for long time. But feel to get little bit of guidance before buying it then you are in the right place. Here, we are suggestion top 10 best portable nail drill from the market.

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