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Best Party Speakers in India – Reviews & Guide

Best Party Speakers

Best Party Speakers in India – Reviews & Guide

In this modern era, we are all busy at work, so we will be tired, frustrated and tense quickly. To overcome this, we have to go out and enjoy the weekend days. On weekends, most people get a chance to relax and enjoy their life. Everyone loves parties and dances, especially if you are an IT guy, having parties is usual.

The weekend is coming, but we can’t go to the club because of this lockdown. What to do? We may organize the party at home. But, what about music? Don’t worry, there is a speaker. In this article, we will talk about the best speakers for a home party to ease your search.

Best Value for Money

Panasonic SC-UA30GW-K

Best Disco Speaker

Zoook Rocker Thunder

Best for Home

Samsung MX-T50/XL

Nowadays, partying with friends is a trendy option that relaxes us. With a number of issues such as monthly budget, cost effectiveness, hassle-free time spending, and many other features, a home party is a very positive one. So, seeking the best party speakers is increased.

We often like to stay at home and have fun with our friends and guests. Without music, the party is not complete. House parties are best with great party speakers. Not just a party, a quality sound system keeps your mind refreshed and energized. 

With these issues in mind, we have come up with this article about the 10 Best budget Speakers for a party in India 2021. In this case, we’ve provided great home party speakers, which fits your budget. So, let’s get started. 

With the best party speakers, you can convert your place into a disco. Apart from the best home theater system, best soundbars, you can get extra from the party speakers. 

Do you want to know? What is the most powerful speaker? Or Which speaker is best for the party? Or which loudspeaker can you buy? Or who are the top 10 speakers? This article will definitely help you a lot …

Top 10 Best Speakers for a Party – Reviewed 2021

Here, we are not just talking speakers for music! We’re going to talk about party speakers! We did a lot of research across the internet and found the best party speakers with good bass & thrilling sound in India, which is also available online on Amazon! We rank everything listed from these party speakers from high to low! Enjoy this post and bring one of them today!

1. Sony MHC-V21D High Power Portable Party Speaker with Bluetooth Connectivity

When we talk about the best affordable speakers for parties, Sony always comes into the discussion with obvious reasons. The Sony MHC-V21D High Power Portable Party System is the champion product on our list of the best party speakers. It is very popular among people for its mind blowing features.


The best part that we’ve surprised about this speaker is that it is compatible with any laptops, mobiles, tablets, and any other Bluetooth device. It can deliver connections for up to 50 compatible speakers via Bluetooth. It will never disappoint to impress your friends. 

Rather than other Sony models, this Sony MHC-v21D portable speaker comes with a catchy lighting system that enhances your party mode. 

If you are planning for a birthday party at your home, then you can choose this MHC-V21D audio system without any oscillation. Its angled speakers can spread the rocking sound to the entire hall at the same time the speaker’s light provides a club style atmosphere. So you do not need to go out. 

To fill the room with thumping sound, you can buy this Sony MHC-V21D high power portable speaker system. Its angled tweeter speakers spread sound wider, so you can feel the body rocking beats. 

The notable feature of this Sony portable speaker is it has a built-in carry handle that allows you to carry the speaker to your friend’s house and wherever you want in your home. As it comes with HDMI output, you can enjoy your favorite shows with huge sound from your powerful speakers. 

With this portable party speaker, you can entertain everyone. It has two mic inputs so that you and your friend can sing face-to-face with your favorite songs. Alternatively, you can also attach a guitar to the inputs and add a rock and roll layer using the system as a guitar arrow. There are three modes available on the music system. Clean for a clear sound, bass guitar, and overdrive for distorted guitar sound.

When we are testing, we have found that this Sony MHC-v21D music system supports the Sony Music Center app. It allows you to control sound and music settings by using your smartphone. Moreover, the fiestable plugin puts you in charge of speaker lighting and enables DJ and karaoke modes. 

It also offers football mode to get an authentic stadium experience. With this mode, you will feel like you are in the stadium or crowd by reducing narration sound and maximizing crowd cheers. 



2. JBL PartyBox 100 by Harman Portable Bluetooth Party Speaker

We are talking about the best party speakers, then how can we forget JBL? JBL PartyBox 100 by Harman Portable Bluetooth Party Speaker is definitely a great choice for parties. This speaker is powered by a 2500mAh rechargeable battery that can give a continuous performance for up to 12 hours so that you can keep the party throughout the whole day and rock from sun up to sundown with great battery life.


It uses Bluetooth for USB and wireless connection. In addition, you can connect 2 compatible speakers through Bluetooth or RCA cable. It lets you insert your guitar or microphone and rock the performance. With the USB port, you can also charge your phone. You will get an immersive audio experience and elegant light effects with this JBL speaker. 

You can easily keep the music flowing. Just connect your tablet, phone, or laptop for uninterrupted wireless streaming. It also has a mic and guitar port, thus you can connect the mic and guitar to rock the party.

When we talk about the design, it comes with a plastic body and a grill on the front. It has a rounded edge that looks and feels sturdy and robust. It can be able to withstand all rough conditions. In terms of portability, you will get two built-in carrying handles. With that, you can take the speaker wherever you want, and it weighs around 21 pounds. More importantly, this JBL speaker is certified by IPX4.

Enhance your party with an epic light show. You can select from several RGB LED light formats or move the colors to music for the next level audio-visual party. By this aspect, you will feel like you are in the club. 

Is just one speaker not enough? You can connect two party speakers compatible with True Wireless Stereo. Just press and hold both speakers for 5 seconds to activate. It is one of the best party speakers with bass India on our list. 



3. Panasonic HiFi SC-UA30GW-K 300 Watt Wireless Bluetooth Portable Party Speaker (Black)

Panasonic is a well known Japanese brand. Its wireless party speakers are very stylish, and the twisted sound is clear and smooth. Also, an elegant music experience with Urban Audio brings a new vibe to life. Are you looking for the best party speakers under 20000? The Panasonic HiFi SC-UA30GW-K has the answer. 


Panasonic HiFi SC-UA30GW-K Portable Party Speaker System has entered the list of the best party speakers in India 2021 for its stunning aspects. It comes with 2 woofers and 4 tweeters which deliver a great quality sound. Its Bass reflex system ensures the powerful party. 

When it comes to connectivity, it has a USB port with that you can also charge your mobile phone as well as enjoy the music. You can also insert the Pendrive to enjoy and listen to your favorite music. 

This portable speaker is compatible with any device such as tablets, laptops, mobiles, and televisions. Moreover, it comes with Bluetooth connectivity and a USB port. The central blue light LED illumination of the speaker gives a cool atmosphere to the room. 

Powerful and vibration bass for a better party is further reinforced by the bass reflex system. The audio generated from the back of the woofer unit pushes forward two port sounds without losing vibration. This further enhances the bass to create a powerful wind seismic experience.

Its box design makes the carrying option easier. It is equipped with handles on both sides, which ensures easy portability so you can listen to your favorite music anywhere, even outside your garage.

The highlighting feature of this Panasonic HiFi SC-UA30GW-K 300 Watt Wireless Bluetooth Portable Party Speaker is it comes with remote control. It allows you to control the music system and change the track wherever you are in the home. 

The one thing that we’ve noticed in this portable speaker is it comes with naked. So that you have to keep it covered when it is not in use. Otherwise, the dust will attract. 



4. Sony GTK-PG10 2.0 Channel Wireless Bluetooth Party Speaker

As we mentioned earlier, Sony is a well known brand. One of such is the Sony GTK-PG10 2.0 Channel Wireless Bluetooth Party Speaker. It enhances the party mode with excellent sound quality.

It has a built-in battery in a black color option. You will get water resistant, karaoke, and Bluetooth features along with this speaker. It is another party speaker from Sony, which is the best party speaker under 20000 rs.


It is a very small speaker when compared to other sony models. As its weight is 8 kg, you can easily carry it out anywhere. For easy portability and convenience, it has built-in handles. 

Do you want a party somewhere without mains electricity? Don’t worry. The built-in rechargeable battery powers your party for up to 13 hours. You can enjoy parties throughout the day. 

One feature that we were surprised about this speaker is its open top panel, which is splash proof and comes with cup holders. You can hold the drinks and foods in this panel, thus you don’t have to worry about spilling them. As this top panel is splash proof, the cleaning process is also easier. 

Once the top panels are open, the built-in tweeters face upwards and outwards, spreading the sound widely to outdoor parties. DSP (Digital Signal Processor) automatically modifies audio settings to improve external performance. It is the best party speaker for outdoor parties. 

If you want to sing with your favorite tunes at the party, just plug in a microphone. This speaker puts your vocals directly into the mix. Everything about the controls is located at the top of the speaker. You can connect, power on or off, play & pause tuning, mic volume, mic echo, bass balancer, volume buttons.

Bluetooth technology helps for easy music streaming. This technology allows you to connect your smartphone to the GTK-PG10 using a short-distance wireless connection. It is quick and easy, and the connection will not be interrupted by objects in the signal path. Once connected, you can stream all your favorite channels and playlists to your sound system from your smartphone.

With the Sonic Music Center app, you can take control of the speaker settings on your hand. Just download the app on your phone and enjoy wireless control of your music. In addition to that, you can also adjust audio settings, select your favorite track from a USB or phone without being tied to the speaker.

The Sony  GTK-PG10 offers powerful and big sound without compromising the clarity for both indoor and outdoor. Just tune the FM radio tuner to listen to your favorite RJ shows, news, etc. 

With a built-in mounting slot, the GTK-PG10 can be set to a higher level on a tripod speaker stand so the sound can be more efficiently planned for people sitting or standing.



5. Panasonic HiFi SC-UA7GW-K 1700 Watt Wireless Bluetooth Subwoofer, Outdoor Speaker

If you are willing to spend some money on the party speakers, then you can go with this Panasonic HiFi SC-UA7GW-K Bluetooth speaker. As we mentioned earlier, Panasonic is another great brand that roots in Japan. It introduces the unique small speaker system with touch controls, making it one of the most premium looking portable speaker systems on the list. We suggest this party speaker for those who want portable and premium designed speakers. 


As it comes with many smart features, you can make your party more fun and happy. The versatile local preset equalizer can maximize the audio from rock or salsa to football commentary. 

You can connect to your TV via optical inputs.  With the expansive voice mode, your TV transmits the sound from the screen.  Also, by inserting a microphone, you can enjoy home karaoke with some functions such as environment or key control.

Using the stylish twist and mind blowing sound, the urban audio is designed with excellent aspects. It’s time to feel the emotion from every note of the music. 

The Panasonic MAXX Juke box app takes the portable speaker one step further. You can transfer several sound sources from your smartphone to its 4GB internal memory by using this app. This memory is enough to store up to 1000 songs. 

In addition to that, the UA7 offers two USB terminals so you can play the music directly and also share it. Its mixed play functions allow you to play titles based on the request. It is the best party speaker under 25000. 

When we talk about its design, it comes with a hexagonal box design. It only requires a unique installation space while providing dynamic sound with a wide range of motion. With pure sonic power, the touch sensor button with glowing white circles on the glass-finished top panel features a stylish blue center light, all of which are well-designed to enhance usability and create a premium feel.



6. Zoook Rocker Thunder XL 50 watts Trolley Karaoke Bluetooth Party Speaker

Do you want something at the entry level? Or Do you want the best party speakers under 5000 in India? Then you can’t be wrong with this Zoook party speaker who gives a total output of 50 watts. It is a French brand that specializes in manufacturing and marketing innovative electronic goods with high end designing. Its high end party speakers are not only decorative but also ensure longevity with its high quality body, great balanced music output, and thumping bass effect. 


We suggest this party speaker for those who are concerned about the money but want the best quality speaker. It is one of the cheapest and best party speakers on our list. It has a built-in 1800 mAh x2 lithium-ion battery that gives a continuous playing time for up to 5 hours.  

This Trolley speaker is one of the best disco speakers to start a party for any occasion. This 50 watts speaker has a more powerful sound output with built-in DJ lighting, which will add life to any occasion and event.

The Zoook Trolley Karaoke Bluetooth Party Speaker comes with a rugged design that is durable enough to handle low heights and some water splashes.

As it has a built-in light dazzle, it will take your party mode to the next level. You will definitely get the feel of a real DJ within the club when your favorite music plays with attractive flashing lights. 

By using the On/Off switch, you can control the light while the music is playing. Its 8 inch woofer ensures the excellent bass out with crystal clear sound output. 

This party speaker is specially made for exciting karaoke performances and events. Along with the speaker, you will have a wireless microphone which is a great aspect. With this, you can sing your favorite song to enhance the party level. This mic comes with volume control options. 

When testing, we were surprised about one feature that is its one click recording. It means you can sing with a karaoke mic and can record it with just one click. This speaker gives a bold sonic output which makes this speaker stand out from other competitors. 

In terms of connectivity, the Zoook rocker thunder speaker has a USB reader, TF card slot, aux slot, and a built-in FM receiver. Using the wireless remote control, you can take the speaker control in your hand. 



7. TRONICA Dual Thunder Vibra 60 Watt Wireless Bluetooth Party Speaker

Tronica Dual 6.5″ Thunder Vibra Party Speaker offers many amazing aspects when it comes to the house party. It is one of the best party speakers that you can find on the internet these days. Its 60 watt output power is more than enough to give an energetic party. 


Once you connect it to a power source, it is completely ready to party. However, it has a built-in battery to host the party outside. These speakers are built primarily for outdoor parties because they are very lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. At full charge, you can use it continuously for 6 hours without any disturbance, which keeps you hassle-free throughout the party.

As it gives a powerful RMS output of 60 watts, you can definitely expect some great loud music to captivate everyone at the party. Other than that, to make things a little more spicy, it offers two mics that you can use as a presenter or enjoy some karaoke time with your friends and family.

You can use this speaker in several ways, like FM/Bluetooth, SD card slot, USB thumb drive slot. It provides a 3.5mm jack for AUX devices, so you can connect the speakers and play your party music.

Along with the speaker, you will get two mics, one is wired, and another one is wireless. You can host the party by using the wireless mic and then use the wired one for karaoke.

You can control the entire system either using a remote or an app. Other than that, if we talk about its shape factor, it is very well built and weighs 3.9 kilograms which is one of the lightest models on our list, so you can easily carry it outside and enjoy some beach parties.

If you are searching for the best party speaker in India under 10000, then this one’s for you. It is the best party speaker with a wireless mic in India.



8. Zoook Rocker Thunder Plus 40 watts Karaoke Bluetooth Party Speaker

Are you searching for the best budget party speaker? Then the Zoook Rocker Thunder Plus 40 watt party speaker has the answer. It doesn’t make a hole in your pocket. Even though it comes under 4000 rs, it offers some interesting features such as dual high performance drivers, 40W sound power output, colorful DJ LED lights, built-in FB player, wireless mic for karaoke parties at home or outside and a built-in rechargeable battery.


We recommend this portable party speaker for those who are on a budget and looking for a pleasant feature speaker. It is powered by the 400mAh Li-ion battery, which gives 4 hours of non stop music playing and can be charged through any micro USB cable.

According to the connectivity, you will get a microSD card slot, aux-in, USB A port, and Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming. It also supports wireless connectivity with most smart devices such as tablets, computers, iPods, Android phones, iPhones without any fuss.

Its wireless mic is handy when arranging home parties and automatically connects when you turn on the Bluetooth mode on the speaker. You will also get a small wireless remote to control all basic functions. The sensor is located at the top, thus making it difficult to control the speaker through the remote, whether you are away.

When we talk about its build quality, this Zoook Rocker Thunder comes with a decent design that feels sturdy. Its volume rocker cum on-off jog dial is smooth. The charging port was tricky, even though one or two buttons felt lost.

The remarkable feature of this party speaker is it offers dazzling LED lights which enhance the party moos and can be automatically turned on and off based on the occasion. If the LED light control button on this Bluetooth party speaker feels lost, the LED light on the back of the logo cannot be turned off.

The audio quality of this budget Bluetooth party speaker is decent for this price. You can connect the Thunder plus speaker with your laptop or TV to watch your favorite movie or listen to FM. We are sure you will enjoy the vocals. It is the best party speakers under 10000.



9. Samsung MX-T50/XL 1500W 2.0CH Giga Party Audio

The next party speaker on our list is the Samsung MX-T50/XL 1500W 2.0CH Giga Party Audio. We all know that Samsung needs no introduction, they are the king of home appliances and electronic products. This brand is well known for its quality and construction. They also have some high quality products on the market for speakers.


This MX-T50/XL speaker is unique when compared to the conventional tower speakers in the market. It comes with a different design, and it sounds great. It integrated many speakers into a single chamber, thus providing a loud sound with a minimalistic design. 

The great part of this party speaker is its bidirectional sound design. It delivers the music to a wide area, even if you place the speaker on the corner of your room, you will get a room filling sound experience. 

Its powerful tower speakers with the 500W output is best in this category. This can create a sound that fills the room, and the sound can easily obscure large halls.

Are you planning to organize a party in your home? Then this will provide the best result as it comes with a bass booster choice. It makes this speaker as the best tower speaker under 20000 in India.  

It has inbuilt party lighting, which gives a great party experience to you. It also has an app to control the settings that can be downloaded on your mobile. 

The Samsung Giga party audio app allows you to control all the functionalities of the party speaker. This app opens the door for connecting several speakers together so you can create a stereo pair and play your favorite song.

Moreover, you can get many connectivity options thus, you can connect the multiple devices together. For, eg, two mobile phones can be connected at the same time to the speaker. 

It features Bluetooth connectivity and a USB port, thus letting you connect many devices simultaneously. Finally, its karaoke mode allows you to sing with your favorite music. It is the best party speaker for a home in India.



10. LG RL2 Wireless Bluetooth Party Speaker

At the end of our list of the best party speakers in India, LG RL2 Wireless Bluetooth Party Speaker has made its entry with its stunning aspects. It provides a crystal clear party sound with high bass. It has the best party speakers under 20000. 


In terms of mobility, it features a carry handle on its back. It allows you to enjoy the music whenever you need it and wherever you want. It is the best party speaker for a DJ party.

Apart from the carrying handle, this speaker is designed with moving wheels on the bottom. With that, you can take this speaker like a trolley. It features a long-lasting battery that gives battery backup for up to 15 hours. So you don’t have to worry about a sudden end to your party.

The highlighting feature of this party speaker is its colored lights that can create a club atmosphere in your room. With colorful lights and the beat of the music, you can get the real disco in your home.

Singing with the key changer and voice canceller can make everything simpler. It can eliminate the tunes and vocals in your track to create an authentic karaoke experience.

The remarkable feature of this party speaker is its Bluetooth connection that can connect up to 3 different users at the same time.

Apart from playing music, you can plug the mic and sing a song using karaoke mode with 3 echo modes and 6 vocal effects. The crystal clear sound, long battery backup, multicolor lighting features all are making this speaker the best speaker for large parties.



Things to Consider While Buying the Best Party Speakers

Purchasing speakers online is a bit of a difficult task because you will not be able to enjoy perfect audio. But different features work and set one speaker apart from the others. To help you, we have compiled a list of some essential factors that you should look for when you purchase a speaker online.

1. Sound Quality

The first thing to consider is the quality of the sound. A good speaker must provide loud and crystal clear sound. At the same time, if you are not in a party mood, you can emit some soft tones from the speakers. Ensure that there is no distortion even at high volumes. Therefore, the output limit of your speakers is high.

Check your speakers closely and try to see if there is any distortion from a distance. You can find the best party speakers with bass and treble control. The ability to set the bass on the speakers will help set your party speaker system to the best output setting, depending on your mood.

2. Frequency and Power

If you are deciding to buy the speaker online, then you must check the frequency and power of the sound system. These two factors are responsible for the sound quality of the speaker. Generally, an ideal speaker can deliver sound from 20hz to 20khz. On the other hand, the power is measured by the watts, which give you an idea about the speaker’s loudness. The loudness is an essential factor when it comes to the speakers. In terms of power, the speaker’s loudness is directly proportional to watts.

3. Connectivity Options

The next thing is the number of connectivity options available in the best party speakers in India. Having many connectivity options is always a great thing. Thus you can connect many devices at the same time. Check whether the party speaker comes with a USB connection, mp3 player or DVD player, AUX cable, SD card, etc., or not.

The great part of this era is Bluetooth. With that, you can connect your devices wirelessly. It lets you connect the smartphone with the speaker and play your favorite songs at the party. So choose the party speaker that should provide both wired and wireless connectivity options.

4. Battery

Party speakers are slightly larger in size when compared to the normal speaker. If you are planning to arrange a party indoors, then you should consider connecting it to a power source. In such situations, having a built-in battery is a great choice as it can hold the party continuously, even without any wires or any power source.

5. Portability

Portable party speakers are designed like trolleys so that you can move from one place to another with a carrying handle. Having the slider handle portable party speaker is the best choice if you are planning to move the speakers much.

6. Budget

The last factor is budget. The best party speakers offer many features such as portability, in-built battery, several connectivity options, power, portability, and more. Because of these features, the cost of the best party speaker may increase compared to the other traditional speakers such as multimedia speakers, tower speakers, etc.

Regarding the best party speakers, the price range starts from 2000 rs to 50,000 rs, based on different aspects such as connectivity options, sound quality, power output, battery backup, etc. When you go for a purchase, you should decide what your budget is. We recommend you consider the connectivity options and sound quality as your first priority to pick the best party speakers in your budget range.

Final Words

Since we have seen a lot of good speakers now, we hope you will decide which speaker is most suitable for your budget and needs. You can choose one from the above list of the best party speakers in India 2021.

So, which one is the best party speaker of 2021 based on your opinion?

Share them with us. Thanks for reading.

Stay safe and stay entertained!!!

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