Best OLED TV in India of 2022


Best OLED TV in India of 2022

Since more than a year of pandemic restrictions, most people want to make their home as the entertainment hub. Television plays a major role when it comes to entertainment. If you want to enhance your TV viewing experience, then you are at the right place. 

Television is one of the essential home appliances that we can find door to door nowadays. We use the TV to watch the news, favorite TV shows, sports, listen to music, etc. If you are searching for the best looking TV picture you can buy for the money, choose an OLED TV.

Best OLED tv for ps5

Sony XR-65A80J

Best Value for Money


Best for bright rooms


With the right tools, perfect viewing angles, infinite contrast ratios, and better operating quality than you can find on other TVs, OLED displays perform better than the best LED and LCD options, but they are generally more expensive.

This purchasing guide will clear all your doubts about OLED TV technology and make it easier to invest in your home. We’ve analyzed many sites and created this list of the best OLED TVs in India with the highest sales reviews on Amazon.

You can only get OLED TVs from Sony or LG brands. Generally, OLED TV prices are very high in India. Although we have seen other brands releasing LED TVs in India, we have never seen them update their lineup. Some brands like Panasonic sell OLED TVs internationally, but unfortunately, they do not offer their OLED TV line in India.

All Budget’s Best OLED TVs in India 2021 Reviewed

ProductNameScreen SizeSound Output View Price
Sony Bravia KD-55A8G55 Inches40 Watts CHECK PRICE
LG TV 86SM9400PTA86 Inches40 Watts CHECK PRICE
Sony Bravia TV XR-65A80J65 Inches30 Watts CHECK PRICE
Sony Bravia TV KD-55A9F55 Inches98 Watts CHECK PRICE

If you are a person who likes to watch movies in a dark room, then OLED TVs are best for you. It can show the perfect black color, which improves image quality. Let’s go.

1. Sony Bravia 138 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Certified Android Smart OLED TV KD-55A8G

Let’s start with the Sony Bravia 55 inches 4K Ultra HD Certified Android Smart OLED TV KD-55A8G. We all know that Sony is one of the popular brands in the electronic and electrical product industry. It has many positive ratings in the Indian market.

Sony always keeps its legacy. However, the KD-55A8G TV provided by Sony is also rich. This Sony Bravia OLED Smart TV comes with a 50 Hz update rate with 4K UHD resolution. It is the best 4k TV.


The brightness of 4K HDR resolution provides exceptional detail, contrast, and color with a higher brightness than other video formats. Lively images ensure the highest level of entertainment for the people.

It offers excellent dark room performance. A8G comes with excellent build quality. Apart from the acoustic surface audio technology, this TV has clear audio+ functionality. It provides a theater-like experience with clear sound effects.

It has almost instantaneous response time, providing crystal clear motion without significant blur behind fast moving objects. We recommend this TV for those who are interested in watching sports. It is the best OLED tv for sports.

When we talk about connectivity, it offers 4 connectivity ports, respectively HDMI and 3 USB ports. The Sony Bravia KD-55A8G OLED Smart TV is undoubtedly one of your best partners. It is the best OLED TV in India at 55 inches on our list. 

The notable feature of this smart TV is its Google Voice Assistant, which lets you search the content by using your voice rather than by text. 

As it comes with the X1 processor and triluminos display, this Sony Bravia OLED is one of the best choices for all contemporary living rooms. 

The Sony Bravia smart TV has a built-in Chromecast feature that lets you cast content from different Android devices on the big screen and enjoy it to the fullest. You can download a variety of games and apps from the Google Play Store. You can also connect this smart TV with Amazon Prime Video so that you can watch the latest movies and TV shows in 4K & HDR Playback.

When we were testing, we were surprised about one feature that this Sony Bravia KD-55A8G smart OLED TV is compatible with Dolby Vision. It will transform your visual experience with dramatic imaging. One thing you should remember is don’t forget to update the software periodically to enjoy these features.

This TV is a Netflix Authorized TV that features a dedicated Netflix button on the remote. This allows you to access Netflix with a single touch. Along with this TV, you will also get a single remote so that you can control your TV and DTH. It is also available in 65 inches. 



2. LG 217 cms (86 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart NanoCell TV 86SM9400PTA

If you are willing to spend more money on the OLED TV, then this LG 86 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart NanoCell TV 86SM9400PTA is the perfect choice for you.  It is loaded with the latest specifications. It is the best OLED tv for the money.

With 4K Ultra HD resolution and nano cell technology, you will get images and shots with less distortion and more pure colors. It will be automatically converted to 4K images, even the low resolution images.


In terms of design and display, it comes with an 86-inch OLED display with 4K, 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution. The refresh rate of the display is 100 Hz. With 178 degree horizontal and vertical angles, this Smart OLED enhances the viewing experience. It also features an Alpha 7 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor, HDR (High Dynamic Range), HDR 4K with Dolby Vision, HDR Pro, Ultra Luminance, etc.

This TV comes with a beautiful interface with the WebOS, so you can easily scroll through the options. You can also find a filmmaker mode in this LG TV, thus you can enjoy your favorite movie with the same feeling of the theatre. 

This LG 86SM9400PTA TV features 2 built-in speakers in 40 Watts output, thus providing you ultra surround sound while watching every movie or playing games.

One thing that we are surprised about this smart TV is its AI Think technology. It helps you to control the TV by using your voice commands Alexa and Google Assistant.

It allows you to connect your Pendrive or other devices with the TV. When we talk about its connectivity, it offers 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, and Blue Ray players. If you are an Apple user, then you can connect your Apple devices with this TV as it comes with an Apple Airplay 2 feature.

You can get an amazing experience at your home, so there is no need to go out. This OLED features both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos that transform your home into an entertainment powerhouse with cinematic HDR imaging and sound.

With high-end technologies, a 55-inch screen size, and premium features, this TV is definitely for sound and movie lovers.



3. Sony Bravia 164 cm (65 inches) XR series 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED Google TV XR-65A80J

Who says you can’t have it all? With the Sony Bravia XR-65A80J, you can get all. It is equipped with next generation technologies. It comes with features designed to enhance every aspect of your vision. This TV comes in 65 inches, however, it is also available in 55 inches and 77 inches. 

Most people don’t have everything Sony offers, and the staggering number of complex systems, image modes, and processing technologies may be more than enough for users who want an excellent looking and sounding image. 


This 4K OLED TV has HDR, 120 maximum refresh rate, ATSC 3.0 tuner, bright new Google TV entertainment platform, support, and a wide range of other Google apps and services that you can see and hear on the screen at any time. We suggest this Sony OLED TV for those who are looking for the best OLED tv with a high refresh rate.

In terms of design, its front is attractive. It comes with ultrasvelte, jet-black screen widening broken at the top and sides by narrow (0.25 inches) bezels, slightly wider (0.33 inches) bezels, and the Sony logo bar is located on the bottom. It is specially designed for smaller tables or stands.

It features 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports with which you can connect the gaming console, set top box, Blu Ray players, and USB drives. By the way you can enjoy your favorite movies and songs. 

This Sony Bravia OLED TV is designed with the Cognitive Processor XR that ensures the highest level of quality. XR color has subtle variations in the real world to enhance XR color, hue saturation, and shading. The XR clarity improves 4K upscaling, whereas the XR motion is used for intelligent, blur-free motion processing. 

The maximum refresh rate of A80J is 120Hz which is suitable for gaming on newer consoles such as the Xbox Series X or PS5. As it features Dolby Vision, you can enjoy the cinematic experience at home.  It is the best OLED tv for ps5, Xbox, and PC gaming

Google TV represents a significant step away from Android TV, especially with the cleaner, more effective, and better interface in revealing the content you want to see.

It has a built-in Google Assistant for seamless hands-free control of Sony TVs.

It’s as easy as pie to send your preferred videos via Sony TV and the most appealing thing to share is  Sony Bravia is one of the best upscaling 4K TVs in India 2021



4. LG OLED65CXPUA 65 inch CX 4K Smart OLED TV

It’s tough not to love OLED. There is no exception when it comes to LG CX OLED. With its intense highlights and inky black, this 65-inch OLED LG OLED65CXPUA is even smoother. 

CX also supports the most famous 4K high dynamic range formats, including HDR10 and HLG, which are designed for streaming services such as YouTube and 4K broadcasts such as DirectTV. It is recommended for those who want the best OLED tv with hdr10.


When it comes to design, the thin, black metal frame of the screen is less than a quarter of an inch thick, but the glass has a visible black border of half an inch. It has four HDMI 2.1 ports plus three USB 2.0 ports.

LG has enhanced its video processing with the new Alpha 9 General 3 processor and AI ThinkQ software. It is the best OLED tv with HDMI 2.1.

LG calls its controller the Magic Remote, which may be a little too much. The Mid part has a scrolling/clickable wheel for moving the cursor like a wireless mouse. It also comes with the customs number, volume, and channel buttons.

LG has spent many years tweaking its WebOS smart TV software and may now have the best privacy plan on the market. Combined with its remote that uses a floating on-screen cursor, WebOS ‘flexible tabs and easy-to-follow graphics make it one of the most accessible smart TVs on the market. This LG OLED TV also supports famous applications such as Hulu, Disney +, and Showtime, but does not offer extensive applications of Android TV based sets such as Sony or Roku models from the TCL card; The applications of those models are hundreds.

It includes an AI Acoustic tuning system that uses the remote control’s microphone to measure sound and provide audio to your specific room.

The notable feature of this LG CX OLED is it supports Dolby Atmos, which was amazingly useful for scenes in the Apocalypse Jungle, with only 2.2 channels to work within this package.

The 65-inch LG CX offers a precise and wide range of colors. This impressed us with the low latency times for the players.

We suggest this LG CX OLED for those who are looking for the best 4K picture quality TV, it will not disappoint. Some of the best smart TV features, including enhanced sound and voice control, make this TV very attractive and one of the best LG TVs the company has ever developed.



5. Sony Bravia 138.8 cm (55 Inches) 4K Ultra HD OLED Smart Android TV KD-55A9F

Reliability is the name of the game with Sony’s Master Series TVs, which feature the 8K LCD model in 2019 and this 4K OLED. More than 8 million self-luminous pixels bring a remarkably saturated visual experience with clean black, true color, blurred image, and wide angle.

Rather than other TV speakers, sound comes to you from different directions, with three actuators and two powerful speakers delivering multi-dimensional sounds that immerse you in a new entertainment experience. It has the perfect harmony of image and sound.


Turn an amplifier into a high quality center speaker with the output connector on the back of the TV. With Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology, you will hear every word clearly and note of movies and concerts directly from the screen.

It is the best combination of the viewing and listening experience. In terms of design, it just looks like slate on the screen, there’s only one stand behind it. The subwoofer and actuator are located inside the stand. Its materials and shape are smooth, with a rounded bezel and fabric-covered back panel.

Moreover, this TV combines 4K resolution brightness with high dynamic range (HDR) brightness, color and detail so that it will give ultimate picture quality.

BRAVIA gives you a more vibrant color. TRILUMINOS display graphs by the way select colors from a wide range of options with the help of a specially designed backlight. You will experience emotionally clear, realistic images in every scene.

The notable feature is voice search that gives you the power of Google search, which allows you to find content on a variety of services without the hassle of time-consuming text input.

It has a built-in Chromecast, so you can easily watch your favorite shows like Netflix or YouTube from your device on the screen. The Netflix Calibrated Mode is specially developed to enjoy Netflix originals and recreate the same image quality on a TV as in Studio evaluation master. 

Finally, it comes with a Dolby Vision that ensures an amazing, impressive cinematic experience in your home.



6. LG 195 cms (77 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV OLED77C9PTA

The LG OLED77C9PTA OLED TV offers impressive sound and picture quality, which gives you a real smart TV experience. As it has a sleek design, you can definitely turn heads. It is one of the highly priced OLED TVs on our list.

As for premium TV technologies, one thing, in particular, stands out, thanks to its precise lighting and super slim design of OLED. The LG OLED77C9PTA OLED TV provides an unparalleled combination of excellent media performance, rich features, and forward looking technologies.


When we are testing, we have found that this LG OLED TV comes with the ThinQ open AI platform that includes both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. By this, you will get a real time viewing experience.

It is equipped with a 2nd generation Alpha 9 processor with AI enhancements, state-of-the-art sound, and an enhanced smart platform with AI processing, AI added. It delivers detailed images and immerses you in reality.

Are you an Apple user? Then you can connect your Apple devices with this TV, as it offers Apple Airplay 2 feature so that you can play music, videos, and photos directly to your TV. 

We are surprised about one feature that supports both Dolby atmos & vision. It completely transfers your home into an entertainment powerhouse. It is the best TV with Dolby Atmos and Dolby vision

Along with the OLED TV, you will get a Bluetooth based single magic remote control that can work in any direction. With that, you can control the TV while you are sitting on the couch or wherever in your home. 

If you want to buy the best OLED tv for the bedroom, then this one is perfect for you. 



7. METZ 138 cm (55 Inch) 4K UHD Smart Certified Android OLED TV M55S9A

METZ is a new TV in the premium TV market. Despite its new entry, METZ OLED TV is one of the feature-packed TVs. Moreover, it can provide a tough fight to all the competitors out there.

When we talk about connectivity, the METZ M55S9A OLED TV offers you many features. METZ OLED TV’s chameleon AI chip video processor I 1 MS gives you an amazing TV viewing experience. Its 120 GHz refresh rate allows you to get high quality entertainment in your living room.


Now you can choose from the numerous Google applications available in the Play Store. Games, videos, and audio apps entertain you unlimited hours. Fine artwork on an OLED TV by METZ can be imagined on TV. It is built on the reality of clean lines and sharp looks; TV appreciates the style of modern homes.

The 3.6mm interior design allows the frame to be seamless. It offers a wide, non-interfering view. With that whole metal plate refinement, the integration of the cabinet and the middle-frame is an organic one.

The remarkable feature is its chameleon AI PQ that can analyze two successive frames based on the Extreme AI algorithm and predict the path of object movement; so as to create a new frame.  It can display up to 120 images per second, which effectively resolves image blur, ribbon, noise, disconnection, and other issues.

The highlighting feature of this OLED TV is it offers eye care technology. It protects your eye from the blue radiation and provides you a healthier vision experience. 

As it comes with an AI ecosystem, you can choose from 8 language assistants and 88 language voice searches. Moreover, the AI powered intelligent assistance technology helps you to get exactly what you need. 

The METZ M55S9A OLED TV is the best OLED smart TV in your home. It is the best OLED tv under 1 lakh. On the METZ OLED TV, you will get a lot of interactive and smart features. 



8. LG 139.7 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV 55A1PTZ

Looking for an entry-level OLED TV at an affordable price? Then you can choose this LG 139.7 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV 55A1PTZ. The processor is one step down, with the A1 OLED being fitted with LG’s Alpha 7 Gen 4 chip processor. 

The LG A1 comes with stereo speakers, and they are relatively weak with 20 watts of power. This is a set you will definitely want to supplement with one of the best soundbars.


In terms of connectivity, this TV comes with 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports. With that, you can connect the gaming console, blu ray players, set top box, and USB devices. 

When we talk about the design, one of the main aesthetic characteristics of OLED televisions is their minimum thickness. We will discover that it is barely a few millimeters deep.  However, it is not exempt from having a small box for the plate and the connections of the television. 

The OLED panels feature self-luminous pixels that remove backlight from LCD / LED TVs. These pixels have an independent ignition, which ensures the richness and contrast of the color. In this way, it manages to show pure black and maximum accuracy in the representation of colors.  

You will get immersive audio and visual experience by the HDR Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos iQ with AI image settings. It also provides the automatic adjustment of room lighting conditions. Moreover, it is also powered by the HLG standard and HDR10 Pro so that you will feel like you are in the theater. 

Apart from films and series, you can always play a game on this next-generation console. Therefore, the LG OLED 55 A1ptz incorporates HDMI 2.0 connectivity, compatible with ALLM low latency, and activates the HDR GiG. Reduce response time in your games and try game type presets.



9. LG 139 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV 55BXPTA 

The LG BXPTA is the last product on our list and is one of the cheapest OLED TVs on the market. It comes with many exciting features for a remarkable price. Like the other LG models, this LG is also equipped with the third-generation Alpha 7 image processor and ThinQ AI, which enhances overall usability. Moreover, it delivers the most immersive content. 

It uses the WebOS Smart TV platform, which is one of the best interfaces today. It supports Amazon prime video, NetFlix, Disney plus, AppleTV+, youtube, and an internet browser. 


In terms of picture quality, the LG BX OLED comes close to the LG CX. As always in webOS, there are many image presets to choose from. The standard mode should not disappoint, however, the cinema mode will vary, and the lower concentration will generally improve the quality of the image on the screen — that is, if you watch TV series and movies.

The Eco mode reduces the power output, it is an excellent feature, especially for environmentally conscious users. Then the sports mode can smooth the fast paced sports viewing. 

We suggest this LGBX55PTA smart OLED TV for those who are searching for the best OLED for video games. As it offers a high contrast picture, you will get an amazing gaming experience. It offers Nvidia G-Sync if you connect a compatible gaming PC to your TV.

When we are testing the audio quality of this OLED TV, it offers mid-range performance however, it meets your expectations. Sure, this package includes Dolby Atmos Decoder, but it’s mostly useless with onboard sound. It also supports Dolby Vision IQ that allows HDR to deliver better when viewed in bright room conditions. It is the best OLED TV for bright rooms

BX supports LG’s own ThinQ AI operating system, both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It also supports Apple AirPlay 2 and Apple HomeKit, too.

The best part of this TV is its remote, which is also known as a magic remote control. It comes with an amazing T-Pad that offers amazing flexibility and provides the ability to move around point-and-click using the mouse-like scroll or remote on-screen cursor.



Buyer’s Guide – Best OLED TV

OLED is an advanced one when compared to the other technology, so that the price is also higher comparatively. 

It should not be a barrier as you have to pay more to get the best.

Before proceeding with the points to consider when buying OLED TVs, we compare this technology with others to understand the concept of OLED.

What is OLED?

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. OLED technology is very different from what you see in LED TVs.

These different points help to understand the technology better.

Many people believe that LED TVs don’t have LED panels. The backlighting is the only difference between an LCD and an LED TV.  LCD TVs have a CFL backlight, while LED TVs come with an LED backlight system.

OLED TVs are different because these TVs have OLED panels to create stunning colors. This technology is somewhat the same as the phosphor production in plasma TV. OLED doesn’t need backlighting.

OLED technology is a flat light emitting technology. It will work by placing an organic thin film series between two conductors. When electricity is used, it emits a bright light. Since OLED is a fiery technology, it does not require backlighting.

Therefore, these TVs are significantly thinner when compared to regular LCD / LED TVs. OLED TVs have a lot more performance than regular LCD TVs.

OLED technology is highly emerging all around the countries thus the scope is unimaginable. Apart from delivering HD quality image, they are transparent, foldable, flexible, rollable, and stretchable in the future.

How Does OLED Technology Work?

As its name implies, OLED panels are made of organic materials that emit light when using electricity.

These panels provide their own light, therefore, no separate luminous feature is required.

We will briefly discuss how OLED technology works to get a better idea.

  • The OLED emitter is the main component of an OLED display. It is an organic (carbon based) material capable of emitting light when passing an electric current.

  • This flammable layer is connected between an anode (which removes electrons) and a cathode (which provides electrons).

  • Organic compounds deliver red, green, and blue colors similar to plasma technology. These colors combine to form millions of color combinations.

  • Every pixel comes with multiple elements to create color in the spectrum.

  • Nowadays, modern OLED TVs use multiple layers that improve durability and performance, but the techniques are the same.

  • When compared to other panels, OLED TVs come with the right viewing angle.

  • Each pixel burns independently, thus improving the quality of the screen output.

It is not necessary to dwell deeply on OLED technology, but you should know about the pros and cons of OLED technology. Let us compare OLED with comparable technologies.


Although these OLED and QLED words are similar, they are as different as chalk and cheese. We saw that OLED is a fiery technology that creates its colors.

QLED, on the other hand, is a transmissive technology that uses quantum dots for supercharging brightness and color. It stands for Quantum Dot LED.  

Samsung is a leading manufacturer of QLED TVs and has established partnerships with other TV manufacturers such as Sony, TCL, and Vizio.

LG is the unique brand of OLED panels in the world. Other brands such as Phillips, Panasonic, and Sony have come under LG on its OLED TVs. 

In terms of picture quality, efficiency, and durability, the OLED TV technology is more advanced when compared to the QLED TVs.  

The only difference between the OLED and QLED is the backlight. QLED TV needs backlighting while the OLED TV won’t. So the OLED TVs are highly efficient and thinner. 

OLED Vs. Plasma Technology

Plasma technology is pretty much closer to OLED technology because these TVs do not need backlighting to illuminate the screen.

To introduce electrons to the initial layer of organic molecules, OLED TVs use a cathode layer. Typically, OLED TV panels consist of several layers of organic compounds located in a super-thin glass layer.

Simultaneously, plasma pixel cells have rare natural gases that emit light from electrical impulses introduced by TFT.

The major difference is the engineering design. OLED TV panels are made of thin plexiglass-like material with all color components and TFT. So the OLED TV panels are unbreakable and flexible.

A Plasma TV panel is a glass enclosure containing pixel cells. Thus, plasma panels are heavy and brittle.

Merits of having OLED TV

OLED technology shows a rapid response rate due to the use of TFT AMOLED technology and organic LEDs. Unlike LCD TVs, these TVs are not affected by motion blur.

OLED TV screens provide a better viewing angle when compared to other TV technology. Because OLED generates light, other TV technology blocks light. Thus, each pixel glows independently, thereby improving the angles.

OLED TV panels are incredibly flexible and unbreakable because they have a single solid plexiglass layer with color components and TFT.

OLED TVs use electricity to induce organic compounds encased in a plastic substrate. This technology doesn’t need more power to work. Therefore, it should show better durability if the parts are not taxed substantially. Compared to the green and red counterparts, the blue organic LED compound comes with a shorter lifespan.

In future days, the OLED TVs also can be stretchable and foldable, which is enough to cover your whole wall. 

OLED has a faster response rate when compared to plasma technology. 

OLED monitors aren’t affected by burn-in issues. 

The high technology involved in producing OLED TV panels and organic products helps create deep black and bright whites. So, these TVs show amazing colors.

Demerits of Having OLED TVs

LG is the only brand for manufacturing OLED TV panels. As the OLED technology is an innovative one, they are highly priced. It is one of the main reasons for the higher price. 

Even though the OLED TV is long lasting and durable, the blue organic LED compound fades away sooner. 

You can’t buy the OLED TV in a small size. You just find them with screen sizes of 55 inches and more.

Now you will get some ideas to pick the best one. You can select one OLED TV from the list that we’ve given above, or you can choose another one with the help of our buyer’s guide. Finally, the decision is up to you and your needs. 

Final Words

In our recommendations, we have given the best OLED TVs based on the price, review, design. Hope you will get some idea in choosing the best OLED TV 2021 in India. 

What is the best OLED TV in India 2021? In your opinion. 

If we miss anything, tell them in the comment box below. We will gladly answer them soon.

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