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Best Neckband Earphones in India of 2022 [Buyer’s Guide & Review]


Best Neckband Earphones in India of 2022 [Buyer’s Guide & Review]

If you are an audiophile, then you will know that quality earphones are one of the best ways to enjoy your favorite tunes. There are lots of models available in the market, among them choosing the best one is a daunting task. That’s why we are here to help you by giving the list of the best neckband earphones in India of 2022. 

Bluetooth headphones became famous over time, especially, during the epidemic people were structured in their homes and almost connected to the world. The post-epidemic scenario is no change because most of the companies have begun to embrace a culture of working from home, with the result that people have to attend meetings using headphones or TWS options or be in their online classes. 

Best Overall

Realme Buds

Best Quality

Boult Audio ProBass

Best Premium

Sony WI-XB400

Fine, all range of earphones and headphones have done their job well, however, users are very specific about their preferences. Some people like to spend on premium headphones to get more comfort and high res audio quality. While some others are satisfied with budget friendly models.

Apart from that, earphones’ style also matters, particularly when the brand assures comfort and excellent audio than other types of earphones. Today, you can find dozens of choices such as neckbands, truly wireless earbuds, bluetooth earbuds, and on-ear, in-ear headphones, available in both pocket friendly and premium.

Although the TWS is popular today, Neckbands have their own fan base. Especially gym goers and fitness freaks love these neckband earphones. They come with a wireless feature, a horseshoe shaped collar that comfortably sits on your neck when you are jogging or working out at the gym. 

Want to get the best one without sacrificing sound quality? We tested over 100 earphones and analyzed their features, design, price, etc. After that, we’ve made the list of 10 Best Neckband Earphones in India in 2022

Best Neckband Earphones

Earphones Connector TypeModel NameBattery Life
Realme BudsWirelessRealme buds wireless
12 hours
Boult AudioWirelessProBass10 hours
Sony WI-XB400WirelessHeadphones15 hours
Noise Tune ActiveWirelessTune ACTIVE
10 hours
Fire-Boltt EchoWiredBN100010 hours
boAt Rockerz 255WirelessRockerz10 hours
pTron TangentWirelessTangent8 hours
Bowers & WilkinsWirelessFP4123812 hours
SoundMAGIC E11BTWirelessE Series13 hours
Zebronics Zeb-LarkWirelessLARK-GRAY
14 hours

10 Best Neckband Earphones in India – Reviewed

Do you want to buy an earphone that delivers incredible sound quality, snugs well in your ear, and is a great travel companion? Then, a Bluetooth headphone with a neckband design will be the best choice for you. If you have agreed with us and set the budget, you have come to the right place. Here we’ve listed the best Bluetooth headphones for all budgets.

1. Realme Buds Wireless in-Ear Bluetooth with mic

Realme Buds is the best neckband in India 2022 which comes with outstanding audio quality. It is tuned by a famous DJ Alan Walker to provide rich bass and mesmerizing acoustic experience. Realme has designed these buds with excellent features and a stylish look to satisfy the users’ needs. It is the best neckband Bluetooth earphones with a mic in India that we’ve reviewed.

When we have tested the construction of this Realme Buds, we found that this earphone is built with a premium quality metal and skin-friendly silica, which gives a comfortable feel. So that it is considered as one of the best lightweight earphones that makes it ergonomic. It is mentioned as the Elastic Memorize Metal String Necklace, and here, this earphone neckband fits neatly on my neck, and the metallic line provides excellent durability.


Bud’s neckband earphone has four color shade options (blue, black, green, yellow, and orange). So that we can choose our favorite color among them. Here i chose the yellow one. The wires of the buds are flexible (but strong), whereas the neckband around the neck has a rich matte look. Realme buds have come with two extra pairs of ear-pods, and therefore we can use them depending on the perfect fit. Just place the earbuds inside the ear canal to enjoy music with good acoustic.

Realme Buds’ Magnetic Lock Function 

  • When I remove the buds, it turns to auto-pair mode.
  • While pairing and detaching buds, it gets switched on.
  • When attached, the earphone turns off.

Coming to the functionality, this realme buds wireless earphone have inline three-button options, namely volume up and down, R key for music navigation purpose. Single click denotes play or pause option, double click indicates next track, and triple tap to reset it. Just hold the R key to start Siri or Google Assistant or for attending and rejecting calls.

With the 11.2 mm driver, it gives extraordinary bass, sound depth, and instrumental separation in the music. During the test, I put this earphone to my ears and listened to the song with a high pitch. This earphone didn’t cause any pain in high pitches as it has the treble (higher-end frequency). Then i made a call to my friend who lives on the USA, i got the smooth and clear audible conversations and it had a integrated microphone which was very helpful to speak while i’m doing some other work.

In terms of the battery performance of this earphone, it is protected by metals, and this gadget has a playing lifetime of 12 hours at 50% volume. Realme Buds get fully charged within 1 hour. 

Just 10 minutes of charging will provide us a playback time of 100 minutes. It has an inbuilt 110mAh battery charged completely within 1.5 hours with a playback time of 12 hours.



2. Boult Audio ProBass X1-WL in-Ear Wireless Earphones

Looking for the best bluetooth neckband earphones under 1000? Boult Audio ProBass X1-WL Earphones are the best one. It is designed for long time usage. It is one of the Best neckband headphones to hear music while exercising because we don’t need to worry about sweat as it is water-proof. It has fantastic ear fins and easy wearable neckband, which gives undisturbed music for an extended period.


It is designed with a unique feature known as Passive Noise Cancellation technology, which will help us to enjoy good quality music by eliminating background noise.

The Boult Audio ProBass X1 earphones have an ergonomic design. This lightweight, sleek and stylish neckband perfectly fits across the neck without pulling on our earbuds, and it is comfortable for prolonged use. The advanced Bluetooth Version 5.0 will provide a wireless transmission without any disturbance.

It will provide a playback time of 16 hours with a full charge, and it gets fully charged within 2 hours. It is protected with a Nano-coating which gives an IPX5 rating for sweat and water resistance. Boult also gives extra two pairs of earbuds to ensure a perfect fit for our ears.

The main feature here is the Off-Axis magnetic technology, an oval-shaped earbud with a 60-degree nozzle angle so that the sound enters directly into the ear canal. It is one of the best earphones under 1000 in India. 



3. Sony WI-XB400 Wireless Extra Bass in-Ear Headphones

Sony WI B400 headphone is an excellent neckband earphone that improves the low-end frequencies. It will give a better sound quality, maintains vocal clarity, long-life battery, and exceptional deep bass. We recommend this earphone for those who are looking for the best bluetooth neckband earphones under 5000.


It operates on Bluetooth v5.0 wireless technology and provides a flawless performance with Laptops or phones. The magnetic housing design offers a tangle-free handling experience. And, its Integrated Mic provides HD voice calls to get sharp audio when taking calls.

The 12mm neodymium driver is added for sound clarity and punchy sound. It is available in two color shades, namely blue and black. 

Use a voice assistant to play the exciting music track. We can use voice assistants such as Alexa, Google (Android smartphone), or Siri (iPhone) with this best neckband earphone. It is built with control keys that helps play, pause or skip the music tracks, and attend or reject the incoming calls.

The fast charge ability of the sony WI B400 helps to charge the earphone in 10 minutes with a playback time of 60 minutes, and it gets charged fully within three hours.

These best neckband headphones have a perfect earbud that makes comfortable to wear all day. Sony has offered three pairs of earbuds in various sizes, and therefore we can try them according to the size of our ear canal.

Use this earphone completely hands-free when listening to music or attending calls. The battery lifetime is about 15 hours, and sony earphones can sustain for a long time. So, we can enjoy our favorite music for long hours.



4. Noise Tune Active Wireless Neckband Headphones

Noise is an Indian wearable company that has developed various gadgets to enhance the lifestyle of humans. It designs Tune Active Bluetooth earphones, one of the best neckband earphones in India 2022.

This best wireless neckband earphones is designed with the advanced Bluetooth 5.0 version (increased wireless range) for stable or flawless connections.


This best bluetooth neckband  earphone is constructed with magnetic earbuds to ensure it from falling down the neck. It also has an IPX5 rated water-proof feature, which makes it to use while exercising or playing games.

It has a dual pairing feature and using that, we can easily connect the Active Tune with our laptop and phone at the same time. For instance, when we want to attend a phone call while viewing a movie or videos on the laptop, we don’t need to disconnect the earphone from the laptop. But, the Noise Tune automatically swaps the connection to the phone.

When connecting the Tune Active Bluetooth earphones for the first time, we have to ‘ON’ the phone’s Bluetooth option. And then switch ‘ON’ the earphone to figure out Noise Tune ACTIVE earphones in the Bluetooth list. Just tap on it for the first connection, and from the next time, it will automatically get connected by turning ‘ON’ the Bluetooth.

The Noise Tune Active earphone is equipped with a 10mm dynamic driver, which provides superb bass and clear sound quality. It will offer a playback time of 10 hours and take 90 minutes to get a full charge.

Noise Tune Active has an inline button option. Using that, we can control music playback options (Play, Pause, or Stop), adjust volume, and manage calls. The multi-function button (MFB) aids in switching ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ the earphone by pressing it for a long time. We can also use Siri or Google Assistant by holding the button.



5. Boltt Fire-Boltt Echo 1000 Neckband in-Ear Bluetooth Earphones

Boltt Echo 1000 Neckband Earphones is one of the best neckband earphones in India featuring HD stereo sound and unparalleled solid richer bass. It is equipped with 11mm dynamic drivers, which provide a perfect HD sound effect and a better hearing experience. If you are looking for the best bluetooth neckband earphones under 1500 in India, this is for you.


The neckband is flexible, lightweight, and sturdy that can be worn comfortably around our neck. It will ensure a secure fit with a comfortable design, and so the headset stays in our ear canal when we are running, exercising, cycling, etc.

It has built-in magnets which attach the two earbuds when we are not using them. The oval-shaped earbuds are at a 60-degree angle to offer crystal clear acoustic notes to our ears directly.

This earphone is built with a premium quality Li-ion battery and a good power management technology to provide 12 hours of music without disturbance. We can use Google and Siri Voice Assistant by double-tapping the MFB (Multi-Function Button).

Boltt designed this headset for sports, and this pack comes with two pairs of different-sized silicone ear tips to ensure a perfect fit. This earphone has a nano-coating which makes it water and sweat-proof during intense workouts or exercises.

We can pair it easily and quickly with android phones, iPhones, tablets, and other Bluetooth music devices. We can handle calls without taking phones in our hand. It has an inbuilt two-button remote that gives easy control options. We can use that to answer our calls and adjust the music track.



6. boAt Rockerz 255 Pro in-Ear Bluetooth Neckband Earphone

Boat Rockerz 255 Pro is an updated latest version of Boat Rockerz 255, which is available in three different color shades: teal green, yellow, and black. Do you want the best neckband earphones for gaming? You can buy this one undoubtedly.

Rockerz 225 pro is the best-known daily use neckband earphone, and it gets charged immediately. It has IPX5 water and dustproof rating, which ensures daily usage, and we can use Rockerz 255 even in the rain or at temperatures of -20 °C.

These best neckband bluetooth earphones are made up of supreme quality plastic and are durable with a stylish look. The cables are flexible and have no tangle. The ear cups are built based on the user’s choice for a perfect fit in the ears. Ear hooks will help while traveling, and they are engineered with a magnetic lock to avoid earphones from falling.


The earcups are designed to fit perfectly in our ears. Rockerz 255 Pro is engineered with Qualcomm QCC3003 chipset – a high-performance chip and the Bluetooth version 5.0. This provides a flawless static connectivity. CVC noise cancellation feature offers a clear and sharp voice during calling purposes.

This earphone is designed with 10mm dynamic drivers, which offers a perfect HD sound quality and deep bass. The HD sound effect provides an excellent gaming experience and a regular flow of audio at high volume. The inbuilt Mic is of excellent quality and is specially designed for calling.

It is designed with three-button options, namely plus, minus, and multi-function, present in the neckband’s right side for modifying the volume, switch on/off, and pairing.

Multi-function Button (MFB) is used to Perform Various Functions:

  • Press the power button for 5 sec to turn on /off the Bluetooth earphone. 
  • Press the Multifunction button (MFB) for 3 seconds to use a voice assistant. 
  • Pressing the MFB once, can be used for call control.
  • Hold the MFB for 2 seconds, to hold the call. 
  • A single-click in the MFB is used to increase the volume.
  • Double press will change the earphone mic to a smartphone mic. 
  • Long-press will play the next song. 

It is constructed with a lithium-ion battery and a fast charge technology to charge the Bluetooth neckband earphone within 1 hour. We can use this earphone continuously (without any disturbance) for 4 hours with 20 minutes of charging.



7. pTron Tangent Evo in-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

pTron tangent Evo wireless earphone is a lightweight and stylish designed earphone that comes under the best neckband earphones in India. It is built with Bluetooth v5.0 technology which ensures strong and stable wireless performance. 

The ear-tips of the pTron tangent are sweat-resistant and will be helpful for in the gym. It is a twist and flex design that fits perfectly around our neck. Using the inline button option, we can play, pause or stop music, and call control buttons will provide smooth and hassle-free controls.


In pTron tangent, the magnetic earbuds stick to each other and fit around the neck, guaranteeing no tangling of wires. The integrated microphone feature will provide hand-free calls and so, we no need to take the phone out of our pocket to answer the calls.

The finely tuned earphones offer a powerful sound for any music genre. pTron tangent Evo neckband earphone has a good acoustic quality, Hi-Fi sound, and appreciable bass. Moreover, it also features an ultra-low distortion rate.

It is engineered with a Passive noise cancellation technology which eliminates the unwanted noisy signals and provides crystal clear audio notes. It supports voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa, and it is compatible with Bluetooth phones and tablets.

pTron tangent earphone is designed with a 125 mAh battery, which gives a music playback time of 6 hours. It needs around 1.5 to 2 hrs to get a full charge, and it can be charged using a Micro USB Charging cable.



8. Bowers & Wilkins PI4 in Ear Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

Bowers & Wilkins is a classy British audio company that introduced the PI4 wireless in-ear headphone. It is not a cheaper option. We recommend this neckband earphone for those who are willing to spend more money on the earphones. 


When it comes to the functionality and controls, we can control the standard functions, including play/pause, track skipping, and volume, by using the buttons which is located on the right side of the neckband.

That being said, ANC does not greatly improve isolation. Its natural sound isolation is very good because of the tight fit. That being said, any type of hum is often removed. So, the ANC will definitely have an effect when we are sitting on the plane or near the air conditioner. Do not expect complete silence.

We will get 12 hours of battery life with this P14 neckband earphone. Thanks to its USB-C charging connection, we can get up to 3 hours of game time after 15 minutes of charging.

When we are testing, we found that its call quality is not bad. However, the sound felt a little dull. In terms of low frequencies, the bass is thick and substantial. But it will only hit if you call. Again, the high frequencies can be easily heard.

The balance in this middle frequency feels relatively natural and easy to hear. That is, the voice does not sit artificially forward in the mix. Even if the lower-midrange is slightly reduced, we will still get a good size body when the instrument listens to heavier tracks. Even if the PI4 is reasonably clean, we will not hear the rough or crystal definition. This PI4 does not exactly scream. In contrast, the sound that works best with classical recordings is soft or rounded to go quickly.

While tool placement may not feel incredibly accurate, PI4 delivers a good amount of height, and we get a sense of depth as well. It would have been a solid deal.



9. SoundMAGIC E11BT Headphones in Ear Noise Isolating Bluetooth

Next, we are moving deeper into the digital age and the traditional headphone connection with digital options. In response to this growing trend, SoundMAGIC is launching E11BT wireless earphones based on the Award-winning E11. It is designed with the latest Bluetooth version, which offers high-reliability audio and stable connectivity.


The SoundMAGIC E11BT is equipped with its wire relative with its custom-tuned drive. Using E11BT Bluetooth v5.0, it can transmit audio wirelessly on CD-quality with extended transmission range and longer battery life.

Automatic smartphone controls for Apple and Android devices are fitted to ensure compliance with the D11TB digital revolution. The ergonomically designed flat neckband segment with full uniform weight distribution that gives comfortable wearing throughout the day.

With the custom tuned 10mm dynamic drivers, we can get powerful and comprehensive sound delivery. Moreover, this neckband earphone is designed with Bluetooth v5.0 and offers balanced sound with high reliability, solid connectivity, and long gaming time.

Next, we are going to talk about the housing of the earphone. It is fully designed in a high precision cutting process from aluminum and finishing with a unique hand painting process, the E11BT’s lightweight and sturdy housing shows a smooth texture with a refined and elegant look.

When we talk about the listening music quality,  the E11BT closes the ear canal completely with soft silicone ears. The angular sound tubes create a private listening zone for precise sound waves.  As it is designed in an ergonomic format, the E11BT provides comfortable isolated listening with high reliability.

The notable feature of this neckband earphone is its universal smartphone control. It automatically controls E11BT pairs with Android and Apple devices and can easily control music and phone calls by hand.

The 3-button control unit with a surprisingly slim design also features a Bluetooth transmitter and USB charging port. If you are looking for the best bluetooth neckband earphones under 3000, then this is for you.



10. Zebronics Zeb-Lark ​Wireless ​in Ear​ ​Neckband Earphone​

Finally, we come to our last product. The Zebronics Zeb-Lark ​Wireless ​in Ear​ ​Neckband Earphone​ ​with BT 5.0. Zebronics is one of the familiar brands in the electronics industry. It is well known among the people for its quality. Zebronics Zeb-Lark ​Wireless earphone features dual connectivity as switching between devices has never been so easy. It provides voice help support. This earphone also comes with a magnetic earpiece for a hassle-free experience on the earphone.


If you are a budget concern and don’t like to spend more money on earphones, then this is for you. It is one of the best budget neckband earphones in India. The sound quality is very high, as expected from Zebronics, the sound is clear, and there is no sound distortion within the 10M range.

In terms of calls, the microphone does a good job. The voice is clear and does not sound dim or distant to the receiver. Moreover, its quality is pretty good, which is great for a quiet environment.

The bass is very good. Clarity is as normal as other Wing wireless earphones. They have a comprehensive and balanced sound that they can enjoy without compromise.  It comes with a 10 mm, dynamic driver.

The highlighting feature that we’ve found in this earphone is its battery life. This Zebronic earphone offers 17 hours of battery life in a single charge that we’ve ever seen.

Furthermore, this is the sweat proof neckband earphone, so that it will be the best companion while we are jogging or gymming. This is the best bass neckband earphones that we’ve tested.



Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Neckband Earphones in India

While choosing the best neckband in India 2022, we have a look at the earphone’s features. Many models of neckband earphones are available in the market, so choosing the best earphone is a bit confusing and challenging. Here, we have explained the main features you have to know to select the best neckband earphone.

1. Technology

The main feature is Bluetooth Technology which evolves and advances from year to year. So better select the latest Bluetooth technology (v.5) earphones to support various factors. Each Bluetooth technology has unique features.

2. Clarity and Bass

While buying the neckband earphone, audio clarity is a significant factor to consider. We prefer to select a neckband earphone that provides a fantastic sound quality while listening to music or calling. The best neckband earphone should have a considerable bass effect. Excellent bass gives a superior low and high pitch audio frequency for a good music experience. The poor fitting earphone also decreases the bass performance.

The bass contains the lowest frequency sounds (Drums sounds and bass guitars) in music.

  • Good bass: provide good impact and depth. 
  • Weak bass: tinny sound.
  • Over-strong bass: offer lacks detailed sounds.

3. Drivers

A driver is an electrical unit that converts the audio signal from our phone or lap into a hearable sound. The Bigger driver will give an excellent bass and provide loud audio or voice. Most of the neckband earphones have driver units size ranging from 10mm to 30mm.

4. Sound Quality

It is the main feature of neckband earphones that we should consider before buying. We have to choose the audio gadgets with apt-X technology, which produce excellent audio quality without compressing. So, ensure that your smartphone and PC are aPTX compatible.

5. Battery Life

Neckband earphones are designed with a battery that is not found in the wired earphones. And therefore, the earphones need to be charged at regular intervals of time based on the earphone usage. Better do a study about the battery life before selecting earphones. The average battery life ranges from 6 hours to 25 hours.

6. Water Resistance

Using water-proof and sweat-proof earphones while running or exercising will protect the earphones from damage due to sweat or rain.

7. Noise Cancellation

Noise-cancellation in the neckband earphone removes out the ambient environmental noise with the active noise control. This feature aids you in listening to music or attending calls without any noise disturbances. But, the disadvantage is that the Noise-cancelling feature decreases the charge quickly.

8. Bluetooth Range

People with a habit of walking around should consider this feature. Most Bluetooth neckband earphones operate with a class 2 Bluetooth, which offers a range of 33 feet. But, class 1 Bluetooth earphones provide a range of up to 300 feet. Having the best neckband bluetooth earphones are always a good choice.

9. Compatibility

Check the compatibility before buying the best neckband headphones. Most earphones are compatible with Android phones, iOS, PC, tablets, and other operating systems.

Advantages of Neckband Earphones Over Wired Earphones 

Energy Efficient 

Not only are wired earphones comfortless, but they consume more battery of the phone. On the other hand, neckbands have an inbuilt battery which provides for up to 10 to 20 hours of battery life so that we can enjoy our favorite playlist for more time. 


The top reason to buy the neckband earphone is its flexibility. We will get more flexibility when compared to wired earphones. While we are using wired earphones, we have to restrict ourselves & we feel free to roam. We are keeping our mobile in the pocket and the wires are hanging on the ear so it may irritate you. But having a neckband, we will not face any issues, just enjoy the music and call without any worry. 

Cost Efficient 

NeckBands are affordable when compared to truly wireless earbuds. So that everyone can buy them. We can afford a good wired earphone within 200 rs. However, if you are willing to splurge, you can go with true wireless earbuds for wire free lifestyle. 

Secure & Safe 

Generally, wired earphones have a minimum of 5 connection points and they may get cracked after 4 to 6 months of use. In addition, wired headphones are not waterproof, dustproof, or sweatproof. While the neckband comes with an IP rated waterproof so that it is very safe to use and perfect for sports & gym. 

Multiple Applications 

Apart from listening to music, you can do multiple things with a neckband style earphone. We can get the best quality sound and better control over music, calls & voice assistants. Play or pause a track, attend or reject a call, everything becomes ice on the cake. Yes, we can’t do all these functions with a traditional wired earphone. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Realme Buds Wireless in-Ear Bluetooth with mic. As per our research, it is the best neckband Bluetooth earphone in India by 2022. Its chambers are made of machined stainless steel, which has a very attractive glossy sheen. It offers more than 12 hours of playing time.

The main feature of the headphones behind the neck is also called the collar. Generally, it is made of high quality rubber or plastic material and is worn around the neck. It is used to keep headphones seamless, increase stability, and accommodate chips and other hardware.

The new headphones on the back of the neck are just like them, except for the lightweight band. To feel how comfortable they are, think of tiny earbuds that can be used independently. This allows earbuds to hang when in use or not on your chest. In addition, it saves the pain of stuffing earphones in your pockets because they are always out of touch.

Everyone has different tastes. Not all models fit into everyone’s ear. Ensure that you snatch the best wireless earphones for the money to provide powerful sound, sit comfortably, and be as durable.

It is not a difficult task to wear wireless neckband earphones. Just find the correct side bud for each ear ( L or R) and place a band around your neck. As the neckband earphones are flexible, you can easily adjust them based on your convenience.


Final Words

We believe that our 10 latest neckband earphones 2022 reviews in the list will help you to select the best neckband earphones in India. There are various brands of earphones available in the market, and here, certain supreme-class brands will not compromise with their built quality. You have to check build quality, noise cancellation, and the Mic option before buying it. Best brand earphones are designed to satisfy music lovers. 

Enjoy the music with the best neckband headphones!

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