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Best Mixer Grinder in India of 2022 [Efficient & Quick]

Best Mixer Grinder

Best Mixer Grinder in India of 2022 [Efficient & Quick]

A mixer grinder is one of the most common essential household appliances found in every Indian kitchen. Mixer grinders are considered to be a classic solution for various cooking tasks such as grinding, pureeing, grating and chopping. It makes your kitchen work easier.

Mixer grinders are not only designed for grinding but also can do various jobs such as pureeing, grating, or chopping with consistent efficiency. These are available in the Indian market with different features and different price ranges.

Choosing the best model to suit your needs from hundreds of mixer grinder models can be a daunting task for you as a user. You may end up buying the wrong product by falling into the trap of various online offers or being victimized by a sales representative, in which case your money may be wasted. Processes like these can disrupt your peace of mind and increase your costs.

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Buying the right mixer grinder based on your needs and budget is a wise process. As a user, you should have some technical knowledge about the device and some idea of ​​the fluctuations seen in the market today. To reduce your workload and make your work easier, our team of experts has selected the top 10 mixer grinders in India and listed them based on its features.

From this list, you can easily choose a mixer grinder that suits your budget and personal preference. No doubt, this article will help you to choose the right mixer grinder for you.

Let’s dive into the article…

10 Best Mixer Grinders in India - Reviewed

1. Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder

Bajaj is a reputable brand of home appliances in the Indian market that has earned the trust of millions of Indian consumers by offering high-quality electronic appliances at reasonable prices. Not only that, this Best Mixer Grinder Company is renowned for providing satisfactory after-sales service.

The Bajaj Rex 500-Watt Mixer Grinder comes with three stainless steel jars that have attracted all the hearts of Indian homemakers with its exceptional performance. This mixer grinder is consolidated with several notable and fantastic aspects and comes with a reasonable price, making the device one of the Best Mixer Grinders in India.


The motor is the most significant part of this mixer grinder. Generally, the performance of the mixer grinder greatly depends on its powerful motor. Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder is constructed with a 500-watt powerful motor. Consequently, it can efficiently do tasks like chopping, pureeing, grinding, grating, etc.

We have already mentioned that this product has three different types of jars, which are 0.3-liter chutney jar, 0.8-litre dry grinding jar, and 1.2-liter liquidizing jar, respectively. These are completely built with stainless steel and comes with razor-sharp robust stainless steel blades.

Nowadays, a single jar can do multiple tasks; why can’t three. With the help of these three super smooth and powerful jars, you can do a wide variety of tasks swiftly. All three jars are made with rugged material that can withstand any hindrance and last for a long time.

Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder comes with a convenient control knob which makes this mixie much easier to utilize. This home appliance has 3-speed controls as low, medium, and high. According to your demands, you can easily increase or decrease the speed, making your blending or grinding job more comfortable.

This mixer grinder is built with a premium quality ABS plastic material that is durable, robust, rugged. As well this premium-grade body comes with corrosion-resistant and rust-proof aspects. With these features, the aesthetic look of your mixer grinder won’t spoil over time and will last for many years.

Apart from that, the excellent design of this electronic appliance will attract people’s attention and elevate the design of your kitchen to the next level. Besides, its features of easy-grip jar handles, vacuum feet, and overload protection make the device safer and more comfortable to use.



2. Sujata Dynamix DX Mixer Grinder

Sujata is considered to be the Best Mixer Grinder that is consolidated with innovative technologies, modern features, and unique specifications. This mixer grinder also comes with a reasonable price range. Performance depends on the motor of the device. 

Let’s start with the performance of the Sujata Dynamix DX Mixer Grinder. This super smooth electronic appliance is fitted with a 900 watts powerful motor with a double ball bearing technology. Not only the powerful motor, but also this Best Juicer Mixer Grinder is incorporated with many more advanced features that make the device more durable and reliable.


Sujata Dynamix DX Mixer Grinder is designed for low maintenance, which means you need not want to clean or maintain the device frequently. Due to the incorporation of durable and rugged motors, the appliance will deliver trouble-free performance for an extended period.

To offer wet grinding purposes, Sujata provides dome jars and does dry grinding tasks. They render two small stainless steel jars (which are separated). With these excellent features, you can effortlessly make batter for dosas and idlis. Besides, with these stainless steel jars, you can efficiently perform hard grinding tasks.

The motor has the potential to operate for up to 90 minutes without any trouble. The razor-sharp stainless steel blades present inside the jars assure exceptional grinding and chopping.

Moreover, Sujata Dynamix DX 900-Watt Mixer Grinder comes with a Speed Control Rotary Switch with a 3-speed settings option. This mixer can run up to 2200 rpm speed which is the highest speed range of this product.

Both the internal and external elements of this mixer grinder are built with premium-grade materials with shockproof technology thus, the product can withstand even in high shock range. The durable & rugged construction provides vibration-free operations, and it assures the safety of the device.



3. Sujata Powermatic Plus, Juicer Mixer Grinder

Sujata Powermatic Plus is also one of the Best Mixer Grinders in India 2021, and it offers attractive prices, innovative features, and excellent build quality. This mixie also delivers exceptional performance.

It is built with a powerful 900-watt motor which is a notable aspect of this mixer grinder. This motor is very efficient and can operate the device for up to 90 minutes continuously at a speed rate of 22000 rpm.


Due to 22000 rpm speed, this mixer grinder allows you to do multiple tasks like grating, chopping, pureeing, slicing, meat mincing, and juicing very efficiently and swiftly. A single mixer grinder will do various tasks with a fraction of a second without any faults or flaws.

Furthermore, the 900-watt motor of this mixer is combined with double ball bearings to enhance the efficiency and durability of the mixie. With this, you can do any hard grinding tasks without any hesitations.

It comes in two different jars; large and small. Both are made up of pure stainless steel material, respectively. You can use the big one for wet grinding to make batter or dough and the small jar for making chutneys or dry grinding. Inside the jar, there are sharp, robust stainless steel blades that will make your tough tasks efficiently and quickly.

Sujata Powermatic Plus Mixer Grinder is the Best Juicer Mixer Grinder in India that is consolidated with a novel honeycomb filter mesh. This honeycomb filter mesh aids you in preparing perfect and more delicious juices by eliminating fibrous substances.

We have already mentioned its motor can run at a speed rate of up to 22000 rpm. This speed limit allows you to make instant juice by using fresh fruits, which also aids in keeping the natural aroma of the juice for a determined period.

Okay, then what is left here? Yup, the control knob. This mixer is built up with an easy-to-use control knob called rotary action switch. It has a total of 3 different speed settings as low, medium, and high. With this aspect, the device permits you to run the mixer smoothly according to your need.



4. Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer Grinder

Preethi is a well-established brand in the Indian market that has earned credibility from millions of customers by delivering great-quality home appliances. The mixer grinder from Preethi is a perfect aggregate for its outstanding build quality, performance, and price.

You could have known that the essential component of an electronic device is its motor and the performance of that device depends on its motor. Likewise, Preethi Zodiac comes with a 750W powerful Vega W5 motor which can provide superior performance even for heavy loads.


Based on various quality studies, the motor of this mixer has been proved to be very powerful, i.e., the device can grind even the hardest dry turmeric in just 2 minutes. The motor’s efficiency allows you to do tasks like grating, chopping, slicing, dough kneading, juicing, and more without delay.

Apart from the high power of the motor, it’s integrated with a unique fast cooling functionality. This cools down the mixie immediately after stopping your task. Hence, the motor can render uninterrupted service and lasts for an extended period.

Unlike other mixer grinders, Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer Grinder offers five different types of jars. All these jars are made up of stainless steel that permits you to perform multiple tasks.

The 3-in-1 Insta Fresh Juicer jar is among the five jars that aids in extracting the juice from fresh fruits. The Super extractor feature facilitates you to extract milk from a coconut mill. It features a 2.1-liter master chef plus jar that helps you perform seven different tasks like grating, chopping, slicing, kneading, meat mincing, and pureeing efficiently.

You can easily control the mixer grinder by using the convenient Speed ​​Controls knob, and also it comes with three separate speed control settings such as low, medium, and high. Using this rotary switch, you can simply control the speed of the motor as per your task demand.

Both internal and external parts of this mixer grinder are made up of high-quality materials that make it the Best Mixie in India. The classic design and stylish look of this product is fantastic, and it will fascinate the audience.



5. Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt Super Mixer Grinder

Panasonic is a famous home appliance company all over the country. They have offered a wide range of products and services, including mixer grinders, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, personal computers, audio equipment, electronic materials, and so on.

This renowned company is one of the Best Mixie Brands in India as they produce superior quality mixer grinders at an affordable price. It is an all-rounder product for various kitchen tasks like making pastes, dry grinding, blending milkshakes, extracting fruit juice, mincemeat, and so on. 


This mixer grinder is an ideal combination of design and quality. This home appliance is undoubtedly one of the Best Mixer Grinders in India. But the strong motor with a magic seal protection enhances the durability of blades by lubricating them.

Panasonic MX-AC400 Super Mixer Grinder is integrated with a dual safety mechanism. The first one is the safety lid-locking function, which won’t enable the motor to run until the lid is closed appropriately. The second mechanism allows the motor to run only when the jar is placed correctly.

Most people doubt whether the mixer grinder can do hard grinding work and about the performance and power of this product. The device comes with sharp, durable steel blades that can finish even the hardest grinding tasks very easily and quietly.

Thus, it can turn even hard materials like turmeric into silky powder in just a minute. Besides, this mixer grinder comes with 3-speed control systems with piano-type switches, which is user-friendly.



6. Philips Viva Collection HL7701/00 Mixer Grinder

Philips is one of the Best Mixer Grinder Brands in India that has obtained consumers’ trust by offering high-quality products at reasonable prices. Philips Viva Collection HL7701/00 Mixer Grinder is designed with excellent built quality, exceptional features, and ultimate specifications to provide uninterrupted operation.

This mixer grinder is built with a sturdy ABS plastic body that doesn’t break easily. So you need not want to worry about cracks, scratches, or breakages. This plastic body is a nonconductor of electricity; hence it prevents accidents caused by electric shock.


Another notable feature of this plastic body is its corrosion-free aspect. Yes, this ABS plastic body is corrosion-resistant since it lasts for an extended period. As we said already, the performance of a mixer grinder depends upon the efficiency of the motor.

Philips Viva Collection HL7701/00 Mixer Grinder comes with a 750 watts powerful motor that ensures the efficacy of this product. This motor comes with a high-speed level of 11000 rpm. Hence, using this Philips Mixer Grinder, you can do any grinding task easily.

Excessive load on the mixer grinder can ultimately destroy the motor. To prevent the product from damage, Philips comes with Auto Shut-Off technology. This innovative technology lets the mixie shut off automatically if it contains overload.

Also, it comes with four different stainless steel jars, Pul Extractor Jar, Wet Jar, Middle Jar, and Chutney Jar. You can utilize this Philips Viva Collection for your requirements.

Further, it is made with a user-friendly control switch, which is one of the notable features of this product. Some products require ground at a moderate or slower pace or very quickly. In this case, the convenient control switch will help you. So with Philips HL7701/00 Mixer Grinder, you can do various grinding tasks in a more skillful way.



7. Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum MG 139 Mixer Grinder

Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum 750-Watt Mixer Grinder comes with the premium build quality, extraordinary performance, and fair price. It is a perfect combination of sleek design and tough performance. The rugged construction with strong components makes this device a reliable one.

The efficiency of the mixer grinder depends on the efficacy of the motor in it. In general, the powerful motor is the most significant portion of a mixer grinder. Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum Mixer Grinder is incorporated with a 750-watt powerful motor. Using this, you can do grating, grinding, pureeing, juicing, and more very quickly.


This mixer grinder contains three jars in various sizes, particularly designed for diverse purposes. These jars are made up of stainless steel. One can use these jars according to their kitchen-associated demand. These are rust-free, and so they can last for a long time.

Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum 750-Watt Mixer Grinder is equipped with a control knob that is very convenient to use and handle. You can effortlessly increase or decrease the speed setting by turning this rotary switch. This mixer grinder comes with three sorts of speed systems such as low, medium, and high. These three-speed systems assure that the ingredients are mixed properly and grounded to the desired state and texture.

You don’t need to worry about the safety issues of this mixer grinder because Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum Mixer Grinder comes with a dual protection mechanism to prevent the product from getting damaged.

The first one is the overload protection mechanism. This protects the motor from damage due to overheating and overload. Secondly, the inbuilt voltage stabilizer protects the device against the damage caused by the worst voltage fluctuation. The ABS plastic body (shockproof) defends the user from electric shock accidents.

The mixer designed by Preethi is the Best Mixer Grinder in India that comes with easy-to-use and easy-to-clean storage containers. Hence, you can store coffee beans, powdered spices, and chutneys in these storage containers, keeping them fresh for a long time.

It also comes with a Super Extractor that allows you to extract the juice within a moment. Using this feature, you can swiftly make tamarind essence, coconut milk, and more without any delay.



8. Philips HL 7720 Mixer Grinder

Philips is a celebrated home and kitchen appliances company that produces premium quality kitchen appliances, home appliances, electronic gadgets, etc. Besides high-quality production, it gives a notable after-sales service for an extended period.

Philips HL 7720 Mixer Grinder is a perfect blend with aesthetic design and powerful performance. Let’s talk about the construction and built quality of this product. The external body of this product is constructed with superior quality ABS plastic, and the internal components are made up of high-quality materials.


The outer body is coated with an attractive maroon color that elevates a stylish look to the mixer grinder and fascinates the audience. Hence, this mixer grinder can bear excess shock, scratch, load, and it comes with corrosion-free technology to protect it from getting damaged.

Many users have appreciated this Philips HL 7720 Mixer Grinder as the Best Mixie, which is loaded with a pack of features and advanced technologies. It will suit your different types of cooking demands such as grinding, smashing, mixing, and more.

Philips HL 7720 750-Watt Mixer Grinder comes with a total of three jars that are made of stainless steel material. It comes blended with modern features to ensure the grinder’s efficiency and durability.

Your grinding and mixing jobs become very smooth, easy, and quick. On the whole, this mixer grinder from Philips ensures durability and reliability with its satisfactory construction and features.



9. Prestige Iris 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

Prestige is also one of the famous brands that manufacture quality kitchen appliances with a fair price range. Prestige Iris 750-Watt Mixer Grinder features numerous advanced technologies to deliver superior performance even in heavy load.

This mixie is constructed with high quality and premium-grade plastic on the outside and superior quality materials on the inside when it comes to quality. Besides, it comes with shock-proof and corrosion-resistant features to extend the life of the mixer grinder.


This electronic product is well known for the performance of the motor attached to it. It is fitted with a 750 watts powerful motor which ensures the efficacy of the product.

This powerful motor makes your blending and grinding tasks quick and smooth. You can use this mixer grinder for various purposes, such as blending fruits and grinding hard ingredients like raw turmeric.

Prestige Iris gives three various types of stainless steel jars that are durable and made to withstand any kind of fall. It is also considered the Best Juicer Mixer Grinder because it comes with a juicer jar specially made for fresh juices.

All three jars have durable, razor-sharp stainless steel blades that can smoothly and efficiently perform the grinding task. Using this mixer grinder, you can do more and more kitchen-associated tasks within a moment.

This mixer grinder comes with an overload protection mechanism which improves safety and extends the longevity of this mixie. It features a sturdy handle with jars for a comfortable grip. With this super handle, you can prevent accidental slippage.



10. Preethi Zion MG-227 Mixer Grinder

Preethi Zion MG-227 Mixer Grinder is the final product in our list of Best Mixer Grinder in India 2021. Though it comes in the last position, it is made with multiple advanced technologies and features. Don’t assume that this product is inferior in quality or performance as it is at the end of our list.

It has a 750 watts powerful motor with a voltage limit of 230 V, which delivers high-quality performance. This HVDC motor maintains the system and checks that the noise of the motor is not increasing.


Similar to all mixer grinders, Preethi Zion MG-227 Mixer Grinder also has three-speed settings that the control knob can control. You can adjust the speed level by simply turning the control knob.

Various studies suggest that most mixer grinders get damaged due to high heat. Preethi Zion has an advanced air ventilation system to protect the device from such damage. The bottom of the mixie has vacuumed feet that are fitted for a strong stance. This allows the motor to cool down very quickly, even when running for a long time.

You can use this mixer grinder for vegetable chopping, dough kneading, slicing, grating, and more. It does all tasks very easily and completes in seconds by providing the required blades for the cut.

This mixer grinder not only tender the greens and vegetables, but also its HVDC motor will mince the meat. It comes with many attachments, and one among them permits you to squeeze citrus fruits to extract the juice.

This mixer grinder package features a jar, chutney jar, 0.2-liter jar, bottom assembly, dome, lid, Flexi lid, dough kneader, master chef and jar, chopping blade, grating blade, slicing blade, citrus press, and stirrer. Except for the citrus juicer and master chef jar, all the other jars are made with high-quality steel.

Also, this mixie comes with an integrated safety indicator (LED) that turns the orange light to red if the device is in high heat. The orange light indicates the correct temperature. When the product shows red light in the indication then the user should shut off the unit and leave it to cool down. Although the motor is powerful, it is checked and confirmed that the noise is up to 80-90 dB when the product is running.



Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Mixer Grinder in India 2021

In earlier times, women spent their time in the kitchen all day and worked hard to meet different cooking needs. But those days are now gone. In this modern world, multitasking has become an essential part of our lives, not just cooking. Getting help with modern kitchen appliances will save our time and make work easier in the future.

The line of essential kitchen appliances such as induction stove, grinder, microwave oven, etc., also includes a mixer grinder. Consider a multi-purpose to perform various cooking-related tasks such as chopping, grating, grinding, and pureeing.

As a user, we know that you will be looking for the best mixer grinder, depending on your budget. There are various essential factors to consider before buying a quality mixer grinder. We have listed them in order here. Here we have briefly discussed the factors you need to focus on when buying.

1. Material Quality

The construction of a product first adds strength to its quality. So it is essential to focus on the construction of the mixer grinder. You need to pay attention to check the materials of the jars, central unit, and blades. Typically, the central unit of the mixer grinder is made of strong plastic such as ABS.

Also, the jars used for grinding and the blades attached to them should be made of quality stainless steel. Stainless steel ensures trouble-free and long-term performance.

Always keep an eye on the material quality of the mixer parts, such as jars, blades, and lids. The material of the product and its quality are essential. Choosing a reputable brand that does not compromise on quality will give you the best result and the correct output.

2. Design

All the home appliances made earlier were large in size and complex in structure. But in this evolving era, all the products are manufactured as small as possible and uncomplicated in structure. Mixer grinders made by all the leading companies can have a sleek look and elegant design.

The look of the product you choose should enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen. For mixer grinders, there are only two designs, such as tower design and L design. Of these, mixer grinders with a tower design are the easiest ones to clean, which is one of their merits.

3. Power

The main thing you need to look for when buying a quality mixer grinder is power consumption. The electrical power used to operate the mixer grinder is measured in watts. If you want to use mixer grinders to grind only ingredients like onion, pepper, nuts, ginger, garlic, spices, then a 450-watt mixer grinder will be the apt one for you.

Conversely, if you want to make rice powder, flour, idli batter, etc., then you need a mixie with a power of 750 watts. One thing you should always keep in mind is that when a mixer grinder uses more watts it will deliver more power and make more noise. When the product uses low watts, it will provide moderate power and emit less noise.

4. Speed Settings

Speed is another crucial feature to consider. The unit RPM measures the speed of the mixer grinder. RPM is the acronym of ‘Rotations per minute’. Speed of the mixer grinder means how many times the stainless steel blade rotates in a minute. If the rate of RPM is high, then the power of the motor will be high correspondingly.

Generally, in most mixies, it ranges between 1800 to 2200 RPM. This technology diminishes the time needed for preparing the ingredients. But there is also a disadvantage in higher RPM. If the rate of RPM increases than the determined limit, then the motor’s temperature will automatically increase, which causes internal damage to the motor.

Besides, the higher the RPM, the product produces more noise. All popular mixer grinder models that are manufactured recently are equipped with speed control switches or knobs. Using this switch, the mixie can be operated at low, medium, or high speed. This allows you to run at different speeds depending on your needs.

5. Rating in Minutes

Each mixer has a recommended continuous operating time. Under normal circumstances, this can take 30 seconds to 5 minutes of running time and 3 minutes of cooling time. This means that turning your motor off for about 3 minutes after running continuously will extend the motor’s life.

Conversely, if you run the device continuously for too long, it will immediately overheat the motor and cause severe damage to the interior of the motor. Adhering to the recommended ratio will extend the motor’s life and ensure that the mixer serves well.

6. Safety Aspects

You should always make sure that the mixer grinder is equipped with various safety features before purchasing it. Safety is a concern here. But don’t have to worry about safety when you choose mixer grinders made with single and double safety features.

One of the safety features in the currently manufactured products is that the motor will not start until the jar is placed correctly and locked on the mixer, which is ensured by the safety lock system. Such a process prevents the accidental start of the machine, and various vulnerabilities are avoided in advance. So when buying a mixer grinder, make sure that it has a safety lock feature.

Notice if the mixie has a solid and consistent base because it is considered a great way to avoid unnecessary accidents. Mixer grinders manufactured by international companies are equipped with piano-type switches, and Indian mixers are fitted with rotary-type switches.

7. Blade Types

All the mixer grinders currently in production have different types of blades that are needed for several tasks. Each blade is designed for a specific purpose and fitted to the device. These blades are made of stainless steel material to prolong their life and improve their quality.

Stainless steel has anti-corrosion properties and is sufficient for rigorous food processing. The blades of the mixer grinders are just as easy to clean as normal blades. These blades last for many years and do not require much maintenance.

Mixer grinders made by companies like Preethi, Panasonic, Philips, Prestige come with different types of blades. They are,

  • Wet Grinding Blade – They are utilized for preparing paste of fruits and vegetables.
  • Dry Grinding Blade – They are utilized for dry grinding purposes such as preparing masala powder and rice powder.
  • Chutney Grinding Blade – They are utilized for preparing various kinds of chutnies.
  • Slicing Disc – They are utilized to slice (cut) vegetables and fruits.
  • Shredding Disc – They are utilized to shred vegetables, fruits and cheese.

8. Overload Protection

Most mixer grinders burn due to high load and prolonged use. Sometimes the performance of the motor is affected due to high load. To avoid such problems, the mixer grinders are fitted with an overload protection feature so that the motor will stop automatically when a high load is applied.

Overload protection is an important safety feature for home appliances such as mixer grinder, grinder, washing machine, etc. The high load protection system acts as an electric fuse. With the help of this system, when there is a high load, it automatically splits the circuits and holds the motor. Such a process prevents further damage to the mixie’s motor. So, when buying a quality mixer grinder, make sure that it comes with automatic overload protection.

9. Number of Jars

The next thing you have to consider is the jars of the mixer grinder. Yes, its price range is determined by how many jars are included with the device. You will need various kinds of jars for several needs, and more jars designate more flexibility.

The jobs that are usually performed in the mixie are dry grinding, wet grinding, making spices, chutneys, and juices. A good mixer grinder should have three to four jars of different sizes and shapes. That means you can choose a mixer grinder with at least 3 to 4 jars for all your needs.

10. Vacuum Foot Cups

Vacuum foot cups attached to mixer grinders are an essential safety feature. This ensures that the mixie is placed correctly on the floor surface. With the help of this feature, the accidental exit of food items inside the jar is prevented. And the motor is protected from being damaged in any way while grinding. So you have to pay attention to this vital factor while buying the product.

11. Noise

No mixer grinder runs very quietly without noise. They usually make a little noise. This noise arises due to the high-speed movement of the motor, but it should be as low as possible. High-capacity motors make more noise than low-capacity motors. So choose the right one as your wish.

Final Words

The mixer grinder has occupied a unique place in the kitchen, not only in India but globally. It is a wonderful work of science that helps you finish your cooking quickly. This product is greatly loved and accepted by all modern women who work in the kitchen.

Although this is a typical kitchen appliance, buying the right mixer grinder is a challenge for many of us. To help people think of buying a quality mixer grinder, here is a purchase guide with all the necessary information.

According to our research, the Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder tops our list. Its exceptional features, such as a multi-functional blade system, different types of stainless steel jars, 3-speed control knobs, make it easy to grind and blend all-natural items easily.

We hope that all the information about Mixer Grinder provided by our team of experts in this article is qualified to get adequate insight. If you still have any queries or doubts, let’s know in the comments section below. We’ll clarify them as soon as possible.

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