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Best 10 Mini PC For Gaming In 2022


Best 10 Mini PC For Gaming In 2022

Back in the day, laptops were the go-to option if you needed a portable computer. However, even though laptops are good, they may fall short when it comes to power. When comparing the specs of a similar-priced mini PC with a laptop, the mini PC almost consistently outperforms the laptop. 

A mini PC could be ideal for you if you don’t need your computer on the go and use it at work, school, or at home. Mini PCs are typically smaller than laptops, making them easier to transport while simultaneously being more assertive. They also have more connectors than a typical laptop. Thus, a mini PC can eliminate the need to lug about dongles.

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There are a variety of compact designs available, ranging from smaller desktops to pocket PCs. Mini PCs take advantage of the compact, energy-efficient components found in laptops to deliver a surprising amount of power in a package that fits behind a monitor. There are tiny stick PCs and micro desktops for practically everyone, with mini PCs designed for everything from video streaming to gaming and virtual reality.

This article has listed the top 10 best mini PCs for gaming that help you choose the best one for your needs.

10 Mini PC For Gaming For All Budgets in 2022


Beelink Ser Mini PC is one of the best mini pc, and the Beelink mini PC is the best choice if you are looking for a mini PC for gaming. The Beelik Ser Mini PC gives high-performance because it comes with AMD Ryzen 7 3750H CPU and Radeon RX Vega 10 Graphics. This excellent mini PC also supports windows11 as well as Ubuntu.

The Beelik Ser mini PC is small in size, but it has many benefits. This compact mini PC is used for games, media servers, image editing, and so on. It comes with a unique fan that can detect the state of cooling and adjust the CPU temperature accordingly. 


It conserves energy and prevents thermal runaway due to long working hours. As a result, the heat dissipation effect is improved further, and noise while use is reduced. The SER mini computer’s shell is built of a beautiful and dynamic metal substance. Heat dissipation holes are designed into the top and sides of the PC.

The kit includes a standard wall mounting bracket that can be easily put on the back of a VESA-enabled TV or monitor using the accompanying VESA mount. Creates a space-saving and tidy desk without taking up any room. The pre-installed Kingston M.2 2280 500GB NVMe SSD can be replaced with up to a 2TB SSD. For quicker operating systems and games, it supports ultra-fast SSDs.




The current edition of the Apple Mac mini may appear unaltered from its previous versions. Still, there’s a revolution under the hood: the Apple M1 CPU, Apple’s first significant departure from Intel processors in Macs. Apple’s M1 chip provides a massive GPU, CPU, and machine learning capabilities boost. macOS Big Sur alters the Mac with substantial performance gains and much more. It was created to exploit the potential of the M1 CPU.

The 8-core CPU accelerates workflows by up to three times, allowing you to complete tasks faster than ever before. For graphics-intensive apps and games, an 8-core GPU with up to six times quicker graphics is offered. A Neural Engine with 16 cores for sophisticated machine learning.


Everything you do is swift and seamless thanks to 8GB of shared memory. It also gives the Mac mini the world’s fastest integrated graphics in a personal computer, with a massive 6x boost in graphics performance. That’s a fantastic amount of power packed into a tiny package. Video analysis, speech recognition, image processing, and other tasks benefit from machine learning’s task-smashing speed and automation.

The Mac mini’s appearance has one noteworthy difference: the port options. The M1 mini contains an ethernet port, two Thunderbolt 3 connectors, an HDMI connection capable of handling up to 6K resolution, dual USB 3.0 ports, and a headphone jack, all of which are gathered on the backside of the chassis in a black plastic I/O panel.




Are you searching for the best budget mini PC for gaming? Then you reach the right place, and the reason is that the KAMRUI mini PC is the friendly-budget mini Pc for gaming. This mini PC offers two HDMI ports to connect the two displays at a time easily. It also saves space because you can easily hide the mini PC behind your monitor and TV. 


The KAMRUI small PC is also used for industrial and commercial purposes. It has ports that allow you to connect it to a monitor, keyboard, projector, and other devices. Because USB 3.0 transports data 10 times faster than USB 2.0, it’s easy to move large files, such as massive HD movies, in a short amount of time while conserving energy.

This Mini PC is designed to be portable, allowing you to easily pack it into a bag and carry it wherever you want. The VESA mount saves space and allows you to reattach the device to the monitor and television quickly. You can also expand storage by connecting an external hard drive via the USB connector. 




Next, we’ll look about the Intel NUC 6 Professional Kit. The next step is high-definition technology. It’s revolutionizing entertainment and is now available with Intel’s Next Unit of Computing. Higher resolutions are possible with Intel Iris Pro Graphics, which means more precise lines and more realistic when watching Films and tv. In addition, it’s simple to connect to the most extensive range of flat screens, 4K monitors, and audio system setups with an HDMI connector and a small Display Port, both of which enable 8-channel audio.


Simply put, this is a device that fits in your living room. But, it’s time to change the game entirely by redefining what a mini gaming PC is capable of. Enjoy stunning, high-resolution visuals with fast frame rates, as well as ultra-immersive Ultra HD 4K gaming. With a sixth-generation Intel Core processor inside, you can play and experience immersive gaming like never before. You get thirty times improved 3D graphics for higher resolution and faster frame rates thanks to an enhanced design based on the 6th generation Intel Core i7 processor and Intel Iris Pro Graphics.

The 6th generation Intel Core i7 processor with Intel Iris Pro Graphics delivers maximum performance for anything you produce, from image editing to producing 4K video. Thunderbolt 3 technology connects up to three 4K displays. It lets you boost graphics performance with external graphics cards or transmit data at a blistering 40Gbps to and from external storage. That’s two times the video bandwidth, ideal for working with huge media files with high-resolution, colorful graphics.




The Intel NUC 11 is a tiny and powerful gaming micro PC that uses Intel’s 11th generation processors. The best feature of the Intel NUC compact PC is that it can connect up to four screens, allowing you to work with four displays at once. Every episode is available in full-screen 8K UHD splendor. It takes up a minimal amount of space in your room, allowing you to view your favorite show anywhere you like. Even this tiny PC is ideal for use in the workplace.


If you enjoy gaming, the Intel NUC 11 is the appropriate computer. This innovative Mini PC also works with Amazon Alexa, allowing you to operate it from anywhere in your home. The three connections are included to provide speedy charging and file sharing. This portable gadget also has three USB connections, allowing you to transfer video data from DSLR cameras and GoPro cameras.

As a result, you’ll be able to catch up on your favorite episodes and web series in no time. The Intel NUC 11 Little PC provides a better gaming experience, so if you’re seeking the most incredible mini PC for gaming, you can go with this ultimate mini PC.




One of the most significant mini PCs for gaming is the Coofun Mini PC. Most mini gaming PCs are difficult to adjust and set up, but you won’t have to worry about that with this Coofun mini PC because it’s simple to set up. You can use this mini gaming PC for the workplace, education, and other reasons as well. This compact PC also saves space on the gaming desk and uses less power, so you won’t have to worry about your electricity cost.


You can play your favorite game for as long as you like with this Mini PC because it features a clever fan that prevents the PC from overheating. This Mini PC features numerous USB, audio, and other connectors. In addition, it has a 2.5G network transmission to assure smooth gaming performance, superb video clarity, and rapid file sharing. 

With exceptional triple display solutions employing HDMI, Display Port, and USB-C output, the UM250 tiny PC can drive up to three video displays with remarkable clarity. In addition, this Mini PC can run at various rotational speeds and temperatures, lowering the overall machine temperature and increasing the quietness of the heat dissipation module. 




Using this Magic Stick Mini PC Stick, you can see all your favorite shows, and the Magic Stick Mini PC supports Linux. With the help of this Magic Stick, you can connect two monitors simultaneously, which means you can work computer and TV at once.

MicroSD cards with capacities of up to 512 GB and external hard drives with up to 5 TB are supported. Many individuals purchase two or more to take advantage of the incredible features and capabilities available on each TV in their home. This is an excellent birthday or anniversary present.


One MagicStick can be connected to each TV in your home. As a result, all of your televisions will now act as fully functional computers presented on a large screen.  You get the same quick, powerful processing as using a desktop or laptop computer. Only now, personalities and background scenes may be seen on your high-definition television. The bigger screen makes games more realistic and action-packed. 

If you enjoy video games, you’ll be ecstatic to learn how to turn your television into the perfect gaming PC. For a much more realistic gaming experience, upgrade your TV’s images and audio. You’ll watch TV ten times as much as you used to. MagicStick is ideal for online shopping because it allows you to browse all of your favorite shopping websites. Now you can see large, detailed product photographs that can help you become a better shopper.




Beelink INTEL i5-8279U MINI PC is a convenient gaming device because it is lightweight and portable, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go. This compact PC also comes with a mounting bracket, allowing you to easily attach the device behind a monitor or television, saving space and eliminating the need to find a separate location.

You will have a seamless experience with a great processor, and you will be able to navigate the online sites rapidly.


It has a huge fan that cools the gadget and exhausts the hot air via the holes to prevent it from overheating. It is compatible with two operating systems: Windows 10 Pro and Windows 11 Pro. In addition, the Beelink has Wifi 5, which allows you to share files and download 4K videos instantly.

The Graphics 655 provides an excellent gaming experience, and the Dual HDMI ports allow you to connect two displays at once. This tiny gaming PC can be utilized for various purposes, including office work, entertainment, and education. In addition, the gamer can get this Beelink Intel i5-8279U mini PC, which provides a realistic gaming environment.




One of the top gaming mini PCs on the list is the Goodtico. The Goodtico can be connected to a monitor, television, digital signal, projector, and other devices. Because the Goodtico mini PC is small, it is easy to transport; you can even carry it in your backpack. The KC10 Mini PC features two 1000M Ethernet Ports, significantly increasing its functions and improving its performance. PXE Boot and Wake On Lan are supported.


Goodtico mini pc is equipped with Intel HD graphics, allowing for a smooth gaming experience as well as excellent viewing of your favorite movies. The Goodtico’s Wifi 6 allows for fast video downloads and file sharing. Because the Goodtico has a built-in fan, you can work without worrying about overheating. The Goodtico Intel mini PC is compact and lightweight, and it can also be mounted in the back of the monitor and TV, giving the desktop a nice look. The KC10 uses less power than typical full-size desktop towers from Intel’s 10th Generation Core i5/i7 processors, and the technology is high-speed and smooth to use




Coofun fanless mini PC is one of the friendly-budget mini PC. The GK50 small pc comes with a VESA bracket that makes mounting it on the back of a VESA-compatible TV or monitors simple. GK50 is only 0.26kg in weight and measures 125x 113×30 mm in dimension. It’s more compact and lighter than a book. The GK50 uses a fanless heat dissipation technique in which a big metal sheet entirely touches the air and ensures that the CPU’s heat is dispersed completely.


Thanks to supercooling technology, the running speed is consistent and quiet when the CPU load is at 100%. The fanless design saves energy and produces no noise. Cooling is faster and more efficient thanks to a unique shell design and energy-saving components. Two Gigabit LAN ports, allowing you to connect to more networks, and a 2.4G / 5.8G dual-band Wifi chip. Signals are more powerful and consistent. 

You may connect the mini PC to a TV, projector, digital signal, and other devices so that it can be used for more than just gaming. It can also be used for movies and office work.




We put it through a series of benchmark tests and real-world scenarios to get the most accurate image of how well it works, what applications it’s best suited for, and how much functionality you get for the money.  The Geekbench processor test is used to evaluate a system’s overall processing capability.

For example, we use custom spreadsheets to see how long enormous data sets and statistic processes take. We also put file transfer speeds to the test, copying huge files to see how long it takes a system to copy multimedia files, papers, and other types of content.

Most significantly, we spend a significant amount of time merely using each mini PC for daily tasks. To get a better feel of which ones are worth your money, we watch movies, play games, and blast music through the speakers.



The majority of mini PCs are compact and come in various sizes, including Stick PCs that fit in your pocket. Even if you want gaming or workstation performance, you can acquire a powerful desktop that’s compact enough to carry in a backpack by sacrificing power.


Finally, you should consider setup options and upgradeability. Many mini PCs feature two or three configuration options, which can alter everything from the amount of available storage to whether or not high-end processors and separate graphics cards are included.

Many of the smallest mini PCs have no capacity for future hardware upgrades. In contrast, others are built to allow you to add RAM or storage, and some even include connectors for an external GPU for added power.


If you want to do any real gaming ,you’ll need a system with a dedicated graphics card. Some might say that you can’t go too big in this sector, but you can save a lot of money by skipping the latest cards and opting for an older card that can still run your favourite games at high settings.


One of the best things about PC gaming is that you can change components one at a time or add new ones when your system starts to show its age. Look for a gaming PC with plenty of extra PCI, PCIe, and M.2 slots, as well as enough case space for upgrades. It’s a pleasant benefit if the case is simple to open without the use of any extra tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Is a Mini PC Good for Gaming?

Yes, a mini PC is a good choice for gaming. The best mini PCs are small and lightweight, but they have the capacity to handle everything from online browsing to gaming in small cases that are more practical than a tower PC.

Q: Are Mini PCs Upgradable?

Based on the model. Some gaming mini PCs come in a sealed casing and aren’t designed to be upgraded. However, this does not rule out the possibility of upgrading them. Another challenge is locating the appropriate components for an upgrade.

Q: Is a Mini Gaming Pc Portable?

Since most mini gaming PCs are compact in size, you can simply transport one in a bag. A monitor, mouse, and keyboard are still required, but a mini gaming PC is far more portable than a standard desktop computer. You can even keep some mini-PCs in your pockets.

Q: Is a Mini Pc making a noise?

Mini PCs are quieter than standard computers. As a result, noise pollution is reduced and your environment remains peaceful.

Q: Do Mini PCs have a fan?

To save them from overheating, several mini PCs feature small fans. Some mini PCs are referred to as “Fanless Mini PCs” because they without fans. If you’re searching for a compact, lightweight, and affordable computer, a fanless computer may be worth the money. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that this article has provided you with some helpful information regarding mini PCs for gaming and an understanding of how to select the most incredible mini PC for gaming. We’ve included their most recent prices as well as the advantages and drawbacks of each product. So now it’s your turn to pick the most excellent tiny computer and dive into the world of gaming.

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