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10 Best Maternity Shorts to Wear While Pregnant

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10 Best Maternity Shorts to Wear While Pregnant

Are you expecting a child? Do you know that your body will change during pregnancy and after giving birth? It is a little upsetting and, at the same time, surprising. Your ordinary clothes no longer fit you at this time. Therefore, purchasing maternity clothing will be more convenient and comfortable during pregnancy. This post lists the 10 best maternity shorts that give you comfort and confidence while pregnant.

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Signature by Levi Strauss maternity shorts

Signature by Levi Strauss & Co.

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fitglam Women's Maternity Shorts


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Love2Mi Maternity Shorts


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10 Best Maternity Shorts For All Budgets in 2022

1. Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Maternity Shorts

These cute and cozy maternity shorts are ideal for daily wear. These shorts from Levi Strauss & Co. have a gentle knit panel that will spread over your tummy at any point during pregnancy.

A tummy panel is added above the waistband for back support and belly coverage. It is machine washable and made of 80% cotton. These adorable maternity shorts are ideal for 9 months of pregnancy. 

These shorts have cuffed bottoms. Thanks to the soft cotton, these pregnancy shorts easily fit your tummy and help you and your baby breathe more easily. The main benefit of these shorts is that they are comfortable enough to wear daily while pregnant. 



2. Fitglam Women’s Maternity Shorts 

The Fitglam Women’s maternity shorts are the right choice if you are looking for affordable maternity shorts. Pregnant women can stay comfortable all day long in these adorable maternity shorts. It will stretch as your belly expands. The high elastic panel will give your expanding belly full, snug support throughout your pregnancy. Your prenatal and postpartum essentials must include this cozy maternity bottom. 

These summer shorts are perfect for workouts, yoga, shopping, and other activities. These maternity shorts are lightweight and ideal for wearing during summer. These fashionable shorts features an athletic design that is comfortable and comes in a broad range of hues. These pregnancy shorts are excellent for everyday use and pregnancy workouts. It has two practical side pockets that allow you to store keys and a phone while walking. Additionally, they have a helpful side pocket. 



3. Motherhood Maternity Women’s Shorts

These casual-fit denim shorts are cozy and stylish. They have an over-the-belly flawless, stretchy panel that fits perfectly throughout pregnancy. These shorts are adaptable and comfortable because they are made of cotton and are machine washable. It comes in 3 different colors. 

It is comfortable throughout the entire pregnancy and easily fits the hips. Wearing these jeans shorts means your stomach won’t ever hurt, and you can breathe easily. On warmer days throughout your pregnancy, stylish denim shorts with a baby roll hem will keep you cool and at ease. Because they are made of 98% cotton, these Motherhood maternity women’s shorts allow the baby to breathe easily. 



4. V VOCNI Underbelly Denim Shorts 

The style is fashionable and ideal for the summer. This stylish set of maternity shorts features a ripped jean look and an underbelly fit. These shorts will go well with a plain T-shirt for everyday wear, but they can also be dressed up for special occasions.

These low-rise maternity shorts have an elastic panel that stretches under your belly for maximum comfort and support. It offers the right amount of stretch to expand your growing belly quickly. Pregnant women find it easy to put on or take off. The waistband’s soft jersey underbelly guarantees versatile suitability at all times. 

A simple tee and denim shorts make for a comfortable everyday outfit and are made to fit over your expanding belly securely and comfortably. This pregnancy lounge short’s underbelly design offers gentle front and back support as your belly expands without slipping at the belly button. This style makes it ideal for daily wear, staying at home, or exercising. 



5. Ekouaer Maternity Shorts

These soft, smooth, and airy maternity shorts are perfect for working out and sleeping. For added comfort and support, the stretchy material is made to offer an over-the-belly connection. This pair of maternity lounge shorts have a full panel that gently supports your back as your belly expands without slipping at the waist. The loose-fitting pregnancy shorts have a curved hem and broad leg openings, which make them ideal for workouts and everyday wear. 

Pregnant women can wear clothes with an adjustable waistband because it has the ideal balance of convenience and stretches to support a growing bump. These pregnancy shorts are appropriate for outdoor walking or running, meditation, and summer workouts. You could store your mobile phone, keys, and other small items in the two side pockets. 

it is machine washable, and also you can wash it by hand. You won’t be at risk of falling because the pregnancy sleeping shorts are ankle length, which is planned for every “new mom,” 



6. Love2Mi Maternity Shorts

These incredibly comfortable shorts are sure to become a pregnancy staple. They can be worn while lounging around the house or shopping because they have a soft fit and an elastic panel on the belly. You’ll want more than one pair of these because they are reasonably priced and come in various hues and patterns. It has a stylish pocket that allows you to keep small things such as cards and keys. 

You can breathe easily, and your stomach won’t ever hurt when wearing these jeans shorts. Stylish denim shorts with a baby roll hem will keep you cool and at ease on warmer days throughout your pregnancy. Adjustable waistband clothing is suitable for pregnant women because it strikes the perfect balance between comfort and stretches to accommodate the growing bump.



7. POSHDIVAH Women’s Maternity Shorts

The POSHDIVAH pregnancy shorts are excellent for exercising or riding a bike. Of course, the pockets on these shorts are one of their best features. These come in a few traditional colors and are available up to size XX-Large. These are made to remain comfortable as your bump enlarges. These maternity shorts feature a unique locking edge process on the upper side that can successfully stop the pants from rolling down.

Pregnant women can wear these over-the-belly maternity shorts for exercise, home, and yoga. These shorts are simple to match and add style to your regular workout outfit. This shorts have a four-way stretch for maximum comfort while moving, and the stretchy belly panel will expand with you until delivery. It has two side pockets that are big enough to hold your phone, cash, and other things. It is made of 75% cotton, making you comfortable always. 

The incredibly comfy elastic material will adapt to your changing belly during pregnancy and always offer cozy support and protection for your developing baby bump. 



8. Maacie Women Maternity Pants 

These shorts are cotton and spandex, covering your bump and giving comfort all day. They are flexible in that you can wear them while at home relaxing or shopping. These shorts have a stylish look, come in seven gorgeous hues, and have open side pockets.

These maternity shorts are constructed from skin-friendly, delicate fabric that will help you stay cool during the summer heat. During pregnancy, the incredibly soft elastic material will adjust to your changing belly and always provide cozy support and safety for your growing baby bump. Its 95% cotton content ensures your constant comfort. These over-the-belly maternity shorts are suitable for wearing to work, gatherings, and vacations. When wearing these jeans shorts, you can breathe easily, and your stomach won’t ever hurt. 



9. Cichic women’s Demi Maternity Shorts

These maternity jean shorts are made of cotton, Polyester, and spandex and come in sizes up to 7x huge plus. Additionally, you can choose from four various rinses. As you begin your change into maternity clothes, these have a button closure, which may be what you prefer. Because of their high waistband models, these shorts can be used during and after pregnancy. 

These shorts go with all tops, blouses, and dresses, giving you a stunning appearance. You can adjust the shorts while pregnant, thanks to the adjustable button. These shorts will help women sit, walk, and sleep without obstacles. It includes four pockets that are easy to keep keys and mobile. It has a stretch for maximum comfort while moving, and the stretchy belly panel will grow with you until delivery. 



10. Foucome Maternity Yoga Shorts

90% Polyester is used to create Foucome maternity shorts. These affordable maternity pants give your growing bump more space. Full-panel 3D cutting supports your belly without putting too much pressure on any one area. The belly band of this maternity band will help you to overcome back pain. 

Moving freely is made possible by soft stretch cloths with chafe-resistant seams, and comfort is maintained by fabrics that wick away moisture. It is ideal for all types of exercise, yoga, and other forms of physical activity, and it is also suitable for wearing in the summer. The spacious side pocket is perfect for holding small necessities and even bulky smartphones! Choose the best option from the many colors and sizes available to enjoy a stress-free pregnancy.



Factors that You Should Consider While Purchasing the Best Maternity Shorts


You must first decide what kind of shorts you require. Are you looking for classic denim shorts to add to your summer wardrobe or athletic shorts for your pregnancy-safe workouts? Your shopping options will be more focused if you know your maternity shorts’ primary purpose.


The growing belly requires a waistband that can support it. Most pregnancy shorts are made to fit fully or partially over or under the belly; some even have side panels for added support. Each design has advantages and disadvantages but considers the kind of support you prefer.


When buying a maternity short, you must consider the stretch. Another vital comfort aspect is knowing how tight they are under or around your belly. 


Is it worth it to buy maternity shorts?

Purchasing one or two pairs of maternity shorts is a purchase that is undoubtedly beneficial. Some maternity shorts are suitable for use both during and after childbirth. Having a few maternity clothes on hand will be more valuable because one of the most challenging aspects of pregnancy can be feeling like none of your clothes match you.

What style of maternity shorts works best for daily wear?

Choose soft and fashionable maternity shorts if you want to wear them regularly. Compared to athletic-style shorts, denim shorts are best for everyday wear. Consider your existing shirts when selecting your maternity shorts. It will be ideal for wearing with maternity shorts as a result. 

What maternity shorts are best for workouts? 

Have some maternity shorts in an athletic style if you want to exercise while you’re pregnant. Getting athletic shorts that offer belly support and a comfortable fit is something we recommend. 

Can I wear maternity shorts postpartum?

Yes, you can wear maternity shorts after giving birth. Maternity shorts are an excellent investment to have on hand for the months after pregnancy because it will undoubtedly take some time for your body to get back to its regular size.


The best pair of maternity shorts are essential to every pregnant woman’s wardrobe. Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Maternity Shorts is our top recommendation. If you are on a tight budget, go with Love2Mi Maternity Shorts. Choose your shorts wisely and enjoy your maternity period. 

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