Best LED TV in India of 2022 [Specs, Reviews & Price]

Best LED TV in India

Best LED TV in India of 2022 [Specs, Reviews & Price]

India has become more digital, so we can’t see any house without television, mobile phone, tablet, or computer. People can’t live without watching their favorite shows. So television has become an essential thing in every home. If you are searching for the best LED TV for your house, then you are at the right place. Here we have reviewed the top 10 LED TVs available in the Indian market.

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We used to see our favorite shows and actors in a small, low-resolution display in the olden days. But now everything has changed, and we can see all the things very clearly, even the actors’ facial lines, through the crystal clear view of LED TV.

LED TV provides you with a top-notch audiovisual experience. You can also play games, access your assistant or job details through this LED TV. It can also be integrated with your Android phone or PlayStation.

It is also available in different sizes from different brands. If you are confused about selecting the best LED TV from the market, don’t worry. We’ll help you to pick the best one.

Top 10 Best LED TV in India - Reviewed 2021

1. Mi TV (55-inch) 4X 4K Ultra HD Android LED TV

If you are looking for the best LED TV at a reasonable price, then this Mi TV (55-inch) 4X 4K Ultra HD Android LED TV will be the perfect choice for you. The screen size of this LED tv is 55 inches. Hence it has reached to give you a crystal clear view.


It comes with a lot of advantages, and you can see the high-end video with less proficiency. Let’s discuss the features and benefits of using this LED TV.

Mi TV looks gorgeous, and when you fix it on the wall, it gives a decent and compact feel to see realistic videos. Watching a movie on this LED TV will make you feel that you are sitting in front of the actors because the image quality represents such realisticity.

Mi TV 4X 138.8 cm (55 Inches) Ultra HD Android LED TV comes with 4K technology that offers you luxurious watching experiences. The overall refreshing rate of the screen is 60Hz. The image resolution of this television is 3840×2160 4K ultra HD.

The sound of this TV is 20 watts offered by the Dolby plus DTS. In addition, it has 3 HDMI ports with which you can connect the set of boxes. It also has 2 USB ports. These ports give way to connect hard disks or other USB devices to enjoy even more entertainment.

Mi TV (55-inch) 4X 4K Ultra HD Android LED TV is built with a wifi system so that you can easily connect your android phones to it and can watch Hotstar, Netflix, prime video, and more.



2. LG 4K (55-inch) UHD Smart LED TV

When you see this LG LED TV, the first thing that attracts your eyes is its design. It is designed as a striking slim fit with a ceramic black color coating on the exterior. This combination makes this LG 4k TV quite charming and eye-catchy.


This LED has also featured an IPS display, which has a wide-angle view system. With the help of this display, you can see a clear view of the images. The refreshing rate of this television is 50 hertz, but it is quite low compared to the above product.

Even if you watch from a long distance, you’ll still be able to see the crystal clear view and enjoy the movie perfectly. This LED TV is featured with an active HDR system so you can optimize every scene of a film and amplify the details.

The dynamic color enhancer technology helps you to see the image in the movies even more bright and realistic. It comes with 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports so that you can be easily able to connect the hard drives or other USB devices and enjoy your days.

Like other expensive TVs of LG, this LED Tv also comes with the DTS virtual sound system. It provides multi-dimensional audio that offers the overall audio experiences even if you see the movie from a long distance.

LG company provides some advanced technology features in some high-cost TVs. LG added a Quad-core processor in this model, which helps to improve the frame rate of the images to a high level. In the same way, it also comes with an intuitive AL system. You can activate this LED TV with a Microphone button located on the remote of this TV.

The only issue with this LED TV is that you have to buy the remote separately, which will cost a few more amounts for you.



3. TCL (55-inch) AI 4K UHD Certified Android Smart LED TV

TCL is one of the top brands among television sets. If you are looking for a 55 inch TV with some advanced technology and affordable pricing, then this TCL is for you. It comes with some essential features that make it stand out in the Indian market. Let us see the features attached with this TV.


The coveted HDR 10 technology helps give dazzling details of the images generated from the picture tube. It is featured with an AL interconnection system. You can easily connect to other electronic devices, like fans and light.

TCL has added an HLG system to make things more convenient, which helps you get a flexible approach to reach the performance of HDR standards. It gives the HDR format for broadcast media. The AL voice interaction can easily access all your favorite entertainment shows by smiley speaking into the microphone in the rote control.

The basic version of this television is the android nine operating system. If you need the latest operating system, then you can update easily using the wifi system. It has a feature to activate the google play store, and you can also download images or games to play on this LED TV.

This LED TV can be mounted easily on the wall, and it also has a feature to keep it as a tabletop system so that the consumer can place it according to their wishes. Like the other LED tv on our list, it also sounds better. If you place it in a small room, it produces extremely high sounds.

One of the major issues in this LED Tv is its refreshing Rate which caps at 60Hz, but when you watch 4 k videos, the frame rate may sometimes get down.



4. LG (43-inch) Full HD Smart LED TV

This is a small LED TV when compared to the other products on our list. The reason for ranking this product in fourth is it comes with a lot of advantages. By knowing the advantages of this TV, you will definitely forget the size issues.


If you have a small place in your house to place the tv, then LG Smart LED TV is the ideal choice for you. The borders are also as small as the TV. But it has the best viewing angle, so you can get a clear view of the movie even if you see it from a distance.

It comes with 3 HDMI ports so that you can easily connect the blu-ray player or console, or set-top box with your LED TV to enjoy uninterrupted services. It also has 2 USB ports where you can connect various hardware and USB devices. This LED TV has a quirky miracast feature with which you can easily share the screens to get even more features.

AL thinQ system makes it one of the best LED Tv in India because with the help of this, you can connect various streaming platforms like amazon prime, Netflix, Hotstar just by clicking a single button. Another good thing about this TV is it has included an AL launch system to make everything more comfortable and convenient.

This LED TV has HD resolution with a 50 Hz refreshing rate. It comes with a 20-watts power pack sound system so that you can get clear audio. You can enjoy the flawless and multi-dimensional sound from the default built-in speaker. It provides audio from all angles.

Though the size is small, the advantages of this LED TV are big. If you need a TV with a lot of advanced technology, then go for it.



5. Mi TV 4A PRO (43-inch) Full HD Android LED TV

If you are searching for the best LED TV with high quality screen resolution and a thumping sound system, then this 43 inch Mi TV 4A PRO (43-inch) Full HD Android LED TV is for you. This TV gives a decent look when placed in your home. It also provides brilliant image quality.


Mi is provided with a vivid picture engine to give you crystal clear images. This TV comes with three HDMI ports and three USB ports. With the help of these ports, you can connect various other gadgets with it to enjoy continuous watching of your favorite shows.

Mi TV 4A PRO (43-inch) Full HD Android LED TV comes with an in-built wifi system with which you can easily connect and access online video-streaming platforms. To provide a theatre-like experience, this model tv is equipped with the Coveted DTS-HD technology.

This tv comes with a highly potent and efficient quad-core processor. It is featured with the Android v9 operating system, and you can also update the OS whenever you want. It also has the feature to operate the google play store on your tv. So you can download games and enjoy playing. You can access the play store and patch wall with a lot of unique content.

One exciting feature about this Mi TV 4A PRO (43-inch) Full HD Android LED TV is, it comes with google voice searching technology. Using this, you can also access google photos and videos. This recalls your golden moments.



6. Sony Bravia (32-inch) Full HD LED Smart TV

Sony is one of the leading brands when it comes to electrical appliances in the Indian market. Sony Bravia (32-inch) Full HD LED Smart TV provides amazing clarity, and it delivers images in full HD foam. The higher screen size TV from this brand is too expensive, so we have taken a 32 inches TV to review. If money is not a matter, then you can choose the largest size from this brand. But both are similar in performance, the only difference is its size.


The top-notch quality soundbox of this TV delivers a clear music effect. The sound rate is 30 watts which is impressive at this price. Additionally, Sony has offered a woofer to make it more proper and convenient to hear the sound.

It comes with 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports. With the help of these ports, you can easily connect the USB device and Smartphones to enjoy even more fun things. It also has some smart TV features that help you to connect the amazon prime’s, Hotstar movies with the help of an in-built wifi system.

This model TV comes with four different protection types that help avoid the common issues that every TV user faces. It does not have any type of ventilation holes on the backside of the TV so that you can not get dust build-up.

Secondly, it will not get any damage due to unstable electricity, as this TV has a protection shield, it saves the LED TV from lighting issues. Finally, this LED TV has an anti-humidity coating so that it will not get affected by moisture.



7. OnePlus (55-inch) 4K Certified Android QLED TV

When it comes to the smartphone market, Oneplus is the flagship killer brand. Though all the products of this brand are quite pricey, it still attracts many people’s hearts. It has recently launched a wide range of LED TVs which also hold the top position.


In our list, we took a OnePlus (55-inch) 4K Certified Android QLED TV to review. It is a 55 inches QLED screen TV that has a 4K resolution view. It has a 480HZ motion rate that provides you a burst of bright colors to get a better viewing experience. This TV set has two built-in speakers and two subwoofers so that you can get a clear sound. And it is also integrated with Dolby Atmos sound technology for natural acoustics.

Oneplus LED TV comes with a built-in wifi system that allows you to connect it with your router so that you can watch streamed web series, videos, or movies from amazon prime, Hotstar, or Netflix. OnePlus (55-inch) 4K Certified Android QLED TV has four HDMI ports. With the help of these ports, you can connect Blu Ray players, set-top box and gaming consoles. It has 3 USB cables to connect USB devices and other hard drives to enjoy the uninterested services.

This Oneplus LED TV has several high-end components such as Bluetooth stereo mode, inbuilt Chromecast, screencasting, etc. The OnePlus (55-inch) 4K Certified Android QLED TV is featured with the new advanced technology called engine gamma color magic, enhancing you to get richer and authentic watching experiences.



8. Samsung (49-inch) Full HD LED Smart TV

In India, most people like Samsung products because people trust their quality and function. If you are thinking of buying the best LED TV for your office or home, it will definitely be the best choice. This LED TV gives a full HD resolution at a 60 Hz refresh rate to provide you a high-quality performance and deliver crystal clear images.


It comes with 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB port so that you can connect the set-top box, but you can connect only one USB device or hard drive at a time. If you are not a perfectionist, you can’t notice that this Samsung LED TV supports only the HDR 10 content, so you can see the high-quality image very accurately and detailed.

The features of this TV make it one of the best LED TVs in the Indian market. You can change this LED TV into a full-fledged PC by connecting the mouse and keyboard to the HDMI ports. You can do your work with this TV, but you should connect the cloud to start work.

One of the best features of this LED TV is the purcolor component; it boosts the shows’ overall quality and gives unforgettable watching experiences. It also has a Screen sharing setting that helps you stream all the things you watch on your phone. If you want to broadcast TV shows on your phone, then you can do it, but these features work only with some Samsung devices.

Like other LED TVs, this Samsung LED TV also comes with a high-quality sound system. It has the feature to turn itself into a virtual music system that makes you feel more authentic and digital. It is featured with a Wifi system, with which you can easily connect and enjoy watching Hotstar, Netflix, amazon prime videos, and more. The smart hug helps you to access all the content on the screen with a single touch.



9. Sanyo (43-inch) 4K Ultra HD Smart IPS LED TV

If you are searching for a versatile TV, then this Sanyo (43-inch) 4K Ultra HD Smart IPS LED TV is only for you. This appliance comes in five different sizes. They are 32-inch,42-inch,55-inch,43-inch and 65-inch. But here, we’ve reviewed the 43 inches model.


Sanyo comes with a bright IPS display panel so that you can see high-quality images. This TV is generated around 1.07 billion color palettes. It is also integrated with the HDR 10 system that provides impeccable image quality, making sure that you are watching TV from a safe distance.

It comes with 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports with which you can easily connect various services, such as consoles, smartphones, connecting streaming devices, and more. Dolby’s digital system is also included here to offer high-quality sound. The system’s sound quality gives 20 W of output, and it is quite on your ears.

If you want to play games, then you can download games and movies from the google play store with the help of a built-in wifi system. The 4k screen resolution, 60 Hz refreshing Rate, and V 9.0 operating system gives you vivid, crystal clear images and videos.



10. Panasonic 43 inches Full HD LED Smart TV

Panasonic LED TV comes with some Pre-installed apps such as youtube and Netflix so that you can enjoy the overall experience of this LED TV. This LED TV is designed with an IPS panel that gives a bright view of the image, and it is also featured with the Hexa Chroma Drive.


This Panasonic LED TV is featured with built-in wifi and Bluetooth system. The audio sound of this LED TV is 30 watts that ensure a high-quality sound. It is also featured with high-quality images so that you can watch all the shows with good quality content. This TV comes with 2 USB ports to connect android phones or other hardware devices.

It has 3 HDMI ports that allow you to connect a wide range of devices with your TV. The resolution of this image is 3840×2160 pixels that ensure you a high-quality image.

The HDR 10 plus comes with a new dynamic platform that allows you to see crystal clear images. Make sure that you are watching TV from safe distances. You can see a clear view of images even from long distances.



Things to Consider Before Buying The Best LED TV in India

Before buying the Best LED TV from the market, you should know some information about LED TV. If you are confused with the model, then we will guide you to pick the best TV. Let’s discuss the tips that you should look for before buying an LED TV for you. 

1. Size

If you are going to buy an LED TV, pick a large screen TV. The size of the screen will provide you a large realistic image. It seems like you’re watching a movie in the theatres. If you choose a large TV, the price will also increase, so keep this in mind while buying an LED TV for your home. If you have a wide area to place a large size TV, then you can buy it. Otherwise, you can go with medium size TV’s.

2. Screen Resolution

If you want sharp and crisp images, then you should notice the resolution of the screen. You can go with the opt model that can see images in 4K quality. It is better than the traditional full-HD resolution TV, and it offers a grand 60 FPS view.

If you want to see images with even more clarity, then you can go with 8k quality with 33 million pixels, owning only one in the market. The price of this model is high because of its advanced technology.

3. Sound Quality

Sound quality is one of the essential features to consider. If you want to enjoy a theater-like experience at home, then we recommend you to go for a TV with Dolby surrounding technology.

You can also go with other options which give the high-quality sound because Dolby integrated products are really more expensive.

The TV with high audio wattage will also give a quality sound. If you do not have much money, then you can choose this type of TV from the market to experience the best feeling.

4. Look for Smart Features

Smart TV has the feature to connect mobile phones. Once you’ve connected your phone, then you can see all the things that are stored in your phone. Another good thing about smart TV is, you can connect to stream videos online. If you want to see a video on the internet, then get connected with a high-speed internet connection. There will be some pre-installed apps on some smart TV, and you can also use that feature.

5. Operating System:

The TV with the featured android operating system offers convenient usage, which is perfect for the Indian environment. Choose a television that comes with the operating system so that you can easily download apps and then make use of it. You can also download games and play them on your TV to enjoy an uninterrupted service. In some smart TVs, we can update the operating system with the help of a wifi system.

6. Remote System

Remote is one of the essential things required for your television. Remote helps you to control the TV with a single touch. Moreover, you can also pause, stop or play the video with the help of the remote easily. You can also change the channels from the place where you’re sitting. Some smart TVs have the feature of a microphone to access the TV. Before buying the TV, make sure that your TV comes with a remote because sometimes we may miss it when we buy a TV.  

Final Words

Before buying the best LED TV, think about what type of TV do you want. There are many choices available in the market, each of which has unique features, sizes, and technologies. Also, make sure that the TV you choose is perfectly suitable for your budget.

Before buying an LED TV in India, make sure that you’re very clear about LED TV. If there is not enough space for a large-sized TV, then you may go with a medium-sized TV. Hope this article will help you to pick the right one.

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