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Best Kitchen Chimneys in India 2022 [Top Brands Reviewed]

Best Kitchen Chimneys

Best Kitchen Chimneys in India 2022 [Top Brands Reviewed]

Cooking in India has a lot of  grilling and frying spices, which means they add a lot of masalas in their food. Adding different spices and masalas will give a pleasant aroma and delicious taste to your food. Anyhow, smoke released from the stove, oil evaporated from the frying pan, and gases released from the pressure cooker will settle in the ceiling and walls of your kitchen. This gives a bad appearance to your kitchen. In addition, while cooking spicy curries, the smoke makes your eyes watery because of the flavour from spices.

Kitchen chimney is the best prevention for this problem. Kitchen chimney is one of the essential kitchen appliances that makes your kitchen very clean. Fixing these appliances above the stove will easily absorb the soot, smoke, odors, and fumes and make your kitchen very comfortable for you. Best kitchen chimney will help you to keep your kitchen free from odors and smoke. Nowadays, kitchen chimneys are available in various designs, which improves the appearance of the kitchen.

Our Top Recommendations

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Hindware 90cm


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Elica 60cm


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Eurodomo 90cm


To make your work very easy, we have suggested the top 10 best kitchen chimneys in India. We have listed this product based on its features like filters, LED, warranty, etc. If you would like to know how to choose the Best chimney for kitchen, our buying guide will help you with the important factors for the best chimney performance.

Best Kitchen Chimneys in India - Reviewed 2021

1. Hindware 90cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

When it comes to the kitchen chimney, Hindware is one of the best brands that you have to consider first. They have produced high quality products for more than 60 years. Most of their products are featured with the combination of elegant design and cutting edge technology. This Nevio model Hindware kitchen chimney is also one of these products. 


This kitchen chimney is loaded with solid performance and supreme features. The premium steel gray finish of this chimney will give an elegant look to your kitchen. This Nevio kitchen chimney gives powerful suction than any other standard kitchen chimneys. It can reach a maximum of 1200m³/hr. Metal blowers are connected in the duct system, which increases the suction capacity of the chimney. Another important thing about the metal blower is it reduces the noise production by increasing air delivery. 

This Hindware Nevio 90 kitchen chimney is designed with thermal auto clean technology, which ensures problem free cooking. This chimney automatically cleans itself by using this technology.

The one-touch control is designed in the front panel of the chimney, which enables easy operation and helps to get the best cooking environment. It is also featured with two LED lamps, which give large illumination on the countertops and this LED light consumes very less power. 

It is designed with durable metal oil collectors that collect and clean more sediment than the plastic oil collectors. Due to its durable features, it deserves the place as one of the best kitchen chimneys in India. 



2. Elica 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

The Elica Auto Clean Chimney has secured second place in our list, not only because of its feature, it also gives a sleek and modern look to your kitchen. Apart from this, the chimney also has the latest smart features. The curved glass design of this kitchen chimney allows it to cover a maximum of kitchen areas. Hence, this kitchen chimney is the best choice for large kitchens. Moreover the curved arc of the chimney will give a more focused beam of light that gives additional lighting for cooking. 


The charming design of this WD HAC TOUCH BF 90 kitchen chimney will enhance the look of your kitchen. The trendy touch control panel of this kitchen chimney helps to access all the features of the chimney, so you can easily clean it without any problem. The suction capacity of this product is 1200 m³/hr that gives more comfort while cooking and helps to make your kitchen more fresh, less noisy with low maintenance. 

The heat auto cleaning technology of this chimney will give more relief from cleaning  by simply pushing one button. This heat auto cleaning technology will use the heating elements to remove the sticky oil particles in the chimney. 

This kitchen chimney has two LED lights that give more efficiency for your cooking. This LED light is specially designed to enhance your cooking. The baffle filter feature of this product improves the usage by removing greasy things and smoke from the kitchen. The baffle filter will help to keep the kitchen oil free and smoke free and also it is very easy to clean. 

It has a separate oil collector that ensures easy cleaning. The oil collector will easily collect oil. The rust-free design and stainless steel will ensure hassle-free cleaning and durability.



3. Faber 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney

Faber is another established brand for best kitchen chimney with advanced features. This chimney is  the best combination of look, power, and technology from all their other products. This kitchen chimney’s suction capacity is more powerful. It’s suction power is 1200 m³/hr, so you can see the level of suction power in a high-level chimney. It also has a powerful motor that accolades the powerful suction of this kitchen chimney. The motor is more durable and it produces less noise than other motors. 


The filterless technology in the chimney is the next generation of auto-clean chimneys. The filterless chimney ensures that there is no cleaning problem that makes zero cost maintenance. The motor position in the chimney gives a clear path to air and smoke to get out from the kitchen. The gesture control has the ability to identify and resolve movements of the human body for interaction. It will control the chimney without any direct physical contact with it. 

Moreover, the touch control also helps in easy operation of this chimney with just one touch. This feature makes this chimney an effortless one to use. The auto clean technology of this chimney makes your kitchen free from smoke and oil. The auto clean will get rid of oil with one touch. It removes grease and oil particles that affect the suction power of the chimney. Oil is stored in the oil collector that increases the durability of the product and also requires the requirement of cleaning the filter. 

The lower noise level will give a calm environment to your kitchen so that you can concentrate on your dish without any hesitation. 



4. Hindware 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

If you would like to buy the best quality chimney with the best motor under your budget, then you have to look at the products from Hindware. This 60 cm kitchen chimney gives best-in-class performance with the durable build material.


This 60 cm kitchen chimney has elegant design that does not have other chimneys in this price range. The steel gray finish gives a stylish look to your kitchen. This chimney comes with powerful suction. The suction power of this product is 1200m3/h, which is the perfect power range of suction in the market.

It is also loaded with a bunch of features that makes your kitchen more clean and helps to get a peaceful environment while cooking. The thermal auto cleaning technology ensures hassle-free cooking. This technology will help to remove grease and oil.

The metal blower gives more power to the suction that ensures durability and maximum suction of this kitchen chimney. This metal blower is connected in the duct system of this product, which ensures maximum air flow. 

Two LED bulbs are also placed in this kitchen chimney, which gives large illumination to view the countertop and these lights consume very low power only. Additionally, the SS Baffle filter of this product will effectively remove grease and smoke from the kitchen. This baffle filter is designed with high-quality materials that works well for a long time. The one-touch control ensures easy operation, so that you can easily use it without any hesitation and it gives a perfect environment for cooking.



5. Eurodomo 90 cm 1200 m³/hr Kitchen Chimney

This is another great curved glass chimney from Eurodomo. The advanced features and build quality makes it unique from other kitchen chimneys that are available in the market. It has all the features that are required for a good chimney and also it is an excellent choice for small and medium sized kitchens.


This Classy HC TC 90 electric chimney has flawless design that gives a moderate look to your kitchen. This chimney ensures a smoke-free cooking environment. The stainless steel baffle filter of this chimney will help to filter all smoke, oil, and residue particles. This type of filter is more suitable for Indian kitchens and it requires very less maintenance, but you should clean it occasionally for its perfect function. 

The heat auto clean technology of this kitchen chimney will remove grease and oil from the kitchen that reduce your cleaning work. This chimney has a powerful suction whose power capacity is 1200 m³/hr. This powerful suction allows dust and smoke free cooking. There are two LED lights placed aside of this kitchen chimney that light up your cooking area and give an easy cooking experience. 

The touch control panel provides easy operation. It is accompanied with a digital display that allows easy and quick operation. 



6. Elica 60 cm 1100 m3/hr Chimney

Elica has manufactured different kinds of kitchen chimneys that have different designs in various price ranges. If you like to purchase a powerful chimney on a low budget, you can choose this product. This chimney is a right choice for you so that you can keep a 200 sq ft kitchen very clean. Moreover, this kitchen chimney is the best choice for those who are doing a lot of grilling and frying options.


First of all, this chimney has a powerful motor that can give suction power with a maximum of 1100 m³/hr. This power capacity is very close to a high end kitchen chimney. In this case, this kitchen chimney gives good suction power at a reasonable price range. Anyhow, this chimney will help to  keep your kitchen free from grease and harmful smokes. 

The baffle filter also increases the cleaning ability, but unluckily it is not a most powerful kitchen chimney for hotels. Anyhow, it is one of the best kitchen chimneys for houses. 

Moreover, the high power suction gives low noise performance. The only power consumption of this chimney is 230 volts, so it makes one of the best chimneys that gives overall money saving. The LED lights are provided in this chimney that gives ample illumination with very low power consumption. 

This chimney does not have touch control, but you can get neat performance with push buttons. So you can use those buttons with your sweaty hands. In this case, it is better than touch panels because some touch panels are very hard to deal with.



7. Eurodomo 60 cm 1200 m³/hr Kitchen Chimney

Eurodomo has also designed small chimneys for small and medium size kitchens. This chimney also has high suction capacity like big countertops. Hence, they can also give pollution free, clean kitchens. This Eurodomo 60 cm kitchen chimney has better features that keeps your cooking environment neat and clean.


The high-quality baffle filter is designed in this chimney, which quickly filters the dust particles and smoke from the kitchen. It also effectively removes grease and keeps your kitchen clean and fresh. When it comes to cleaning, this baffle filter is very easy to clean, so you don’t need to spend too much time on that. 

The size of this chimney is very small, so you can easily fix it in the above area of your stove. This kitchen chimney has a unique design that increases the suction position of the chimney. Rust-free materials are used in design, so you don’t want to worry about durability. Moreover, the stainless steel is used in oil collectors, so rust will not get accumulated on it. Hence, your kitchen chimney is clean and durable for a long year.

Also, the energy efficiency is not a problem because it’s operation does not consume more power. The pair of powerful LED lights of this chimney will give more lighting to the countertop and it does not cause more electricity bills.

While it is small in size, it is also considered as one of the best kitchen chimneys in India. Apart from the size, it has 1200 m³/hr powerful suction capacity. Due to its suction power, your kitchen will remain neat and free from unhealthy cooking residues. 

The touch panel provides comfortable user interaction. Due to this, you can effortlessly do the cleaning task. 



8. Hindware 60cm 1100 m3/hr Chimney

This is another product from Hindware. This Sabina Black 60 cm kitchen chimney is the best quality budget friendly product. This product gives best-class performance with its quality built material. It is a compact and beautifully designed chimney that gives compliment to the interior of the kitchen. This product is suitable for 200 sq ft kitchen and also for people who do heavy grilling and frying work.


The suction capacity of this kitchen chimney is 1100 m³/hr. The perfect combination of advanced technology and futuristic design will help to maintain a fresh, clean, and smoke-free kitchen. The silent performance of this kitchen chimney ensures a comfortable cooking environment. 

One of the important features of this kitchen chimney is its baffle filter. This baffle filter is more suitable for Indian kitchens. This stainless steel baffle filter collects oil and other residues during cooking. It is also featured with 2 LED lights, so you can comfortably cook without any interruption. This LED light has a large illumination area, so that you can clearly view the countertop with low power consumption. 

Soft button is designed to control this kitchen chimney, which helps to facilitate operation and also provides a good cooking environment. There are some other products provided with this kitchen chimney; they are, one user manual, one cooker hood, and fixture material. 



9. Glen 60cm, 1000 m3/h Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

Glen is one of the best kitchen chimney brands that will give best quality products for the money. This 60 cm kitchen chimney has advanced features at a low price tag. The unique Italian copper motor featured in this kitchen chimney provides efficient, safe and powerful performance.


The power of this motor has the ability to cover a large area of the kitchen. With this italian copper motor, the suction power of this product is as high as 1000 m³/hr. So, you can keep your kitchen clean all time, especially people who have small and medium size kitchens. 

Moreover, this motor has some advanced features that is not present in any other brand products. It has thermal overload protection, which means it can easily handle problems like excess heat. In this case, this kitchen chimney automatically turns off. 

The impressive things about this chimney is, it has more features to provide protection. The flame retardant plastic is used to design the fan and housing of this product, which ensures safety and low noise performance.  Apart from this, the wires also have flame-retardant plastic with copper. 

When it comes to design, it has a modern design, which effortlessly fits in all Indian kitchens. The advanced design gives dynamic airflow that collects oil without blocking the filter. Also, it is very easy to clean. The control panel is designed at the top of the chimney that gives easy push-button operation. But the control panel does not have a power indicator and speed control. The LED light does not take much power to run, so it will save your money.



10. Sunflame 60 cm 1100 m³/hr Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

This is the last product in the list of best kitchen chimneys in India, but does not mean that this product is not in good quality. The products we give in this list are all suitable for Indian kitchens. Sunflame is not a more popular brand than others, but when it comes to kitchen chimney, this product gives high-quality products. Due to the features of this Sunflame 60 cm kitchen chimney, it deserves the place in the list of best kitchen chimneys in India. 


Atfirst, the design of this chimney will give an impressive look to you. It has a unique fan design, which is more effective than the chimney with regular fan. This design will also increase the suction power of this chimney, its suction power capacity is 1100 m³/hr. The impressive fact of this chimney is, it does not make too much of noise. 

The 190W motor of this kitchen chimney will give high power and stability without increasing your electricity bills and also you can get great performance by this motor. This kitchen chimney is the first choice for people who like to save their electricity bills without reducing its performance. Apart from that, the motor has plastic housing that is winded with pure copper to get maximum efficiency. 

The high-quality baffle filter is designed in this kitchen chimney that gives overall performance to you. This filter will effectively clean the kitchen and also it is not very hard to clean. Actually, the baffle filter is made of stainless steel, so you can save your time while cleaning both your kitchen and chimney. 

Moreover, you can get illuminated lighting with two LED lights of the chimney. They light up the countertop without consuming more electricity. Also, it emits less heat than halogen counterparts. By using the push button control, you can easily handle it. 



Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Kitchen Chimneys in India

Having a chimney in your kitchen will really reduce your cleaning work. But there are some important factors that you should consider while purchasing the kitchen chimney. If you didn’t consider the factors like type, size, filter, or others, then surely you will not get the great performance that you expect. In this buying guide, we will explain all features about the kitchen chimney that you should know before buying the best kitchen chimney in the market. 

Types of Kitchen Chimney Based on Installation:

There are four types of kitchen chimney available in the market based on the installation. Each type has a different look. 

Wall Mounted Chimney:

This is the most common type of chimney available in the market. You can install this type on the wall that is very close to the stove. Moreover, most of the best kitchen chimneys in India are wall mounted type. At first, this type of chimney requires duct to release smoke outside, but now it also comes with a ductless version. When hanging this chimney over the cooktop, it will completely cover the burners. Also, this type of chimney is more effective than other types in sucking oil fumes, steam, and smoke. When it comes to the price, it is very affordable than other types, and also you can get wall mounted chimneys in different sizes and designs. 

In-build Chimney:

It is a uniquely designed chimney to integrate with cabinets. You can fix it behind or under the cabinets to blend it with the kitchen interior. The only problem of this kitchen chimney is its price, which is more expensive than other type chimneys. 

Island Chimney:

The island chimney is different from wall mounted types. It can be fixed on the ceiling or hang above the stove. This type of chimney is a great choice for people who have isolated cooking areas in their kitchen. But, most of the Indian kitchen does not use Island Chimney, but you can see them in the restaurants. The pipes used to remove air from this kitchen chimney is a bit pricey. 

Corner Chimney:

The notable advantage of this chimney is, they are very easy to adjust. It ensures that you can place the chimney near the stove while cooking. Once you finish your cooking, you can simply take them back by pressing a button.

Duct Chimney:

The duct chimney will suck air from the kitchen and pass through the filter, which removes oil and grease from air. After this process, the filtered air will pass through the pipe. The good thing about this chimney is their performance. It is able to filter large amounts of fumes, dust, and smoke from air, so it will make a bit of sound while working. 

Ductless Chimney:

Unlike a duct chimney, the ductless chimney works in combination with motors and blowers or fans. The process of this type of chimney is that air will pass through the charcoal filter, which absorbs smoke, odor, and heat. After that, air will be released to the kitchen. The benefit of this kitchen chimney is, it is highly versatile and also you can easily install it. You can also easily program automatic turn on and off function. When compared to the duct chimney, it is not much effective in suction. 

Chimney Filter

Filter is the most important part of the kitchen chimney, because the filter will help with the proper suction function. The filter is responsible to remove grease, oil, smoke, fumes, and dust from air, otherwise the suction is not effective. There are different types of filters available, they are, Baffle filter, Mesh filter, and carbon filter. These filters are categorised based on the construction and build material. 

Baffle Filter:

Baffle filters work like a flow control panel that has a unique cut and slash mechanism, which helps to change the airflow to remove oil and odour from the air. It is manufactured by aluminum and steel materials. When compared to others the chimney with baffle filter is the best choice for Indian kitchen. Oil or other particles will be settled on the steel-aluminum layer, but it does not affect the suction power. 

Mesh Filter:

In this type of filter, an aluminum mesh is fixed as an overlapping layer, which is more effective in trapping oils that are greased from the air. The aluminum mesh has minute holes that are very effective to remove dust particles from smoke. But there are some major problems that occur in this filter is the suction power. It is lower when the filter traps oil and grease. It also makes some noise while working. The major problem of this filter is, it’s not easy to maintain, you have to frequently clean the filter for good performance. 

Carbon Filter:

Carbon filter comes with the charcoal slate, which helps to remove smoke, oil, and heat from the air. Moreover, oil will settle in the steel-aluminum layer, but it does not affect the suction power. But the major disadvantage of this filter is, it is not very easy to clean. Apart from that, it is very durable. 

Chimney Design

When you are going to buy a kitchen chimney, you can see there are different designs available in the markets. Some of the common designs of kitchen chimney that are suitable for Indian kitchen are:

Curved Glass Chimney:

When compared to other types, the curved glass chimney gives silent performance. This chimney has a separate indoor and outdoor unit, so it does not make more noise while working. This chimney is a best choice for both large and small kitchens. Apart from this, the curved design will cover more space and boost the suction power. This curved glass chimney is suitable for people who do a lot of grilling and frying work in their kitchen. The shape also allows more light for better focus on cooking. 

Pyramid Design Chimney:

Pyramid design chimney is not used by many people, but it has some benefits because of its design. The pyramid design chimney has a baffle filter, which helps to reduce power consumption. It is the effective chimney in India with low power consumption, so people who like to save money on their electricity bill can choose this model chimney. 

Straight Line Chimney:

Most Indian kitchens are small in size, and have limited space. In that case, a wall mounted chimney is not suitable for them because it will not fit in small spaces. Anyhow, the straight line chimney is an alternative choice for them, which is perfectly suitable for them. It will perfectly fit in small spaces and gives great performance. 

It will absorb lots of smoke directly from the stove, and also from the kitchen. 

Furthermore, if you are using this chimney, you can get some extra space to keep containers. Even more, this model chimney has bi-rational technology. It ensures maximum efficiency and suction power. Due to its simple design and excellent suction power, these model chimneys stand out from other designs. Also, it has a removable filter which is very easy to maintain and clean. 

Box Chimney:

Box type chimneys are also known as ceiling mounted cooker hoods. It is designed with the combination of glass and high-quality steel, that ensures durability. Moreover, the housing of these chimneys are dust resistant, so you don’t want to clean it frequently. This box chimney also comes with LED lighting and digital touch control for easy use.

Angular Chimney:

The angular chimney gives high performance. The eye catching and stylish design makes it unique. This chimney gives great performance to remove grease and smoke. It also has maximum efficiency and suction power. 

Auto Clean Feature

Auto clean feature is one of the important features that you should consider while purchasing a kitchen chimney. The auto clean feature will help to avoid problems while using it. If you don’t want to get tired by cleaning the chimney, then you should choose the chimney with an auto clean feature. Generally, using the heating elements in the auto clean function is more effective. Anyhow, this feature is only available in high-quality kitchen chimneys, so if you would like to choose the budget-friendly product, then you can choose the chimney with a water-based auto clean feature. 

Suction Power

Calculating the suction power is the best way to find the effectiveness of chimneys. If you don’t know the right suction power that is suitable for your kitchen, then you have to make sure that the volume of the absorbed air is 10 times your kitchen space. There is a formula that helps to find the right suction power.

Suction Power = 10 x Kitchen Volume m³

The chimney with high suction power will give great performance. Most of the Indian kitchens are 50 cubic meter, so 00 cubic meter per hour is the best suction power to choose for the Indian kitchen. 


The size of the kitchen chimney is the most important thing that you should consider to get an excellent performance. If the chimney is smaller than the stove, then you will not get good results. You have to choose the chimney that is equal to your stove or larger than the stove. When it comes to Indian Kitchen, choosing a 60 cm or 90 cm kitchen chimney is a good choice. A 60 cm kitchen chimney is suitable for 2 or 6 burner stoves. In India most people are using this size stoves. A 90 cm kitchen chimney is the reasonable choice for big cooking tops. One important thing that you should keep in mind is, the distance between the stove and chimney must be 65-75 cm. 


Motors are used in the kitchen chimney to remove excess air circulation. This process will make some noise. If you like to have a noise free environment during cooking, then you should consider this feature. Some kitchen chimneys make a lot of sound, but the chimney with a high-quality motor gives noiseless performance. So make sure that the kitchen chimney you choose has distinct features to reduce noise.


Having a kitchen chimney from a good brand can give good experience in your cooking. The best brands in the markets that produce high-quality kitchen chimneys are Hindware,  Elica, Faber, and Eurodomo. If you are looking for the budget-friendly product that gives premium performance, then you can choose Sunflame, and Glen products.

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Final words

The interior of the kitchen does not complete without a chimney. The good thing about a kitchen chimney is that it is very reliable to absorb gas, smoke, grease, and oil. There are different models available in the kitchen chimney, which means it will help you to keep your kitchen very clean and also improve your kitchen appearance. Kitchen chimneys are also available in different price ranges . We have provided the list of best kitchen chimneys in India to pick your best choice. You can also read our buying guide section to get the best kitchen chimney.

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