Best Jogging Strollers for Turning Your Kids into Workout Partners in 2022

best jogging strollers

Best Jogging Strollers for Turning Your Kids into Workout Partners in 2022

If you have a jogging or brisk walking habit, there’s no reason to quit doing what you love, once you have kids. Self-care becomes even more important once you become a parent. Making time to exercise, get some fresh air, doing something just for you can transform you into a completely different person.

It might be challenging to find time for exercise between a busy personal life and a continuous work schedule, and when you have a baby, it is tough to find free time. Luckily, the latest generation of the best jogging strollers allows us to maintain our fitness without paying a babysitter.

There are many different types of running strollers with various characteristics available. But these 10 jogging strollers are passed our road tests with 6-month-old infants to 5-year-old children. The best jogging strollers have all the features to comfortably go the distance in any condition.

Best Overall

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller


Best Quality

Graco FastAction Fold Jogging Stroller

Graco FastAction Fold Jogging Stroller


Best Budget

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller


Do you need a Jogging Stroller?

A jogging stroller is essential if you want to jog or run on rocky dirt roads, sidewalks, or other rough terrains. Jogging strollers are designed to cushion the bouncing caused by faster speeds or rough terrain. They keep your child safe and comfortable.

Joggers, unlike regular strollers, have three extra-large wheels in a triangle arrangement to glide over rough roads and a suspension mechanism to reduce the impact of jolts on your kid. Traditional strollers cannot be used for jogging or running, but the jogging strollers can also be used as traditional strollers.

jogging strollers

When Can You Use a Jogging Stroller?

Some jogging strollers are fit with infant car seats; they allow you to use them right away with your kid. You can’t run or jog in the stroller until the child is at least 8months old because your infant lacks the strength to maintain their neck and head until 8 months.

You’ll get a lot of use out of the stroller once you’re able to run; most can support toddlers up to five.

The 10 Best Jogging Strollers

1. Best All-Around Jogging Stroller: BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller

The new Revolution Flex has more storage and a much more comfortable cockpit for your child. The seat is made with compression padding; thus, your baby won’t cry as you run another mile. Meanwhile, our tester enjoyed the new zip pouch on the canopy’s top, which was large enough to hold her iPhone and kept it close at hand.


The Flex 3.0’s front wheel is connected to the fork so that you no need to worry about fast wheels. The large spikes on the wheels made it difficult to install a bike pump to the valves, which was our only complaint. Because of their durability, unique suspension system, and a lengthy list of convenient features, BOBs are the favorite of running parents.

The Revo Flex 3.0 includes all of the features that runners expect from a BOB jogging stroller. Its main selling qualities are: adjustable handlebar (ideal for runners of all heights), mountain-bike-style suspension system, Smooth steering, huge tires for any terrain, a lightweight, robust aluminum frame. 

The Flex is compatible with various infant car seats, allowing you to use it from the moment your baby is born. The underbelly storage is spacious enough to accommodate all of your belongings, whether you’re out for a run or a day at the park.



2. Compact and Easy to Fold Jogging Stroller: Graco FastAction Fold Jogging Stroller

If you are searching for a compact and easy-to-fold jogging stroller, the Graco FastAction is the best choice. The way a jogging stroller folds isn’t usually easy, but Graco’s FastAction is an exception. It has a one-handed folding that is simple and quick.


Another nice feature is that the stroller stands upright when folded. All available is a multi-position reclining seat, a height-adjustable handle, bigger tires, and a travel system option with an infant car seat. Any Graco baby car seat can be attached to this stroller with a safe, one-step installation. This will make it suitable for smaller kids as a regular, daily stroller. 

A smartphone dock for convenient phone access and a concealed storage box for snacks and small objects like keys and a hand towel are included on the parent tray.

Although this stroller is simple to fold, it is quite large and will take up so much space in your room.



3. Affordable Jogging Stroller: Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

The Baby Trend is the best choice if you are searching for budget-friendly jogger strollers. The Baby Trend Expedition is not like most jogging strollers, costing only a few hundred dollars.


It has wide tires and a swiveling front wheel for easy maneuverability. A large under-seat storage basket, a toddler tray, and a parent tray are excellent bonus amenities for such a low-cost stroller.

While the Expedition handles well on flat roads since it lacks the shocks and sling-style seat required to absorb any bumps, it’s excellent for a quick workout session or a day spent outside with your child. It also has a smaller maximum height and weight.

This jogging stroller includes wide bicycle wheels or a front, rotating wheel that can be freed for casual street use and has a 50-pound weight restriction.

It also includes an adult tray with 2 cup holders, a storage box for any necessary items, and a child tray with a cup holder where they may play with toys or eat snacks. This running stroller comes in three colors: Pink, Red, and Yellow.



4. Best Light Weight Stroller: Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller

The Urban Glide 2 is a stylish, versatile jogging stroller that can handle urban and off-road terrain. Large rear wheels, as well as all suspension, ensure a smooth ride. The handlebar twisting break makes it easy to maintain control of the stroller’s direction, particularly on downhill terrain.


There’s also a one-handed folding and compact storage, two unique features that many other jogging strollers lack. While Thule also offers the Chariot Cross 2-wheel kit.  It also makes more traditional running strollers. 

The Glide 2 is a lightweight, sleek model that you’ll see record-breaker riding. However, not everyone is looking for Guinness World Records, so the Urban Glide 2 better needs to meet our needs by combining the model’s performance with everyday utility.

If you get caught in the rain while jogging, the weatherproof covering on the undercarriage storage basket is wonderful, but it can be difficult to get your diaper bag in and out of.



5. Best Running Stroller: BOB Gear Rambler Jogging Stroller

This Bob Gear Rambler jogging stroller is one of our top selections because it is created to make work easier and your little one’s ride more comfortable. It is designed for both short and long-distance runners. It comes with a suspension system, 12-inch air-filled tires, and a five-point seatbelt to keep kids secure.


The reclining seat is padded with airflow to keep your youngster comfortable on hot days, and there includes a large UPF 50+ shade canopy. This is BOB’s most affordable jogging stroller, making it more accessible to more parents and our top-rated jogging stroller.

This Rambler running stroller has some features featured on other BOB models, such as bump-absorbing shocks, a large canopy, and one-handed reclining adjustment. 

Despite its modest size, it will serve your family until your kid is old enough to ride a bicycle. We were also impressed by the spacious luggage basket underneath, which allowed us to pick up a bag of goods at the end of a jog, despite its modest size.



6. Jogging Stroller with Car Seat: Jeep Deluxe Patriot Open Trails Jogger

The Jeep Deluxe is a terrific place to start if you’re looking for a jogging stroller that you can take just on-road and use with ease. We’re particularly interested in the stroller’s one-handed fold. (There’s a good chance you’ll have to carry your baby with your other hand!)


This Delta Children Deluxe Stroller has an adjustable handlebar. It allows the parents and caregivers to choose the ideal height for a comfortable ride. It also has a detachable seat pad that makes it simple to clip into an infant car seat for typical stroller use.

This jogging stroller weighs less than 27 lbs and is designed to give you the least amount of resistance while you run. It can accommodate a child up to 50 lbs and can be adapted to function with an infant carrier, and it’s compatible with several well-known brands.

For comfort and safety, the kid seat offers a five-point harness and several recline positions and a simple child tray, and a UPF 50+ shade canopy. Overall, if you search for a jogging stroller with a car seat, this is the best choice.



7. Best Versatility Stroller: Graco Modes Jogging Stroller

This budget stroller is half the price of most of the models on this list, and it’ll be ideal for parents who only take their children outside occasionally.


It also boasts some useful features, such as 16-inch rear wheels for smoother rolling and a cargo basket behind the seat that can accommodate a bag of groceries or other things. It also works with all Graco infant car seats, which can face the parent or face forward.

We noticed significant flexibility in the frame’s main pivot joint, which gave it a rougher ride than some. Still, it’s a cost-effective option, and the money saved can be used toward new running gear.

The stroller has seven different riding positions, providing the parent with all the options they require as their child grows. The Calf support adjusts to your child’s size and allows you to select the most comfortable place for your kid. For the ideal jogging experience, it has air-filled rubber tires, a safety rope, suspension, and reflectors.



8. Highest weight limit Stroller: Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogging Stroller

The Summit X3 is a cross between a traditional and a jogger-style stroller from the popular stroller brand Baby Jogger. It has all-terrain steadiness, a hand brake for slowing the stroller, and a handlebar control for shifting the front wheel from locked to swivel mode, which is a good feature.


When you’re out on sunny days, the UV 50+ weather canopy is a hit with runners, and a one-handed fold makes it fast and easy to open and close.

In addition, there is plenty of storage space between the parental tray and the basket beneath the stroller for baby supplies. It also folds down into a little package for simple storage.

The Baby Jogger Summit x3 folds easily and can be used with a car seat for newborns. It also comes with a big canopy and a simple foot brake.

This stroller lacks a hand strap, and it can only be used with a car seat for babies under 6 months of age. Furthermore, the car seat adaptor needs to be purchased separately. 

This Baby Jogger is machine washable and can accommodate newborns and toddlers with weights up to 75 pounds.



9. Best Eco-Friendly Running Stroller: Bumbleride Speed Jogging Stroller

The Bumbleride Speed is a multipurpose jogging stroller made with natural & recycled materials. The Speed features a 65-pound weight restriction, a wrist strap, reflexive strips, and the option to equip the stroller with a car seat.


The Bumbleride Speed comes with an adjustable handle, a simple fold, a swiveling front wheel, and plenty of storage. It also folds in and out, preserving and keeping the cloth clean. The seat canopy and fabric are machine washable and detachable for easy cleaning.

Bumbleride’s Speed is built entirely of recyclable materials, with no BPA, PVC, phthalates, fire retardants, or polyurethane foam. A tire pump, a wrist strap, and reflective branding are also included with the stroller. 

Bumbleride’s Speed is a great stroller for you seeking an eco-friendly, height-adjustable jogging stroller. The only drawback is this stroller does not have a hand brake, and a car seat adapter needs to be purchased separately. 



10. Best Stroller for Twins: Burley Encore X, 2 Seat Kids Bike Trailer & Stroller

The Encore X by Burley is a multi-use stroller with two comfortable seats. It also has a water-resistant cover and adjustable handlebars for people who have twins or want to take two kids on the run.


The supplied one-wheel stroller kit lets you attach it to a bike or convert it into a standard jogging stroller. And the seating can be removed to convert it into a cargo trailer. Burley also sells ski kits if you want to go skiing.

The Encore X is ideal for the active family, as it is ready for everything. It may be equipped for skiing, jogging, gravel, and sand riding and is ready to ride. The Encore X has the versatility & comfort to keep both adults and children entertained.

The included 1-Wheel Stroller Kit makes it easy to go from bicycling to strolling right out of the box. Also, installing and removing the 20″ push button wheels is a breeze. A water-resistant cover with zippers provides added protection in wet circumstances. 



What to Look for When Buying a Jogging Stroller

All running strollers are designed to give more stability and decrease jarring shocks than regular strollers. Some strollers are designed for serious runners, while many others are designed for the occasional jog. Before choosing the best jogging stroller, consider the following.


Every time stop the vehicle, you need to use the parking brake. Likewise, a hand brake is also available on certain jogging strollers to help slow the stroller down.

Safety Tether:

A safety tether wraps around your wrist and connects to the stroller when the time you lose your grasp on the handle.


To protect your kid from the sun, look for an extra-large canopy. Also, having a built-in peekaboo screen allows you to keep an eye on your child while running.

running strollers

The Stroller Weight:

If you frequently run on hills or other difficult terrains, you may want to consider a lighter-weight jogging stroller. Keep in mind that you’ll be running with a child in a stroller, so every ounce matters!

Five-Point Harness:

The seat of a jogging stroller must have a five-point harness, much like your baby’s car seat, to keep your kid safe.

Locking Front Wheel:

Some running strollers have a front wheel that is always locked to ensure that the stroller stays on the path. Others have a swivel front wheel that will rotate when walking but locks in place when running.

jogging stroller wheel

Reclining Seat:

Kids + motion usually means nap time in a reclining seat. Make sure your kid can lie back in the stroller seat.

Storage compartment: 

Having a place to put things like snacks, a change of clothes, and water, whether under the seat or in a console by the handle, is a requirement.

Car seat compatibility: 

Some jogging strollers can use infant car seats to make a complete travel system used from birth.


With a folding mechanism, you can fold your stroller at the touch of a button. At the same time, compact folding allows you to remove the tires and fold them down for simpler storage and portability.


An adjustable handlebar is a good feature to have if you have a family with various runners, as it allows the stroller to be comfortable for persons of different heights.


It’s vital to remember that jogging strollers aren’t designed for babies under six months. Most doctors advise waiting until your infant has complete neck and head control, which normally happens around 6 to 8 months.

jogging stroller baby age


Tips for Running with a Jogging Stroller

Put it to the test:

It takes some practice used to run with a jogging stroller. Take a few runs around the neighborhood without your kid. Also, practice getting used to the tether strap, moving the stroller, and running while pushing anything. When your baby is ready to run with you, start with a shorter run to get them adjusted to the rapid action and bouncing.

Take it slow: 

At least at first, you’ll probably run slower with the baby than running alone. And that’s perfectly fine! Pushing a stroller with a baby is a difficult task.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although some jogging strollers are used with an infant car seat from the beginning, it is not advisable to run with a baby until they are at least 6 months old. Your kid should be able to lift their head and neck independently. 

Choosing the best jogging stroller needs some consideration. What is your child’s age? Where do you plan to take your stroller? Are you a committed runner or a jogger on occasion? What characteristics are most important to you, and what can you give up? Consider the pricing as well.

Make a list of “must-haves,” then go over the suggestions in this article again to find the jogging stroller that best meets your needs.

Any of the strollers on our list would be suitable for running. The distinctions begin with the terrains that each stroller can handle and the features that each one provides.

Each stroller may be more or less suitable for each parent. We’ve tried to compile a comprehensive list of the best that can meet the needs of each parent.

In most cases, jogging strollers are used for city strolling or shopping. However, you’ll need a stroller with a swiveling front wheel to accomplish this.

The greatest jogging strollers can also be used as regular strollers. They convert quickly and operate equally effectively in congested locations in wide-open spaces.

The suspension setup and wheel diameters are the key differences. The front swivel is crucial for regular use and maneuvering through tight locations.

baby jogging stroller

Final Words:

The best jogging strollers turn your kids into your jogging partners. There are many jogging strollers available in the market. We have covered the 10 best jogging strollers and how to choose the best jogging strollers. Choose the best one based on your needs and enjoy the time with your little one!

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